tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney's Caterer Ch. 03

Britney's Caterer Ch. 03


To recap from Chapter 2, Britney and Amber have fallen asleep in Amber's dorm room after their encounter in a public bathroom of the university. Amber has confessed her growing love to Britney, but does Britney feel the same?


I'm not sure how long we were asleep, but we were out long enough that my roommate was finished with her day's classes. We were dead to the world when I heard the door slam, jarring both of us awake.

Chantel popped around the corner. "Honey, I'm home!" she hollered, as was her tradition whenever returning to our room. "Ohh, you were sleeping, I'm sorry. Oh! You have company...um..."

I saw Chantel blush when she saw that there was obviously another person in my bed. When Britney sat up, her jaw hit the floor.

"Thanks for the wakeup call. You must be Amber's roommate, yes? I'm Britney, nice to meet you. Don't mind us, we were up late last night and needed to catch up." Britney was significantly more comfortable with the situation than Chantel and me.

Britney was so nonchalant and friendly that it even surprised me, so I can imagine just how caught off guard Chantel was.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I did the obvious and introduced them. "Britney, this is Chantel, my roommate. Chantel this is Britney...Spears."

"Uh...hi," Chantel said. "Sorry again for waking you up."

"No, really it's ok," I said. "We'd be up all night if we slept any longer." I felt Britney's hand rest on my knee as soon as I had said it, and I knew what she was thinking. She had full intention of being up all night. So did I.

The room fell into a very uncomfortable silence, so I seized the opportunity as an excuse to leave. We excused ourselves, but not before I remembered to grab a change of clothes and my toothbrush, as I had absolutely no intent to return that night. My roommate looked at me a bit curiously when she saw me packing for the night, but I just smiled and said, "See you tomorrow!" as I closed the door.

Friday night, four days later...

Britney and I were spending our final night together. It was an evening filled with fleeting touches and lingering kisses. Neither of us had wanted it to end, but we had no choice.

Earlier that night, she had set up a romantic candlelit dinner in her room. We made small talk over meal, recalling moments that we had spent together, sometimes laughing, sometimes on the verge of tears.

"I want to talk," Britney said during a lull in the conversation.

"Nothing positive ever comes after that sentence, should I be worried?"

"No, you don't have to be concerned, it's not like that. I've been waiting to talk to you about this, thinking I was going to second-guess myself, but it's now or never."

"Ok, that's good...I think. What's on your mind?"

"I heard what you said, the other day when we were napping in your room."

I was wondering if she had heard me that morning when I said I was falling in love with her. Apparently, she had. "Oh...ok. And?"

"I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't know it then. But I know it now."

I waited, expecting her to continue. She didn't until I asked her to do so. "Well?"

"You said you were falling in love with me."

"Yes, I did."


"I was falling in love with you," I set my fork down and looked her square in the eye, taking a deep breath before continuing, "and now I'm in love with you."

Her eyes lit up as soon as the words left my lips. "Oh my gosh you have no idea how scared I was that you were going to say something else because that's what I wanted you to say, because I feel the same way...I mean I'm falling in love with you, too...I mean, I mean..."
I leaned across the table to kiss her before she could finish, tasting a hint of wine on her lips.

She opened her eyes when I pulled back. "I mean...I love you, too."

I stood up and took her hand in mine, bringing her with me as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I tugged on her hips, pulling her down to straddle my lap. When our lips met it felt different than it had the countless other times in the past. It was more than just passion and lust, it was mutual love.
Our kiss turned from romantic to frenzied, breaking apart only to pull our shirts off. Instead of kissing me again, though, she leaned down and bit the side of my neck hard.

I reached up to run my fingers across her breasts, but she shoved my hands away as she sucked on the same spot of my neck. I instead tried my luck lower, grabbing her ass to pull her closer.

When Britney finally let up from my neck, she unhooked her bra but let it hang loose on her shoulders, again slapping my hands away when I reached to pull it off. I moved my hands and ran my fingernails down her back, leaning to kiss her again but she turned her face away.

"What are you doing?" I asked, completely frustrated.

"What we both want," she answered, her voice rougher than usual.

