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Business Trip

byLord Seregil©

While I don't consider myself gay, I have fooled around with men on occasions. Nothing serious, just a bit of touching and exploring to satisfy my exhibitionist desires. I love to be seen naked and it's often very convenient and exciting to be naked with other men. Physically, I'm quite small and thin but am blessed with an above-average penis of about 8.5 inches long. Because of my height, though, it looks absolutely massive. The following story is completely true.

I was on a business trip to a Las Vegas and was staying in a luxury hotel. I had some time to myself so I went down to the hotel gymnasium and spa for a workout. I rode the exercise bike and swam some laps before retiring to the steam room in the men's locker room. The gym was fairly empty since it was mid day but I wasn't alone in the steam room. Through the thick fog, I could see another man sitting on the top bench. Though I couldn't see much, I could tell he was fairly chubby. As soon as I walked in, I saw him rearranging his towel so it covered his lap. I thought I may have caught the man masturbating but you never know.

I said hello to the man and he smiled and said hello back. I took a seat on bench across from his and leaned back to relax. He began chatting about Vegas and what kinds of things we had done while we were there. We talked about different casino games and shows in addition to the local attractions of the area. My new friend's voice was fairly feminine and certain things he said made me think he was gay. He mentioned he was accompanied by a "friend" who was upstairs napping. He discussed the details of performer's Sigfreid and Roy's relationship (this was long before the whole tiger attack incident) and that they might be breaking up.

I decided, at this point, to see what my new friend was interested in. I started by discussing how sad it was that Sigfreid and Roy were having troubles as they made a nice pair. While we discussed this relationship, I casually stood up and headed to the shower nozzle mounted on the steam room wall. With my back to my friend, I tossed my towel on the bench and sprayed myself off with the cool water. After a few moments, I walked back to my seat and watched my friend. His eyes were glued to my crotch as he got his first glimpse of my flaccid penis. I sat back down and covered up with my towel while we continued to talk.

After a lull in the conversation, I said I was going to hit the Jacuzzi and walked out of the steam room. The Jacuzzi was fairly large, with enough seating for at least 20 people but it was empty at the time. I hung my towel on a hook and entered the scalding water; moving to a seat in the back so I could see the rest of the gym.

Eventually, my friend came out of the sauna and smiled at me when he saw I was still in the Jacuzzi. He hung up his towel and waded in the water. I got my first good look at him in the clear light. He was quite chubby with very little body hair. Although he was a bit older than me, he had very smooth skin. I checked out his crotch as he walked to me. His penis was disappointingly small; probably just 2-3 inches flaccid but I was impressed by the size of his balls. Each nut was almost the size of a tennis ball. He wrinkly scrotum was shaved smooth and pulled up tight against the base of his cock which made it stick straight out even though it wasn't hard. I smiled as he approached and he sat down near me. I positioned myself so a gentle stream of bubbles was swirling around my ass, balls, and cock while we talked. I allowed myself to get semi-hard but hoped the jets wouldn't shut off!

We chatted some more in the Jacuzzi until my friend finally said he'd had enough and was heading to the showers. He got out and began drying himself off right near my towel, while facing me in the hot tub and continuing our conversation. He spent way too much time drying his cock and balls which I assumed was a test. I never let my eyes drift away from his crotch and smiled while he performed and chatted. This was my chance.

I looked around to ensure no one was nearby and said I was ready to shower as well. I stood and slowly waded towards my towel which was, conveniently, right behind my friend. One of the things I love most about my cock is that it grows to its full length as it gets erect before it stands up. So with my cock at its full 8.5" and dangling between my legs, I walked to my towel. My friend stopped mid-sentence and just watched. I was in heaven as my thick pink cock bobbed in front of me under the careful observation of my new friend. He made attempt to hide his staring and instead gave his small penis a subtle pull while drying off. I smiled, grabbed my towel, and let my cock lead me to the showers.

