tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 01

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 01


The tall exotically beautiful woman stood outside the entrance to the jail waiting patiently in the fine misting rain. Her name was Shantanaya but most of those who knew her called her 'Tanaya. Finally the small door set into the larger doors opened and 'Tanaya watched as a rather large huskily built guy emerged from the door. He paused and glanced around before heading towards her.

'Tanaya smiled as he got closer and unlocked the vehicle she stood beside.

"Where's Brent and Matty?" he asked without preamble

"They're at work. Won't I do to give you a lift to town Brad?" 'Tanaya asked softly suddenly unsure of his welcome for her.

"I'd appreciate a lift from anyone this morning, I'm glad to be seeing the back of this place." Brad said gravely.

"Well hop in and let's get out of here." 'Tanaya said as she climbed behind the wheel.

Brad tossed his tightly packed bag over the back of the seat onto the rear seat before climbing into the vehicle himself. He shut the door and fastened his seat belt before glancing at 'Tanaya. "Don't spare the horses," he said with a grin.

Both were silent for close on ten minutes before 'Tanaya glanced away from the road for a moment to look at Brad.

"There's two beers in a little esky over the back if you want them." 'Tanaya told him quietly.

Brad glanced her way with a smile and turned to look in the back, sure enough a small esky sat on the back seat and when he opened it he saw two beers plus two cans of lemon squash. He pulled out a beer and a can of squash, opened both and handed 'Tanaya her drink. He raised his can and took a long drink before letting out a sigh of appreciation.

"I bet it tastes good, a year must be a long time to go between drinks." 'Tanaya said faintly.

"Yeah it is but that's in the past now." Brad said before taking several more deep swallows of beer.

"So are we all going out on the town tonight or are you planning a quiet night in?" 'Tanaya asked as she slowed the vehicle for a sharp bend in the road.

"Not sure, but I am planning to go out in the next few nights." Brad said as he watched the scenery go by.

"You don't need to Brad, what you'd be looking for is right here if you're interested." 'Tanaya said softly.

Brad turned his head to look at her but she kept her eyes on the road and did not turn to meet his gaze. "It's a wonder you haven't found someone else to hook up with," he commented in a soft tone.

"It's funny but none of the guys I've been around have had a hope in hell of measuring up to the last guy I was with. Granted he was too drunk to manage anything more than just holding me while we slept but there was something about him." 'Tanaya said tightly as if the memory pained her.

Brad was silent for several minutes as he remembered what he could of that night. He remembered taking 'Tanaya to bed with him but between that and waking up the next morning feeling hung over there was a black void.

"Maybe given a chance he'd like to get to know me," 'Tanaya said faintly.

Brad glanced at her and saw the slight flush of embarrassment on her cheeks, feeling compassion for her he reached out one large hand and placed it on her leg closest to him and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"You're a good friend 'Tanaya, I don't want to mess that up. I got enough mess to sort out at the moment," Brad said gently.

'Tanaya was silent as she drove for the next hour, it was hard to know what to say to Brad not only because of his year in jail but the whole complicated situation that led up to the sentence. Knowing Brad would probably be feeling the urge to use the facilities at a rest stop she pulled off the highway into a well-maintained rest stop, she parked the vehicle in the shade of a large tree and turned the motor off.

Brad got out of the vehicle thankfully and heading towards the small wooden building while 'Tanaya got out at a more leisurely pace. She took advantage of using the facilities and when she returned to the vehicle Brad was leaning against a front guard looking out at the lush green trees that covered the roadside hills.

"It seems nice and peaceful here," 'Tanaya said quietly.

"It does, doesn't it," Brad admitted without looking away from the scene in front of him.

"I packed a cut lunch if your hungry," 'Tanaya said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yeah, I could do with something to eat," Brad said as he turned back towards the vehicle.

'Tanaya walked to the rear of the large four-wheel drive and opened it to reveal a large esky. She opened it and pulled out a container of sandwiches that she offered to Brad, he studied it a moment before reaching for a sandwich thick with roast meat. He bit into it hungrily and almost closed his eyes with the bliss of finding the sandwich had lashings of rich thick gravy on the meat.

'Tanaya helped herself to a salad sandwich and watch discreetly as Brad hungrily ate all the roast meat sandwiches. When he reached for the last one he stopped and looked at her guiltily, he motioned towards the sandwich with a chagrined look on his face.