I looked at her, trying to read her face, but her eyes only revealed passion. My heart raced with anticipation. I slid one of my hands off her ass and down between her legs, pressing hard against her swollen lips through her pants.

She stopped for a moment, grinding herself against me before pressing her hips forward, directing me to slide back completely onto the bed.

When I was back far enough she kissed me violently, biting my tongue and lips. It was hurting me, but it hurt so badly it crossed into pleasure. She started backing off but I pulled her back, giving her the same treatment I had received, stopping to bite her high on her neck, instantly forming a bruise. I knew she had done the same to me earlier, both of us wanting to give the other something semi-permanent before she had to leave.

Britney pulled my face back up to hers, licking my lips slowly before she slipped her tongue back into my mouth. I kept my hand pressed between her legs, rubbing hard but slowly, feeling her hips grinding against me. She was getting so wet that I was feeling it through her pants...it only made me want her more.

She unhooked my bra and pulled it off, putting her hands in its place, covering my breasts and teasing my nipples. I winced when she pinched them too hard, but kissed her harder, never wanting to stop.

I could hear her moaning through our kiss as I worked my fingers against her harder, the friction from her pants making her even hotter.

"Unzip your pants...open them," I said between our kisses, not wanting to take my hand away to do it myself. She did so hurriedly and I pushed my hand down the front of her pants and panties, sliding my fingers into her pussy.

Britney pulled her lips off mine, breathing hard. "Fuck me, please fuck me," she begged, her face flushed with desire.

I gripped her ass with my free hand as I plunged my fingers in and out of her body as fast as I could. She was doing a damn fine job of working her clit against the palm of my hand as well. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my fingers, she was moaning louder and I knew she would come soon.

I looked up, her eyes shut tight, her hands with a death grip on my shoulders. She was so close and I wanted to send her over the edge. I let go of her ass and she opened her eyes briefly to see why, but it was too late. I brought my hand down across her ass, spanking her hard.

It worked like a charm. Her moaning nearly turned into a scream as she came on my fingers, soaking them even more with her juices. She fell against me, lying back so she could lie on my chest.

Her hips were still gyrating against me when she lifted her head up to look at me. "What was that for?"

"What was what for?"

"The spanking." She was looking at me accusingly, but her eyes were glassy in her post-orgasm afterglow.

"I just had to spank that fine ass of yours." I leaned up and kissed her, slapping her ass again lightly, making her squeak with pleasure. "Ah, you like that do you?"

I could feel her pulse against my chest and I pulled my hand out of her pants, tracing her mouth with my still-wet fingers. To my surprise, she parted her lips and moved to pull my finger into her mouth. I felt her tongue slipping over my skin. I laid back, sliding my fingers back and forth slowly, teasingly, watching her clean each one off.

When she finished I took my hand away, kissing her, our tongues playing slowly. I felt Britney slide her hand under my pillow and heard the ominous sound of metal clinking against metal. Before I could protest or even comprehend, she had already grabbed my arms, forcing them back above my head and snapped a pair of handcuffs around my wrists, locking me to the headboard.

I pulled against them, testing them. They were definitely real handcuffs. I hoped she remembered where she had put the key.

I looked up at her as she moved off me and stood at the foot of the bed. I was scared, but not truly scared. "What are you doing?" I asked her again.

"I told you, it's what we both want, isn't it?"
She was right. I'd toying with the thought of light bondage for quite some time, especially with Britney, though I had imagined our roles being reversed. "Yes, I want it."

"Good, because you don't have a choice now," she said, pushing her pants over her hips and off and finally stripping off her bra completely.

It was agonizing to see her clad only in her panties and not be able to get my hands on her. I pulled against my restraints again, but she just laughed as she reached out to unbutton my jeans, pulling them down.

"Well well, what do we have here? No panties?"

I had purposely gone without wearing them. I knew they wouldn't be on long enough to bother. "I wanted to save you time."

"That is so naughty," she said as she kneeled on the edge of the bed, dragging her fingernails down my thighs hard enough to leave red streaks on my flesh. "Are you a bad girl?"

