tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBunny Girl Ch. 01

Bunny Girl Ch. 01


Author's Note -- This isn't a reconstruction, merely an opportunity to write one possible scenario as to how a nameless individual came to start out the evening as a Bunny Girl, and end it as a Vicar. I only hope I can achieve this without causing offence.


Chapter 01: The Beginning

As Meg entered the shop; this emporium of all things lacy and latex, rubber if that is your desire, and wall to wall rubber phalluses, she allowed herself a cheeky smile.

She'd waited ages for this day, had meticulously planned the outfit down to the last detail. Nothing was being left to chance as perfection here was the only option. Jaws were set to drop when she entered the room this evening.

She allowed herself a quick glance around the shop, the racks of satin and silky underwear begging to be tried on, tight rubber suits -- not her thing she mused -- to simple PVC trousers, designed to cling to every contour. A camel toe in the making if the wrong underwear was chosen she grimaced.

There were a handful of other people in there, heads buried in books or magazines, too shy to look up in-case someone else were to spot and recognise them.

Despite the risqué nature of her chosen outfit, she believed you must always keep your admirers guessing. Show little to nothing, let them see her as she was and leave the rest to their imaginations.

"Hi," said Meg as she turned to her left to face the mousey haired girl behind the counter. "I called earlier reserving the bunny girl outfit."

The girl had certainly gotten into the spirit of working in a sex shop. Black and red stripy stockings leading up to a lace garter belt fitted around the waist, resting on some tight PVC hot pants. Camel toe observed Meg, smiling to herself. The chosen bright red corset barely containing her breasts. Meg wondered if the poor girl had ever bent over too far, everything sliding and slipping out of their hiding place for all the world to see. Not that it would matter in here I guess she pondered.

"Ah yes!" the girl replied happily. "It was the last one as well!. Very popular this week, I even had to disappoint one poor caller just after you rang."

She sounded genuinely sad at this fact, as if the sole purpose of her job was to please every customer, ensure all their needs were met.

"Follow me," she said smiling, gesturing to Meg in the direction of the changing rooms at the back of the shop.

"I've set aside the cubicle in the corner, and have laid out the garments as per your instructions."

The girl pulled aside the dark heavy curtain, 'accidentally' grazing the backside of Meg's blue jeans as she ushered her into the white walled cubicle.

"Do give me a call if you need any help!" she said grinning.

Meg ensured the curtains were tightly pulled across before she looked at the clothes laid out. It's all well and good to have a daring outfit for a party, but she didn't want all and sundry to be able to catch glimpses as she changed. She wasn't putting on a show yet.

She looked down at the clothes that had been laid out, and started working through the list in her head.

Black satin corset? - check -- She picked up the garment to ensure it had the zip at the side, unlike some others she had seen. It did, much to her relief. It wouldn't have been an issue getting help at the beginning of the evening to get it on, if required, but at the end? With the risk of too many glasses of G&T being a real possibility, the side zipped one was perfect. She placed it back down.

White cuffs and collar -- check - Elements frequently overlooked, as if donning a black corset, black knickers and some ears would suffice! To truly impress you simply had to understand the correct attire for a proper bunny girl. Nothing less than the best, the corner of her pale mouth turning up slightly into a smirk.

Tights -- check -- She picked them up to examine them. Running her hands over the soft slightly static material.

They had to have the seam at the back of the legs, this was after all the traditional outfit. The kind of seams that would be perfect at the beginning of the evening, but starting to wander or stray by the end. Hopefully by then she would have made her mark, and perhaps be sufficiently drunk to not be worried that she had to keep tweaking them.

Black satin knickers -- check -- The shiny black colour perfectly matched the corset. The style more than sufficient to cover her pale firm cheeks. She certainly didn't want any mishaps whilst she was out, the kind where material slipped into places it wasn't intended to go.

Heels -- check -- About 3 inches of shiny patent black leather. Not too high. Again, too many G&Ts and very high heels was not a good mix, as she had previously discovered, rubbing her right knee in recollection of her last stagger and subsequent fall. Like many other peoples drunken falls, you never felt any pain until the next day!