"Do you want a roast sandwich?" he asked almost sheepishly.

"I've got my salad sandwiches. You go ahead, I remember you're partial to cold roast and gravy sandwiches." 'Tanaya said with a grin.

Brad grinned as he picked up the sandwich and bit into it with obvious relish, "It's good," he managed around the mouthful before taking another bite.

'Tanaya finished her sandwich and washed it down with a drink of icy cold water before turning towards Brad and offering a second bottle of water to him. "There's this or cold beer. The thermos is busted or we could have had coffee."

"This'll do nicely," Brad said as he took the condensation-frosted bottle from her hand, his fingertips brushing hers as he grasped it.

'Tanaya felt the shock of the brief contact right down to the soles of her feet as she jerked her hand away hurriedly. She realised that Brad seemed to have missed the sensation of their fingers touching and her reaction to it.

"It's probably best not to make a big deal of it," 'Tanaya thought as she dried her hands on some paper towel she had packed for cleaning up with after eating. She could hear Brad drinking the cold water thirstily as she began packing up the empty containers.

"Had enough to eat? There's fruit or some cake," 'Tanaya said as she turned to face him.

"I might have something else later if that's okay," Brad said as he screwed the lid back on the bottle.

"Yeah, sure anything you like," 'Tanaya said with a bright smile.

Brad glanced at the overly bright smile on her face as he handed the bottle back to her, "All I want at the moment is to get some woman naked and beneath me and it don't matter too much who it is as long as she's willing for it to be hard and fast." He didn't give voice to his thoughts as he turned away so she wouldn't guess what was on his mind.

"Brent has a couple of places lined up for you to look at when we get back to town." 'Tanaya said as she closed the rear of the vehicle. "Let's get this show on the road."

The traffic was heavier as they pulled back onto the highway and into the flow of cars. Brad was silent as he reached for the second beer out of the small esky and savoured a long sip slowly, he lifted the can slightly when 'Tanaya glanced towards his side of the vehicle.

"Was mighty thoughtful of you to think of these," he commented.

"I figured it was one way to make sure you kept your cool with me being the one to pick you up." 'Tanaya said levelly.

Brad pretended interest in something out his window and didn't reply to her remark. "What can I say? I knew if I was stuck in a vehicle with you alone for more than two seconds I'd want to get you on the back seat and screw your brains out?" he thought as he watched the passing scenery.

"Has Brent got any two and three bedroom places lined up?" Brad finally broke his silence after nearly half an hour.

"Yeah, all three bedrooms. Though why you want a place that big is beyond me," 'Tanaya said with a shake of her head.

"Because I been promised visitation rights with Nicolas and I want to see my boy. Janey said if things went well she'd be happy for the visitations to stretch over the Sunday as well. I figured if I had extra bedrooms she could stay where I could help with Nick of a night." Brad said levelly.

"After getting put away like you did, I don't know why you're having anything to do with her," 'Tanaya snapped.

"First off, it was not her fault I got hit with a jail sentence and secondly, I happen to admire her. She's got guts," Brad said as he turned his head to give her a hard look but 'Tanaya was keeping her eyes on the road, "and any woman I get involved with will have to be cool with the situation or else get shown the door. I will not give Janey a reason to feel uncomfortable."

'Tanaya refused to let the tears of frustration well up in her eyes as she thought about the woman who was the mother of Brad's son. There was no way 'Tanaya could hope to compete with her for Brad's loyalty and affection.

"Well. Let's just concentrate on finding you a place you like first," 'Tanaya said after a few minutes.

"I'd never thought about living this far north before, but after the last year in this area I can see the benefits of the warmth." Brad told 'Tanaya.

"I sure enjoy the longer months I can use the beach." 'Tanaya said with a soft laugh.

"Full suit, bikini or birthday suit?" Brad couldn't resist asking with a throaty male chuckle.

"You'll just have to wait and see," 'Tanaya said, a smile curving her full lips.

Brad turned his head for a few moments to study 'Tanaya. From her shiny inky black hair and slightly oriental looks down her sculptured body and well toned legs to her toes tipped with pink nail polish. There was no doubt that 'Tanaya was one very sexy and sensual woman in Brad's mind.

"Maybe if 'Tanaya would play by my rules I could get to know her better," Brad thought as he turned his head away.

"Like anything you saw?" 'Tanaya asked boldly. She had been aware of Brad looking at her and aware that his gaze had lingered on her beasts and legs.

