tagLoving WivesBrenda Finds A Movie

Brenda Finds A Movie


I was transferred to Butzbach, Germany from Ft Riley. Brenda moved in with her mom and dad 'til I could get us settled. I knew I had to hurry it up. They were ok for awhile, but going back home was not going to work for long. Bren was not the little girl that they raised anymore and she could get downright bitchy at times.

I found an apartment right downtown, overlooking the main street. It was magnificent. The owner said that it was over 800 years old. There was a lawyer's office on the first floor and an old lady lived alone on the third floor. We had the whole second floor. It was huge. I bent a regulation or two, and talked Post Housing into furnishing the whole place, and we were ready to settle in for three years of easy living.

Bren joined me three months later.

We didn't really even think about playing around for over a year though. There was always something new going on around our new home. Bren had never been out of the US before and she was having a ball exploring.

Then one night we were in Giessen, a larger town nearby, and we were trying out a few new drinking spots. We had a friend, Bob, with us that evening. He and I worked together and so he was definitely not a candidate for fooling around. He was familiar with the town, though, and lead us to a few places where Americans were welcome. We had a ball.

It was getting late. We decided to pack it in and head to the house. I cranked up the old car and promptly got us lost in the winding streets. It seemed like hours later, I finally spotted a sign indicating that the next turn would put me on the road home.

Brenda yelled, "Stop" and pointed to the marquee of an old theater advertising xxx, something. We couldn't read German, but she said, "xxx is universal," with a grin, "Can we go in?"

The thought of her running amok in a theater full of perverts was too much for me. I threw my reluctance about Bob out the window and said, "Sure. Looks like they have a good beer or two on ice," indicating the sign in the front by the door.

The theater was not an auditorium style room of seats, but a regular pub atmosphere with a large movie screen on one wall. The patrons were mostly men. The lighting was low, but everyone could be seen easily enough.

It was not seedy at all. I had expected a smelly room filled with trenchcoat perverts, drooling with their dicks out. Not so. This place had the appearance of an upscale club. Tables and booths as well as seats at the bar were tasteful and situated so that everyone could see the movie screen.

Brenda led us to a booth on the side of the pub furthest from the screen. She picked the perfect spot where we could see the screen and most of the other patrons too. We sat with her between us, kicked back and ordered a beer apiece when the lovely waitress came around.

She was a sight. She was wearing the classic maid's uniform. The skirt, however, was short enough that you could see just a hint of frilly panties when she stood straight. I knew that watching her serve others would be a delight. I could feel my cock stirring already.

I felt Brenda's hand on my leg. I looked in her eyes, and knew immediately that she was up to her old tricks again. There was no doubt in my mind that her other hand was traveling up Bob's leg, too. I could see her other hand in his lap, looking out of the corner of my eye. My cock jumped to attention.

The movie was a compilation of group gropes. Currently, a gorgeous redhead was involved with two well-hung guys. She was on her hands and knees with one cock deep in her mouth and another slipping into her pussy. Brenda was watching intently, her beautiful lips parted slightly. Her breathing changed as I watched. She was really reacting to the movie.

Or was she reacting to her teasing? I could feel her hand wrapped around my dick now. She was moving it lightly up and down, in time to the on-screen action, alternating her attention between Bob and I.

Bob looked nervous. No, he looked terrified. I intentionally avoided catching his eye. I wanted to let him squirm awhile. He didn't know what to do. He brushed her hand away several times, but she would just start over above his knee and slowly run her fingers lightly up his leg, all the time watching the movie as if nothing else were going on. Finally, he gave up the fight, or his cock made his decision for him. She captured it and began rubbing her fingers up and down, tracing its form lightly. Now she had us both in her hands, and was stroking us in time to the movie. The cute young waitress stopped by to offer another beer. She noticed Bren's action under the table and smiled broadly. I made a championship effort and ordered another round of beer. She ignored me. Her eyes locked with my wife's. They were communicating on a different level.

Brenda licked her lips and turned to Bob. She slowly moved her face to his. They locked in a kiss that could shake the world. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth with his tongue as she was fucking his cock with her hand.

She had released me when she focused her attention on him. She shifted her hand that had been in her lap to his neck and pulled him in tightly to her face. Then she found his cock with the hand that had been working on me. She moved it up just a little, seeking the zipper, found it, and slowly unzipped his pants.

