tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBorn Beautiful, Rachel's Story #18

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #18


Traveling salesman brags about his sexual exploits with Rachel and excites two men from town.

"You should have seen this woman, a farmer's daughter," said the traveling salesman. "I spotted her from my wagon when I was coming upon her farm from the road. Even from that distance, as soon as I saw her, I knew she was beautiful. I could just tell by the way she moved while sweeping the porch with her broom. Then, as I drove my wagon closer and headed up their rutted road, she took my breath away. Hot damn she was so beautiful. The closer I got to her, with her big tits, slim waist, and curvy ass, she was so sexy," he said taking a long sip of his beer and turning to face the crowd of men to see who was listening.

"Tell us more about her Mister," said someone in the crowd. "We always like to hear a good story while relaxing with our beer," said one farmer winking at the other.

"Ah, but this is no story friend and even if it were a story, after all that transpired, it would be no ordinary story," he said looking a bit like Burt Lancaster in the way that waved his arms and talked with his hands when he turned from the bar to regale the customers with his amorous tale.

"Tell us again what she looked like Mister," said a man sitting at a table with his friends.

"In all of my days, never have I seen a woman who looked like her," said the traveling salesman to a bar full of drunken, horny men. "Tall and shapely, she had long, dark, lush hair and big, bright, green eyes the color of brilliant emeralds."

"I don't recall ever seeing a woman who looked like that living around her. If I had seen such a woman, I would have remembered her," said a man standing at the bar to the man standing next to him.

"In all the years I've roamed the countryside," he said opening his arms wide and talking with his hands again, "and traveled to farms, towns, villages, and cities, I've never seen a woman as beautiful as she was in my life." He nodded his head and smiled before putting his hands over his heart and throwing back his head as if he was in love and was imagining seeing her again. "She was one of a kind and a woman that I'd ask to marry me if ever I was to settle for just one woman," he said with a loud, annoying laugh.

Reading the crowd of men before continuing, the man looked from one customer to the other to look to see who was not only listening to him but also believing him.

"Best you be careful what you say about someone else's woman Mister," warned a farmer standing on the other side of him at the bar. "Worse when lusting over another man's woman, we don't take kindly to strangers around here, especially to a man who cheats a farmer out of his hard earned money," said the farmer walking up to his face. "I'm still waiting for my part that I paid you a deposit on last month. That's already two strikes you have against you Mister," he said holding up his fingers to count them. "One, lusting over another man's woman and two, cheating a farmer out of his hard, earned money."

"I don't cheat anyone," said the traveling salesman retreating back to the bar to take another sip of his beer. "It's only been a month since I ordered your part. Your part has to come all the way from Berlin and I'm sure it will be here soon. I'm just an honest farm tool salesman," he said turning to the crowd again. "If anything, I bring a service to you farmers," he said returning to the bar to take the last sip of his beer. "And if my only offense is having sex with a farmer's daughter, I'm willing to admit to enjoying it. Trust me when I say that she was well worth the beating I'd take for ruining a farmer's daughter."

"You're just damn lucky she wasn't my daughter Mister because I'd be giving you more than just a beating," said the farmer who was still waiting for his part. "You wouldn't be alive to talk about her and more ruin her reputation in the way you are discrediting her reputation now."

"Forget about him," said another man to the traveling salesman about the farmer complaining over the woman's reputation being sullied. "Tell us more about the woman," he said. "How did it happen? Who made the first move? What did she look like?"

"Okay, calm down and I'll tell you from the beginning all that happened," said the salesman turning to the bar to take a big sip of another beer that was just poured for him. "She walked me out to the barn and--"

"You were alone with the woman in the barn?" A man down the bar gave him a snide smile before giving him a stern stare.

"Yes," said the salesman already too drunk to notice his stern stare.

"Now I know you're lying," he said tucking a thumb in his overalls. "Just as your story does, your bucket has a hole in it and doesn't hold water. That's where your story is all bullshit Mister. No respectable woman would be alone with a stranger out in her barn without being in the presence of her man," he said. "That just doesn't happen around here. Unless the woman lives alone and her man is dead or gone, women know better than to be alone with a stranger. And even if a woman lives alone, they'd rather shoot you than look at you," he said with a sad smile. "If a woman acted so flagrant in her disregard for her reputation, she'd be shunned by the whole community. No woman would face shunning for the likes of you," he said looking to his friends for confirmation.

