Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 4


Steve had finally had all he could take and quietly undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He stroked his cock as he watched the two girls suck off the dildo. Nicole opened her eyes and tilted the cock back to Mandy. Mandy said "open your mouth and go down on it and use your teeth to scrape it as you pull your mouth off of it." Nicole watched as the cock disappeared into Mandy's mouth. With her mouth still opened Nicole watched as Mandy only had her teeth on the fake cock as she slowly pulled up. She saw how her teeth scraped the sensitive underside.

Steve began pumping his cock faster as he watched his daughter open her mouth and go down on the fake cock. Nicole bit down gently on it and scraped her teeth on it as she pulled her head up until the cock popped out of her mouth. Steve looked up between his daughter's parted legs and saw how her pussy lips were wet and parted open. "Now suck gently up and down on it like this" Mandy said. Nicole watched as Mandy began to bob her head up and down. After about a minute of this she tilted the cock towards Nicole's mouth. There was a string of saliva hanging from Mandy's lips that was attached to the head of the cock. Nicole opened her mouth and began to suck the spit laden cock into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down like Mandy did. Steve watched intently and began to match his stroking to that of his daughter's ministrations.

Steve watched as Mandy inched closer to Nicole. She took the cock from Nicole's mouth and gave it a couple of quick sucks and then returned it to Nicole's mouth. Steve continued to stroke his cock outside of his daughter's bedroom door as he watched the two girls continue to suck off the dildo. Back and forth the girls passed the cock until they both began to tongue it together. Steve lost control when he saw his daughter's tongue touch her friends tongue. For a moment the girls forgot about the cock as they shared a tender opened mouth kiss. They somehow returned to the cock and continued licking. "He is going to cum Nikki" Mandy said softly. As Steve heard that he began to cum too. Steve panicked as he had nothing to cum into. He held out his hand but the first few spurts were too strong and they passed over his hand and landed on his daughter's door. Steve stood horrified as he watched his cum dripping slowly down the partially opened wooden door. Just then the girls got up and jumped back on the bed. Steve hurried away and went to his room.

Mandy jumped up and went to take a piss. Nicole stretched out on the bed and relaxed. When Mandy returned she saw the door. Mandy poked her head in and asked Nicole to come here. "Look" As Mandy pointed to the cum that was on the door. "Oh my god, is your dad home" Mandy asked. Just then the girls heard the other shower running and they knew that the cum on the door could only have come from one person. Mandy grabbed hold of Nicole's nightie and pulled her down to her knees. Mandy lowered her head to the cum on the door and slid her tongue through it wiping up gobs of jizz. Mandy turned towards Nicole and cupped her face with her hands. Mandy moved her face closer to Nicole's and placed her lips on Nicole's. Mandy slid her tongue into Nicole's mouth so they could both share her father's cum. The two girls lingered in a soul searching kiss until they finally swallowed the cum. They returned to the bedroom and jumped on the bed.

Both girls were tired and they drifted off to sleep. Morning came and Mandy jumped up and ran to the shower. She returned to the bed room completely naked and Nicole woke up. She laid there pretending to sleep as she watched Mandy get ready for work. She didn't know why but she admired Mandy's body. Finally Mandy was finished and she turned to Nicole and kissed her on the forehead and whispered that she had to get to the salon. Nicole got out of bed and walked her to the front door and wished her good luck at work today. She watched from the door as Mandy tucked her sexy legs into her car and then drove off.

Nicole was going to return back to her room to go to sleep but her father was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. "Oh hi dad" Nicole said. "I thought you weren't coming home until tonight?" Well sweetie I missed you and I wasn't too tired so I made the long drive home last night."

"I do have to leave again tomorrow morning though." Nicole walked over to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup of java. She returned to the table and sat down again. "So you had a friend stay the night last night I see" Steve asked. "Yeah dad she is so nice, she hired me at the salon she works at and I'm starting in a couple of days."

"That's wonderful hunny, congratulations" Steve said. "Well baby, I have to get going, I have to go to the job site today to pick up some documents" Steve said as he watched the disappointed look on his daughter's face. "All right daddy, but one of these days we have to spend together."