"I'll hand it to you you got some prime real estate there but I don't think it's what I'm looking for," Brad said levelly "bloody nice scenery but."

'Tanaya pressed her lips together tightly, one more knock back from Brad shouldn't hurt, she had been putting her interest out there for him to be aware of since first meeting him. But still, it stung.

"How far away from Byron Bay is this town we're going to?" Brad asked.

"Under half an hour's drive." 'Tanaya said tightly. It felt like the mother of Brad's son was an invisible wall between them.

"Hhhmmmmm," Brad said sounding none to pleased.

"So tell me, what was it like in the prison farm? What did you and Ren do with most of your time?" 'Tanaya asked after several minutes of feeling uncomfortable.

"Wasn't as bad as I first thought it would be. Ren got a cushy job in the kitchen, being a qualified chef and all. They gave me a chainsaw and put me to work in the timber section since they didn't think I was likely to go troppo on their arses with the chainsaw." Brad said with a chuckle.

"No wonder I thought you looked like you've bulked up. Bet your all hard muscle under that shirt!" 'Tanaya said with a flirty little smile.

Brad laughed and looked away; as much as he tried to ignore 'Tanaya's flirting way she was starting to really get to him he realised as he shifted in his seat, uncomfortably trying to rearrange the crotch of his jeans discretely.

"So what did they have you doing? Cutting down trees?" 'Tanaya asked.

"Yeah, and trimming the fallen trees. That's cutting all the limbs off so they can send the logs to the mill." Brad explained.

"Oh gee! And here I was having visions of you decorating Christmas trees all year round!" 'Tanaya said with a chuckle.

Brad felt something pull tight in his groin at the sound of her laugh and grimaced to himself as he continued to look out the window.

"As a woman what do you think of the places Brent has lined up for me to look at?" Brad asked to change the subject.

"One place is in a bad area, too close to a pub. One is next door to some people who have a thousand and one animals, noise of a different kind. A couple places have real possibilities." 'Tanaya said seriously.

"Think there's much interest in things like my leather work around the area?" Brad asked with a glance.

"There's quite a few places in town and some nearby towns that would probably be only too happy to sell your stuff for you." 'Tanaya said having seen the quality of the leatherwork Brad produced.

"Good, I'll need all the money I can earn to get a decent home set up for Nicolas," Brad said. His first concern was providing for his son.

'Tanaya reframed from reminding him that he was totally at the mercy of the boy's mother when it came to anything to do with the child.

* * * * *

'Tanaya flipped the pizza box open and helped herself to a slice of pizza before retrieving a cold beer from the fridge for herself. She glanced at the clock and noted it was getting on towards ten o'clock. The night was fairly dark and she couldn't help wondering what Brad was doing while he was out with Brent and Matty at the local pub. Was he with another woman?

Pushing the uncomfortable though from her mind she grabbed the pizza box and headed for the lounge room. She sat in her favourite spot on the lounge and used the remote control to turn the tv on, she put her legs up along the lounge and turned her attention to the program on the screen.

Over an hour later 'Tanaya was in the kitchen helping herself to a cool drink of water before turning in for the night when sounds at the front of the house alerted her to the return of the three men. She returned to the lounge room and made herself comfortable and waited for the men to come into the house.

The sounds of laughter as they walked up the hallway told her they were in a good mood and she waited impatiently to see if Brad had a woman with him.

"You still awake 'Tanay'?" Brent asked as he came in and sat in the only armchair in the room.

"Certainly looks like I'm awake Brent," 'Tanaya said with a quick glance. She heard someone walk behind her chair and head into the kitchen as she sat up swinging her feet to the floor.

"You like bacon 'Tanaya?" Matty asked from behind her, the slight slur to his voice telling her he had enjoyed a few drinks.

"It makes a good breakfast on the weekends," 'Tanaya said as she turned her head to look at him.

Matty held up a large Styrofoam tray of bacon rashers, clearly he had won one of the meat raffles held at the pub each Friday night.

"Got lucky did you Matty?" 'Tanaya asked with a grin. It was impossible not to like the guy; he was younger than her and had a certain boyish innocence about him despite a rough life.

"I got the big bacon tray. But Brad got the meat." Matty said with an infectious grin.

"Is that true Brad? Matty bought home the bacon but you're the man with the meat?" 'Tanaya called.

