tagLoving WivesBut I Won't Do That Ch. 04

But I Won't Do That Ch. 04


Saturday morning when I got up, my husband reminded me, "Gordon's coming for dinner tonight."

"Then I guess I'd better make sure I get to the grocery store," I replied. "I have to make sure I have something he'll like." Though it didn't matter what I cooked. Gordon wasn't really coming for dinner. He was coming to fuck me. And it was my husband's idea.

"He might bring someone else with him," Parker said casually.

I knew instantly what he meant. "Don't even think about it. You tricked me into using the vibrator you bought; you tricked me into fucking Gordon. You are not going to trick me into a threesome. Just because I liked that porn you showed me doesn't mean I'm going to do it."

"I thought you said you wanted a threesome."

"Yes, I did. I also said that I only wanted one if you were one of the guys. Which you've said you won't do, so it's a moot issue. So no extra guy tonight; no threesome. If you and Gordon have any sneaky little plans, wipe them out of your head now."

"Fine, fine. And by the way, are you complaining about the vibrator and Gordon?"

"I'm complaining about how you went about it. I have to admit, I like fucking Gordon. But it wasn't right the way you got me to do it after I said no. You and Gordon manipulated me."

"I agree, it wasn't right. I'm sorry, Jemma. I remember how upset you were after the first time it happened, and I hate that I'm the one who made you feel that way. But you're always so scared to try anything new. I thought doing it that way would take the pressure off you."

"You mean having Gordon practically rape me?" Though of course it hadn't been rape. Not even close. Gordon had surprised me in my bedroom and had taken charge. He'd seduced me, definitely, but I hadn't really wanted him to stop.

"Can't rape the willing," Parker said. "And you already said he could be here tonight, so I hope this conversation doesn't mean you're planning to cancel."

"No, he can come over." My only problem with fucking Gordon was the idea that I was cheating on Parker. Me being with Gordon had been Parker's idea; it definitely wasn't cheating.

"Glad to hear it, and he will be too." Parker swatted my butt, then rubbed it. "So we're here naked in bed talking about you fucking another guy. How are you feeling right now?"

"Wet," I admitted.

"Thinking about fucking Gordon while I watch?"

"Yes." I was discovering that I had an exhibitionist streak; I did like it when Parker watched Gordon and me, though it would have been even better if Parker joined in.

"Mmm, I'm thinking about it too," Parker said. "You look so hot with Gordon's cock in your pussy, Jemma. It's the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen. Makes me want to jerk off."

"I could jerk you off while he's fucking me."

"No. I keep telling you, I don't want to participate. When you're fucking someone else, I just want to watch. If you were fucking more than one someone else, I would just want to watch. That's what turns me on. I can have my share of you later."

"Your share of me? You make me sound like a meal or something."

"You are." He pulled down the top of my nightgown and licked my nipple. "You're a delicious meal. Can I have more?"

I pushed the covers off me and pulled my nightie up above my hips. "Eat away, babe."

Parker slid down between my legs and licked my slit. From the first time we'd gone to bed together, he'd loved going down on me. Until Gordon, I'd never been able to cum from intercourse, and Parker had gotten into the habit of eating my pussy after he fucked me so that I could get off. Since the first time I'd fucked Gordon, Parker hadn't gone down on me as often, and I missed it. I loved the feeling of his tongue on me.

Now, he flicked my clit with his tongue. I moaned. "God, Parker, I love it when you eat me."

He shifted his eyes up to my face, but didn't stop his mouth action. It felt amazing. I was hornier than I wanted to admit from talking about Gordon, and Parker found it easy to make me cum. "Fuck, yes!" I shouted as I orgasmed.

Parker scooted up, covering my body with his, and pushed his cock hard into my pussy. I moaned; it felt so good to have him inside me. "Fuck me, Parker!" I ordered. "That's it, fuck me!"

"Mmm, Jemma, you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen!" He thrust harder. "Fuck, baby, you feel so damn good! I'm the luckiest man; I get to fuck this sweet cunt every single day!"

