tagBDSMBlackmailed Servitude Ch. 01

Blackmailed Servitude Ch. 01


I'd like to once thank Bella_Mariposa for an excellent and patient job editing, and for providing helpful & constructive criticism. Please enjoy the story


Brian and Vicky sat in silence as they studied their prey. She was sitting with her back to them at the very corner of the dimly lit bar. She was short, roughly 5"3, with startling red hair which fell just past her shoulder, and small but pert breasts slightly protruding from her chest. Dressed in a knee-length black skirt, a black 3-button jacket and a white blouse through which you could glimpse a blue bra, she looked exactly who she was; an uptown businesswoman. In fact she couldn't look more out of place in this slightly run down, male infested bar. A fact that hadn't got unnoticed by many of the bar's male clientele.

"It's time," said Brian, excitement just beginning to creep into his voice.

Vicky felt a slight flutter of anticipation in her chest. Ignoring it, she stood up and sashayed her way to the bar, waiting to be served while standing next to the redhead. The bait had been set...

Chapter 1

Brian and Vicky first met in their last year of university. Brian was 6", blond, athletic and considered 'hot as fuck' by most of the girls on campus. Where Brian was vibrant and outgoing, Vicky was quiet, slim, clever but extremely sexy in a subtle way. Their relationship grew slowly, as many of the best often do. After being introduced through common friends on a night out, a steady friendship sprung to life, over time progressing to much, much more. After five years together, they married, and at the age of 25 had formed an unbreakable bond based on unyielding trust and love.

Together they had experimented with just about everything in bedroom antics, from dabbling in anal and voyeurism to BDSM and sharing each other with friends. Of all their sexual adventures, by far their favourite was dominating submissive women, an activity they enjoyed on a regular basis with a number of women in their area. Therefore, it came as no surprise to Vicky when her husband suggested his latest plan, sitting at their kitchen table after a particularly pleasurable evening spent with a regular slave called Amanda.

"I've been thinking V," said Brian, using his pet name for Vicky.

"Mmm?" replied Vicky distractedly.

"How would you like a live-in slave? A slut we can use whenever we want. It's just I'm tired of constantly having to call our little subs in, and then letting them leave in the morning. I want to own our own little whore!"

Vicky considered the idea slowly. She wasn't completely sure she wanted to share her house with another woman. However there was definitely an appeal to it, it would be like owning a walking, talking sex toy! Anyway, if she didn't like it, she could always throw the bitch out; she knew that Brian would respect her decision.

"Mmm I like it!" replied Vicky, "But who and how? I've got three or four favourites I couldn't pick between."

Brian stood up and moved to stand behind his wife. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he started to massage the top of her back through her morning robe. Leaning forward he let his voice drop to a deeper, huskier tone before replying

"Why pick one we've already had? Why not enjoy the fun of breaking one in? They say the new, unwilling subs are always the best. I'll make her into your fuck toy...."

Brian's hands moved from the top of his wife's back, moving around her arms and slowly opening the front of her robe. Cupping her breasts in his hands he started to lay kisses in a line up her neck. As Vicky leaned her head to the side exposing more of her neck Brian started to tease her excessively sensitive nipples, tugging and circling them enticingly, causing her to arch her back and moan. He leaned in close to her ear, snaking his tongue out to flick her earlobe as he whispered into her ear.

"I've already picked who I want. She's someone I used to know in school, works for a high-class law firm now. She's as uptight as they come and a total bitch, so I'd love to break her with you."

The assault on Vicky's nipples was having the desired effect; she could feel juices beginning to leak from her pussy. Purring quietly, she grabbed her husband's hair and pulled him close to her mouth.

"I'm in," moaned Vicky. "Take me..."

Brian didn't need inviting twice. He picked Vicky up and placed her arms and head on the table, forcing her to bend over and present herself to him. Hitching her robe up to her hips, he exposed her round tight ass and sopping wet pussy. He noted with amusement her lips were soaked and had separated in anticipation, giving him a clear view straight up to her pussy. Shedding his own robe, he took his cock in his hand and used it to slowly stroke the lips of her pussy collecting her juices on his tip. After several minutes of this, Vicky started to squirm, clearly wanting more than the teasing she was getting. Taking the initiative Brian grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her to arch her back as he allowed his cock slide the first inch into her cunt. He held his cock still for several seconds until he heard a whimper escape his wife's mouth then without warning slammed his cock as far as it could reach into her desperate pussy.

