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Blazing Glory Ch. 06


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 6 - Storm's Wrath

The morning sky was a dim blue in the twilight before the rising of the sun. The birds sang and chirped away in the gardens where he sat in patient waiting. Stavros always enjoyed moments like these. Peaceful and quiet with the birth of a new day. One can easily forget the troubles of the world like this, if at least for a brief time. The bright golden light peeked over the high mountain tops finally as the sun greeted him.

"Always such a beautiful sight to behold," a feminine voice said to his right. He glanced over and saw the Dark Maiden gazing wistfully towards the sun as it rose. Eilistraee sighed softly and folded her arms beneath her breasts. "An event I wish all drow can enjoy themselves someday."

Stavros nodded to the tall drowess, "They will. In due time, my friend. What brings you here this morning?"

Her blue eyes glanced from the sun to him as a sly grin appeared on her face. "Other than the fantastic view? Just some news from one of my own servants. It seems now that Blaze and his friends have pushed into Kozue in their pursuit."

"Really? Kozue?" the big immortal said thoughtfully, "An old friend of mine lives there."

Eilistraee strode over and sat down next to him. "You're talking about Drisana aren't you?"

He nodded as he watched the sun slowly rise higher into the sky. "That I am. My old friend has run into some trouble recently with some neighbors. I'll send a message about Blaze coming into her territory. Perhaps he can help her and in turn she helps him in the pursuit."

The Dark Maiden shook her head and looked back up to the mountains brightening in the morning light, muttering softly, "That's if she doesn't eat him first."


The birds chirped softly in those morning hours far to the south of the watchful immortal gods. The darkness of twilight still hung in the air with the thick forest canopy covering the sky. These green leaves swayed about gently as Blaze watched in thoughtful silence. Nadine lay not far away, purring away in happy dreams. Behind the furry lycan, the large beautiful gargoyle slept sitting back against a tree. Tyra folded her wings about her like a blanket in her quiet slumber. Further away, the dark wraith watched over them all with her glowing red eyes.

Blaze knew nothing could get past the drowess's keen eyes and hearing. That wasn't why he hadn't slept very much this night or the nights past, for that matter. Lying close next to him was the most perfect, beautiful woman in all the world. She stirred slightly as waves of vanilla hair gently drifted aside and her always possessive arm hugged him closer to her. They had been in pursuit of Danika for days now and it always seemed like the enforcer of the evil goddess was one step ahead of them.

"What's wrong, Richard?"

The quiet whisper startled him slightly out of his brooding thoughts. He glanced down into those brilliant emerald eyes. It never ceased to amaze him how he could lose himself in those depths.

"I'm sorry, Kendra. I didn't mean to wa-" he started, but she hushed him softly with her fingers to his lips.

"Don't try to change the subject, Richard. Something is bothering you. I can feel it," she said with a concerned frown. Her eyes showed genuine concern as they looked into the very depths of his soul. There was no use hiding anything from this succubus. She knew how to find a man's darkest secret.

He broke his gaze from hers as he looked up to the trees again, "I was just thinking about what's happened recently. The chasing, fear, and battles we've all been through together." Blaze could feel her steadily watching him in the silent moments to follow. He had almost thought she'd fallen back asleep before she spoke again.

"You've never killed before recently, have you?"

He blinked at that statement. The young warrior could only nod as he wondered if she could truly see into his soul after all. The succubus sighed softly to herself before gently running her hand up and down his chest.

"Don't think about it," she whispered softly to him, "I know what you're thinking to yourself and you're not a cold-blooded murderer. You killed not only to save others, but your very own life as well. Those fighting you could care less about how they felt about it afterwards. They would have relished in the memory of your death. There will be more killing to come, dear Richard. You must not hesitate when the time to kill comes again."

He nodded silently as he listened. He had been an open book and she'd read him cover to cover. The sultry demoness leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips. He smiled as his troubled thoughts melted away with the warmth of those full lush lips of hers and kissed her in return.

