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Blessing or Curse?


I've got a problem, most men wouldn't consider it a problem, but I do. Many men think that size matters, it does to some extent, but just like how breasts can get too big, your penis can too. I was "blessed" with a 15" cock that is as big around as Pringles can.

I know what you're thinking, "Wow, he has a giant cock, he must get lots of women!" This isn't true, I have the same problems that all men have. I still have to go out to clubs, and it's not as if women can just see me and tell that I have a large cock and want to sleep with me. I still have to work up the courage to talk to a girl. I try to spark a conversation, making it seem like I am not just trying to get into her pants, although most of the time that can't physically happen.

Usually when I tell a woman about my size, they laugh and think that I am joking. Then while out on the dance floor, we start grinding against each other, they feel my groin, and the woman always has this shocked look on her face, and insists we go back to her place. We get there, and begin kissing and making out, and then she'll invite me upstairs, with that look that women get when they are in total lust, and all they want is sex. We undress, and she sees it for the first time, and then the butterflies kick in. Women aren't used to seeing my cock, and are surprised that a cock is that big, it intimidates them. The get this look in their eye, trying to think about what they are going to do with it, they always try a few positions, but they won't work. Then she gets this dejected look on her face, and says "Maybe it would be better if you left." Pretty Harsh eh?

Most women think they can handle my cock, they're all wrong, sadly. Have you ever thought about the average size of a woman's mouth, nonetheless her pussy? Most women can barely fit their mouth around my cock, much less give me a decent blowjob. Women always try and eventually fail, and give up, never to be heard from again. The number of women I have been with who have actually been able to get their mouth around it is maybe 10, maybe. It's just not physically possible for them, even the women who can fit it in their mouth, usually gag, and one of them ended up throwing up on me, which killed the mood.

Actually have sexual intercourse with a woman is almost impossible, a woman's vagina just wasn't built to handle my massive cock. I usually can barely fit it in, with no thrusting at all, and by then she can't bare the pain anymore and makes me stop. It's sad, women always try, but always inevitably fail. I have only been able to have intercourse with one girl, and that was part of a gang-bang. I was about 5th in line, so she was already opened up for me, so I actually was able to fit enough of it in. I know what you women are thinking, "maybe he should just try harder with foreplay to get them open more."

Believe me I have tried, I attempted to get one girl wet by eating her pussy for 30 minutes straight (she came at least that many times too) so she was as wet as she was going to get. So I tried to stick it in to get some relief, but to no avail, I still couldn't only fit about 8 inches of it in, that's barely more than half, before she was in too much pain to bear. The only way I can ever get off is when I get a hand job or get tit-fucked, but with that the woman needs large breasts. Of course, some women think that it is absurd that I even ask that. However, most of the women who have performed it seem to enjoy it a lot.

When I do cum, however, the woman seems entranced by it, they have never seen anything that size, and watch intently, almost mesmerized, at it. Then I ejaculate (and with my cock it goes a pretty good distance, and is quite accurate when I aim) it shoots at them, and just doesn't stop, I keep shooting for 1-2 minutes afterward. So men, those of you who think you are inadequate, just think, at least I can still fit it in and pleasure a woman, because some men can't.

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