His cock sprung free with little help. It stood straight up, grazing the edge of the table. I am sure at least the head was clearly visible to anyone looking our way. Brenda redoubled her efforts. They were writhing in sync. Her hand was a blur on his cock.

The waitress said, "That is not allowed here." She made no effort to move, though. She was caught by the moment. The feeling of sexual tension was overpowering. Her hands crept, almost imperceptibly towards her skirt, moving it up as they came up. I could see the frilly panties peeking out, then the shape of her pussy, then the elastic, then her bare midriff. Her pussy was clearly defined in the dampness of her panties. Her breath was short.

Bob came with a groan. And he came. And he came. The first blast hit the waitress across the table just above her panties. I watched it pool, then run down her body towards her pussy. The second and third solid jet landed on the table. More slid down his cock and over Brenda's fist. She was still pumping madly. She stopped then, slowly lifted her hand to her mouth. Her tongue extended and tentatively licked at her cum covered hand. Then she sucked his cum into her mouth, swallowed, and licked her lips.

With a little grin, she looked the waitress in the eye again, and said, "Well then, I guess we have to leave. You know I won't stop now."

The waitress ran a finger through the cum on her panties and sucked it clean. "I know I will see you again," she said.

We left then. Bob was clumsily stuffing his dick back in his pants as he slid out of the booth behind Bren. His cock was still hard and he was having trouble putting it away. My cock was rock solid as well. We must have been a sight, making our way to the door.

I cranked up the old car. Bren sat beside me, with Bob in the back seat. It was a little German car with bucket seats, so there wasn't much choice in seating arrangements. She turned around to face him as I pulled back out on to the road.

My arm had automatically gone onto the back of her seat, so when she turned around I was in perfect position to fondle her luscious tits. I could tell that this was going to be a difficult twenty miles ahead.

She straightened up enough to reach down and put her thumbs under the edge of her panties and slide them down. I immediately moved my hand down to her steaming cunt. It was flowing like a river and swollen. I outlined it with my fingers, then worked gently around, down her slit, and into the depth of her. Then I developed a rhythm, in and out, coming out far enough to slide along her clit, then back in again.

I felt her lean back over the seat. I adjusted the rear view mirror quickly, but couldn't see much. There were flashes of vision when we passed street lights, though. Flash..........She pulled his cock out. Flash............She leaned far enough over to suck it deep in her mouth. Flash...........He struggles to lower his pants. Flash...........She has his balls cupped in her hand and her head is bobbing up and down. To hell with it. I turned the courtesy light on. That lit up the show for me somewhat. He had his hands in her hair and was slamming his cock into her throat. They were both getting louder.

She was bending double over her seat back, struggling to maintain a mouth full of cock. With the courtesy light on, her ass was hanging out for everyone's delight. We stopped at a red light and quickly gathered a crowd of pedestrians, watching her suck in that cock and admiring her beautiful butt up in the air. Her legs were spread far enough for my fingers to be seen plunging deep into her pussy. I told her she had quite an audience. She immediately started grinding her hips down on my fingers and I felt her first orgasm starting with little shivers deep within her cunt. It spread to her entire body and she screamed.

She clambered over the seat and straddled his legs, facing the front. I watched as she slowly lowered herself down, reached between her legs for his cock, and guided it into her pussy. I could see it penetrating her, then pulling out, almost, before plunging back in. I heard a steady slosh and splash as their bodies collided on the down stroke. Her pussy lips were following his cock into her body, and emerging with his angry red cock moments later, only to slip back in on every fuck stroke.

The smell and the noise were overwhelming. Moans filled the air, along with the noise of uninhibited fucking. They were in a solid rhythm now, building towards that one goal. Faster and faster he beat his cock into her body. Harder and harder she slammed down onto his rod.

They froze. Dead silence. Then I heard this low noise that quickly built into a scream, and he pumped into her.........once, twice. Then a few small jerks, and I knew it was over. Her pussy was filled with his cum.

They sat that way for awhile. His cum trickled out of her pussy and down his deflating cock, until it popped out, a mere shadow of it's former dominance. Cum gushed out of her cunt then. I saw her look into the mirror then. She had seen the pure excitement in my eyes.

"I love you", she mouthed silently.

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