tagErotic HorrorBorn Evil Ch. 04

Born Evil Ch. 04


Well Hon, It's been a long time. I would have written sooner but in this place you can't count on anything. Funny, you'd think a prison would be the most predictable place on earth but trust me it's anything but, especially with my notoriety.

To make a long story short, my cellmate got transferred and I had to find another way to get my story out. Hell, I had never even heard of Literotica and the idea of telling my story there seemed odd at first. After the first three were actually put on I kind of got into the whole thing though. I mean, what the hell, what harm can it do? My lawyer says that there is no way to prove that these stories are coming from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Well, if you just stumbled on this, you should probably start at the beginning and read my other dispatches. Dispatches from hell you might say, ha-ha. You see I am everything they say I am. I guess that qualifies me as the devil. At least in most peoples eyes.

You see Hon, I am a twenty-one year old female who found out a long time ago that the sweetest, most pleasurable thing in life was the pain I could inflict on other people. They say that I've murdered over twenty people but just between the two of us they don't know the half of it. It's true, I've killed and murdered and Hon, I've enjoyed every fucking moment of it. You won't get any phony remorse from me. If I ever get out of here I'd gladly do it all over.

Umm, how nice it would be to hear some one beg for their life and just laugh in their face and to hear their screams and smell their fear again. To see their beautiful blood flow and soak the both of us in it. Umm, god my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. Think I'll just slip a couple of fingers in there. Ohh, Hon that feels good. How about you, are you getting aroused yet? Good, go ahead and rub yourself as you read.

Well let's see, I think the last one ended were I got the family money and did that lawyer. She had been a sweet playmate but her time had come and she was of no more use to me. So ta-ta sweetie, thanks for the memories.

I had all the money I needed so I spent some time traveling and indulging myself. You know, new clothes, furniture and the usual. It was ok for a while but eventually it started getting a little boring. I started feeling that itch again. The desire to take someone and have my way with them. Umm, I just couldn't help myself.

Now you might get hot and start looking around for a sex partner but for me, sex was beside the point. Murder was my sex. I could have multiple orgasms just thinking about the losers I had killed and the ways I had done it. Oh yes, and thinking about how I might do it in the future.

When that desire came over me I would look at everyone I met as a potential playmate. Clerks where I shopped or had coffee would provide me with all kinds of wonderful, sexy visions. I would smile and thank them while at the same time I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to hear them screaming in agony as I worked on them. Cutting them, hurting them in all kinds of wonderful ways. Often I would have to hurry home and bring myself to climax in order to prevent my desires from building to too high a point and causing me to become careless and make a mistake. Oh I was nothing if not careful.

I continued to wear plain, unflattering clothing unless I was away traveling. I studiously portrayed myself as a dull, mousy wallflower whom had suffered some tough personal problems. Most of my friends from college avoided any contact with me and really I had no friends from high school. Friends of my parents assumed that their tragic deaths had profoundly depressed me and after a brief time they too left me alone. If they only knew!

I joined a fitness club on the other side of town to keep myself in tiptop condition. My long hours of workouts at college had given me strength and agility and I didn't want to lose that. I had the body of an athlete but no one I knew would ever see it. I knew that most men and not a few women would drool if they could see my body but the only persons who would ever see the real me were my victims.

After all, that was the real reason that I had spent so much time building my strength and endurance. Conditioning myself was a way to help me dominate my victims. If I were stronger and quicker than they were, they would never escape. Catch my drift?

Anyway I digress. I started thinking about buying a place somewhere with lots of privacy where I could play with my victims. I remembered those movies back in college where there were people chained to walls and shit like that. I didn't need anything that elaborate but I did need some place. I couldn't very well bring them to my home could I?

I took long drives scouting around for just the right place. I figured I would know it when I saw it. There were a lot of private places out in the country around where I lived but nothing seemed quite right. That is until I saw Maggie's place.

I was about five miles outside town driving some semi-country roads when this house caught my eye. It was good size from what I could see but not too large. It sat back off the road about fifty feet and the scrub pines on the roadside almost hid it from view. If I hadn't been paying close attention to my surroundings chances were that I would have driven right past it and never known it was there.