"You're such a good man, Richard.. It's a good thing you have such a cute ass too," she cooed sexily and winked. He couldn't help but laugh a bit at that. She gave him a sly grin before they fell back asleep together to get a little more rest while they could.

Later that morning, they were all soon underway with Nadine and him scouting in front to follow Danika's distinctive tracks in the roads and trails. Blaze had learned a few days ago that they had entered the land of Kozue. Unlike the democracy of Quinlinn and theocracy of Shoushan, Kozue was a mixture of a monarchy and democracy. A royal family of humans handled many affairs of this kingdom to help ensure the unity among the several races. However, each race was a government unto themselves that didn't have to always answer to the ruling royal family. It was a delicate and complex form of unity, but all races managed through deep friendship and respect.

They had skirted Lycan territory to their west as they followed north the growing mountain chain of the Eskols. The mountains were soon growing to such impressive heights that Blaze had never imagined mountains could be that tall. Many of their tops were still capped with snow while he sweated away in the heat where he was far below. Simply amazing!

Nadine drew them to a halt as she stopped by the side of the road before dropping her pack to the ground. In a quiet sullen expression of resignation, she pulled out her white dress.

"What in Lloth's name are you doing?" asked a bewildered Rae.

The lycan woman sighed as she pulled the thin clothing over her lush furry body, "We're very close to Lachlan. We don't want to upset the humans with a 'nude' lycan wandering about now would we?"

The drowess snorted softly and smirked. Obviously Rae would have no problem walking into a city with nothing but her skin, but Blaze knew she would rather at night and not expose that sensitive underworld skin to the sun so soon.

"Nadine's right. I recognize this area. We should reach Lachlan in the next hour," Kendra stated confidently after looking around. Nadine signaled that she was ready and they immediately set onward again. Blaze was excited to hear this news. Even in the remote fishing village of Kyros, everyone knew about the famous Lachlan. But it wasn't the town that was the reason for its infamy. It was the numerous hot springs that dotted the surrounding mountains.

A lavish place many rich and royal families traveled to so they could enjoy the pleasant hot waters. But it wasn't restricted to the wealthy only. All were welcome to use and relax in the springs from foreign travelers down to poor street peddlers. The springs were free to all who wished. Some even whispered of the waters healing powers, but all knew that everyone loved them just to relax in or have fun.

Kendra's ever impressive memory proved true enough as they found themselves looking down upon the large village nestled at the base of the mountain. Numerous paths lead out of Lachlan into the mountains to the source of wealth that had caused the town to grow swiftly.

"That's odd," the succubus muttered as she stepped up beside him, her wings folding and disappearing from her head and back. Apparently succubae were not as welcome in this part of the world as they are in Shoushan.

Tyra overlooked them all easily enough with her own impressive eyesight. "Where is everybody?"

Kendra shook her head as her confusion grew, "Nowhere... Lachlan should be fairly active at this time of day."

Squinting as best he could, Blaze gazed down into the city and noticed no rising dust from streets being traveled. No small insect-like forms moving about in the usual daily tasks. The sight looked much similar to the ghost city of Nervei and unnerved him greatly. They all stood there looking uncertainly before Rae sighed impatiently.

"Well you all can just stand here and gawk all afternoon. I'm going down there to rest in a bed for once!" the drowess said as she strode ahead of them. She waived her hand back to them. "Aluve'!"

The others stared after the Matron Mother in shock. All except Kendra, her cool gaze following the drowess with a dark scowl. Shaking their heads in resignation, they followed quickly as they shared the same thoughts of wandering into something they'd rather not. Making their way down into the mountain valley, they soon reached the village perimeter. Rae stood there in wraith-like form with ring sabers out. Her head was canted slightly to the side as if she were listening to something.

Nadine's cat ears perked up as she glanced about with a small gasp, "There are people hear!" Rae nodded in agreement as the others looked about the shuttered buildings. Blaze looked to the catwoman with a questioning look. Her golden eyes blinked as she looked back to him, "Believe me, Blaze. They're here. Everyone is inside all of the buildings."