"You've never fucked me every day."

"But I make up for it when I do fuck you, don't I?"

He rotated his hips so his cock hit every part of my pussy. "Fucking hell, Parker, where did you learn to do that?" I gasped.

"In one of those movies you said you don't want to watch anymore."

"If they teach you stuff like this, I might reconsider! Fuck, that's good!"

He kept it up for another few seconds, then pulled out so only the tip of his cock was inside me. He moved it back and forth, just barely entering me, until I couldn't stop myself from begging, "Please, Parker, give it to me!"

"What do you want, Jemma?"

"Your cock, damn it! Give me your fucking cock!"

Parker rammed into me so hard it took my breath away. With one more thrust, he pushed me over the edge. "Parker, I'm cumming!" I cried.

"Cum, Jemma," he said. "Cum for me, baby."

"Fuck!" I screamed. I'd never cum that hard, no matter what Parker had done. I'd certainly never cum that hard while being fucked. But this time, I thought I was going to pass out.

Parker didn't miss a thrust while I recovered from my orgasm, and after a couple more minutes, he grunted and shot his load into my pussy. "Damn, Jemma!"

"Guess you've had yours for today," I said.

"You know I'm going to fuck you again tonight after Gordon goes home."

"If I let you."

"Oh, you'll let me. You'll be begging for it."

"Yeah, right." I pushed him off me. "I have to go take my shower and get dressed if I'm going to get everything done before tonight."

After my shower, I left the house to run some errands, including picking up some nice, thick steaks for dinner that night. I was a good cook, and I enjoyed cooking for Parker, but somehow it was even better when I knew someone else would be getting a share of it.

That evening, I left Parker tending the steaks for a few minutes while I changed my clothes. Gordon probably wouldn't have cared what I wore, but I wanted to look sexy for him. I heard the doorbell while I was still debating between two skirts, but I took my time, half expecting Gordon to show up in the doorway like he'd done the first time he'd fucked me. He didn't, though, and I finally put on the shorter skirt and went to find Parker and Gordon.

The steaks were on a plate on the kitchen counter, and Parker and Gordon were nowhere in sight. But I heard faint music from the den, and knew immediately where they were and what they were doing. I went to the den and found them sitting in front of Parker's computer, with a porn video playing on the screen. The same video Parker had showed me a few days earlier, of a woman getting fucked by two men. The one Parker had decided meant he could talk me into a threesome with Gordon and someone else.

"Well, looks like you guys don't need me," I said.

Parker jumped. Gordon got up and came over to me. "Well, I knew you'd look sexy, but I didn't realize how sexy." He pulled me against him and kissed me hard. "Good to see you again, Jemma."

"Likewise. So are you enjoying Parker's little movie theater experience?"

"No experience. He was just showing me what he'd like to see you do. But he said you aren't into the idea."

"I told him I'd be more than happy to do a threesome with you and him. He's the one who isn't into the idea."

"I want to watch, not participate," Parker said.

"Your loss," Gordon said. "I don't think there's going to be anything for you to watch if you don't join in. Your wife seems pretty definite about what she wants."

"I am," I said.

Gordon pushed up the hem of my skirt and skimmed the edge of my panties with his finger. "So what do you want, Jemma?"

"Mmm, I want more of that!" I stepped back. "But dinner first. The steaks will get cold. I ruined our first dinner, but I'm not going to do that again."

"I think I ruined it," Gordon said. "After all, I'm the one who fucked you when you went to change your clothes."

Parker shut down the computer and stood. "Okay, supper first, then fun. Hey, Jemma, what would you think about me filming you two?"

"Don't even think about it."

"You're no fun."

Gordon put his arm around me and guided me out of the room. "I think she's plenty of fun."

We ate at the dining room table, with glasses of wine provided by Gordon. As soon as the meal was over, Parker cleared the dishes and Gordon pulled me out of my chair. "Time for dessert."

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He shoved my skirt up over my hips and bent me over the table. "Fucking you."

