tagInterracial LoveBlackballed Ch. 01

Blackballed Ch. 01


Jimmy Morton was seething with anger. How could she have done this to him? After all they'd been through, how could she have ratted him out?

Alabama Sutton had single-handedly ruined his life. She had told his boss, Arthur Weingarden, that he was having an affair with his wife, which promptly lost him his job. She had told his wife, Doris, about the affair and he had lost his wife and his home. Now, standing at the ATM, he had come to the numbing realization that the account he shared with his wife was closed. He was homeless and now, he was broke. "Bitch!"

He was pissed off, so angry that he could kill her ... Hey, that's a good idea! He could just go over to her house and kill her. What the hell did he care? He had nothing else to lose. He'd end up in jail with three squares and a clean, dry place to live the rest of his life. Without Doris, the house, his money ... Yeah. Let's pay old Alabama a visit.

Alabama Sutton came from old black money and had one of the nicest homes on the East side. Jimmy had been there many times to receive payment from her and had admired it each time, imagining that the mansion was his. The wrought iron gates were already open and the Lexus out front told him that she was home. He adjusted his waistband, feeling the comforting bite of the snub nose and smiled toothily. Time to handle some business.

She opened the door before he even reached it, her tall figure covered with expensive silk and her immaculate face made up and perfect. "Hello, Jimmy. I've been waiting for you."

"Yeah, I bet you have, you bitch!" He pulled the gun and pressed it to her stomach, forcing her backward and closing the door behind him. "You've fucking ruined my life!"

Alabama looked nonplussed, casually striding over to the side table and opening an expensive-looking square box. "Cigarette?"

"Did you hear what I said? You've ruined my life!"

She extracted a cigarette, placed it between her ruby red lips and took her sweet time, lighting it and then taking a drag, staring at him the entire time. "I heard you, Jimmy." Her exhaled smoke seemed to color the huskiness of her voice. "No need to shout."

"Oh, I'm gonna do more than shout." He wrapped his hands in her shoulder-length hair, pressing the gun to her forehead. "And I guarantee you won't ignore this."

"I'm not ignoring you, Jimmy. I know how you are when you're mad and I just wanted to give you some time to vent. Now, let me go and make yourself a drink."

Confusion ruled Jimmy and after a few moments, he released her, keeping the gun trained on her. Alabama arose, fluffing her hair and strode over to the bar, pouring two fingers of scotch into glasses and giving one to him. "How can you be so calm after you've just ruined a man's life?"

Alabama smiled. "I haven't ruined your life. I've made it better." She walked over to his couch and stood in front of him.

"You're out of your mind! You've blackballed me every where in town!" His anger inflamed him, twisting his words into incomprehensible sentences. "I can't get a job! I can't even rent a fucking room because of you!"

"That's the idea." She set her drink down, pushing his gun hand aside as she straddled his lap. "You see, Jimmy, I want you."

He stared at her for a long minute. "What?"

"I want you." Alabama touched his face, smoothing his creamy white skin. "I always thought you were cute but when you told Junior off ... you made me cream my pants."


"Really." She leaned forward, close enough that he could smell the vinegary scent of olives and the faintest hint of vodka from a martini on her breath. Her lips hovered just inches from his, ripe with promise. "And I decided right then that I would have to have you."

It was all happening too fast and the trust factor he held in Alabama was pretty low. "You wanted me?"

"You know, Jimmy, you're more than just a pimp. I see real potential in you. I see a man just waiting to take the reins and show what he's made of." Her fingers smoothed his cheeks softly. "I see you."

"I don't understand, Ally. Why would you want me?"

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