Vicky's legs bucked as she felt her husband enter her unceremoniously. She pushed backwards, wanting every centimeter of him to fill her. Not allowing Vicky to dictate anything Brian slowed his pace, gliding his cock in and out of her gash with deliberate ease. The message was clear 'I'm in control here and we'll fuck at my pace'. Subdued, Vicky gripped the legs of the table and let Brian have her however he wanted. Still holding her hair Brian started pounding Vicky's pussy harder and harder, while his hand snaked around her waist in search of her clit. She spread her legs wide, giving him easy access to her already engorged bud. He quickly got to work on it, pinching, rubbing, flicking and running his thumb in the little circles he knew made her knees weak. Suddenly he stopped thrusting his cock into her, and held it in as deep as he could force it. At the same time, his fingers increased the ferocity at which they attacked Vicky's clit. 'Shit,' thought Vicky, 'he's going to make me come first!' Moaning and writhing, Vicky started humping backwards onto his cock, feeling her orgasm starting to build.

Brian stood there, feeling Vicky fucking herself on his cock while he brought her to orgasm on his fingers. With his other hand, he reached over the table and scooped up some butter onto his finger. Without letting Vicky see it, he bought this to her pink rosebud bobbing up and down above his cock, and started to gently rub it in. Vicky's moans reached a new pitch as Brian eased his forefinger into her tight arsehole, pushing past her sphincter and burying it in as far as it would go. Now when Vicky humped backwards, she was not just fucking herself, but impaling her arse onto a finger. This sensation of being used in both holes was quickly sending Vicky over the edge, causing her to increase her frantic humping. Leaning slightly backward she found that Brian's fingers could penetrate her deeper, sending shockwaves of pleasure straight through the rectum walls to her pussy. Letting out a primal moan, her arse began to contract on Brian's finger as her orgasm began to take her over. She let out an almighty scream of pleasure, her orgasm exploding through her entire body. Brian felt her whole body tense, clamping down onto his cock and fingers as multiple orgasms wracked her body. She came for what seemed like hours, shuddering and writhing on Brian and eventually collapsing over the table. Her legs had given out, as she just lay there, draped in a heap over the table. Brian slowly extracted his finger from her arse with a loud Schluup!

Giving Vicky no time to recover from her orgasm, Brian repositioned his cock so that the head was resting on the entrance to her arse. Reaching round her front, he eased the finger he'd just fucked her arse with into her mouth. Still recovering from her earth shattering orgasm, Vicky was in no state to argue and obediently started to suck the juice off his finger, a combination of butter, her own cum and her arse. As she accepted his fingers in her mouth, Brian steadily slid his throbbing rod into her arse. He could feel her moans on his fingers as he buried himself to the hilt in her forbidden hole. Feeling his balls start to tighten, Brian grabbed Vicky's wrists and pinned them behind her back as he quickened his pace, slamming his cock into her gaping hole. Within seconds he came, his cock buried all the way into her ass.

Brian withdrew his cock from her arse, leaving her hole gaping and inviting. He could see her contracting her stomach muscles, and soon his cum began to gush from her hole. Kneeling down Brian took the first few drops on his tongue, before burying his face in her arse and scooping out the rest into his mouth. Once he'd collected it all he turned Vicky round and lay her face up on the table. Mounting her, he sat on her hips and leaned over until their faces were in line. Vicky smiled up at him knowing what we wanted, and opened her mouth obediently. Brian opened his mouth and let his cum dribble into her mouth, watching it pool on her tongue. Once all his cum had been transferred he leant forward to passionately kiss her, sharing his cum together.

Later that morning in the shower, Vicky turned to face her husband.

"So how are we going to get your slut then dear?" she inquired.

Brian turned, smiled and replied with a single word "Blackmail."

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