tagInterracial LoveBlack Women Do Worship White Dicks

Black Women Do Worship White Dicks


My name is Kendra Julius. I can't speak for those other young Black women of Haitian descent out there. But as far as me, I'm the biggest slut around. And I can't get enough White dick. You could say that I'm addicted to it. White dick makes the world go around for me. Folks, I say this with absolute pride. Right now, I'm on my hands and knees. And I'm sucking on the biggest, thickest and juiciest piece of White cock I've ever seen. It belongs to my boyfriend Patrick D'Avignon, and man does he know how to deliver. My man is bossy and really doesn't play around. He's aggressive as hell and always goes for what he wants. I sensed that about him the first time I laid eyes on him. A woman knows a tough guy when she sees one.

In September 2011, I was a first-year student at Algonquin College and I noticed this five-foot-eleven, green-eyed and blonde-haired French guy looking at me. As a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and utterly gorgeous young Black woman with a big round ass, I'm used to men of all colours checking me out. Especially skinny, nerdy-looking White guys like Patrick. I must say that Patrick was a bit more insistent than most, though. He walked right up to me and introduced himself. I knew what he was the moment he looked at me. Kind of painfully obvious, actually. Like Hollywood legend Robert DeNiro, he's one of those White guys who simply can't get enough Black pussy. White men in the City of Ottawa are especially addicted to Black pussy. Plenty of them out there. Patrick told me he found me beautiful, and wanted to get to know me better. He'd recently moved to the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec, and didn't know anybody in town.

I was impressed by his honesty, since a lot of guys in the City of Ottawa like to beat around the bush. Patrick would impress me in other ways, especially sexually. He's got a nine-inch dick and knows how to use it. I try to fit the whole thing in my mouth as we get our freak on in my dorm in the town of Nepean but to no avail. I just can't fit it all inside my mouth. Patrick slams his dick down my throat, making me gag on it. He pulls on my long, neatly braided hair as I go down on him. I just love to deep-throat a thick, juicy White cock. And I've been at it for years. Patrick got the full benefit of my experience as I sucked him off. I licked his balls and sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to taste his manly juice. His sweet sauce. And when he came, blasting his load all over my face, I happily licked every drop of cum from his cock.

Patrick screamed in pleasure as I sucked every last drop of cum from his dick. We lay side by side on the bed, sweaty and happy as clowns. Patrick is a really kinky bastard and when he gave me the look, I knew something was up. He proceeded to tie up my hands and feet with some rather thick tape. I didn't mind. I trusted my man with my life. Afterwards, he pulled me on top of him and thrust his cock into me. Patrick suckled at my breasts as I rode him. I felt his thick White cock stabbing at my hot, Black pussy. He filled me up completely, and drove me absolutely nuts. Nothing I love like the feel of a big White cock in my cunt and if loving it is wrong then this sista doesn't want to be right. While he fucked me, he pinched my ass and buried his face between my large breasts. Blowing raspberry in between them, if you can believe that. I can't decide if Patrick is a breast man or an ass man. I think he's both.

Soon we were fucking in whole new positions. Patrick took me doggy style. That's cool with me. Face down and ass up. That's the way I like to fuck. Actually, that's one of the many ways I like to fuck. Patrick came up behind me, and thrust his dick into my pussy. He fucked me like this for a while, then switched things up on me. Patrick is really into ass play, man. This eternally horny White dude is seriously into ass worship. He can't get enough of my big Black ass. He's had me sit on his face, and he also loves to bend me over and spank me. He kisses my ass at least once a day, and I mean this literally. When he spread my big Black butt cheeks wide open, I knew exactly what he wanted. My man wanted some booty sex. That's cool with me because anal sex is one of my favourite things to do. Seriously. I love dick in my ass. Anal sex is a wonderful activity. When done right, of course.

Patrick fingered my asshole and applied lubricant all over it. Then I felt his dick press itself against my hole. With my hands and feet bound by tight tape, I was at his mercy. He began working his dick into my asshole, slowly. I licked my lips as he began fucking me. Oh, man. This is what I'm talking about. Nothing quite like the feel of a long and thick cock working its way up your asshole. Slowly. I simply love it. The feel of a dick in my ass. And it's got to be White for it to feel right. Patrick proceeded to pack my booty with his big White cock just like I knew he would. He spanked my big Black ass as his cock began filling my asshole in the most wonderful way. How I wished I could have fingered my wet pussy as Patrick fucked me. Oh, well. I chose to instead focus on the incredible sensation of the deliciously hot pain in my asshole. My ass stretched nicely to accommodate the bulk of Patrick's cock. And it felt oh so good. However, the truly awesome stuff only happened when Patrick came, his cock basically detonating an explosion of manly cum which flooded deep inside my asshole. I think my screams of pain mixed with pleasure could be heard across Canada but I can't be sure.

Yep, just another average night for me and my man. Patrick and I are happy together. Just a Haitian-Canadian chick and her French Canadian boyfriend living together while attending College in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Our sex lives really sizzle. And we have all kinds of wonderfully twisted fun together. I wish people, both Black and White, would get over the colour issue. Nope. They still stare when they see us together. We're just a guy and a gal at the end of the day, albeit a bit kinkier than most.

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by Anonymous08/05/17

Make black women fat with white man's spunk!

I loved your story would love to stick my white cock into a black girls arse and empty my balls into her
Black girls are great.

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