"What do you think?" I answered, thinking it obvious. Britney reached up and slapped me across my face, just hard enough to sting, not hard enough to be hurtful. "So this is how she wants to play," I thought, a smile spreading across my face.

"I asked you a question; don't tell me to answer it."

"Mmm, well then, yes, I'm a bad girl."

Satisfied with my answer, she stood up to pull her panties off and sat back down between my legs. She held my ankles and pushed them up to bend my knees and open my legs.

I couldn't take the suspense; she was making me wait so long. "Please, I need you," I begged.

"Wrong answer," she said sharply, slapping me again. "The only thing you need is to not speak unless I tell you to. Now shut up."

I obeyed. Britney reached under my pillow again, pulling out a silk scarf. She dragged it teasingly across her breasts before blindfolding me with it. She had obviously been planning this, stashing her toys in bed before dinner.

I could feel her weight shift on the bed, and I waited, dying to know what she was going to do.

Suddenly I felt her tongue slide across my slit. She must have tied her hair back, as I couldn't feel it against my thighs as usual. I missed the sensation of it, but the intensely focused stimulation more than made up for it.

I felt her move again, her hot tongue landing on my breasts. She circled her tongue around each nipple, making them even harder than they already were so she could nip them between her teeth.

I groaned and pulled against the handcuffs, wanting to be out of them so I could push her head back down. She took her lips away from my skin, but I could still sense her above me. I could feel her breath against my neck and I parted my lips, anticipating the rough kiss she gave me.

"Please..." I begged again, starting to get desperate. I flinched, expecting to be slapped again. Nothing. I wanted so badly to see her, but at the same time, I didn't.

I felt her hands slide up my thighs, pulling me open and I felt her tongue hit my clit. I gasped at the sudden sensation. My arms jerked against the handcuffs, instinctively trying to reach for her. I could feel the metal digging into my skin, she had put them on so tightly.

Britney lapped at my clit, not touching me any other way except to keep me open. My hips were trying to rock against her, but every time they moved she pushed them down, keeping me still.

It was so intense that I wanted to cry.

"Oh fuck! I'm coming!" I managed to say between gasps for air. It seemed to spur her on. Her tongue moved faster against me, which I hadn't thought possible.

It pushed me over the limit, my orgasm hitting me like a ton of bricks. It stole my breath away as it washed over my body, my back arching and my wrists struggling against the limits of their bindings. I felt the metal cut my skin, but I didn't care.

She kept at it until my body relaxed, then climbed over me and kissed my lips, letting me taste myself as I had done for her.

She pulled away, letting me catch my breath. My orgasm had been so strong that I was actually struggling to breathe, and having my hands tied above my head wasn't helping. Britney seemed to realize that very fact, as she pulled the blindfold away from my eyes and jumped off the bed to dig through her purse, coming back with the key to unlock me.

My shoulders were on fire from being held back and pulling against the restraints. I winced as I lowered my arms, feeling the muscles trying to fight the movement and my fingers felt numb.
When she pulled the handcuffs away, she gasped. "Oh my God, I've never used these before, I didn't realize what they would do to you."

I looked to see what she was referring to. She was still holding the cuffs, but peering over me behind my head. "What? What's wrong?" I couldn't move to look, I was too sore and she was still sitting across my waist. I could look up, however, and saw where the wooden headboard had been rubbed raw in one spot from the metal grinding over it.

That, however, wasn't what she was looking at. She pulled the pillow out from under me so I could see. I knew the cuffs were too tight and were rubbing my skin raw, but I didn't know to what degree. There were drops of blood showing bright against the white of the pillowcase.

I gasped and looked at my wrists. They were so red they were nearly purple and my fingers were starting to tingle. I had been locked so tight that the metal had torn my skin in a few places and the circulation to my hands was nearly cut off. It hurt like a motherfucker, but I smiled.

"I'll heal," I said, struggling to push myself to sit up, my shoulders still burning. "And you're right, that's exactly what I wanted."
She still looked a bit concerned, and I saw her gazing at my wrists. They looked a lot worse than they felt. The handful of nicks and cuts weren't even bleeding anymore.

