tagBDSMBlack Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 01

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 01

bylusty Vamp©

Thump ... Thump ... Thump the bass beat of the music coming from my neighbor's house was louder than ever before. Not only was the music loud but it was that frigging black rap shit again. God I was pissed after having made what seemed like endless trips to that house asking the occupant, a 21 one year old black girl named Angel, to turn down the music. She had always been polite in a condescending sort of way. While each of my visits resulted in the music being turned down it never lasted more than a day or two.

Putting down the book I was reading I stormed out of my front door barefoot and wearing only a simple sleeveless blouse and blue jean short shorts. I was intent on getting the god-awful music turned down once and for all. I pounded on Angel's front door without result, no wonder considering the blare of the music. At last I reached for the doorknob and was mildly surprised to find it unlocked.

Suddenly the doorknob was ripped from my hand as the door was flung open. It was almost as if Angel had been watching and waiting for me. Stepping out onto her porch Angel closed the door so we could speak and almost hear each other. "Soo what DO yous want NOW, bitch," she asked in the harshest tone I had ever heard.

I was stunned by her attitude but more so by her appearance. Angel was wearing a white mini-dress, which contrasted, beautifully with her dark black skin. The dress was made in two parts really, a bustier and a skirt held together with lovely white lace, which left Angel's well-formed midriff mostly bare. The skirt ended a couple of inches above Angel's mid thigh and revealed much of her well toned legs. But it was the bustier of Angel's revealing dress, which riveted my attention. I was surprised that I had never noticed how large and firm her luscious breasts were before. The neckline of the dress dipped into a deep V between Angel's gorgeous melon sized breasts revealing more cleavage that it concealed. It was clear that Angel wasn't wearing a bra.

Being 34 years old I could not help but envy the youthful smoothness of Angel's skin. And it was certain that Angel took great pride in her African heritage judging from the medium Afro hair she wore.

"Well, bitch. I aint got all day," Angel broke the awkward silence.

"It's the music, Angel. It's so loud I can't even read. Couldn't you please turn it down?" I tried to be as diplomatic as possible. "We can't go on like this. This is the third time I have told you about this."

"No we can't, hoe," Angel snapped heatedly. "First, you can stop drooling over at my breasts."

Startled, I diverted my eyes but couldn't keep my face from blushing bright red. "Now if you want the music turned down you can turn it down yourself, bitch." As Angel spoke she pushed her door open almost daring me to enter.

I breezed past Angel and entered her house. If she thought I was intimidated she had a thing or two to learn about me. Gees, I was old enough to be her mother for Christ's sake. I walked quickly and directly to the stereo and after finding the volume control turned the music down to a much more reasonable level. Turning around I noticed that Angel had entered the house behind me smirking as she closed the closed the door. Before I could move Angel deliberately locked the door's deadbolt.

"What the hell are you doing, Angel?" I asked as I walked quickly towards the door. In the wink of an eye I was standing within arms reach of Angel and the locked door. We stood face-to-face, toe-to-toe. Being 5'9" tall I looked down at Angel who was 3 inches shorter.

Angel ignored my question then as a slight smile cruelled upon her full black lips she bitch slapped me hard across my left cheek with her open palm. "I'm putting a white assed ho in her place." My cheek strung like crazy and for the first time since entering Angel's home I felt a sense of fear.

Without thinking about it I lunged at Angel's Afro hair with both hands. With the swiftness of a wild cat she dodged to one side while grabbing my right arm. In one swift movement Angel twisted my arm hard bending it high up behind my back. Shock waves of agony shot like a cannon from my shoulder as I felt my knees buckle. Angel kept a vice like grip on my arm as she propelled me forward back into the living room I had just left. With an ease that defied her smaller stature Angel flung me to the floor like a rag doll. I was amazed by her agility and strength. I landed hard on the floor. I curled my legs up under me as Angel moved forward. I tried to push myself backwards as she grabbed for my shoulder length blonde hair. But I was no match for Angel's cat like instincts. She grabbed a hand full of my blonde locks and easily pulled me back to my feet.

"You like my gorgeous black breasts don't you, ho," Angel openly grinned as she demeaned me.

Tears began to well up in my blue eyes as I tried to shake my head no. Angel wasn't pleased with that negative reaction and she wasted no time in making her ire known. In a flash, while tightly holding my top in one hand, Angel bitch slapped my left cheek again then backhanded my right check as she snapped her hand back. My cheeks burned like a blazing inferno.