The young warrior glanced at the buildings more closely now and noticed many pairs of eyes glancing nervously at them out the narrow slits of the shutters. Blaze was about to ask Kendra a question when a cry startled the whole party.


Blaze and everyone whipped around as they began to draw their weapons. What they saw made them stop halfway. A bewildered Tyra stood there as human youth clambered about her, beating her with fists and a small club that didn't affect the tough gargoyle one bit. The teenage boy quickly gave up the club as he tried to choke the guardian out, hands about her neck as his feet dangled in the air.

Nadine burst into a fit of giggles at the ridiculous sight. Tyra simply rolled her eyes and plucked the boy from her like she would an annoying ant. The youth struggled valiantly in front of her, kicking and flailing about. Dear Stavros, what was he to do with this kid?

"Dewin! Curse you damnable boy!" came a cry from the nearby building that looked to be a wealthy tavern. Out the doors burst a heavyset man with balding grey hair wearing an apron. The man slowed down as he approached them, especially after seeing the death-like cloaked member with the blades shining. "Please don't hurt the boy! A bloody dimwit that he is, but he's my son. My oldest!" the man begged.

Tyra dropped the young man unceremoniously on his ass, having had no intention of hurting him to begin with. The boy quickly scurried back to the safety of the building after the kick to the ass his father gave him. Looking back to see his son safely inside, the man looked intensely relieved. Looking back to them, he bowed with respect as his hands clutched at his grease-stained apron in apprehension.

"My apologies to you, miss gargoyle, for his reckless actions. My name is Edwin."

The tall guardian simply waved her hand that it was no trouble at all. Still, even with her assurances and Rae sheathing those wicked weapons, the man looked about nervously as if just standing there in the street were placing his life at risk. Blaze frowned as he looked to see no others had come out of the buildings to see them. Something was wrong.

"Hello Edwin... I'm Blaze. These are my friends Kendra, Rae, Nadine, and Tyra," he said in polite introduction, "Is there any particular reason why everyone isn't coming outside?"

The heavy tavern keeper simply sighed, shoulders slumping as he looked to have aged twenty more years in seconds. "Lachlan is in constant terror these days. Attacks come every other day upon the village. So far only a few buildings have been lost and a few injured. But we fear the worst is yet to come."

"Fear what?" Kendra asked suspiciously.

"The fire bringers of death! Monsters they are! Sending giant rocks crashing down onto us or scorching us with rain of fire to burn the village to ashes! May Stavros curse those fiendish dragons!" the man cursed angrily with tears of frustration and fear.

"Dragons!?" Blaze exclaimed. Edwin's confirming nod barely registered with him. Dragons! Excitement tore through him. He had always loved dragons and the tales they were in when he was growing up. He never cared nor believed how many portrayed them as the evil monsters preying upon man. To him, dragons had always symbolized things he had respected. Dragons exhibited strange beauty, timeless wisdom, unerring honor, and boundless power.

Yet no one in Quinlinn believed dragons even existed anymore. Even he had thought their existence merely that of fanciful stories and nothing more. Now he was faced with his childhood dreams, but could not believe they would commit such acts of terror. Kendra stepped up beside him and leaned in close.

"This could be Danika's work. The fire demon probably believes she has lost us. But she may have been trying to incense these people into attacking any strangers as a precaution," she whispered into his ear.

He nodded slightly with a small smile to her. He turned his gaze back to the nervously shuffling tavern keeper. "We don't mean to trouble you much longer, sir. Would you happen to have any rooms available?

Edwin shook his head with a rueful laugh, "Of course I do! No one comes to Lachlan much anymore out of fear of the dragons. So there are plenty of rooms available."

"Good then," he said with a grin, "Two rooms with four beds are all we need. By the way, which direction are most of the attacks coming from?"

