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Jessica nodded slowly, not trusting herself not to scream if she said anything. His finger was rolling her clit from side to side and little shocks of pleasure were flashing along her nervous system. She was quickly approaching another climax.

At the next light, Jake moved his left hand away from her sex and turned so his right hand could slip between her thighs. As the hand went deeper between her legs, it was low down along the bottom of her thighs. Jessica rolled her hips up and a single finger speared straight into her hot, slippery opening.

Jessica gasped loudly, opening her eyes as the finger entered her vagina and she moaned long and loud as the palm cupped her sex. Jake rocked his hand, the palm rubbing her clit and the finger moving in and out of her sex. Jessica's hands were back on her breasts before she realized it. Her eyes locked with the driver's in the mirror.

The very idea of riding around the city with her legs spread wide, Jake's finger in her pussy, and the driver watching it all was just unbelievable. If someone had told her such a thing anytime before today, she would have laughed and called them crazy. The reality, however, was something else altogether.

Crazy, yes, but she was about to explode with the biggest orgasm of her life. The earlier one, brought on by the butt plug, would pale in comparison and it had been a beauty. She could not believe that this was really happening and that she was actually enjoying and helping it along. Her hips lifted higher and she moaned deep in her chest.

As the limousine started to move again, Jessica felt her hips moving in counterpoint to the finger in her sex. Jake's hand disappeared for a second and when it returned, two fingers speared into her. Jessica yelled loudly and came with a rush and a small gush, her hips jerking and hunching wildly on the two fingers.


When the world started to have some meaning for Jessica other than flashing lights and racing pleasure, the car was parked on the side of the street. Jake still had two fingers buried in her pussy but they were still and he was kissing her softly on the lips. Jessica's hands were still cupping her breasts and slowly massaging the firm globes.

Jake broke the kiss and sat back. The driver was turned sideways in his seat and staring at Jessica, his eyes moving up and down over her hands and Jake's and then back up to her face. Jessica moaned loudly and then whimpered softly as a shiver ran up and down her body.

She felt Jake's hand move and she moaned as his fingers pulled out of her pussy. He held the wet shiny fingers up in front of her face and whispered, "You made one hell of a mess."

Jessica tried to stifle a giggle but didn't quite succeed. "Oh, you think that's funny, do you? Then maybe you should clean these fingers up before I spank your ass," Jake said sharply.

His two fingers moved to rub the slippery juices on them over her lips. Jessica opened her mouth to protest but found that impossible as Jake jammed the fingers in her mouth and said, "Suck, bitch, suck them clean."

Jessica froze and then Jake's other hand closed on her right breast and squeezed it tightly, painfully so. Jessica gave out with a muffled yell and tried to turn her head away.

Jake rammed the fingers deeper in her mouth, gave her breast a slight twist, and said, "Suck my fingers, bitch. You made this mess and you're going to clean it up."

The shock and pain had Jessica sucking on his fingers instantly. He relaxed his grip on her breast and then caressed it as she sucked and licked his fingers. The grin on the driver's face made her whimper and then groan softly as he watched her sucking her own juices off Jake's fingers. She felt embarrassed at him watching but somehow it seemed to turn her on wildly.

After a couple of minutes, Jake pulled his fingers out of her mouth and looked at the driver. "Hand me a couple of those handy wipes you keep up there."

"Yes, sir," the driver said, still grinning as he turned to get them.

When he handed them to Jake, Jake passed one to Jessica and told her, "Here, clean yourself up, that is unless you want Jackson here to lick you clean. He has a big strong tongue and loves to eat pussy, ain't that right, Jackson?"

"Yes, sir, you better believe that's right. Although, if I came home with the smell of a white woman's pussy on my breath, my old lady would kill me deader than a knob."

Jake laughed and told Jessica, "Then you'd better do it, we wouldn't want Jackson's death on our conscious, would we?"

Jessica took the moist paper towel and lifted her hips. She was acutely aware of both men's eyes on her sex as she cleaned herself up. It both scared and excited her at the same time. She found herself doing it slowly and showing herself off even more as she did. She even lifted her hips higher and wiped around the heart shaped button of the butt plug.

"Damn!" Jackson whispered as she did. "I ain't ever seen nothing like that before."