"Pleaaaaa," I tried to reason. Before I could get the word out of my mouth Angel shoved me hard backwards with one hand while still tightly gripping my blouse with her other hand. The flimsy material of my blouse was torn to shreds as I tumbled backwards finally falling to the floor with a thud. My firm 38C titties bounced freely in full view, as I wasn't wearing a bra. Franticly I used my arms in a merger effort to cover myself.

"Get on your feet before I have to whip your old white ass some more," Angel demanded with a certain amount of glee in her voice. Desperate to avoid another round of Angel's brutality I staggered to my feet with my arms still wrapped around my titties.

Taking a step towards me Angel demanded menacingly, "Drop those arms, ho. I want to sees those fucking white titties of yours" As tears began to slowly trickle down my cheeks I lowered my arms to my sides. I couldn't face another round of Angel's powerful slaps. Nor, could I ignore the growing sense of sexual desire building between my weakened legs.

I stood absolutely still as Angel walked behind me and striped off the ruminates of my blouse tossing the tatters to the floor. I was now completely naked from the waist up.

"Now I asked you a question you fucking white assed bitch," walking back in front of me Angel accented her words by slapping my left tittie hard making it bounce wildly. "I asked you if you love my gorgeous black breasts?" Angel only allowed me a split second to answer before she harshly slapped my other tittie. The agony was horrific.

"Pleassssss," for the second time I wasn't allowed to utter the word before Angel again bitch slapped me hard across the face and then applied another vicious backhand.

"Answer the question you fucking old, ho," Angel again demanded.

Through teary eyes I had no choice but to give Angel what she was going to get whether I liked it or not, "Yessssss," I managed weakly.

As I answered correctly Angel began to pull the straps of her dress over her softly rounded shoulders exposing her lovely dark chocolate orbs and her hard nipples. She grinned broadly at me before bitch slapping me hard once more, "Yes, what you fat assed white slut?"

I knew I couldn't take much more of Angel's brutal punishment. I was broken, "Yes ... yes Angel I love your gorgeous black breasts."

Angel giggled at my humiliation as she upped the ante. "Then come here and lick them you fucking white lezbo bitch." Defeated tears openly flowed down my cheeks as I moved closer to Angel and lowered my mouth to her firm breasts. Snaking out my tongue I began to lick all around Angel's near prefect chocolate breasts. As I worked my tongue Angel began to toy with my right nipple with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. Without my consent my nipple quickly stiffened. The small fire between my legs was turning into a blaze. I couldn't help myself as I sucked one of Angel's sweet nipples into my mouth and whipped my tongue back and fourth across it.

Angel hissed, "I said to lick not suck, ho." As Angel spoke her thumb and finger began to apply more and more pressure to my nipple, which it had been toying with. I knew Angel's pinch was a warning. A warning that I just couldn't ignore. I let her nipple slip from between my lips and went back to licking her black breasts.

Finally satisfied with my efforts Angel stepped back pulling her delicious breast from my seeking tongue. Smirking meanly Angel coldly stated, "Now get the fuck out of my house bitch."

Without saying a word I bent to pick up the pieces of my tattered blouse. "Leave it you fucking honkie ho." Not surprised I righted myself and stepped towards the door. "OHH, by the way, cunt, look toward the hallway and smile ... your on candid camera." I looked towards the darkened hallway and was horrified to see a camera tripod topped by a video cam with its unmistakable red light blinking. I was so stunned I nearly fainted. Fighting off a sickening feeling rising from the pit of my stomach I once again turned towards the door. I couldn't believe that the whole grossly humiliating scene had been recorded. How could Angel do such a horrible thing? But I was to learn that Angel was capable of much, much more.

As I stumbled from Angel's house she added with a giggle, "And, ho, the next time my music is too loud you better get your white ass over here quick." Then as an after thought, "And makes sure yous wears some high-heels next time, ho. I like my hos to wear heels."

With my arms wrapped tightly over my bare titties I ran out of Angel's house towards my own. I prayed that as darkness began to settle over the neighborhood that none of my other neighbors would see my humiliation.

Only The Beginning


All too soon Angel would force me to become her white assed ho slave. And, I would be made to refer to her as "my Nigger Mistress." Angel would make sure that I never ever forgot that I was nothing but the trashy white slave ho of a nigger.

I hope that you enjoyed this first installment of BM-WB. Constructive comments are always welcome and may be sent to the "Contact" section of my profile. I answer all as my busy schedule permits.

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by Anonymous03/14/18

Nice start

Looking forward to the next chapter, nice start but hopefully there will be more character development and mind games

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