tagSci-Fi & FantasyBorrowed Fertility

Borrowed Fertility


Author's note: This story contains futanari and mpreg.

Jim was standing at the edge of the party, holding a red plastic cup half-full of beer and foam and surveying the crowd. About fifty people were milling in and out of the Zeta Phi house, trampling the landscaping and trying to shout at each other over the sound system. Inside the house, cheers and applause occasionally erupted. Jim was looking around for a friend, when suddenly he spotted them.

The girls stood out at the very edge of the crowd – though clearly college-aged, they looked like they had never seen a party before. They were holding empty plastic cups and looking around at the spectacle. One was a tall brunette, with a solid, athletic build and long hair tied back in a ponytail. Jim could make out firm muscle tone underneath the plain white T-shirt and jeans she was wearing. Standing close beside her was a short blonde, not quite chubby, but very curvaceous. She had on a tie-dyed skirt which clashed oddly with her low-cut pale yellow top. Her round, full cleavage was fully displayed – in fact, the top looked rather too tight, and her breasts bulged forth ripely over the rim. The tall one was surveying the crowd with a determined expression; her voluptuous friend had a vacant, almost bovine look.

Jim didn't recognize the girls, and so was rather surprised when the tall one caught his eye, and suddenly smiled and waved. She took her friend by the elbow, indicating Jim, and came straight towards him through the edge of the crowd.

"Hi," said Jim, trying not to stare at the blonde's cleavage, and trying to figure out if he should know them from somewhere. He smiled and took a sip of beer.

"Hi," said the tall girl, glancing at her friend. The blonde smiled back at Jim in an odd way, shifting back and forth from one foot to the other. "Are you the guy they call Jim the manwhore?" asked the brunette cheerfully.

Jim coughed, and beer stung the inside of his nose. Not sure what to say for a moment, he finally laughed nervously. "You must have been talking to Jake," he said. "Shit. Yeah, I'm Jim. My roommate Jake is a real smartass. So who are you girls?"

"Well," said the brunette, glancing at her friend again and looking evasive. "uh, can you help me out? I bet my friend fifty bucks that I can get a guy to hook up with both of us."

Jim choked on his mouthful of beer again, then gave up trying to drink. "Wh-?" The tall girl was watching him intently, her eyes occasionally flickering around the crowd. The blonde gave him a wide, sleepy grin. Her skin had a glowing, radiant tone, almost golden in her rounded cheeks and in the exposed tops of her breasts.

"I mean –" Jim coughed, clearing his throat. "Seriously? I mean, yeah, sure, I guess, wow." He tried to recover his composure and look laid-back. "Heh, I guess you win the bet, huh?"

"Good!" said the blonde, speaking up in an oddly accented voice. "We have a room. And an automobile! Please come with us!"

Jim downed the remainder of his beer incredulously and dropped his cup. "Shit, yeah, let's go." The tall girl looked again at her friend, nodded, and smiled at Jim. "Come on, I'm parked over here."


The girls' car was old – a giant blue Chevrolet, from the 1970s, Jim guessed. All three of them squeezed in on the front seat. The blonde kept looking at him and grinning in a strange way, but Jim supposed that a girl with tits that big could act as weird as she wanted to. Her tall friend took the wheel, and quickly backed out onto the street and drove away from the fraternity house.

"So, uh," said Jim, not minding being squeezed between these two, but feeling a little awkward. "I'm Jim. And you ladies are?"

"Hi, Jim. I'm, um, Vicky," said the tall, muscular girl after a second, "and my friend is Tanya."

Jim nodded and smiled at Tanya, pretending not to watch her rack bobble from the car's shaky suspension. "Nice to meet you, especially like this, wow."

"I guess I'll win my dare," said Vicky, glancing aside from the road to offer a quick smile to Jim and Tanya. She seemed edgy.

"Huh?" asked Jim, puzzled.

"You know. Tanya dared me to try to get a guy to hook up with us," Vicky replied. "Like I said at the party," she added too quickly.

"Oh. You said it was a bet."

"Ah," said Vicky, pausing. "well, I meant a dare." The car stopped at a red light on the edge of campus.

"Uh," said Jim skeptically. He was growing uneasy, as it was clear this was too good to be true. "Okay, yeah. Is this like a scam or something?"

Tanya chirped brightly, "No, we wish that we pay you a thousand dollars for to whore yourself? Is it good?"

Jim stared at Tanya for a second, then looked over at Vicky. "Come on, what's this about?" he finally said.

Vicky sighed, glancing in the rear-view mirror. "Here. Tanya will explain," she said, fumbling around in her jeans pocket and nodding at her busty friend.