"You should get your wife one for Valentine's Day," Jake said with a grin.

"Getting her one would be one thing but even suggesting where to put it would get me killed, so no thanks," Jackson said seriously.

"So she wouldn't like it, huh?"

"No, sir, she surely wouldn't. I'd love it but she wouldn't stand for me even asking. Her ideas on sex are pretty vanilla if you know what I mean. Missionary mostly and maybe a little doggy if she gets to lit on Saturday night but that's about it," Jackson explained.

"Maybe you need to get a little forceful with her, show her whose boss," Jake said with a grin, his eyes on Jessica's.

"She's a good Christian woman but if I was to throw my weight around, she'd make a bowtie out of my balls. She's loving but she's mean when she's crossed. I think I'll just take what I get and call myself lucky," Jackson replied with a chuckle.

"Probably a good idea in that case," Jake said.

Jessica had lowered her hips back to the seat and closed her legs. She dropped the towel in the trash and started to pull her skirt down. Jake caught her wrist and shook his head. "Leave it there and open your legs back up, I like to look at that red patch of hair and your pretty pussy."

Slowly, Jessica spread her legs and then shivered as Jackson licked his lips. Jake was right -- Jackson's tongue was long, thick, and looked strong as hell. A mental picture of it buried in her pussy and his wide nose rubbing her clit made Jessica whimper softly and then moan.

Jake grinned at her and then said to Jackson, "I guess we can go on now."

"Yes, sir," Jackson replied as he turned and started the car.

Jake leaned over and asked Jessica in a whisper, "You were thinking about him eating your sweet, little pussy, weren't you?"

Jessica nodded and then blushed a scarlet red.

"You're getting to be quite the little slut, aren't you?"

Jessica's eyes got wide as she drew a sharp breath. "I am not!" she said louder than she meant to.

Jake just grinned, dropped his left hand down to caress, and pet her pussy as they drove on to the restaurant.


The meal gave Jessica time to think and by the end of it, she was ready to grab a cab and get the hell away from Jake. Her mind had been in a daze ever since he came into her office and kissed her and her body a whirlwind of desire ever since.

It had been exciting and fun even if it was embarrassing but it was now time to call a halt. His words about her being a slut kept floating around in her head. She didn't see herself that way and the comment ticked her off to no end.

The limousine was waiting when they came out of the restaurant. Jessica started to turn aside but Jake's hand on her elbow pulled her back, his thumb biting into the nerve above the joint. With a gasp at the pain, she followed him to the car and got in.

"Fun is fun but I've had enough," Jessica said as the car pulled away.

Jake opened his brief case and popped a small video camera out of a bracket. His hands worked the buttons and dials for a second and then he turned the tiny view screen toward her. Jessica felt the blood leave her face as she saw herself bent over the desk in her office, her bare ass pointed straight at the camera.

"The fun is only beginning," Jake whispered and turned the camera off.

"There's also the camera up there if this isn't enough," he added, pointing at the corner of the roof where it met the driver's compartment. An identical camera to the one he held was mounted to a small shelf.

Jessica sat there in shock as he pulled the four black cuffs out of his briefcase. She gave a sharp jerk as he dropped them in her lap. "Time for you to put these on," he said softly but there was a hint of iron underneath.

Jessica's hands shook as she picked up the cuffs. "I don't want to," she heard herself whisper in a shaky voice but a shiver ran up and down her spine all the same.

"Oh yes, you do, that is if you want to keep me from e-mailing our little home movies to the office and to your parents and sister. Blackmail is messy but very efficient, don't you think?"

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me and find out," Jake said menacingly.

Jessica stared at Jake with her mouth open. She couldn't believe any of this about the cameras. He had her trapped; she knew he wouldn't think twice about sending the movies out. It was do as he said, or be fired from her job and shunned by her family.

She took one last shuddering, shivering breath and started putting the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. "Good girl," Jake told her. She didn't dare look at him; she would burst out crying if he was smiling.


Jessica had the cuffs on and Jake had clipped the ones on her ankles to two hooks at the base of the seat. Her legs were spread wider than before and her skirt was up around her waist. The ones on her wrists were clipped to hooks in the roof behind her head and to each side. She was totally restrained and helpless.