She had indeed tied her hair back earlier. I reached up and tugged on her ponytail, pulling her head back to expose her neck to my mouth, kissing it thoroughly before letting her hair go.

"Hey, I said I'll heal, don't worry," I said, resting my hands on her waist as the feeling finally returned to them. "I don't mind if you beat me up, but only if it's in the bedroom."

Britney slid her fingers through my hair, tucking it behind my ears. "I love you, you know."

I smiled and tightened my arms around her waist. "I know, I love you, too."

She let the moment last between us for a few seconds before climbing off my lap and disappearing into the bathroom. She returned a few seconds later with a damp cloth and dabbed it over my wrists, wiping off the blood that had dried on them. They were bruised beyond belief, but at least the cuts didn't hurt or crack when I moved my hands.
When she was finished, I pulled the bed covers out from underneath us to snuggle up under them. But this time we faced each other so we could talk more easily.

"I don't want you to leave," I confessed, my voice cracking as I tried to not cry.

"Amber I know. I don't want to leave either, but I have to." She paused. "I want you to come with me."

I didn't know what to say. A hundred thoughts flooded my mind: what about school? what about my job? does she want me her for the rest of the tour? how am I going to explain this to my friends and family?

She seemed to read my mind, as she answered most of my concerns. "I've been thinking of how we can get this to work out. I know you can't miss too much school, I understand that. But I can't leave you tomorrow, not yet, it's too soon. You can fly out to San Francisco with me and stay the weekend, and you can go back in my jet on Monday or Tuesday. You could come meet me on the weekends, too. That is, if you want to. Do you want to?"

It was all so much, so fast. The entire week had been overwhelming. We had just met on Sunday. Six days later, we had fallen in love and she was planning to fly me to see her on her private jet every weekend. Could I really refuse an offer like that? "Wild horses couldn't keep me away."

She grinned. "Great! I can't wait, this is going to be so fun to have you with me, I hate traveling and being alone all the time. It's going to be nice not having to sleep in an empty bed quite yet."

"Yes, definitely," I agreed, scooting up in the bed slightly so her head fit neatly under my chin. "'Night, hon," I said as I felt her lips on my collarbone, kissing me goodnight.



The next day, after we had our showers and some breakfast, I helped Britney pack up her insane amount of unnecessary clothes. I teased her about it, but she simply flipped me off in response, the saucy bitch.

Earlier in the morning when we were both getting ready in front of the mirror, we compared our mutually inflicted wounds from the previous night. She was sporting a massive hickey on the side of her neck, and it was noticeable no matter how she styled her hair. I teased her, the one on my own neck was significantly smaller and positioned well enough that my hair covered most of it. My wrists, however, were another story. It almost looked like I was wearing bracelets; a thick purple band encircled both of them, and I had no long sleeve shirt to conceal them.

We finished packing Britney up and got her checked out of the hotel, being greeted at the exit by paparazzi as usual, who instantly noticed that we were both sporting significant hickeys on our necks, which only made them snap pictures more furiously. I'm sure by now they were going nuts trying to figure out who I was and why I was always with Britney. They were shouting questions, trying to get an iota of information from us.

We stopped back at my dorm so I could pack for the weekend ahead and drop off my car. As we walked up to my room, I saw the newspapers had already been delivered for the day, each room having a paper thrown in front of it. I looked down to see the day's headline: "Britney camps out to find Justin's replacement."

I grabbed the paper, both of us mildly surprised. There, printed in full color on the front page of the USA Today, were pictures taken the morning after we met – Britney's hands on my waist, engaged in what was a very thorough kiss. They printed an entire series of pictures, including one which showed our faces clearly.

Cursing under my breath, I dropped the newspaper back in front of the door we had stopped at and continued on to my room. I noticed that my own newspaper was missing, and our door was unlocked. My roommate was already awake for the day.

We walked in, and I saw Chantel staring intensely at the photos. She looked up when she noticed us.

"Amber, what is this? This is you, isn't it? I knew there was something going on with you not coming back at night all week! What's going on?" she said rudely as she seemed to stare right through me and at Britney. Unfortunately, in Brit's efforts to not pay attention, she had turned to stare up into the closet, completely exposing the bruised side of her neck.

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