Jim raised his eyebrows and looked back over at Tanya, who grinned. "Here is thing of explanation," she said, and suddenly pulled up her top. Surprised, Jim had a momentary flash of Tanya's huge breasts tumbling free. The giant mounds of pale milkflesh were heavy and ripe, and capped by large, almost chocolate-brown areolas. Then suddenly he felt Vicky reach towards him and snap something underneath his nose. There was a sting of acrid vapor, and he fell unconscious.


When Jim came to, he was lying on a beat-up old futon in a small room. It looked like an average dingy furnished campus apartment, cheap and poorly lit. Vicky was standing near him, leaning on the futon and pulling off a shoe. Tanya was sprawled out on a sofa in an awkward pose with one leg leaning out on the floor. Her eyes were open slightly too wide, and she was staring dreamily at Vicky and rubbing her wrist absently against her thigh.

He was surprised to find that his head didn't hurt, but –

"Whah canna feel mah wegs?!" he demanded, trying in a sudden panic to move his limbs. His tongue felt thick and sluggish.

Vicky glanced up, tossing her shoes aside. "Awake? No, don't try to move – you're still a little paralyzed from the gas. It's temporary, don't worry – you'll be okay in a while. Calm down, please!"

"Whud the fug?!" protested Jim in a panic.

"Shh," said Vicky dismissively, putting a finger to her lips. She glanced at Tanya, who smiled vacantly back at her and nodded. Arching her back in a slow stretch, the tall brunette suddenly winced and leaned forward again, muttering a curse under her breath. Popping the snap on her jeans with one thumb, she began to very, very slowly unzip them. She gave a long, drawn-out sigh of relief as the zipper gave way. "God, that feels better..." Underneath, Vicky was wearing white cotton panties, but as the front of the jeans pulled open, a thick bulge suddenly slid into view, slipping free from between her legs.

"Holy shih!"

The girl – at least, so Jim still thought of her – balanced on one leg, pulling off her jeans. The feminine curves of her hips and calves were undeniable, and modest, sleek breasts showed beneath her white T-shirt. But her panties were stuffed and bulging fatly with the heavy mass of what could only be a thick penis. Obviously relieved to be free of the constricting blue jeans, Vicky scratched gently at herself, shifting her meaty package. Tanya seemed captivated, staring hypnotically at Vicky's bulging cock. The voluptuous blonde leaned back, beginning to squeeze her fist slowly between her thighs.

"What the hell? Are you some kind of tranny?" Jim's mouth no longer felt like it was full of cotton, but, despite his best efforts to jump up and run for the door, his arms and legs were like lead weights.

Vicky looked over at him as if she were unsurprised by the question, and shook her head. "No, I'm not. Tanya and I are – well, we're members of one of the Hidden Races. She's fully formed as female, is all."

"This is fucking ridiculous! What the fuck is a hidden race?"

Vicky shook her head quietly. She took hold of Jim's feet, tugging at him until he fell flat on his back again, and then began to pull off his pant legs. She ignored his sputtered curse. "The Hidden Races are... those which aren't human. Kobassa. Unseelie. Those you call vampires. Faerie. Undersea Folk. There are many Hidden Races, though the populations of each are small. We're Mirae – like a kind of elf, I guess. The details don't matter. It would have been more surprising if you had heard of us, frankly."

Jim digested this for a moment, his mind reeling, then tried to stall. Kidnapped by a crazy transvestite? "So... so what now," he said, trying to sound confident. Were they going to kill him? "Now I get to watch you fuck her with your chick dick, or what?"

Vicky gently pulled his pants all the way off, folding them over a chair. Jim felt momentarily embarrassed to be lying helpless in his briefs, but this was quickly subsumed by the sick feeling of panic in the pit of his stomach. Over on the couch, Tanya casually reached into her bodice and hefted out one enormous breast, starting to roll her nipple between her fingers as she watched them. "No," said Vicky, untying her ponytail and shaking out her long brown hair. Her voice took on an apologetic tone. "See, the Mirae have an evolutionary... defect, I guess. We reproduce sexually, but we're unable to do so all on our own. Our... well, those females who are like me can generate a kind of semen, but not spermatozoa."

Jim, finding it difficult to concentrate as the creature undressed him, tried to figure out what the hell Vicky was talking about. "What?"

"We have, I guess you could say, only one and a half sexes. So I – someone like me - can't impregnate a female directly." Vicky turned a fond glance on Tanya, whose eyelids were beginning to droop slightly as she tugged on her nipples. "We have to... well, we have to get some help."

