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Boring Betty


Hi, I'm Betty Reed, widow of Dr. Fred Reed, MD. At age fifty-eight, I am just your average widow. I stand five feet, two inches, and weight one hundred and thirty-nine pounds. There was a time that I was considered very pretty, with a damn fine figure. Gravity has done its work, so now, some would say, that my breasts have "gone south."

I spend my time chatting with my five girls on the phone, or at the Greensboro Country Club, where I have been a member for thirty years. I am the gal, like all country clubs have, that volunteers for all the committees, and projects. I never say anything bad about anyone. I was taught, and have passed it on to my children, that "A lady does and says the nicest thing in the nicest way." That is why, the other women at the Club refer to me as "Boring Betty." I do have one bad trait. I get good and drunk every so often, especially when I get thinking about my Fred.

I became lonely, with my big old home all to myself, so last winter I took in three college student boarders. As it happened, they were all boys.

After the Club opening dinner, there were seven of us cleaning up afterward. When we finished, I invited everyone to my house for some drinks. I like to serve a 150 proof, vodka punch. Well, one thing led to another, and we all got drunk. I had each gal call her husband and tell them that they would not be home until tomorrow.

Like when most married women who get drunk talk together, the conversation turned to a discussion of men, and sex. It seemed that each gal was trying to prove that she was the most daring.

Jane F. told how she had an affair with the Governor for two years. Debby W. relayed how she had fucked every one of the "Back Room Boys," last summer. Most of the time on the eighteenth green. Linda J, who was really drunk, told five of the gals that she had fucked their husbands, many, many times. Things got a little heated after that revelation.

Linda then turned to me. "You know, Betty, I'll bet that you were a hot ticket when you were in college. You have not said a word. Do you have any secrets to tell us?"

I should have kept my mouth shut, but you know how it is when you are three sheets to the wind. I lifted my glass in a salute, and said; "I get more sex, more often, then all of you put together!" I smiled, and drank the rest of the punch in my glass.

I don't know what reaction I was expecting, but when I looked up there were six woman sitting forward in their seats with their eyes on me. Everybody knew that I never exaggerated.

Jane F. "Well, we are waiting?"

I got up and poured myself another large glass of punch. "It all started last March. I was sitting in the den, thinking of Fred. I got drunk. All I had on was my robe, and slippers.

When I started to go to bed, I heard a noise coming from the bed room on the lower lever, so I went down to see what was going on. Jimmy Snyder was in his room, sobbing. I went in and sat beside him on his bed. His girl had dropped him for another guy. I told him that he would find another girl, and hugged him, bring his head to my chest.

Being drunk, I failed to notice that the sash of my robe was loose, so that his head went right on to my bare breasts. I was having a hard time staying awake, so I turned off the light, and lay back with his head still on my breasts. He was half on, and half off the bed, so he rolled over my leg, and was now between my legs. My robe was wide open, so I was exposed.

His sobbing stopped, and I felt his hand slip under by breast. I moaned when he took the nipple in his mouth. His weight was off me for a couple seconds, and as he lay on me again, I felt his cock slid across my leg.

"I'm an old woman." I said. He said nothing as he ran the end of his cock up and down my pussy. I moaned again, as he slid his cock into me. I opened my legs further. He knew that he could have his way with me. I had forgotten that young men can cum, and be hard again in just a few minutes. That boy, fucked me on and off, for the next two hours. When he finished, we both fell asleep. In the morning, when his alarm woke him, he fucked me again, and then was off to school.

That night, at supper, neither of us said anything about what we had done. The other two boys were just as they always had been. The following Saturday night, I got pretty well soused again. The boys watched a basketball game. I sat in my robe, and I guess it came part way open again. At eleven, I went up to bed.

I had just taken off the robe, and was naked when I felt hands run around my waist. They slid up and cupped my breasts. A mouth kissed me on the neck. I moaned. Turning, I was surpassed to find all three of my boarders standing there naked. Jimmy said, "I told them that you are terrific in bed, and I was sure that you would let them have a chance to find out for themselves." I was about to say something, but I was slow because I was drunk. At that moment, Billy placed his mouth on my breast, and Danny put his middle finger in my pussy, as Jimmy kissed me.

I went down under three full sized boy-men. Each one fucked me repeatedly, until they had no more cum to shoot. Before sunrise, they woke up, and all fucked me again several times.

Viagra had not been invented when Fred was alive, so I had not had sex for seven years. Laying in the dark with a virile young man deep in me awakened the woman in me. I knew that I could not, and would not, say no to them when they wanted me again, as they most surly would.

What I did not plan on was they belonged to a Fraternity. Four of the members had never had sex. The next time that I got drunk, Jimmy called the frat house, and invited them over to use me, and use me they did, over and over again.

I stopped. Each of the six women in the room filled her glass with my punch. They just stared at me, without saying a word. Finally, Jane said, "Betty, I'm just a garden variety slut, compared to you. How many boys have you fucked in the last six months?"

