tagLoving WivesBrenda and Bobby Ch. 04

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 04


I think that Brenda was actually stunned by that statement.

"Did I just hear you correctly? You are willing to let me sleep with other men and you don't care who knows about it?"

"I guess so." Now it was my turn to be confused. "Maybe I want to think about that, but....Well no, I mean yes." I hesitated for a minute, trying to regain my thoughts. "I do care who knows about it, but the more people who know, the more humiliating it will be for me." I paused, "Are there some people that I would prefer did not find out? Of course. Some of them are obvious, my mom and dad, my brother and my sister. You understand. But there are others who should know."

Brenda stopped me. "I understand. Listen, there are people that I want to hide this from also. I am not really anxious to have the world think I am a slut." She paused, "I think that we both understand what you meant. You get off on people knowing that I will be partying with other men. Sweetheart, this is also an issue that will take care of itself with time."

I started to respond. Brenda held up her hand. She was changing the subject. "Honey in the story I just read the wife has some cute little names for her husband. If I remember, she used needle dick, pin dick and bug fucker. Bug fucker was her favorite. I think that you should have some nice nicknames to, don't you?"

The last small part of me that still had a shred of dignity wanted to say no, but my dick was already starting to get hard. Hanging my head, I said, "As the dominant partner, it is your prerogative to give me any name that you choose."

My wife laughed. "I take that as a big yes." She thought for a minute. "Well I like the names from the story. Pin dick is very nice and bug fucker is wonderfully creative."

Brenda stopped. A moment passed during which she was obviously thinking. "The problem is that you not only have a pathetically tiny dick, you also cum faster than anyone I have ever met. I think that we have to come up with a name that truly reflects your total lack of prowess as a lover."

Brenda was silent for several minutes. Finally she looked at me and said, "I think we will start with Little Quickie. Yes, Little Quickie, I like that. That's your new name, at least until I can think of something better."

Suddenly, Brenda started to laugh out loud. "I can't wait to call Madeline and tell her all about this."

I froze. Madeline was Brenda's closest friend. She hated me. She blamed me for stealing her "bar hopping sister" from her. She also loved to make it clear that she was never able to understand what Brenda saw in me. At our wedding she whispered into my ear that she was certain Brenda would have a lover within 3 months. Brenda was obviously planning to begin my humiliation immediately.

Just as I was starting to appreciate the full potential of the humiliation that I was facing, Brenda raised an even more frightening issue.

"Hey little quickie, I have one more question for you. I am curious about all this denial stuff and the chastity cages. From what I have read, it seems to me that we should be seriously considering this issue."

I was speechless.

"I mean quickie, you really have to admit that your dick is pretty much worthless and that little dribble of goo that you try to pass off as semen is really not very valuable to anybody."

Brenda took a moment to consider all of this. It didn't take her long to come up with a solution. She looked up at me with that wicked smile. "After reading many of the posts on your web sites, It is clear to me that you are going to have to get used to eating cum.'

I must have jumped at this statement because Brenda stopped and said, "Yes quick spurt, If I do decide to take a lover, you can be assured that you will be licking up his deposit every time I come home from a date."

My wife leaned back in a very relaxed pose. "I think that the rule is going to be that if you get to cum you are going to have to lick up everything that that pathetic little dick of your squirts out. That way you can start to get used to the taste of semen."

Brenda then gave me a nasty smile and said, "That only leaves the issue of should we lock you up."

After thinking for a moment she shrugged and said, "I guess we can let time resolve that question."

Brenda held up her glass and motioned for more wine, As I poured she stretched and said, "So Little Quickie, I imagine that you are wondering how all of this is going to shake out?"

After filling Brenda's glass, I set the bottle of wine down. I was nervous. I didn't know if I should sit or stand.

Brenda picked up on my nervousness. "Quick spurt, I think that this is a good time for you to kneel at my feet."

The full significance of my wife's statement hit me as I dropped to my knees. Our mutual positions in this marriage were now well understood and well established.

"First of all, I accept the surrender of power and privileges that you offered me earlier. Our marital positions are now mutually acknowledged and agreed upon. I am the dominant partner and you will submit to me in all ways."

Brenda leaned forward and grabbed my face in her hands. "Do you agree to this?"

"Yes dear, I do."

"For the rest of this evening you are to refer to me as Ms. Adams. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms. Adams."

When we got married, Brenda chose not to take my name. I am Bobby Franklin and She is Brenda Adams. Adams is her family name.

"This next week, I expect you to legally change your name to Robert Adams. It will become your name wherever you go, at work, socially and with your family. Everyone we know will be informed of your name change. Do you agree to this."

I was horrified. Things were happening very fast, too fast.

Brenda grabbed my face. "As my submissive husband it is only right and proper that you take my name. Do you agree?"

Fully realizing the humiliation that I was about to face, I said, "Yes Ms. Adams, I agree."

"Very good, but there is one more small detail. I also expect you to change the spelling of your name to Bobbi ending in an i. Bobby with a y is a mans name and you are certainly not a man quick spurt. I expect your signature to become, Bobbi Adams. I expect that everyone that you know will from this next week on know you as Bobbi Adams."

The phrase be careful what you ask for because you might just get it was going through my mind as I looked my wife in the eyes and said, "I will do that Ms. Adams."

Brenda relaxed. "Lets talk about my taking lovers. Bobbi, I very much want to do this. You cannot possibly imagine how much I yearn for the feel of long hard fuck from a big cock."