"And who said she was respectable?" The salesman laughed making many of the patrons laugh too.

"Where's her husband," said another farmer giving him a hard stare, "while you're out in the barn with his wife?"

"Taking her at her word, no man's woman, other than her father's daughter, she said she wasn't married and wasn't attached or beholding to any man," said the salesman too drunk to notice his hard stare. "She said she didn't even have a boyfriend. She said she was a virgin," said the salesman looking proud to have had sex with a virgin.

"And what about her kinfolk? What about her Ma, her Pa, her brothers, and her sisters? Where were they for you to be alone with a farmer's daughter on a farmer's land and inside of a farmer's barn? I still don't believe that a woman would take you in her barn alone. Women around here know better than to do that. Women around here know enough not to trust a stranger with their dog never mind with their reputation."

Not wanting to overstay his welcome and be attacked by the patrons, the salesman took another sip of his beer before retesting the temperature of the bar's customers with a long look.

"She said her father and brother were out in the field. I asked to see what her father needed," he said more defensively now that he realized the bar was loaded with farmers who didn't like him and her were already set against him. Not wanting to antagonize them that they already were, he chose his words more carefully. "It was all so innocent like and my intentions were honorable, but her intentions surely weren't. Once we were in the barn, she was the one who started things with me. Obviously, once she started touching me and kissing on me, she wanted me as much as I wanted her," he said grabbing his crotch to the cheers of some of the bar's patrons.

"I don't believe you Mister," said a farmer.

"Otto, my name is Otto," said Otto offering the farmer his hand and withdrawing it when the farmer didn't take it.

"Just as no woman would allow you to wander in her barn without her men folk there to protect her from the likes of you, no woman would trust a stranger with her reputation, especially a traveling salesman with the reputation your kind has," said another man. "If ever I find you had sex with my wife or daughter, I'll put a shotgun to your head and pull the trigger," said another farmer.

"Calm down now. Just calm down. After selling farm tools to farmers for years, I have an honorable reputation," said the salesman raising his voice and banging his empty beer mug down on the bar for a refill. "This woman not only trusted me with her reputation but she wanted me in the honorable way that a woman wants a man," he said lifting his refilled glass as if giving a toast. "She kissed me as soon as we entered the barn and allowed me to feel her big tits and finger her hard nipples through her dress and camisole," he said. "Damn, she was so beautiful."

"Ah, baloney," said the farmer. "For all I know, you had sex with a farm animal while thinking it was a woman," said the farmer laughing and causing everyone else to laugh too.

"When she stopped kissing me long enough to take a breath, she fell to her knees, pulled out my cock, and took me in her mouth," he said. "She was just as hungry for me as I was for her."

"Bullshit! You expect us to believe that a virginal woman that you met for the first time would suddenly fall to her knees to take you in her mouth? You're dreaming," said the farmer waving a hand of disbelief.

"Yes, it's true and I'm telling you just how it happened," said the salesman.

"You're lucky her father didn't come in from the field because if that was you with my daughter, I'd blow your fool head off with my shotgun and bury you out in the back of my land where no one would ever find you," said another man.

"Yeah, well, this woman was a little vixen, a real minx. Horny and ready, she was like no shy, embarrassed virgin I ever had before. She sucked my cock as if she was hungry for it. Then, we fucked like dogs in heat," he said.

"Best you not talk like that about our women Mister," said the farmer. "We don't like strangers talking about our womenfolk, especially in a disrespectful way."

"Tell us, what did this farmer's daughter look like?" A customer elbowed his way next to the salesman. "None of the farmers' daughters that I know of around here look like that otherwise I would have noticed her. All of the women around here are as fat as cows and as ugly as pigs," he said laughing and getting the crowd laughing.

A big farmer walked up behind the man.