"Of course" Steve replied as he grabbed his brief case and headed out the door. Nicole got up and walked her father out to his truck and kissed him on the cheek good bye. Nicole stood in the front yard watching her father drive down the street not even realizing that she was wearing a short nightie that was fairly thin and see through. A breeze caught the bottom of her nightie and flipped it up enough to expose her naked ass as she walked back into the house. That would have really annoyed Nicole before, but now she didn't even think twice about it, in fact she was beginning to like to wear sexy and revealing clothing.

Actually Nicole was secretly glad that her father left for work because curiosity was driving her wild. She went to her father's bedroom and went into her mom's walk in closet. Nicole found the keys and unlocked the door to the dungeon and descended down the dark spiral staircase lighting the candles along the way. She opened the second door and entered the dungeon. There was just something about this secret dark underworld that made Nicole's loins tingle and burn with desire. She walked over to the button that opened the door to the funeral home. Slowly the door opened as Nicole heard the hum of the motor. Once inside Nicole lit the candles. All of them. The room was pretty bright from the candles as she sat down on one of the chairs in front of her mother's casket.

Nicole looked around in disbelief as she saw multiple cameras pointing towards the casket. Nicole wanted to open the top but she was to afraid. As she sat there she began to drift off into her own fantasy. Nicole thought that her mother and boyfriend were sick and twisted for fucking inside of a casket. She closed her eyes and remembered the video she saw where her boyfriend had her mother's legs raised and was fucking her. As Nicole continued to replay the video in her mind her hand slowly slid up under her short nightie and her fingers began to stroke her cunt.

Nicole remembered how her boyfriend pulled her mom's panties down her lifeless legs and then off of her feet. How he slid his cock into her hole the whole time she pretended to be dead. Nicole's fingers began to swirl around her throbbing clit. Suddenly Nicole began to fantasize that it was her in that casket and her father was on top of her fucking her. Only this time Nicole raised her own legs and spread them as she guided her father's cock towards her waiting wet pussy. Just as her father's cock entered her, Nicole suddenly began to cum. Her breathing began to get heavy and she could feel her heart begin to race. "Oh daddy" Nicole whispered as her orgasm began. "Oh Christ yeah daddy" Nicole shouted as her orgasm peaked. Nicole shook from head to toe as her morbid fantasy seemed to have gotten her off stronger than any other fantasy she had ever had. Nicole just sat there looking at the casket while she pulled herself together after such a strong orgasm.

Nicole wanted so badly to open that casket to peek inside but she was still afraid so instead she began blowing out the candles and closed the door. As she walked through the dungeon she blew out the other candles and went back upstairs. As she walked into her father's room the phone rang. Nicole answered it "hello."

"Hi Nikki its Mandy, would you like to start working today?"

"Sure, just let me take a shower and I will be right down."

"Thanks babe, I really need the help today."

"No problem I'll be there in a bit." Thanks a bunch" Mandy said as she hung up the phone.

Nicole walked from her father's room towards the bathroom and she pulled her nightie over her head and off of her naked body. She showered and got dressed and put on a nice outfit. Nicole grabbed her purse and car keys and left for the salon. She pulled into the parking lot and walked into the shop.

"Thanks for coming in, I have a lot of clients today" Mandy said. "I'll show you around the place."

"This was just a house that I bought and converted into a business" Mandy said as they walked into what would have been the kitchen. Nicole couldn't believe when she saw a universal weight machine where a table would normally be. "This is the exercise room"

"I have a few clients that have memberships to work out here."

"There is a refrigerator and stove and microwave like any house. The girls walked down the hallway and walked into what would in any other house be a bedroom and entered. Nicole looked in amazement as Mandy told her this was her tanning room complete with a tanning bed. "Your job will be easy sweetie" Mandy said. You will assist the clients and keep the rooms orderly and clean."

