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Body Language


**All the characters in this story are over 18.**

The papers are scattered all over the living room and you are still, absorbed in the sports section and the strains of the Los Angeles Guitar Quintet that fill the sunny room. Sliding from the couch to kneel in front of you, I run the palms of my hands flat up your thighs and rake my nails down, watching your face change as I tug down your cotton boxers and take your cock in my hands. I don't have to stroke you long at all before your cock fills both hands, hot and hard, straining for something more stimulating.

The newspaper drifts from your hands like leaves falling in autumn as I bend my head to take you in my mouth, my hair falling around us like a curtain. It tickles your abs, distracting you momentarily from the soft, insistent sucking. Your lean your head back and settle your hips more firmly into the couch cushion. I circle my tongue lazily around the head, dipping into the slit and lapping up the precum gathering there. Using the flat of my tongue, I make long, broad swipes up and down the shaft before slipping you back into my hot, wet mouth, working lips and tongue up and down.

Your breath is coming faster. Reaching a hand down, you nudge my chin up, disengaging my mouth and tugging on the strap of my tank top. Obeying your wordless command, I pull it off over my head and pull my sleep shorts down over my knees. Leaning in and turning my face up for a kiss, my breasts brush your thighs and balls and you are quick to reach over and mould them around your hard cock and wink at me.

Rising from my knees, I kick the shorts off my ankles and press you back into the couch. Crawling up your body, kissing as I go, I plant a knee on either side of you on the leather couch, pressing my breasts into your chest while I suck on your neck, nibble your ear, writhing against you until you've had enough preliminaries and nudge me up onto my knees so you can guide yourself into my tight, wet channel. I sink slowly down on you, savouring the way you fill me, looking into your eyes.

Grabbing a double handful of ass cheeks, you urge me up and down on you and groan slightly as I tease you, rippling the inside muscles around you. I nuzzle your neck before sticking a hot tongue in your ear. You lean back, pulling away from my probing tongue, to watch your hard, hot cock sliding in and out of me...lifting your hips to drive yourself harder, faster, doubling the tempo.

Whimpering, I cling to your shoulders as we fuck harder, arching my back I bring your head forward, urging you toward a distended nipple. You close your teeth over my nipple pulling slightly, grinning as I freeze in your grip. Your hands on my hips pull me closer and press down, making me take your hard cock to the hilt. Taking my wrists in your hands, you pull them behind me and anchor them there with one hand and bend your head to lightly bite my breast again. The other hand slaps upward on one cheek and, as I start to ride you again, slowly, you slip your hand between us and press your knuckle on my clit. Moving faster, I am gasping with the increased sensation...your hot breath on my breasts, the hard length of you inside me, your fluttering finger on my clit. I arch my back, partly in passion, partly to ease the ache in my shoulders from having my arms pinned behind me and you suck the proferred nipple deep into your mouth. I clench and shudder and cry out, cumming hard on you, collapsing forward and driving you back into the couch.

Tugging my wrists backwards, you unseat me and, with your hand on my shoulder, guide me down to the carpet between your legs. Releasing my wrists, you brush your hand through my hair and, taking a loose ponytail in your fist, guide your hard, sticky cock into my mouth and fuck my face until you are ready to cum. Pulling out, you spurt long, milky strands onto my breasts, sighing in satisfaction.

Leaning back, spent, you smile down at me as I lean against your knee and suck a fingerful of cum into my mouth. "See?" you say. "I told you Virginia was for lovers."

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