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Brief Encounter


A few weeks ago I was sitting on a quiet railway station when a woman of about 30 appeared and sat at the other end of the bench. She was short and chubby with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a two-piece pin-striped business suit which looked a size or two too tight for her and black shoes with three-inch heels. She also wore unstylish black-framed glasses, with thick lenses. I couldn't help glancing at her because, although she looked a bit frumpy, she was bare-legged, and her fleshy pink legs were sexily goose-pimpled in the cool breeze. She totally ignored me as she was intent on a conversation she was having on her mobile 'phone.

I tried not to listen to the call, but it was clearly becoming more and more heated. After a couple of minutes the lady shrieked "Oh fuck you!" and switched the 'phone off with a flourish. She slumped down on the bench and stared into space, clearly upset.

I also stared straight ahead, in embarrassment, wishing my train would arrive early. Then out of the blue, I heard her say "Am I really so ugly and fat?"

She might have been talking to herself; but I was the only other person on the platform, and she looked so upset I felt I should say something. Trying to make her smile, I looked at her and jokingly said "Well, I'd give you one".

She slowly turned to stare at me. I thought for a second that she was going to call me a pervert and tell me to go and fuck myself, but to my surprise she responded, as if genuinely asking the question, "Would you? Would you really?"

I knew I was pushing my luck, but what the hell? I leaned slightly towards her and said "Definitely. After all, my train's not due for 20 minutes."

As far as I was concerned I was just continuing to joke with her, but after a few seconds she stood and, without a word, walked towards the nearby ladies toilets. She stopped at the door and just stared calmly into my eyes for a good 10 seconds before walking through the door.

I felt a definite arousal of interest in my pants. I couldn't believe this total stranger could possibly have meant what I thought she did; but after a few seconds I made my way tentatively to the door of the ladies and, taking a deep breath, followed her inside. I half expected a scream, a slap, or both, but instead I gasped at the sight that met my eyes. The woman was standing inside the first cubicle, legs wide apart, her arms leaning on the toilet cistern, her skirt scrunched up around her waist, and her naked fat, sexy, pink-white ass thrust towards me. Her knickers were dangling over the toilet roll holder. She glanced over her shoulder at me for a couple of seconds, then turned her head to stare at the wall in front of her.

I think it must have been a combination of the unexpected circumstances, the erotic sight in front of me, and the risk of getting caught, but for whatever reason my cock was instantly more painfully stiff than I could ever remember. Before she had chance to possibly come to her senses I scuttled into the cubicle behind the woman, locking the door behind us. I then dropped my trousers and pants around my ankles, and rubbed my hot prick against the crack of her chilly ass.

I wanted to take full advantage of the situation, and I slipped my hands up her blouse and fondled her large tits through her bra, feeling her nipples stiffen. After a few seconds of this, though, she impatiently wiggled her ass against me, and reached a hand around to try and pull me into her. I stroked my finger tips through her pussy a few times, making her shudder and gasp. Then I guided the tip of my prick to her crack, grasped hold of her hips, and thrust into her with all my might, driving the air out of her with a "whooff" sound.

I think my mystery lover must have been even more turned on by the situation than me, because she quickly started whimpering and groaning "oh yes, oh yes". Within about a minute I felt her cunt lips tighten around me, and she bit on a knuckle to try to contain the wail that escaped from her other lips. I managed to keep going for another minute or two, hammering into her, before I finally came in a volcanic eruption that drained all my strength.

As soon as I pulled out of her the woman squeezed past me to the door of the cubicle, smoothing her skirt down, as I sat on the toilet to recover. Without a word or even another glance at me she opened the door and scooted out. By the time I had tidied myself up and emerged onto the station platform she was nowhere to be seen, and within minutes my train arrived. It was a pity, as I would really have liked to meet up with her again, in more comfortable circumstances. I do still have one souvenir though -- I had pocketed her knickers before I shagged her, as a reminder of my, er 'briefs' encounter!

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