"I hope you're not talking about my wife and my daughter, Mister, said the big German putting a meaty hand the size of a catcher's baseball mitt to his shoulder as if he was about to haul a pig out for slaughter. "Because I take personal offense to what you just said."

The man turned, looked up at the farmer, and stepped back.

"No, I'd never say anything bad about your slim wife and beautiful daughter," said the man moving away from the farmer to move further down the bar and closer to the door. "I was just sayin' that to prove that this man was lying about one of our women," he said spitting his nervousness in a spittoon. "I'm just sayin', ain't no woman around here who looks like that."

"I'm not lying," said the traveling salesman. "I don't lie and she really does exist and is that beautiful, shapely, and sexy."

"Ha! Just for you to say that you don't lie, is a lie," said one of the men laughing and making the others laugh too. "You're a salesman and all that you do to make your living is by lying, deceitfulness, and deception. You lie about the shit you sell and about the prices you charge. You're nothing but lies."

"If you're not lying," said another man, "then where does this beautiful woman live?"

"Outside of town, it's a half a day's ride south," he said.

"The only woman I know who fits that description is Hugo's daughter, Rachel," said a man scratching his head, "but I haven't seen her in nearly two years. Never taking her to town, he never allows her out of the house and off of her land. Her mother Olga is a beautiful woman too. Only, you don't want to be fooling with either one of those two women. As angry as he is crazy, Hugo protects his women in the way of an Eagle with his nest. That man has eyes in the back of his head and can smell a trespasser on his land a mile away. With signs posted for those who can read and other warnings for those who can't, he's buried more than one man who's trespassed on his property, especially when that man made advances and had ideas of taking liberties with his wife and/or daughter."

"Well, I made advances to his daughter and took more than liberties with her, if you know what I mean," he said moving his hand to his mouth and pushing his cheek out with his tongue as if he was sucking a cock. "I made it there and left without seeing anyone but her. Being that she was so young, so beautiful, and so shapely, had her father caught me with her, I would have done the right and honorable thing," he said giving the men a solemn look as if he was in church. "I would have asked him for her hand in marriage, that is, if I already didn't have a wife and five children," he said laughing and making everyone laugh again. "She said her father and brother, along with their farm hands were working the field," said the traveling salesman.

"Farm hands? They don't have any extra help. None of us do. None of us can afford to pay someone for the work we can do ourselves," said the farmer. "Now we know for sure that you're nothing but a lying sack of cow manure."

"You're lucky you didn't happen upon Rachel's big brother, Karl," said another farmer. A big man, more than twice the size of you and even bigger than him," he said pointing to the big farmer. "In the way of a big, ugly bear, he would have killed you with just a swipe of his big hand for dare touching his sister. He's just as protective of her as his father is."

"She was the one who came on to me," said the salesman. "She was the one who started touching me, kissing on me, and didn't reject me when I returned her kissing and started touching on her."

"I doubt that what you say is true Mister," said someone else, "being that everyone around here knows that Rachel is a virgin. And even if all that you say about her coming on to you, it won't matter none now that you ruined her for another man."

"I didn't ruin her. It isn't as if I killed her. I just used her a little," he said with a laugh. "I just borrowed her hand, her mouth, and her pussy to satisfy my sexual needs, is all. I just did what any other man would have done had they seen such a beautiful and sexy woman," he said slamming his empty beer mug on the bar.

"If what you say is true Mister, I wouldn't trade anything to be in your fancy shoes," he said looking down at his shoes. "When Hugo finds out you spoiled his daughter, he'll be looking for you. He's been saving her to sell off to a wealthy landowner but now that she's not a virgin no more, I wouldn't give two bits for your life Mister when Hugo and/or his son gets their hands on you," said another man walking away from him.

Only, further down the bar, taking it all in, listening without voicing their opinion, two men, one man as big as Karl, named Big Bruno and a smaller man, named Arnold, were listening to the traveling salesman going on about how beautiful and shapely Rachel was.

"Come on, let's go," said Big Bruno. "I've heard enough."

"Go? Go where? Where we going? I wanted to have another beer," said Arnold.