This gym's showers were very nicely made. Each shower stall was made of cedar and consisted of a small changing room in front of the actual shower room with a thin curtain separating the two. A large box on the wall of the shower contained shampoo and soap dispensers. I dropped my towel and started the water. I figured my little exhibitionist display was over so I immediately began masturbating. I stroked my cock with my right hand while alternating between my rubbing my nipples and my balls with my left. Very quickly, I was fully erect and ready to spray the shower wall with my semen. My approaching orgasm was interrupted by a voice from the stall next to mine. "What scent do you have?" my friend asked.

"Huh?" I asked, a bit flustered from being interrupted right before cumming.

"What scent is your soap?" he asked, "Each shower has a different scent."

I noticed my soap dispenser said "country apple" so I told him. "That sounds nice," he said over the wall, "I've had them all but that."

That was a pretty obvious step in our short relationship so I pondered what to do while continuing to stroke myself. Before I could even consider if this is what I wanted, I heard myself say, quietly "Come on over and try a bit then."

Almost immediately, my current slid aside and there was my friend. He had closed the outer curtain and was naked and wet. He was holding his penis which was hard and curved up against his fat belly between his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. He looked at my cock, which I was still stroking and then looked me in the eyes. We stood there masturbating in front of each other for a few moments when he reached out and grabbed my cock with his left hand. I let go of it and thrust my hips forward to meet his strokes. He tightened his grip and began stroking me harder and harder. His strokes became more and rough to the point where he was pounding his hand against my pubic hair and balls. All the meanwhile, he was playing with his own cock between his thumb and forefinger. I must have looked pretty silly, standing there with my arms at my side and my hips bucking in and out with his forceful strokes so I reached up and began caressing one of my nipples with one hand. With the other, I reached down and cupped his huge nuts. He grunted like an animal and continued to play with my cock.

I felt my balls churning and whispered "I'm gonna cum." My friend turned a bit and pulled my cock so it pointed at his belly.

"Shoot on me." was all he said and I started to cum. The first stream was a bit thin and shot out of my cock and hit him just below the belly button. I gasped as the second stream, a much thicker one, jetted out of my dick and left a line from his chest to his belly. I continued to shoot thick streams of cum all over his belly and chest until he finally let go of my aching cock. My cock was actually sore from his rough grip so I turned to let the water hit it.

My friend immediately grabbed my hips and thrust his hard cock against my wet butt. "NO!" I said, "I don't do that." And I moved to the other side of the shower. I looked back at my friend who had gone back to stroking his hard cock and was now scooping the globs of my cum off his chest.

He smiled and said "I figured you didn't, and that's not what I was going to do." I gave him a puzzled look and he said "Turn around and trust me. I won't do anything you don't want." I took a step under the shower stream and turned around hesitantly. He grabbed my hips again, gently this time, and pressed his cock against my butt.

With his arms around me, he whispered in my ear "Let me stroke myself between your cheeks." I nodded and he reached down to place his cock between my ass cheeks and thighs. He began thrusting powerfully while the head of his cock slid from my asshole to my balls. I worried that the sound of our wet skin slapping together would alert someone as to what was going on and was ready to say something when my friend grunted loudly and stopped thrusting against me.

I looked back and he was furiously stroking his hard cock. He pleaded "Show me your ass."

I turned back around and reached behind to spread my cheeks. With my anus exposed and spread wide for him, he thrust forward and pressed his cockhead against me. His pudgy fist was banging against my spread ass and his dick made contact with my anus every back stroke. I even pushed out with my ass a bit to allow the tip of his dick to nestle into the small depression I created.

With no warning, I felt his warm streams of semen blasting onto my anus, butt cheeks, and lower back. A thick stream even went under my ass and splashed against my dangling balls.

When he backed away, I held my pose for a few more moments as his cum slid down my ass and back. For whatever odd reason, it felt good to have my ass spread to his view.

I eventually turned with a smile and was surprised to see my friend already walking out of the shower to grab his towel. He didn't even turn as he left through the outer curtain. I guess that's how these things are done! I washed his semen from my back and ass and then headed for my room to masturbate while replaying this encounter in my mind.

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