I drove up and down the road and there didn't seem to be any other houses for about a quarter mile or so. The area in between seemed thick with trees and brush. It was just what I was looking for.

I didn't have a clue who lived there but there was only one way to find out. I pulled into the drive and drove up towards the house. Everything seemed well tended and maintained as far as I could see so someone obviously lived her. My mind started working on reasons why I was here.

Just as I reached the house the door opened tentatively and an older woman peered out. I guessed she was about 70 or so with silver hair and a small cane to assist her walking.

I climbed out of my car and smiled up at her.

"Hi. Sorry to bother you but I was hoping you could help me with some directions. I'm kind of lost."

When she saw I was alone she visibly relaxed and flashed a smile right back at me.

"Why no trouble at all sweetheart. Come on in the house and have a cup of tea and we'll see if we can get you back to the right road."

Well this was perfect. She was like a long lost grandmother or something. We walked in and she introduced herself to me as Maggie Gilroy. She told me to make myself comfortable and she'd get the water started.

I looked around. The house was larger than it looked from outside. The wallpaper was fading and the overstuffed furniture had seen better days but the house was clean and apparently in good shape. A stranger would feel comfortable immediately here I thought. I smiled to myself.

"I love your house Maggie."

Oh my gosh, thank you. I've lived here for forty years or so. Never felt happy anywhere else. When my husband passed I just stayed put."

I hadn't noticed a car outside.

"Isn't it hard for you to get around? Or does someone else stay with you? Sorry, don't mean to be nosey."

"Oh, not at all." She brought in two steaming cups of some type of tea or other and motioned me to have a seat.

"My brother Liam takes care of all the running around that I need to do. Which ain't much."

We drank our tea and over the next half hour she babbled on and told me an abbreviated version of her life story and present circumstances. She lived alone here and every Friday Liam would come and take care of any chores that needed to be done and run whatever errands Maggie needed. Liam was good to her, Maggie said, but was always after her to move into town so that she would be closer to where he lived. Besides, this place was too much work for her.

Maggie had no intention of leaving however so Liam would "just have to wait until the good Lord takes me home" to get her out of here and sell the place. She laughed. "Truth is my heart ain't what it used to be dear so that might be sooner than later."

"Let's hope not Maggie. Would it be all right if I looked around the house. I'm in the market for a place around here and I just love this house."

"Go right ahead. I don't mind. I don't get much company except for Liam. It's good to talk to someone. Like some more tea?"

I didn't bother to answer. I was already prowling through the rooms trying to picture what the place would look like with a new coat of paint and some decent furniture.

As I had thought earlier, the house was perfect. I just had to have it. Oh the fun I could have here!

My mind was racing now. It was Tuesday, Liam wouldn't be showing up for three more days. No one else would be popping in if her story was accurate and I had no reason to doubt her. I took a deep breath and smiled. There was nothing to connect the two of us to each other and besides, didn't she say she had a bad heart? Time to move things along.

"Maggie, there's something upstairs I wanted to ask you about. I hate to bother you but could you come up here for just a moment?"

"Well...I guess so. For heavens sake what's there to ask about up here?'' She slowly climbed up.

"In here," I said leading her into the largest of the three bedrooms. I stood by the side of the bed and smiled at her.

"Lie down Maggie. Right here on the bed."

"Lie down? Why whatever for? I..." She looked confused.

"Maggie, do what I tell you. Get up on the fucking bed. I don't have all day." I grabbed her soft, fleshy arm and pulled her to the bed. She flopped down and I quickly lifted her legs up.

"What are you doing? Why are you..." A note of panic entered her voice.

Quick as a cat I hopped on the bed and straddled her. She struggled but was laughable weak. I pinned her down with little effort.

"I'll make this as quick as I can Maggie. Don't fight, it'll only make it worse for you. Oh by the way, thanks for the tea."

I grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and placed it over her face. I pressed down on both sides and applied as much pressure as I could. She kicked around some but she was too old to put up much of a fight.

Finally, after a minute or so she stopped fighting and lay still. I kept the pillow over her for another minute just to make sure she was dead. I lifted it up and checked her carefully until I was sure that she was really gone.

She looked so peaceful lying there. I smiled and bent forward and gently kissed her forehead. 'Thanks Maggie, that was sweet."

I carried her to the head of the staircase, pointed her in the right direction and gave her body a push forward. Her head smacked the stairs and she bounced wildly all the way to the bottom. Whoever found her, Liam probably, would assume she had fallen down the stairs and died as a result. I didn't think at her age they'd have much doubt.

I replaced the pillow under the bedspread, washed and put away my teacup and let myself out. The only tricky part was driving out of her driveway but the road was deserted and I relaxed and drove towards home. All in all, it had been a wonderful afternoon.

It wasn't until the following Tuesday that Maggie's death notice appeared in the local obits. I scanned the small notice carefully and found out that there was only one day of calling hours and that the burial was on Thursday. I snorted with laughter. Liam probably couldn't wait to unload the house now.

About 7:10 on Wednesday night I drove up to the small funeral parlor and walked in. Apparently Maggie had few friends around the area because only two or three people were there when I walked in. They looked at me curiously as I walked to the guest register and signed in with a phony name and address.

Liam wasn't hard to pick out from the group. The family resemblance was strong. I walked over to the coffin bowed my head and feigned silent prayer. I knew Liam would have to walk over and present himself. It didn't take but a moment before I felt him hovering at my side.

"Thank you for coming. I'm Liam Coffee, Maggie's brother. Have we met before?"

I introduced myself and told him a cock-and bull story about having met Maggie some months before when I had stopped in for directions. She had offered me tea, I said, and I had liked her house so much that she had taken a liking to me and invited me back on a couple of occasions."

"It's odd she never mentioned you to me." He sighed, "well I guess it just slipped her mind. She wasn't in the best of health and maybe her mind wasn't as sharp as it once had been."

"Maybe. Anyway I just felt that I had to pay my last respects to her for all the kindnesses she had shown me."

I let him talk on for some time about Maggie and eventually I very carefully guided the conversation back to the house. I hoped that his desire to sell the place would overcome the circumstances we were in. I couldn't have been more right.

"Yes, I'll be putting the place on the market soon. I'd always told her to sell it but she wouldn't hear of it. She'd lived there for so long you see."

I pretended to be embarrassed to even ask but I mentioned that although the timing was very poor that perhaps I might be interested myself. If his price were reasonable, he wouldn't even need a realtor.

It was bold and not a little risky but he took the bait immediately. We agreed to meet later that week, after the burial. Well, that had been easy enough.

A month later the papers were signed and I wrote Liam a check and took possession of the house. That same night I drove over there and toured the place, poking my nose into every nook and cranny. All in all it was in pretty good shape and just needed some cosmetic changes to make it appear that I was living there. In reality I had no such intention.

This was my play area, I wasn't actually going to live there. The plan that was slowly taking shape in my head was to make the downstairs fairly attractive to whomever I might bring home so as not to cause undue suspicion. The upstairs could remain unchanged, no one would be going up there anyhow.

It was the basement that I gave my attention to. At some point it had been finished off with fake wood paneling and some type of tile flooring. The lighting was bright florescent. Well, that would have to go. I laughed. A slow, wonderful, sexy evening of pain and murder deserved something a little more subtle. Maybe cool, red, recessed lighting. It would match the color of blood. Umm! Oh yeah.

In my mind I pictured myself, nude of course, standing over some pretty young thing. She would scream as I cut her, scream and cry. They always did you know. There would be no mercy from me and soon I would be dripping her blood from my breasts. Oh shit yes!

Christ, I had worked myself up pretty good just thinking about it. I flopped down on the old loveseat that had found it's way to the basement and slipped my fingers down between my legs. My pussy was dripping with juice.