Tail -- check -- This soft fluffy pad of material feeling squishy in her hands, as iconic as the ears.

Finally, she picked up the black satin ears - "Check," she said out loud, smiling wickedly. The final part of the ensemble, but so very very important.

Meg looked at herself in the mirror. Her light sparkling blues eyes noting how some wisps of her light, almost bleached colour blonde curly hair followed the soft curve of her cheeks. The rest of her shoulder length curls nestling into her neck.

She glanced down at the tight blue jeans covering her athletic legs, the pale blue long sleeved t-shirt covering her torso, her perky breasts stretching the thin fabric. The left side had slipped down ever so slightly revealing a glimpse of her dark blue bra.

Not too shabby she thought, turning around and smoothing her hands over her blue jeaned buttocks, feeling the tautness of the muscles.

It was difficult to properly envisage the transformation at this point, but as she turned back to face the mirror and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, she was able to overlay in her mind the final look. She wasn't feeling particularly aroused, yet her nipples seemed to stiffen ever so slightly, an involuntary reaction at the thought of the final image.

She unzipped the jeans and pushed them slowly down to rest between her knees, revealing a pair of matching white lace trimmed dark blue knickers, a pair that perfectly complemented the bra. She lifted her left leg to step out of the trouser leg, resting her right hand on the wall to steady herself. A downside with tight jeans was the level of body contortion sometimes required to extricate oneself she thought. Once free she proceeded with the right. With one leg free she was able to tug the denim loose without the need for another steadying hand.

It wasn't too cold in the cubical so she felt no need to rush, as she picked up the jeans, neatly folded them and placed them in the corner.

She lifted the bottom of her blue t-shirt up to below her pert breasts, before raising her arms aloft and sliding the top upwards. This also received the neatly folded treatment, before it was placed in the corner atop the jeans.

Standing there in her matching dark blue bra and knickers in front of the mirror, hands resting on her pale smooth hips as if posing, wasn't something she'd usually do, but then it wasn't every day you were going to fulfil one of your long time fantasies. She could see the vague outline of her stiffening nipples under the dark blue, despite the apparent lack of cold in the cubicle.

If she were at home now and feeling horny, she could already be rubbing the palms of her hands slowly over the dark blue material, in gentle circles teasing the nipples into erect buds. She blinked slowly, clearing the thought from her head, focussing on the bunny costume she was here to try on.

She reached both arms behind her back and slowly un-hooked the bra, releasing it slowly, letting her breasts be gently released from the dark blue cups. She slipped her arms out of the straps and put the bra in the corner with her other clothes.

She bent over to pick up the satin corset, her breasts swaying gently, not helping their already erect state.

She wrapped the satiny black corset slowly round her waist, shuffling it slightly so her pale white breasts were perfectly placed into the cups. She didn't want to have to make adjustments once it was zipped up. Stuffing your hand into the cup of a bra to reposition a breast was never a good look!

A couple of jiggles and she was happy everything was in place. She located the zip on the right hand side, and proceeded to pull it up slowly, almost savouring the 'zzzzz' sound of the zipper.

She sucked her stomach in just in case. Having never worn a corset before she didn't know how tight it was going to be. Once the zip was fully raised, she allowed herself another glance in the mirror, a view of her work in progress transformation.

She smoothed her hands over the soft black sheen covering her stomach. She felt a tightness around her ribcage and waist, but it didn't feel uncomfortable, for some reason it felt right.

The swell of her pale breasts were slightly pushing out of the cups, but not enough so as to look obscene or cheap. She had to ignore the lace trimmed dark blue cotton knickers as she looked down her body. Yhey would be coming off soon enough.

She knew the bunny ears had to go on last, and she desperately wanted to try on the soft satin knickers next anyway. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist band of her dark blue knickers, and pushed them down over her hips, revealing her light blond patch of pubes.

