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Black Man and Irish Woman


Lena lay on her back, down on the king-sized bed of the hotel. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. What stared back at her was not what she expected. Instead of seeing a tall, slim Irishwoman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes, she saw a disheveled woman screaming and moaning like a common whore as a massive black man buried his gigantic cock into her tight asshole. This was a very unexpected position that she found herself in. how did she wind up like this? Now that is quite a story.

Lena was a student at Cadmus college. A budding young feminist from Utah. In her civics class, there were ten women and seven men. One of the men was black. His name was Troy, a linebacker on the school's football team. Lena couldn't keep her eyes off Troy. He was a tall, broad-shouldered and quite frankly large black male with dark brown skin and golden eyes. He was simply beautiful. Lena couldn't keep her eyes off him. She had seen Troy walking around the campus with Eileen, his tall, sexy black girlfriend. They made quite the couple.

Lena couldn't understand her fascination with the sexy black athlete. He was a smart-mouthed, arrogant and cocky macho man. He thought himself superior to those around him. In many ways, she had to admit that he was. This sexy stud was well-known on campus. He wasn't just a great athlete. He was also a brilliant student. He was an engineering major. His father was a state representative and his mother was a district attorney. Troy was no common athlete. He came from good stock. Lena was impressed. She herself came from the country and she lived in a small farming town in Idaho. Boston was the furthest she'd ever been from home.

Cadmus college was a very good school with a vibrant atmosphere. The student body was fifty percent female and fifty percent male. There were many black, Hispanic and Middle-eastern students on campus. The place was diversified. A lot better than most colleges in America. Lena liked the school because it made her feel welcome. Her parents had thrown her out. She was on her own. Thankfully, she found some good financial aid and wanted to make something of herself.

These days, she didn't have a boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend Brian dumped her shortly after her parents cut her loose. She didn't have anybody in the city. The financial aid she was on covered room and board but it was barely enough. She wanted to do more. There were lots of rich men and women on campus. People whose parents owned big businesses and drove fancy cars. Troy was one of those people. He came to school everyday on a racing motorbike which must have cost a fortune. All the men on campus admired the sexy, macho football player. He always made the Dean's List every semester. He was good-looking, smart and popular. He had the world on a string. Sometimes, Lena fantasized about him.

More than once, she lay in bed fantasizing about the handsome black athlete. What was he like in bed? Doubtlessly, he was a passionate lover who would ravish any woman he brought to his bed. He would take her to ecstasy and make her scream his name in the throes of passion. Lena had heard many stories about black men and their prowess in bed. Unfortunately, there were no black people in the rural town where she grew up. She lost her virginity to a young Hispanic stud named Pablo, a visitor from Mexico. He was passionate and fun. Unfortunately, he went back to his country and forgot about her.

Lena wanted badly to have someone special in her life. A passionate man who would turn her world upside down and change things for her. He would be her champion. Her knight in shining armor. Even though her women's studies professor disapproved of the type of man she wanted, the gal couldn't help herself. She wanted a special man. A real man. There was only one man she wanted, and that man was Troy. Unfortunately, tall and sexy black college men didn't tend to stay single for long. Nope, they tended to get snatched by sexy black women real fast. Women like Lena didn't stand a chance.

Well, the country gal wasn't going to give up. she decided to get Troy's attention. Every day, by accident or on purpose, she approached the stunning black college stud. It wasn't easy. He was almost never alone. His girlfriend Eileen was always on his arm. His teammates from the football squad, a group of brawny young black men, were often with him. They were the kings of the campus. And he was their leader. When Eileen wasn't around, there was usually some woman fawning over Troy. How in hell would she ever get him alone?

The closest she came to getting to him was that time when he was in the library, reading some architecture book. She approached him, deliberately strutting her stuff and trying to look sexy. Instead, she ended up falling on her ass. Yeah, it was very tragic. The poor country gal barely survived the humiliation. Troy approached her and gave her a hand up. He was so kind and generous, even to her. Lena took the hand he offered. He asked her if she was okay. She nodded, still dazed at standing so close to him. She felt so shy that she couldn't make her lips move. Troy smiled, wished her well and walked away.

That night, Lena lay in bed, frustrated. That's when she began to dream. Troy, the macho black football player showed up in her bedroom. He was naked and looked spectacular. He gestured for her to come to him and she did. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. They went to her bed, and made passionate love. He was on top of her, suckling on her breasts and fingering her pussy. Then, he entered her. Lena gasped when she felt Troy's large black dick slide into her wet snatch. He fucked her, hard, and she screamed his name.

After fucking her for some time, he flipped her on her belly and spread her butt cheeks. Without a single word, he dipped his finger into her ass. Lena gasped at the intrusion. Troy grasped her by the hips and thrust his cock into her ass. Lena screamed as Troy's thick cock went up her buns. Never before had anything gone up her ass. Troy pumped his cock into her butt, listening to her screams and loving it. Although getting fucked in the ass hurt like hell, Lena slowly began to like it. The pain was slowly fading, replaced by a feeling of fullness. Troy slowed down his pace, then drove his cock deeper into her ass. Finally, he came and pulled out. Lena's scream of pain and pleasure filled the house.

When Lena opened her eyes, she found herself alone. Troy was nowhere to be found. It was all a dream. Only a dream. Lena sighed. She slid a finger into her pussy. It was so damn wet. She hadn't been that aroused in a long time. Damn, just daydreaming about Troy got her this worked up. she couldn't wait for the real thing. Tomorrow, she'd go after him. She would do anything to get him, including things his uptight girlfriend Eileen would never do. And at last, he would be hers.

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