"You can drink later, after we're done doing what we have to do," said Big Bruno. "We're going to find this farmer's daughter and when her father and brother are out in the field, we're going to have our wicked way with her in the way that salesman did. What does it matter, now that she's not a virgin no more? No one will blame us for taking her after she's already been taken."

After a long ride in the dark, it was early the next morning when Big Bruno and Arnold made it out to Hugo's farm. They tied their horses to a tree and walked the rest of the way. Still dark and using darkness as their cover, they watched Hugo and Karl take the wagon out to the field just before sunup. Waiting for them to disappear over the hill, they saw Rachel carrying two empty buckets to the barn to milk the cows.

Lying in wait for her, they silently made their way to the barn and entered through the backdoor without making a sound. If the dogs were there, they'd be barking their heads off as soon as they heard them approaching outside. With the dogs running after Hugo and Karl, no one was there to protect her. As soon as she sat down on the milking stool and put a deft hand to the cow's utters, a big hand grabbed her around her mouth.

"Make a sound and I'll snap your pretty neck. Dead or alive, either way, I'll be having my way with you," said Big Bruno reaching down the front of her dress and inside her camisole to feel her big breasts and finger her hardening nipples. He felt one big tit before feeling the other. "You have big tits. I like a woman with big tits. Take it off," he said. "Take off your clothes. Strip yourself naked or I will. I want to see your body and if you scream, I'll kill you."

"Listen Mister. I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me," she said.

It wasn't until she stood and turned that she saw the second man. She couldn't believe there were two of them. Just two days since she was a virgin no more and now she was about to take on two men. Sex with three men in just two days, with her being so horny before, her prayers were answered, Yet, with sex not being her idea in the way it was with the traveling salesman, now that she was forced to have sex, she was afraid, especially when she saw that Big Bruno was even bigger than her brother. Moreover, they both smelled bad. They both were so dirty.

"Suck my cock," said Big Bruno taking his big prick out of his pants.

As soon as he pulled out his prick was the first time she noticed was how big his cock was, bigger than the salesman's cock, bigger than her father's cock, and as big, if not bigger, than her brother's cock. The second thing she noticed was the stench of him. He wreaked. Nonetheless, fearing for her life, Rachel walked to him and fell to her knees in the soft hay to take him in her hand before taking him in her mouth. As soon as her mouth was within reach of his cock and as soon as she opened her mouth to willingly take him inside, he put a big hand to the back of her pretty head, pulled her forward as he stepped forward, and held her in place while humping her mouth and fucking her face.

Pent up with the sexual anticipation of having sex with a beautiful farmer's daughter, it didn't take Big Bruno long to cum in her mouth. Temporarily satisfied, Arnold was next and he approached Rachel with cock in hand too. Now eager to please him as she did his friend, with her hand around his erect prick, she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him too. He didn't smell and taste as bad as did Big Bruno. The salesman was the only man who was relatively clean. Cumming in her mouth even quicker than his friend, accustomed to all the smells that the barn saved, Rachel was more enjoying the experience of so controlling the two men with her hand and mouth than thinking about how badly they smelled. Only, not satisfied with just a blowjob, they wanted more. They wanted to fuck her.

Bruno quickly stripped out of his clothes, pushed Rachel back on a stack of fresh hay, and climbed on top of her. With his big prick buried inside of her, he humped and fucked her for all his worth. Covering her nose with her hand, he really smelled bad and Rachel struggled to push him off of her but he was too heavy and she couldn't even budge the big man. Taking a longer time to cum this time, after Rachel already took care of his sexual needs by blowing him first, even though he smelled like shit, she was on the verge of having an orgasm herself when a loud bang interrupted her from cumming. With smoke coming out of his neck, Arnold's headless body stood before falling forward in the barn.

"Get off of my daughter!"

"Hold on now. Let's not be doing something you'll regret," said Bruno getting up from Rachel while grabbing his clothes and putting on his pants. Then, when he turned and saw his headless friend, he got mad. "Best you better kill me with that scatter gun because after I force you to suck me and fuck me too, I'll stick that gun up your ass and blow you to pieces," said Big Bruno running towards Olga.

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