There was a smothered sound from Brent as he swallowed his laughter but Matty let out a loud snort as he tried to contain his laughter.

Brad walked in from the kitchen with a slice of cold pizza and a grin. He sat on the lounge on the end opposite 'Tanaya, sent her a grin and took a bite of pizza.

"You'd better sit that tray of bacon in the fridge if you're going to be here for long Matty," 'Tanaya told him softly.

"Ok," Matty agreed and headed for the kitchen.

"I put my meat in the fridge 'Tanaya," Brad said with a grin.

"I'm sure you know exactly what to do ... with your meat," 'Tanaya almost purred the soft remark before turning her attention back to the television.

"Alright if I have some pizza?" Matty called from the kitchen.

"As long as you put the olives in the rubbish. No leaving them on the sink!" 'Tanaya called in reply. "You want some too Brent?"

"I'm fine thanks 'Tanay' in fact I might just head home. Catch you tomorrow evening Brad. I'm off Matty!" Brent called as he got to his feet.

Brent paused in the archway into the kitchen and motioned for Matty to leave the house as well.

Matty looked a bit confused but then Brent motioned towards Brad and 'Tanaya where they were sitting in peaceful companionship. Matty remembered the woman who had been coming onto Brad at the pub, he had seemed intrigued at first but had lost interest quickly.

Matty blinked confused for a moment then his eyes widened and he began to follow Brent. "I'll come get the bacon tomorrow evening, you take enough for a good feed off it!" he called as he followed Brent.

"Okay, thanks Matty!" 'Tanaya called after him.

Brad and 'Tanaya sat in silence for several minutes after the front door close behind the other two, finally it was Brad who broke the silence.

"I notice Brent has a door key to your place,"

"Things have been pretty tough for them. They had trouble getting a place, trouble getting jobs. They have the basics they need but their fridge died the other week and the one they have is only tiny. I have a deep freeze here so I let them use it." 'Tanaya explained.

" Brent did say you've been a good friend to them." Brad said with a glance at her.

"They're good people." Was all 'Tanaya had to offer.

There was silence between the two of them for the next half an hour as they finished watching the program. Finally 'Tanaya got to her feet and turned her head to look at Brad.

"Your welcome to stay the night here, stay as long as you need to get a place of your own set up. Or Brent and Matty would probably appreciate an extra housemate to share expenses. There's the spare bedroom, the single bed in there is made up. This lounge pulls out to a double bed," 'Tanaya said then looked away, she cleared her throat suddenly nervous, " or you can share my bed."

When she looked back at him Brad was watching her solemnly.

"I'm not looking for anything permanent, I'm just after a warm willing body so I can get my rocks off." Brad said evenly.

'Tanaya was silent for a few moments as she looked down at her feet, when she raised her eyes she met Brad's gaze. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more than a one night stand but I'm smart enough to know that sometimes we don't get what we want and I would make do with what ever eventuates."

Brad considered her words for a few moments; he wanted her real bad, had since he had first met her. He wasn't sure if one night would be enough to satisfy his physical desires but he had no wish to make her think anything more than just physical release would come of anything that happened between them.

"I'm just going to clean my teeth then I'm off to bed," 'Tanaya said trying not to feel foolish when Brad didn't reply to what she had said.

Brad watched 'Tanaya leave the room before he turned the television set off and headed for the spare room where his bag was. He heard 'Tanaya leave the bathroom turning out lights as she moved through the house. He changed into a pair of boxer shorts he intended to use as pyjamas and headed for the bathroom. The smell of the body fragrance 'Tanaya used was thick in the bathroom and Brad gritted his teeth as he felt his need course through him. He left the bathroom hurriedly and retrieved a pillow and blanket from the other bedroom before going to the lounge room and pulling the lounge out so it turned into a bed.

He grinned to himself as he saw the size of it; it was a much bigger than the one he had used in prison. Pushing aside the thought that all he need now was a willing woman he tossed the pillow onto the bed before lying down. He had to lie diagonally across the bed from corner to corner but at long last his feet weren't hanging off the end of the bed.

Brad made himself comfortable and closed his eyes, the house seemed unnaturally quiet after being used to the cells in jail. There were no sounds from another person just through the wall and the faint light coming from the streetlight outside the window seemed alien as he turned his head and glanced that way. He tried to close his mind to the knowledge that 'Tanaya was just a few rooms away, lying in her bed and probably thinking of him out here.

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