As Jake unbuttoned her blouse, he said, "I was going to take you back to the office and have my way with you. I was going to strap you to your office chair, gag and blindfold you, and fuck the ever-loving shit out of you. That is after I spend the afternoon taunting and teasing you to tons of mind-blowing orgasms."

He caressed her breasts and leaned over to lick and then suck on her nipples. Jessica tried to ignore what he was doing but her body betrayed her as her nipples hardened. Then she moaned softly as his hot mouth and nimble tongue did wonderful things to her.

By the time he sat back, she was moaning almost continuously and breathing raggedly. His mouth and tongue, her body all spread out and tied down, the driver's eyes in the mirror, the movies, and the fact that he was still filming. The whole situation conspired to build her passion quickly to heights she didn't want to think about. She was on the ragged edge of another orgasm.

It wouldn't take but a touch to set her off. The funny thing was that she wanted that touch; she wanted it more at that moment than anything else in her life. She loathed herself for admitting it but it was true and there was nothing she could do about it.

Jake took out his cell phone and dialed. "It'll be your secretary, you ate bad sushi, and you'll be out for the afternoon," he said as he held the phone up to her ear.

Claire, her secretary answered and said, "Good afternoon, Ms. Parks office."

"Claire, it's me, I need for you to cancel my afternoon and evening matters. I'm not feeling well."

As Jessica finished speaking, Jake's fingertip flicked her nipple back and forth sharply. Jessica made a gasping sound as Claire asked, "Was it something you had for lunch?"

"Most likely," Jessica said and then made a sobbing, moaning sound as Jake pinched and rolled the nipple hard.

"You go on home, Ms. Parks, I'll take care of everything and if you're not feeling better, give me a call later and I'll take care of things in the morning," Claire said, concern heavy in her voice.

"I'll do that and thank you, Claire," Jessica got out before she moaned loudly and Jake closed the phone.

His fingers rolling her clit around had been the last straw and Jessica's body was racked by an orgasm unlike any she'd had before today's experience. Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over and through her, as her hips bucked and jerked against his fingers.

Her body strained against the bindings on her arms and legs, her head was thrown back, and she shook it at the intensity and power of the climax. Her mind lost track of time as the rockets and fireworks continues to go off behind her eyes.


Jake was sitting back from her and they were once again parked as time resumed once again for Jessica. Jackson was facing sideways and his eyes were drinking in her completely exposed body. A look of lust and appreciation were mixed on his face and he would lick his lips from time to time. His look thrilled Jessica and made her whimper.

"Welcome back," Jake said grinning. "Isn't it nice to have the afternoon off, even if you had to play sick to get it. I wonder what we should do. Is there anything special that comes to your mind?"

Jessica's eyes flicked back and forth between the two men for a moment and then she shook her head. She wanted to yell for both of them to fuck her but she didn't dare. That would make her sound like the slut that Jake had earlier accused her of being.

With a soft sigh, Jake said, "Well, let's see. We could spend the afternoon teasing and pleasing you here in the car or we could go to Central Park. I know a nice little out of the way spot that has these two trees that are perfect for hanging around between."

He paused to brush his hand over her nipples. "The air outside is probably a little cool for these to be on display so why be there, if you can't. It would be fun though, to see how you would react to being blindfolded and spread-eagled naked between those trees. There are some real characters floating around in that park."

Dipping his head, Jake sucked on her right nipple and then nipped it a couple of times lightly. Jessica whimpered softly and then gasped as his teeth closed on her nipple. It hurt a little but the pleasure shot straight to her pussy.

When he raised his head he went on, "You would never know who was touching you, fondling your breasts or pussy, or who was licking your pussy or fucking it for that matter. It might be some homeless guy or a banker out for a walk, or even a gang of hoods looking for a quick score."

He ran his hands over her breasts roughly and then squeezed each one hard and sharp. He gripped a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and then rolled it back and forth varying the pressure from light to very firm as he did.

Jessica gasped loudly as he squeezed a little too firmly and then moaned as he slacked off just a little. Pain and pleasure her mind supplied. They were so close to each other. It hurts so good, it was so good it hurts. Both led to the same place, she realized.