"Oh I'm going to fuck you up Hon," I whispered to my imaginary playmate. I slipped two fingers up inside of me and the reaction was electrical. A wave of pure pleasure coursed through my body as I worked my fingers in and out of my wet, dripping cunt.

In my mind I was making her lick her own blood off of my breasts. Then I would cut her some more, her screams echoing through the house. Then I would soak my breasts and nipples in it and feed it to her again. "Oh yes baby, lick it up you pathetic fucking whore. Lick it!"

I came then and it was my screams of delight that filled the house. "Oh shit! Oh God! Oh fucking yesss...! Ahhh!!"

Twice, three times I came right there on that old loveseat. Bolts of pleasure radiated out from my pussy and coursed through my body. God it was good! I hadn't cum like that in weeks. I licked my fingers clean and went back upstairs. Fantasies were nice but they could never measure up to the real thing. Well, soon enough.

Over the next few weeks I had the basement completely re-modeled. Under the guise that I was creating an in-law apartment I had a small kitchen, bath and living room installed. The place looked nice, nothing too fancy, but fairly inviting. The bedroom had a large queen sized bed, just big enough for my playmate and I. I skipped the carpeting as it might get stained and then I'd have to tear it out, dispose of it and get a new one installed. Too much hassle, the tile floor could be washed easily.

At the top of the stairs I had a strong, steel door installed. No one would be going through that door unless I wanted them to. I laughed to myself, they wouldn't have to worry about getting out after I had my fun with them.

Actually getting them out afterwards had given me some restless moments. I was strong enough to carry their body weight but what would I do with them? I couldn't very well put them in the local dumpster although for all I cared that would have been fine with me. Taking them anywhere was a risk that I didn't want to take.

The solution came to me as I was walking the large, wooded lot that was behind my house. I had all of this land so why not use it? There was a stretch of flat, unwooded area about twenty feet behind the house. I called one of the local excavating companies in the area and explained that I had just bought this house and was interested in planting some fruit trees on the property. Could they come out and dig out an area of my yard and I would fill it back in as I started planting?

They probably thought that I was a real idiot but a job was a job so a week later a small backhoe dug out an area of about twenty- five feet long by three feet wide. I had them dig it about four feet deep even though the operator looked at me like I was crazy. Who in the hell wanted a hole this size dug in their backyard and then not filled in? Well, as they say, money talks and bullshit walks.

I smiled to myself as I looked at this hole after they left. I knew what it was for and if he wanted to come back some evening I would be more than happy to give him a personal tour. Maybe when he was lying face down in the bottom of it with an axe stuck in the back of his ugly fucking head he'd understand what it was for. The thought alone got me laughing.

Everything seemed set. In various places in the basement I had hidden weapons that I could access quickly to defend myself just in case someone surprised me and things got out of hand. I couldn't ever see that happening but a girl could never be too careful. The house was warm and inviting and now all that was lacking was a guest to share it with.

This, of course, was the hard part. Anyone I brought here would have to be someone with whom I had no connection. No one could see us together. There had to be no possible way to link the two of us together.

I couldn't count on getting lucky and just stumbling on playmates like I had those two first ones in the woods. While beating them and then killing them had been wonderful, sexy fun, it had been mostly dumb luck that I had found them at all. Now I would have to hunt for playmates and like the most cautious of predators, I would have to pass virtually unseen into their world and then strike suddenly. I was ready.

Like everyone else I met people all the time during the course of a normal day. People in the club where I worked out, people where I shopped, people every fucking where. What I needed however was someone who had no connection to the places I visited, someone whom I might meet by chance and convince to come home with me for some reason or other. It might sound easy to you but believe me it wasn't.

I spent the next few days driving around the city, sort of scouting out the territory. I didn't have anything specific in mind but I knew something would come to me sooner or later. As usual I wore loose, unflattering clothing and large glasses that I really didn't need. I drove my parent's car, a plain looking model that was so ordinary looking that I often felt that I was invisible as I drove. Well, I thought as I drove around, I had been invisible to these people all my life. Why should now be any different?

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