Emil sat in the booth sipping his coffee and watching the man and woman across the street as he waited for his order of scrambled eggs and bacon. It was Tuesday and he surprised his waiter, Mike, by ordering the scrambled eggs and bacon, normally he had a waffle on Tuesdays. He just happened to suddenly take a liking to scrambled eggs as he looked at the picture in the menu and decided to do something different that morning.

It was only after he made the decision when he first noticed what was happening on the sidewalk across the street. Just before opening the menu he saw a strangely dressed woman walking nervously up the street. He really had no way of knowing if the woman was nervous or not, but the way she walked, well, she just seemed distracted or perhaps frightened with all that starting and stopping and looking around.

It wasn't until after he decided upon scrambled eggs and bacon that he saw the man approach her and say something. The woman had stopped and then turned away as the man spoke to her. Emil thought perhaps she was going to run but the man grabbed her by the arm and spun her back around. A sight like that would not have been anything more than just a idle curiosity for any by passers except for what the woman was wearing.

"Scrambled eggs and bacon, and to think I was about to turn your order without asking, I mean I can't remember the last time you had anything different than the waffle on Tuesday," Mike said, setting the plate on the table.

Emil looked down at the plate and then reached for the Tabasco sauce, sprinkling the spicy liquid onto the eggs, hungrily watching the red spots slowly spread out over the fluffy yellow of the eggs. As he replaced the Tabasco to the table he listened closely to the faint hiss from the bacon. "Ah, still sizzling."

"How long has that been going on?" Mike asked nodding towards the action across the street.

"Just a few minutes. I didn't think it would go this far, but I don't know, she seemed to be asking for it."

"How so?"

"Well just look at the way she is dressed, I mean covered like that from head to toe. A man can't help but have his curiosity aroused. I mean all the other women wear short skirts or shorts, sleeveless shirts and usually go braless. It lets us satisfy our curiosity. This one didn't, she just went on flaunting it, hidden beneath all those clothes."

"And the man?"

"What can you say, he said something to her and she turned away," Emil said, cutting his bacon with his fork.

"She just turned away?"

"Yeah, then he grabbed her arm and well, when he turned her around, the long dress twirled in the air and I saw her ankle."

"Did he see it?"

"You know he had to, I mean otherwise why would he have pulled up her dress like that?" Emile asked, nodding at the two in the street. "I could even see her thigh from here and after she had it so well hidden even I found my curiosity aroused. Can you blame him for pulling off the panties?"

"They weren't see-through?"

"No, just plain white, you couldn't see a thing."

"What was she thinking?" Mike asked.

"I don't know, dressing like that in this day and age."

"Not just dressing like that, I mean look at her pushing him away, you would think she didn't want it."

"It's not stopping him though, just look at how his muscles flex. Look at his legs and his ass as he thrusts, what woman wouldn't like that? I mean especially after teasing him like that."

"But she is still pushing him, resisting him. Someone should stop this," Mike said, wringing his hands nervously.

"Look at the guy, his jacket, he's in uniform. If she gets out of line he can simply take care of it, I'm surprised he hasn't cuffed her already. What do you girls think about all this?" Emil asked the two women in the next booth.

"She was just asking for it if you ask me. And then she goes and tries to push him away," the tall redhead replied.

"She's a slut for dressing like that and then a tease pushing him away. I'm surprised she even got this far into town, you just can't treat men that way," the blond woman replied as she moved her palms up and down over her breasts, perking her nipples up nicely.

Smiling and nodding to the woman to acknowledge her courtesy Emil said, "You must admit, the guy is treating her right." Seeing both women nod, he looked down at his plate and lifted a large bite of the scrambled egg to his mouth.

Looking back up from his plate, Emil glanced around the restaurant noticing that just about everyone in the place was watching the man and woman across the street. Turning his attention back to them he noticed that the woman had stopped pushing away from the man, her hip movements beneath him lifted her ass up to meet his thrusts as they moved in a quickening rhythm. Watching the man's balls bouncing off the woman's ass with each thrust, Emil imagined what it must sound like, the two bodies slapping together. He wished he was out among the few bystanders who watched from the sidewalk.

"I better get back to work here," Mike said, finally breaking the silence in the restaurant, "let me know how it turns out."

"Hold on, it looks like he is finishing up now, yes, she how his back is arching as he pushes himself into her."

"Yeah, he's got a firm hold of her legs there. Ah, he's pulling out now and damn, look at her, how quickly she covers up," Mike replied.

"She's a slut all right," the blond woman at the next table confirmed. "Look, she's covering herself up again, you'd think she had learned a thing or two."

"I think she wanted it all along if you ask me," the redhead said, standing up from the booth and pulling her shorts up tight between her legs. She stood for a moment letting the two men get a good look her before she walked up to the cashier with her friend.

As the man in the street slipped himself back into his pants and zipped up his zipper, Mike said to Emil, "Well enjoy your scrambled eggs and bacon."

"Thanks Mike," Emil said taking a mouthful of scrambled egg. He looked back outside as the woman moved quickly down the street towards the bus stop. The man who had stopped her, raped her, simply shook his head, shouted something at her and then turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Emil glanced at the menu as he finished his eggs and bacon thinking, "Poached eggs tomorrow for sure, that will sure surprise Mike."

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