When the old man pointed up one of the main paths leading into the mountains and hot springs, Blaze turned around to tell the others his plans to search the mountains the remainder of the afternoon and early evening for these hostile dragons. Nadine and Tyra immediately volunteered to come along with him.

"While you're off hunting lizards, I'm going to have a look around this village for signs of our prey," Death's Mistress stated before striding off without another word. Kendra's narrowed gaze followed the drowess as she departed. Blaze couldn't help but notice the dark frown on her face and grew worried of a potential confrontation between the two women. Exactly why was a mystery to him. Kendra looked to him and gave him a wink. "I think I will go along with her and make sure she doesn't stir any trouble up. Have fun in the hills, stud!"

Watching the demoness stride off after the drowess, the dread grew all the more. So distracted was he by watching his close lover leave, he didn't notice the figure shadowed in darkness watching them all from an alleyway.


A few hours later, the issue of the growing hostility between the two women was the last thing on his mind. Bending over and gasping for breath, he wondered why it was that mountains had to be so blasted high! Tyra, Nadine and himself had followed one of the main trails up into the mountains after dropping off their packs and supplies in the rooms. Now carrying only their weapons and the clothing they wore, the three trudged up the path towards the springs.

After a few minutes of steady upward incline, the path began to rise sharply. So much so that after a little while, his legs were aching in protest as they continued to climb. Glancing to his companions now, he could see even the powerful gargoyle and lithe catwoman straining from the exertion. Wherever these hot springs were, they must surely be worth such a long hike into the mountains.

"I'm so bloody tired, my vision is starting to get hazy," he muttered to the others as he trudged on. Just as he said that, the air in front of him seemed to thicken and cloud up to the point of where he thought he was in the process of passing out. Before he could take another step, Blaze felt something grab the back of his shirt and hold him fast. Gasping in shock, he turned around to see Tyra behind him calmly and holding him with her hand.

"Tyra? What are you doing?"

The gargoyle simply smiled and pointed in front of him. The young warrior looked back in front of him to where she pointed. Shit! He stumbled back and landed on his ass. No wonder his vision was so hazed. It was steam! One more step and he would have been taking a dip into the large hot spring, clothes and all. Blaze blushed and scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks Tyra," he laughed lightly.

"YIPEEEE!!!" came a joyful cry as a shadow passed over them. Both human and gargoyle stared in shock as Nadine dove into the water tucked up into a furry ball. The ensuing splash in front of them made Blaze splutter as he was instantly soaked. Tyra simply laughed as she shielded herself with her wings.

Blaze grumbled as he shook the water off of him and wrung out his shirt, "I should have just fallen in to begin with."

The catwoman surfaced close by and flung her wet bright orange hair back in an alluring sight that both her companions couldn't help but stop and appreciate. He couldn't help but also appreciate the wet fur clinging closely to those full feminine curves of the lycan. Her large breasts seemed to stand out more with her bright red nipples evident for all to see. Nadine giggled and waved at them as she sank back down into the water a little.

"Come on in! The water is wonderful!" she called out.

Looking at the shimmering surface of the spring, Blaze was unsure of its depth and surface type beneath. He blinked in shock once again as Tyra dove over him into the water with a lesser resulting splash. When the guardian surfaced, her skimpy top wetly clung to her large breasts and left nothing to the imagination. The poor fellow didn't have to imagine though as he watch the gargoyle pull her top off over her head, sending those heavy blue breasts bouncing free. A geyser of a nosebleed nearly erupted from him as he watched two hot females lean back against the rock edge of the spring, presenting him with the delicious image of wet glistening bodies and breasts. In a moment of solemn humbleness, the young warrior gazed to the heavens and thanked them for this moment!

"Why don't you come join us, Blaze?" Tyra offered with a slow smile spreading on her face.

Oh the temptation to rip off his clothing, dive in and screw both females silly! The throbbing bulge in his pants agreed wholeheartedly to leap into action. But with a grimace, he kept his head in check and shook his head with a sigh, "I can't. At least one of us should be on the look-out for any surprises. You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves."

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