"Yeah, that sounds good, four young studs, full of cum and horny as hell. What would they do if they found a pretty, naked lady tied to a couple of trees? Feel her up, suck on her tits, and finger her pussy at the very least. Four mouths, eight hands, they could and would be everywhere at once."

Jake paused and rolled the nipple sharply. Jessica shuddered and moaned loudly. "Do you think you would like that?" he asked as he leaned in and licked her neck and then kissed it.

"No, I.... No!" Jessica whispered loudly but her body arched up as Jake rolled the nipple. She whimpered softly as he kissed and nibbled on her neck. She was pulling against the restraints, her muscles tight and burning slightly in places, her shoulders, and thighs most notabley.

"Oh, yes, you would," Jake said as he continued to kiss the tight muscles of her neck and shoulder.

A shiver run up and down Jessica's body as Jake sat back, releasing her nipple. "We will have to save that for a hot summer afternoon. As for this afternoon, we could go to your apartment or mine. That would take some time redressing you, removing the cuffs, which I have no intention of doing, and getting past the doorman. Anyway, it would be too long of a time to let you relax."

Jake turned to Jackson and said, "In which case I have the perfect place in mind." He gave Jackson an address.

As the limousine pulled away from the curb, Jake turned and slipped off the seat to kneel between Jessica's wide spread legs. His hands fondled her thighs and hips for a moment and then caressed her inner thighs lightly. When his fingertips brushed her sex, she lifted her hips and moaned softly.

"Jackson's going to have fun cleaning this seat," he said with a chuckle as he bent over closer to her bare sex.

The shockingly red of her bush contrasted highly with the milky whiteness of her skin. Her outer lips were open and the inner ones a bright, shiny, coral color. Her slit glistened with her moisture and her clit was dark and standing tall at the top. Jake took a deep breath through his nose, inhaling her earthy, sweet scent.

"Damn, that smells good enough to eat," he whispered and he took another whiff.

Looking up at Jessica's face, he said, "We have enough time and I think you'll need it. It'll take the edge off until when we get to the club."

Jessica's foggy brain took in the word "club" and was processing it as Jake unclipped her left ankle. She was still somewhat lost in the fantasy about the four guys, the park, and the remark about a hot summer day later on.

When he lifted her foot nearly to the roof, she slid down in the seat. Her arms were tight above her and her ass was on the edge of the seat. She felt how slippery the seat was and Jake's comment on Jackson cleaning it made more sense.

Jake clipped Jessica's ankle cuff to the grab handle above the door. Her knee was only slightly bent. Her other knee had been forced outward as she slipped forward. Her sex was now even more on display than before, even the heart-shaped head of the butt plug was visible.

She saw Jackson adjust his rearview mirror and moaned softly. She knew his eyes were now feasting on her openly exposed wetness. She wondered if he was licking his lips and then she jerked and yelled as a hot tongue made a swipe from the butt plug to her clit. She almost came right then and there.

Jake had seen Jessica was distracted and had given her a quick, full lick. Her reaction was as expected and he smiled as he sat back and waited for her to calm down and relax again. When she did, he used the tip of his tongue to tease her opening and to spread out the thin inner lips.

When his tongue touched her wet opening, she would gasp and when his tongue returned to the inner lips, she would whimper softly. He knew if he touched her clit or rammed his tongue home, deep inside her juicy sex, she would explode. He wasn't ready for her to do that just yet. He wanted her orgasm to build until she couldn't stand it any longer, that getting off was the only thing that mattered to her.

He took his time, licking around her opening, sucking on the delicious inner lips, even dipping down to lick around the heart sticking out of her ass. Each time she got to the point of coming, he would raise his head and wait. Her hips would jerk and she would make loud, impatient, whining noises.

The fourth time he went down on her, he drove his tongue deep inside and wiggled it wildly. At the same time, he had worked his fingertips under the heart's edge, pulled the plug out enough to grasp it, and fucked her ass with it.

To say she came unglued is an understatement. She went berserk. Her hips were thrashing around and she was yelling incoherently. She was shaking her head back and forth violently.

Jake had seen plenty of women come but this took the cake. She had all of her body up in the air except for maybe one shoulder and her right foot. She was hunching her sex against his face and the butt plug like a maniac. He was afraid she was going to hurt herself.

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