"Here is the bathroom" Mandy pointed as they walked down the hall way. Mandy led Nicole to the basement steps and began to walk down. Nicole followed closely behind. She smelled chlorine like from a swimming pool. Nicole's eyes lit up when she saw the water in the basement. "Here is my swimming pool" Mandy said. Nicole stared in astonishment as half of the basement floor was dug out into an in ground pool. Mandy walked around the pool and Nicole followed her. "Wow" Nicole said as she saw the hot tub in the corner of the basement. "A sauna too" Nicole asked. "Yep" Mandy replied as Nicole went to it and opened the door. "God I love these as she stepped into the hot air inside. Quickly she stepped out as she did not want to begin to sweat. "Over here in the other corner there is a washer and dryer for towels to be washed and dried. "All you need to do is assist the customers and keep things neat"

"God, thank you Mandy" Nicole said as she reached out to shake her hand. Instead Mandy reached out and pulled Nicole close to her and hugged her. "Well, make yourself at home and I am going to go take care of a client. Nicole watched as Mandy walked towards the stairs. She admired her legs and the stripe that ran up the back of her stocking as she strutted towards the stairs. Mandy placed her right foot on the first stair and stopped. She turned around and said "There is a private party here every Thursday night and I want you to come."

"It is a club that I have started."

"We call ourselves the 'Lonely Heart Club'."

"You will see why we call it that tomorrow night."

"I'll be here" Nicole stammered as she quickly tried to figure out the name of the club. Nicole walked towards the bottom of the stairs as Mandy ascended them. She looked up and caught a glimpse of Mandy's ass under her skirt. She even saw the tops of her creamy thighs above the stockings and garters she was wearing.

Nicole went to the washer and threw a load of towels in the washer and placed the washed towels in the dryer. She wandered around the pool and sauna checking them out for a while before going upstairs. She couldn't believe all of the awesome stuff that Mandy had here. There was a lady working out on the weight machine so Nicole went to keep an eye on her. Soon, there were quite a few ladies for Nicole to keep her eyes on. The time passed quickly and before Nicole realized it the day was over. Mandy and Nicole talked about everything that happened during the day and Nicole told her new boss how much she likes working there. The girls locked up the salon and Mandy handed Nicole her very own key. The girls got in their cars and went their own ways.

Nicole reflected on her new job on the way home. But soon however her thoughts returned to the coffin down in the dungeon. Nicole was beginning to get turned on but she was still heart broken that her mom had fucked her boyfriend. The part that bothered Nicole most was the fact that she never fucked him before he was killed. The whole drive home Nicole began to fantasize about her boyfriend fucking her. Wondering what his cock felt like, how he would handle her, how he would take her. The only thing that Nicole had now was the video tape of him fucking her mom. Nicole pulled into her driveway and raced into the house as she was horny as hell.

Nicole did not realize that her father was home from work already and as soon as she was in the front door she whipped her top and bra off on the way to the shower. When Nicole walked down the hallway to go to the shower that's when she stood face to face with her father. they both froze in their tracks as Nicole's breasts were before her father completely naked. Nicole already had her skirt unbuttoned and half way down her legs. She saw her father's gaze as his eyes went down her body to her breasts. Nicole felt her nipples begin to stiffen as she ducked into the bathroom and shut the door. Nicole's heart was racing. She just showed her dad her breasts and she knew he liked what he saw. Nicole turned on the shower and set the water to the correct temperature. Nicole took off her panties and jumped into the shower. The water felt wonderful on her tired body but she was still horny.

Nicole turned on the water spigot to fill the bath tub. Nicole rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples causing a slight gasp to emanate from her throat. Nicole sank to the floor of the tub and laid on her back. She slowed the water to a trickle and slid down so the trickle of water came down on her pussy. Nicole raised her legs up and placed her heels on the wall. As soon as the running water touched her clit Nicole began to cum. She closed her eyes and imagined laying in the coffin in the dungeon and that her father had her legs up and was fucking her. Nicole began to cum again, only this time harder. She imagined the white satin lining caressing her naked body as her father plunged his hard throbbing cock in and out of her pussy. Nicole began to moan loudly and even cried out "oh daddy" once before she realized that her father might be able to hear her. Finally Nicole's orgasms subsided and she felt the relief that she needed so desperately. Nicole cleaned up and threw on her robe and went off to her room.