"I think forty-three."

Debby W. "God, I'm so horny. Betty, will those guys be interested in coming over here tonight?"

"I guess? I can ask? It is Saturday night, but by now most of the guys are back at the frat. My borders usually don't get home until two AM, or so. I'll phone the frat." I looked at the other gals. No one was voicing an objection, so I phoned. Just by chance, twelve of the boys had been at the gym playing pick up basketball. They would be over after they cleaned up.

I looked at the women sitting in my den with me. Their ages were between forty three, and my age of fifty-eight. All were married to wealthy men. Their clothes were expensive, and they all were college educated. All were about fifteen pounds over their best weight. Like most women that put on extra weight, a lot of it had settled in their breasts. Probably, in College, they had fucked at least twenty-five men, each, since that was the average, when we all went to school.

I wondered if they really understood what was in store for them. It was still an abstract event to them. But, soon, a large group of horny young men were going to come through that door that were going to fuck these woman like they had never been fucked before. One thing, in particular was different, since they were in school. The boys are much better hung, now, with many being seven and a half, thick inches.

I turned up the heat, and got out of the linen closet several towels, and wash cloths, which I placed in my four bathrooms. I made a new batch of punch that was fifty percent 150 proof vodka. I poured twelve, twelve oz glasses of punch for the boys, to drink as soon as they arrived. It was like giving each one four martinis.

Four cars pulled in to my private drive. Twelve young men walked into my kitchen door. Each one gave me a hug. "Hi Ya, Betty, glad you called."

Jane F, standing at the doorway into the den, said, "I'm impressed by the way those boys show their love for you."

"I have had every one in my bed, and I hold, and give each one long hugs, and kisses. They are all my guys."

Everyone sat and joked, and kidded for fifteen minutes. It was funny to watch first one, and then another of the woman, begin to lick her lips, and shift her fanny in her chair, as she imagined one of the young men between her legs, stroking a long hard cock into her.

Finally, I said, "Okay, there is a mattress in the storage room. Bring that in here. I'll stay here with two guys. The rest of you gals retire to one of the five bed rooms, with a couple of our friends. Guys, when you have been with one woman, go to another room to enjoy another, so that you each get a turn with us. Okay?"

Linda J. "Oh, My, Whooo!"

Debby W. "I didn't expect that?"

Jane F. "Betty, are you sure?"

Girls, drink another full glass of punch, go to a room, and undress, and let it happen. Be good for you."

The boys did not wait. They begin to undress the woman before they left the room. Tits were exposed. Fannies were grabbed, and Jane F. had a finger run into her cunt. I heard two distinct moans, but I was not sure who they were from. As the boys lay the mattress down, I released my bra, letting my breasts fall free. hands removed my skirt, and panties. I now stood in the center of the room, naked, with my untrimmed cunt brush exposed for all to see.

From behind, a hand reached between my legs. A finger was inserted in my cunt, and I was bent over. I went to my knees. A long hard cock eased into my cunt, and the joy begin, as my cunt was filled by a pounding stiff cock. The other boy, who was to start with me, lay on his back. I rested my head on his stomach, and took what I could of his cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around, and around the head of his cock, as he thrust his hips toward my face. I could see the pleasure in his face. It was grand. He cum, as I and the boy in me did too.

In a couple of minutes, they were both hard again, so they changed places. I was in heaven. When they both cum, I lay on my side, waiting for the next two, to pleasure me. Without disturbing me, a boy got in the spoon position, to my rear, and fucked me. The other boy lay on his side, with his cock in my mouth. He held my head, and face fucked me until he cum in my mouth.

There was another boy waiting. So, I put his cock in my mouth, to coat his cock with the last guys cum. Then, I asked him to give me a good hard fucking in the ass. He rolled me onto my back. With my legs pinned next to my head, my ass was ready for him, so he easily drove his cock into me. It went on, and on. After the ninth boy, I and the two boys that I was with went wandering through the house.

Jane F. was laying on her back, with her legs open. Her cunt lips were spread, so that you could see deep into her cunt. Cum was running, out. It was also on her face, tummy, breast, and on her legs. Her mouth was wide open, and she was panting. A stocky boy had just pulled out of her as we entered.

She looked at me. Slowly shaking her head from side to side, she said, "Oh, Betty, It is so wonderful. They are so big, and they go on forever."

"Yes, I know! You have several more to go."

After that night, the other six gals and I have become close friends. Once a month, they come to my house at three PM, and stay until midnight. Their husbands seldom, if ever, get sex from them that night. I, of course, have to change all the beds, towels, and wash rags, the next day. On the same night, a certain fraternity is very quiet, it seems the boys are out, or in, as you might phrase it.

At the Club, one of the six gals will come up to me and whisper, "Are you having any of the boys "Boring" you tonight, Betty?"

"Almost every night."

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