The uneasy feeling in Jim's stomach grew into a knot. "... help?"

Vicky nodded, kneeling down. The tall girl, or girl-thing, was stronger than she looked, and she casually picked Jim up off the futon and pulled off his underwear. He could feel a little sensation in his fingers and toes now, but his arms and legs still felt frozen in place. "We can, um, get the males of other species to participate to help complete the job."

"Look, I... uh... I don't get any of this... come on, why don't you just let me go? Please? I'll just leave you alone. I won't tell anyone about this," said Jim nervously. His cock felt like it wanted to climb up into his pelvis to hide.

Vicky shook her head, carefully placing Jim on the edge of the futon, bending his limbs so he crouched on all fours. "It has to be right away, sorry. Tanya is fertile tonight, you see."

Feeling exposed and terrified with his ass stuck up in the air, Jim glanced over at Tanya. The curvy blonde had one hand crammed up under her skirt, and the other twisting and milking at her erect nipple. She looked as though she were stoned, or in some kind of heavy trance. Now that Vicky had mentioned it, though, Jim could tell something indescribably fertile about Tanya's appearance – the soft glow of her skin, the swollen ripeness of her large breasts, the rounded width of her hips, the heavy-lidded acceptance in her eyes...

Vicky gracefully stripped off her cotton panties, hefting her large cock and bouncing it once into her palm with a slap. She stood behind Jim, who could now only watch her out of the corner of his eye. The brunette took out a small bottle of some sort of oil from her purse, and began to thoroughly lubricate her cock. "I've done this before. I'll try to be gentle, don't worry."

"What the hell are you going to do?" stammered Jim as the sound of oil squishing up and down thick flesh filled the room.

"What do you think?" asked Vicky dismissively. Satisfied, she capped the bottle and put it aside. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass so you can impregnate Tanya here. I'm sorry about this and all, but I already explained that I don't have a lot of choice. I know what I'm doing though, so I won't hurt you." She slapped her stiff cock against Jim's shivering ass for emphasis. It felt huge. "Hey, you're lucky I'm not a Yocotta or something – then I'd be knocking you up and you'd have a giant gel pod in your ass for months."

"W-why? W-what? Impregnate...?" asked Jim shakily. His head was reeling, like he had been ripped suddenly out of reality and dropped down into this apartment. An hour ago he was at a party. He was supposed to have a stats exam tomorrow. His mind frantically tried to get hold of what was happening.

"Oh," said Vicky, still sounding impatient to get inside him. She patted her cock against Jim's ass again. "Well, I blow my load in you, and then my DNA, uh, strands or whatever --"

"RNA," mumbled Tanya, lazily pulling off her panties. Her overripe breasts lolled and jiggled as she moved.

"-- RNA, thanks hon, go into like your prostate and take over your own sperm for a while. And then you can fuck Tanya and knock up her eggs with my stuff, and then you're done." Vicky squeezed her cock, giving a little grunt.

"What the fuck does any of that mean? That makes no fucking sense!" protested Jim.

"How the hell do I know?" snapped Vicky. "What am I, a biologist? I fuck you and you fuck her, is all I know." Her voice softened as she uncapped the bottle of oil again. Jim felt her slickened fingers suddenly brushing against his anus, and he clenched up instantly. "Really, it's no big deal. You'll be fine afterwards, seriously. It's just the one load," said Vicky, her voice softening as she began to lubricate him. "I'm sorry I snapped. I just really need to get off, is all. Okay? You'll be fine. It won't take long."

"Wh-why don't you just fuck Tanya?"

"Like I said, it doesn't work. She would just get a belly full of, like, raw D-- RNA strands and semen. I forget why, exactly. Health class was a long time ago."

"Tranny elves have health class?" breathed Jim almost hysterically. Vicky was skillfully working the lubricant around his anus and slipping her slick fingers inside.

"I told you, I'm not a damn tranny," hissed Vicky. "We just have two different kinds of females." Fisting her thick, straining cock, she jabbed it clumsily against Jim's ass. He let out an indignant choking sound and tried to jerk away, but his joints still felt weak and rubbery. "C'mon, open up already." On the second thrust, Jim's ass gave way, and Vicky sank her cock halfway inside him.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good," said Vicky with a breathy sigh. A wide, contented grin slowly split her face. "Just hold still like that." Any reply had frozen in Jim's throat at the sudden sensation of the tall brunette's girlcock penetrating him. He could feel each racing heartbeat pumping through her swollen member, and her gently throbbing head pulsing inside. Jim had never felt so open and vulnerable.