The next morning came and Nicole was up early. Steve had already left for work and Nicole realized that she was home alone. She ate a quick breakfast and decided to watch another of her parents videos. The screen flashed and then the video started. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole mumbled as she saw her mom and Father Joseph. Father Joseph was blessing her with holy water and praying for her. Before Nicole realized it Father Joseph removed his robe and climbed up into the coffin. Father Joseph took Nicole's mom's ankles and raised them up handing them to Steve. Her father continued to raise her mom's legs as Father Joseph continued to stroke his cock to total hardness.

Then it happened. Nicole watched her priest fuck her mom. Father Joseph pounded her mother's pussy with slow rhythmic strokes. He gradually built speed up as Steve continued to hold his wife's legs high over her head. Nicole watched as she knew her mom was cumming but her mother showed no facial expression. Her body began to tremble and shake as her pussy convulsed. Just then Father Joseph began to cum. He pulled his giant cock out of her mom's hole and moved up and came on her face.

Nicole shut off the television and took the tape with her and went to her room to get ready for work. She dressed casually and left for the salon. She got there right after Mandy got there. The girls talked for a few minutes. "Don't forget the private party tonight" Mandy said. "Don't worry, I'm actually looking foreword to it" Nicole replied. The two girls went on their own ways and soon the salon had a lot of women in it. Nicole ran around like a maniac trying to help all of the clients. She helped with the weight machine and then the tanning bed. Nicole couldn't believe how so many women stripped down naked in front of her to use the tanning bed.

Nicole ran down stairs to check on the clients in the pool and hot tub. She refilled the towel rack as there were several ladies in both the pool and hot tub. Nicole was a little shocked when she realized that most of the ladies were naked. Nicole thought to herself how wonderful this place was because it was so laid back. Clients could come here and be free and relax and nobody cared or complained.

Soon the day was over and Nicole had everything cleaned up and organized. "I'm going to run home real quick and then I'll be back for the party" Nicole told Mandy as she walked past her out the door. Nicole raced home and realized that her father was still not home. She felt guilty for going to a party without her father but realized that this was going to be a chance to meet other people. Nicole thought she would have to make dinner for her father but when she checked the messages on the answering machine she realized that he wouldn't be home until late.

Nicole drove back to the salon. She ran inside and Mandy was working out on the weight machine. The front door opened and it was a lovely blonde lady about Nicole's age. "Nicole, meet Brandi" Mandy said. The girls hugged each other and said hello. The front door opened again and this time it was an older brunette lady probably around 40 years old Nicole assumed. "Nicole, this is Sylvia" Mandy said. Sylvia reached out and pulled Nicole into her bosom and hugged her and told her that it was a pleasure to meet her. Just then the door opened and another blonde lady entered which Nicole thought to be around thirty years old. "Nicole, that's Tina. The girls shook hands and soon they all were making small talk.

Nicole felt a little uncomfortable as she didn't know any of the ladies. Soon however everyone was using the weight machine. As the ladies continued to work up a sweat, articles of clothing began to come off. Nicole couldn't believe she was working out with other ladies who were clad only in their bra's and panties. Mandy moved behind Nicole and took her shirt at the waist and lifted it up over her head. Nicole was embarrassed at first but since everyone else was in their panties, she didn't let it bother her. Just then Nicole felt Mandy reach around and unbutton her shorts and before Nicole realized it they were unzipped and pulled down her legs. Nicole stepped out of them as she had no choice and began working out with the ladies.

"Every Thursday night we meet here and party" Mandy said. "It is girls night out for us."

"Yeah we leave out husbands and boyfriends at home and we just cut lose and relax and have fun" Sylvia said. Soon the ladies had enough of the weight machine and Tina said "swim time." The girls ran down the stairs and jumped into the pool one after the other. Nicole was hesitant as she grabbed enough towels off of the rack for the ladies. As Nicole place the towels on the floor by the edge of the pool Mandy pushed her from behind and Nicole fell into the pool. Nicole surfaced and splashed Mandy as Mandy jumped into the water. As the girls swam around Nicole thought how different the ladies looked as their hair was wet and pulled back. After around an hour of swimming Sylvia got out and walked over to the hot tub.

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