She didn't get the whole shaved thing, running her fingers softly through the curls, tempted to slide her middle finger down through the soft hair and between her thighs.

She stepped out of the knickers, bent down and picked them up, pausing to fling them gently into the corner. No point in folding up something so small she figured.

She'd bought a simple black thong with her, something to go underneath the tights.

These were slipped easily up her legs. She pulled the Lycra into place, leaving a few blond curls poking out the sides. Thongs it seemed weren't designed to cover up much!

She hadn't wanted anything too large, as she knew with the tights and satin knickers in place, it was going to get quite warm. It had been quite a warm summer which had helped her to make up her mind on what to wear. Wearing a bunny outfit in Winter was not something she would relish.

She picked up the tights, pressing the toes of her left foot into the material before slowly and meticulously pulling them up her smoothly shaved calf, ensuring the all important line was at the back, straight. Once she up as far as the knee she proceeded with the right foot. If anyone were to look in now, they would see the thin line of the black Lycra thong separating the pale creamy cheeks of her backside.

As she slipped the tights up over her thighs she took the time to look in the mirror, the desired final image was taking place nicely. She eased the tights over her backside, making one final adjustment to the seams, ensuring they followed a straight line from heel to buttock on both legs.

She reached over and picked up the soft satin of the black knickers, rubbing the sleek material between her fingers. Once these were in place, she would almost feel like the real deal. A proper bunny girl!

She stepped into the black satin leg holes and pulled them gently up, savouring the soft feel of the fabric gliding over her legs. By slow increments as the outfit went on, she was feeling more aroused. Dare she say it, perhaps a little bit wet?

This thought startled her a little as she glanced at the mirror, the light blue of her eyes competing with the increasing dilation of her pupils.

Once in place she slid her fingers under the elastic leg bands at the back, and pulled gently out and down to ensure the material covered her buttocks properly.

She stood up and directly faced the mirror, hands on hips as she took in the view. With the corset, matching knickers and tights in place she felt so close. A thrill went through her body, from the nape of her neck down her back to nestle in between her buttocks. She imagined placing the final piece of the puzzle in place. The ears!

A few simple clips and the cuffs and collars were in place, straightened slightly to ensure the cuff-links and tie were correctly aligned.

Meg paused briefly. Tail or ears next?

She picked up the tail and squeezed it, delighting in how soft and squishy it felt. It had a simple pin to allow it to be attached to the back of the corset, not the knickers. It would be bad enough when using the toilet to have to lower the satin knickers, the tights and the thong, without adding the extra worry of the fluffy tail.

She unclipped the pin and reached her left hand behind her back, before turning so her back was to the mirror. She looked over her left shoulder so she could see what she was doing, ensuring she was pinning it to the correct garment. This wasn't going to be easy she thought, as she contorted her body to try and clip the fluffy tail on.

"Can I help?" Came the voice of the shop assistant, as she poked her head round the curtain. A wicked knowing smile spread across her face whilst looking Meg up and down admiringly.

"Only if it's not too much trouble," said Meg coyly. "I'm almost there, but this tail is proving more tricky than I'd first imagined!"

"All part of the service," beamed the girl, as she held out her hand gesturing for Meg to pass her the tail.

"Now, if you'd like to face the mirror for me I'll help you with the tail."

Meg turned and faced the mirror. It felt strange to see this girl holding the bunny tail, reaching down to her backside to complete the pinning. She closed her eyes.

The shop assistant smoothed her right hand down Meg's right buttock, thrilled at the feel of the satin knickers, pressing gently she could feel the tight cheek underneath. With Meg's eyes closed she figured a couple of sly 'accidental' strokes wouldn't go amiss.

She sneakily carried on sliding her right hand down in between Meg's buttocks, relishing the feeling, wondering if her customer was getting as excited as she was.

When no protesting hand came reaching behind to stop her, no words uttered to cause her to pause, she slid her hand slowly in between the legs to gently press against the satin knicker covered pussy. Meg let out a gentle yet involuntary gasp, shifting slightly between her feet.