"That's good, baby. Just like that." Vicky leaned forwards, letting her cock drive slowly up inside him, until at last her smooth belly pressed against the taut muscle of his ass. "Oh, shit, you have no idea how good this feels." She pulled back slowly, then penetrated Jim again in one smooth motion. "Well, actually, I guess you probably do."

A whirlwind of emotions were racing through Jim's mind. Slowly the bizarre situation was coming into focus – a girl was fucking him in the ass. She – her cock – was inside him. Humiliation warred with rage warred with shame... but slowly gave way to a strange gluttonous heat. Vicky's greedy, eager thrusts began to feel good. The smooth brush of her curvaceous hips against his rear, the occasional brush of her breasts against his back, even the slight prick of her painted fingernails clenching on his shoulders, began to satisfy some deep desire he had never known before. Across the room, Tanya was watching the fucking couple dreamily, tugging and pinching at her straining nipples. Jim felt his hanging cock swell slowly, imperceptibly in response to each lusty thrust, until it hung stiff. He hadn't cum in a couple days, and his tightly packed balls were beginning to feel painfully heavy.

"Hang on a second," grunted Vicky suddenly in mid-thrust. She began wiggling her hips around, and Jim could feel her thick cock slowly backing out of him.

"Huh?" grunted Jim groggily, his brain fogged with desire. His cock was so hard now that it was almost numb, hanging rigid below him. He could feel the tug of gravity on his aching balls as they batted heavily against it. "What're you --"

Taking a firm grip on her cock, Vicky pulled out of Jim with a slow, wet gurgle. He could feel his suddenly vacant ass gaping, tingling peculiarly at the feel of air upon it. "I forgot, I've got to clear you out first." She looked all around her for a moment, then, finding the bottle of oil, began to set to work lubricating her hands. Tanya stared at them for a moment in a daze, then nodded slightly like she had figured out what was going on.

"What do you mean, 'clear me out'?" asked Jim with a catch in his throat.

"It works a lot better if the male's emptied of his own sperm first," said Vicky. She smiled, though she rubbed the oil over her fingers impatiently. "So, hang on, I'm going to milk you." Before Jim could say another word, she plunged two fingers into his loose asshole, wriggling them around and hunting for his prostate. She found it and pressed down just as she closed her other hand in a warm, tight grip around Jim's cock. He gasped in spite of himself, and, in response to her first gentle pressure on his tiny bulb, a single bead of cum began to form at the end of his cock.

"Kind of selfish of me anyway," Vicky said with an apologetic smile. She squeezed her fist again, then began to tug up and down on his hanging cock in a slow, firm movement. "Getting assfucked by a girl maybe isn't your thing, but being reamed out like this has probably got you all built up anyway..." Jim tensed up, a wave of sudden heat washing over him at her words. "Sorry, I'm kind of impatient 'cause I really need to get my rocks off," continued Vicky matter-of-factly. "You've gotta abstain for as long as possible to improve your chances of conception... after like a week you're so full of cum you're ready to climb the walls, you know?" She stroked a little faster. "How's this feel for you?"

Jim was breathing too heavily for words. The feeling of her probing fingers inside him was weird, but strangely satisfying, as if Vicky were physically squeezing an orgasm out of him. Her hand began to jerk steadily, regularly up and down his hanging, swollen cock, methodically trying to milk out his load. Vicky chatted away in a detached, conversational style, like a dentist tending to a patient. "I'm glad I thought of this," she said. "No telling how backed up you are... you were probably at that party to get laid, huh?" The slow squelching sound of oiled flesh filled in the small apartment, quietly echoed by the wet, idle flicking of Tanya's fingers through her pussy lips. "Guess we kind of screwed up your evening's plans," breathed Vicky, milking Jim firmly now, his cock growing thicker in her grasp. "This load clogging up your balls was probably supposed to end up in some sorority girl's stomach. Feels like you've made a real meal here, in fact," she commented, pressing firmly down on his swollen prostate, "so right now I need to milk this right out of --"

Jim's whimpering moans gave way to a sudden groan. He threw his head back as his cock began to erupt with cum, fast, stubborn spurts splashing against the sheets. "That's better, baby," said Vicky cheerfully, tugging efficiently up and down, draining him out. "Shoot that stuff out for Vicky." Each slow, milking pull was accompanied by a little squeeze on his prostate, and a thick jet of spunk spattering out onto the floor. "All that cum, baby. Give a lot for me. I know you make so much, but I've got to milk it all out." Again and again she tugged at his hanging cock, emptying out his balls.

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