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Brownies and Bliss


I felt oddly domestic as I circulated the meeting room of the local Council On Aging, a tray of cookies and brownies, balanced on the palm of my hand. I offered the tray to the attendees of the investment conference due to begin in just moments. Matt, my significant other, had been asked to donate his time for a short lecture on IRA and 401K investments for retirees. It was a community service he was providing, giving free advice to those who might fall victim to vulture scam artists that the receding economy had given birth to. With nothing better to do that evening, I had offered to attend as well, and I had quickly been ordered to assist with refreshments.

"If those cookies taste as good as you look, I'd like to try one." The gentleman stopped me his hand resting on my arm.

"Thanks!" I smiled at him. He was easily sixty, a full head of gray hair and a slightly round belly. He had broad shoulders that stretched the material of his sport coat. He took a cookie from the tray and chuckled.

"Steve." He said, as he bit into the cookie.

"Kelly." I replied, still taking him in.

He asked a few general questions about what I was doing there, noting that he'd never run into me at the Senior Center before. He told me he was there for the lecture series and that he was recently widowed, his wife had suffered a sudden stroke the summer before. I offered him my sympathies and squeezed his arm affectionately. He asked my age and occupation while he scanned the room, nodding often as other guests passed by us.

"I'm 23," I told him, "I'm a freelance writer."

I watched as Matt took his seat at the panel table on stage. The major portion of the event was devoted to questions from the attendees. All of the guest speakers were there to help guide anyone who might need their advice.

"Nice necklace, Kelly." He stared lasciviously at the pearl tear drop nestled in the small swell of cleavage that a red satin Victoria's Secret miracle bra provided.

"Nice belt." I toyed with him, this dirty old man was peaking my interest.

"Mm." He chewed off another bit of cookie, "Tell me, Kelly, do you taste as sweet as these cookies?"

My mouth formed a small "o" as my cheeks flamed. Steve was not kidding with me. I giggled at him and he let out a deep throaty chuckle. His eyes lit up at the prospect that I might be open to his lusty attention.

"Are you a good girl?" He asked leaning in to whisper at me.

I stood on tip toe and whispered back, "I'll be a very good girl."

I put the cookie tray down and headed for the door as the audience members took their seats for the forum. Steve was right behind me.

The rest of the building was dark and deserted, the panel was being held in the evening, to allow for wider attendance of the panelists, most of whom worked full time. I found my way through the warren of hallways to a utility closet, that I knew there would be a slim chance of anyone entering. Steve slipped in behind me. I slid a table in front of the door. Steve didn't need any encouragement, he was unbuttoning his shirt as he watched me tug my sweater over my head. I tugged my panties off stepping out of them, I lifted my red pleated skirt for him.

"That's very nice," He was unbuckling his belt. He grabbed the back of a metal folding chair and let his pants fall to his ankles. Peeling down his briefs, his short, thick cock poked out from a mound of soft gray hair beneath the slight paunch of a middle age stomach. I got on my knees, taking him in my mouth, he moaned softly. He put his hand on the back of my head and made soft grateful noises in the back of his throat. I sucked until my jaw ached. Pulling my to my feet, Steve reached his hand between my legs.

"You're so wet." He moaned and pinched my clit. Steve shuffled and sat down heavily in the chair. "Come sit on my lap, little girl."

I obliged. Straddling him, I lowered myself onto his spear, his cock was so wide, that I had to exert force to get him inside of me, my pussy stretching around him. "Your cock is so thick."

"It's been a long time since I had a pussy this tight." He lifted the hem of my skirt and gripped my ass, lowering his head to my tits, he sucked and started lifting my hips and thrusting. I rode him furiously rocking and pumping against his hips, as his cock stretched the limits of my pussy. The chair squeaked in protest.

"Ah! Ride my cock Kelly!" Steve ordered, and I felt his finger probing the tight bud of my ass.

"Oh! Fuck!" I cried as I started to come, his finger pressing into my asshole. "Fuck!"

Steve bit down on my nipple as I bounced on his cock, causing a ripple of pain and pleasure to wash over me. Steve certainly had a lot of stamina, I rocked to a stop, my clit humming with pleasure.

"You lied to me, Kelly." He said pinching my ass, "You're not a good girl, you're a very naughty little girl."

"I am." I said breathless, "I'm very bad."

"I'm going to treat you like the bad girl that you are. Stand up." He ordered smiling at me.

I stood, tits exposed and feeling empty now, that his cock no longer filled my pussy.

"Turn around, walk to the table." His voice was a hushed forceful whisper. "Lift your skirt."

I obeyed every order he gave me, my pussy yearning for more of him. I felt the sting of his palm as he slapped my right cheek and then my left. I cried out softly, the injured area burning as he alternated cheeks. He stopped after four on each side. My ass was warm and red, and I was moaning heavily. I felt his cock between my cheeks, he rubbed the head of his cock down my slit teasing me. He nudged my asshole and for a split second I thought he might take my ass. Instead he nudged my legs apart and squeezed his cock into me. He thrust against me, his balls slapping against my lips.

"You are such a slut, Kelly." He fucked me faster, taking hold of a fistful of my hair.

"Oh, fuck me Steve, fuck me hard!" He groaned in response, his pace increasing, the table rocked under my weight. I came again, faster this time, the sound of his voice urging me on.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Steve pulled his cock out and I felt warm wetness spread over my ass. I felt him tracing the outline of my tattoo with the head of his cock. He stepped back to allow me to get up. I stood, my ass still burning from the spanking he had given me. My pussy felt bruised and sore from the width of him. I retrieved my bra from the floor as Steve buckled his pants. I dressed slowly watching Steve, my muscles ached from the workout.

"You are a hot little fuck." Steve shook his head at me.

"You aren't so bad either." I laughed, feeling elated from the furious fucking I'd had.

I stepped closer to Steve and he enveloped me in his arms. He kissed me forehead, in grandfatherly fashion.

"Thanks." He said and winked at me. "I needed that."

"I know," I smiled at him, and slipped out of the closet.

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