I looked up at my dominant wife. I was so deeply in love at that moment. "I want you to do this. I know that I am a pathetic lover and I want you to be happy and satisfied."

"Thank you baby, I want that to. But, you have to understand something. I don't want to just run around letting guys shove their cocks into my pussy and mouth all the time."

Brenda paused and smiled for a minute. "Yes, I suppose I am going to do some one night stands, especially in the beginning. I really need some big hard cock right now. But baby, in the long run, for really good sex, I need to get to know a guy for a while. I need to build an emotional bond with him. That makes the fucking so much better. Sweetheart, if we do this, I am not only going to find casual dates and let them fuck me, I am going to want to get a boyfriend. Do you understand the difference?"

For the first time, I started to get worried. I started to wonder if this whole thing wasn't backfiring. Tentatively I asked, "Are you going to fall in love with another guy and leave me?"

Brenda pulled me up to the couch with her. She took me in her arms and kissed me. After a moment she said, "I don't know. I suppose that that is always a possibility. There is a reason that our culture stresses fidelity. Sex is a very emotional issue. Were fooling ourselves if we don't acknowledge that."

"But I don't want to lose you."

"I don't think that you will. I love you Bobbi. I love you so very much."

"I love you to. But what if you fall in love with a guy with a really big cock who also loves you."

"That may happen, but first of all, we can reduce the chances by being careful about the men I form relationships with."

"What do you mean?"

"I think that we should look exclusively for married men."

"But that doesn't seem right. I don't want you to start breaking up other marriages."

"Baby, I am not going to start going out to trap unwitting husbands. I will let guys pursue me. If a guy is out on the make, either his marriage is already in trouble or he is a chronic cheat and this is a regular part of his marriage. The second group are the guys that we want to find."

"But what if you end up with the first guy?"

"Well first of all were going to try to avoid that guy and I think that I am pretty good at telling these two kinds of husbands apart. Remember sweetheart, my first husband divorced me for cheating on him. What he didn't know and what you didn't know until tonight is that I slept with so many guys during my first marriage that I lost count."

Brenda looked at me. She was boasting, there was pride in her eyes. The funny thing was that I was also proud of her. My wife was a true hot wife.

She continued. "Secondly, it is a well established fact that when most married men have affairs, they tend to dump the woman they were involved with as soon as they get divorced. Most men get into affairs because they are unhappy with their current wives. They are looking for a way out. They use the "other woman" as a way out and dump her as quickly as they can."

"Okay, but what if he doesn't want out?"

"Sweetheart, we are playing a dangerous game, but understand this, I love you very very much and I believe that you also love me very very much. We both want to do this. There maybe times when you are going to worry. It might seem at times like I prefer my lover to you,"

Now she stopped. "There may be times when I do prefer my lover to you. but sweetheart always remember, I will always love you. You are my best friend, You are my soulmate. But most of all you offer me something that few other men can offer me."

"What's that?"

"You offer me the freedom to cheat. Honey, you are married to a chronic slut. Madeline was right. She didn't allow enough time, but eventually I am going to cheat on you or any other man that I am married to. You are my perfect husband. No matter what happens or who I am with I promise you that I will always come back to you. I fully understand that you are probably the only man in the world that I can be married to."

Brenda paused. She was watching me, trying to read my reaction to what she was saying. "Honey, I love the dominant/submissive game that we are beginning and by the way, we are going to start playing it really hard in a few minutes. But sweetheart understand this, I need you alot more than you need me."

She stopped again, but this time her eyes were pleading with me to believe her.

"You can build a lasting relationship with another woman. I am not sure that I can have a lasting relationship with any man other than you. Baby, sex is really important to me. Sex with lots of men is really important to me, but I need the Sunday breakfasts reading the paper and the walks in the sun every bit as much. You are the only man that can give me both."

Brenda pulled me to her and kissed me hard on the lips. After several seconds she pushed me away. I wanted the moment to continue. I was feeling hurt until I realized what she was doing.

My wife wanted a more meaningful kiss. I watched as she unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down and kicked them off.

Brenda now sat on the couch next to me in her t shirt and panties. she leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Baby can you accept the fact that some of my lovers are going to be boyfriends?"

I nodded and said, "Yes".

"Can you accept the fact that at times it might even appear to you that I love my boyfriend more than I love you?"

I swallowed hard and again said, "Yes".

"Can you accept the fact that at times I might actually love my boyfriend more than I love you?

This was it then. This was the real commitment. This scared me. I hesitated, but as I hesitated I thought about everything that Brenda had just said and suddenly I understood. She was right. We would always love each other and as her cuckold I had to have faith in that fact.

Confidently now, eagerly now I answered, "Yes".

"Do you understand that no matter what happens, you will always be my submissive husband, my cuckold?"


Do you understand that I will always be your dominant wife, your hot wife?'


Brenda pushed me to the floor and rolled over on the couch so that her panty covered ass was sticking up in the air.

"Pull down my panties and demonstrate your submission to me and your acceptance of all of my terms. You know how."

Reverently I pulled my wife's panties down and slid them off of her legs. Now I was a man of purpose. I knew what I was doing and I knew what I was committing to. I wanted to make the commitment. I now knew that we were born to be together.

I understood that I was asking for a difficult life, but it was going to be an exciting life and a life where my fantasies were completely fulfilled. I loved Brenda and I now knew that I belonged to her, that I wanted to belong to her, that I longed to belong to her.

I spread Brenda's ass cheeks apart and placed my lips against her asshole. As I kissed and licked her, I willingly surrendered my manhood to my dominant wife.

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