Seeing her gradual transformation in the mirror had resulted in her starting to become aroused,with her eyes closed and the shop assistant tracing lines with her fingers over the more sensitive areas, this wasn't diminishing.

The shop assistant didn't want to break the spell she was casting over Meg, but was acutely aware that any moment now she could be asked to stop if she pushed too much.

Grudgingly she started to position the pin of the tail onto the bottom of the corset, ensuring her hands were resting on Meg's tight buttocks, savouring the moment.

With the tail finally in place, she couldn't resist surreptitiously sliding her left hand around Meg's hips, briefly resting on her smooth stomach before slowly, deliberately, teasing 3 fingers down over the slippery fabric of the satin knickers, pressing gently over the springy pubes, heading towards the 'V' between her legs, that mound of warm flesh.

The sensation of the satin increasing the pleasure as it glided under her fingertips. With the girl's fingers gently pressing into her pussy, Meg let out another involuntary gasp. If she wasn't wet earlier, then she certainly was now.

Her whole groin ached with desire, even if it was from the ministrations of a girl who up until 30 minutes ago, she had only spoken to over the phone!

The shop girl's bravery was obviously increasing, as she now moved her hand to slide under the satin waist band, and pushed it down over the tights covered thong, pressing the material down into Meg's crotch, feeling for where the clitoral hood was before pressing ever more firmly, sending thrills up Meg's spine. The Lycra thong doing its best to soak up the increasing flow of moisture between her legs.

"Hello?" came a voice from behind the curtain. "Hello, is the anyone there?"

Without missing a beat the shop assistant replied.

"I'll be out in a minute."

Meg was frozen to the spot, her frayed nerves and sense of arousal prevented her from speaking. Luckily the girl slowly removed her hand from the building heat between her legs, which were now feeling a little wobbly and unstable.

"Here," whispered the girl in her left ear. "You seem a little shaken, let me finish this off for you."

Meg felt a band press down gently on her head. She figured the girl was adding the final flourish, the bunny ears. With the hands away from her head, she slowly opened her blue eyes. In the mirror she was able to briefly catch the back of the shop assistant as the heavy curtain dropped behind her.

Once Meg had regained a little of her composure, she took the time the pose in front of the mirror.

The left bunny ear flopping down, a few long clinging curls of blonde hair framing her nervously smiling face, her cheeks flushed and red.

The black bow tie needed a little adjustment to straighten it, but this could wait until just before the party.

The corset perfectly cinching her waist, pushing her pale breasts slightly out of the cups.

Looking at the soft satin knickers reminded her of what had happened moments ago, reminded her of the thrill still pulsing through her clit and deep into her pussy. She stroked her hands slowly down her legs, enjoying the soft material of her tights. Resisting the urge to press her thumbs either side of her heated mound and finish the job started by the shop assistant.

She had always planned to keep the outfit on once the fitting was completed. She had brought her large coat to cover herself up for the journey home. As long as she removed the ears and the collar, no-one would suspect.

She slowly removed the ears and collar, placing them gently into the same bag as her original clothes, ensuring they wouldn't get squashed in transit. The high heels went back into their box, she didn't need these until she left for the party later this evening.

She slipped her heavy black coat over her shoulders, allowing herself one last look before drawing the coat closed and fixing the buttons.

With her bags in hand, she pushed the curtain to one side and left the changing room.

"Was everything OK?" enquired the girl behind the counter, grinning mischievously.

"It all fitted fine thanks," stated Meg with a slight deadpan slightly embarrassed look. She didn't want to be drawn into the undertone of the question.

Meg handed her credit card over, punching in the security code to complete the transaction, as if underlining a new chapter in her life.

"Thank you," said the girl politely. "Do come back soon," she stated with a sly wink.

Meg nodded politely and walked slowly towards the exit, taking one last look at all the things this shop had to offer. Some things on offer apparently weren't advertised she smiled wryly.

She stepped outside, hearing the 'ding' of the bell as she pulled the door closed.

'Surely the events of the evening won't be as strange as this?' she thought.

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