I heard his zipper, then felt his fingers in my pussy. They weren't what I wanted, though. "Give me your cock," I begged.

"Waiting for something," he replied.

Parker returned with a foil packet, which he handed to Gordon. I heard the packet being torn open and after a few seconds, felt Gordon's thick cockhead against my opening. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked.

"God, yes, fuck me!" Being bent over like this, with both men watching me, made me feel slutty and aroused. I knew I was wet, and I wanted something inside me.

Gordon thrust himself completely into me. I gasped as he filled my pussy. His cock was bigger than Parker's, and felt so good. "That's it," I said. "Fuck me!"

"I can never get enough of this cunt," Gordon said. "Parker, she's so fucking hot I can't believe she hasn't fucked you to death yet."

"You wish she would," Parker said. "Then you could have her to yourself." He sounded almost pleased by the idea.

"Fuck, no, I like sharing her," Gordon replied. "How about you, Jemma? You like having two men share you? You like being my slut once in a while and Parker's every day?"

I wasn't sure I liked being called a slut, even though I definitely felt like one. My husband was watching me fuck another man; what else could I be but a slut? "Yes, I like it," I said.

"You don't sound too sure." Gordon pulled out so just the tip of his cock was in me. "Do you like it?"

"Give that back!" I said.

"Not until you tell me what you like."

"I like fucking you."

"Not enough."

I looked over at Parker. His cock was in his hand, and he stroked himself while he watched Gordon torment me. Obviously he wasn't going to help me, no matter how much he probably wanted to see Gordon's cock slam back into my pussy. "I like feeling your cock in my pussy," I tried.

Gordon slid maybe another half inch of his cock into me. "That's a little better, but still not good enough."

I was getting desperate. "I like the way your cock fucks my cunt!"

That earned me a couple inches. "Good, but not good enough," Gordon said. "Say cunt again."

"Cunt," I said. "Fuck my cunt, please!"

Another inch. "Keep talking, sexy Jemma," Gordon said. "What do you think, Parker? How much more of this can she take?"

"I think she really wants your cock," Parker replied.

"All she has to do is say the right thing."

If only I knew what the right thing was. What did Gordon want from me? "I want your big, thick cock," I said. "Please fuck me with it!"

That got me another half inch or so. "Keep trying, Jemma," Gordon said. "What do you want? Who are you?"

Ah. Now I knew what he wanted me to say, but there was no way I'd say it. No way I'd call myself that word, no matter what I felt like. And I definitely felt like a slut.

"You might have to give up," Parker said. "She can be pretty stubborn when she wants to. It'd be a shame for her to miss out on this fuck, though."

"It's her choice," Gordon replied. "Too bad for us, too, though; I'll miss out on fucking her tight pussy, and you'll miss out on watching it."

"What the fuck do you want me to say?" I demanded.

"You know what we want to hear," Gordon replied. "We both want to hear it, don't we, Parker?"

"Yes, we do."

"I'm not going to say that. How can I say that about myself?"

"Because you know that your husband loves you for it, and it's one of the things I like about you," Gordon said. "Come on, baby. All you have to do is say it, and you get my whole cock inside you."

"I want your whole cock. I want to feel it filling my cunt!"

"Then say it."

I gave up. "Fine. I'm a slut. Is that what you want to hear?"

"Whose slut?" Parker asked.

"Yours and Gordon's. I'm yours and Gordon's slut."

Gordon slammed his cock into me. "That's what I wanted to hear, Jemma," he said. "You're our slut. But that isn't a bad thing, baby. You're not bad. You just like to fuck, don't you."

"Yes," I moaned as he pounded me with his cock.

"That's not a bad thing at all, Jemma," Parker said. "Gordon and I both like fucking you, and I love watching him fuck you. Nothing wrong with that at all."

Gordon's cock was hitting me in just the right spot. "Fuck!" I shouted.

"You're going to cum, aren't you, baby?" Gordon said.

As soon as he asked, I did. "Yes!"

Gordon thrust a few more times, and finally groaned at his own release. He pulled out and stood me up. "That was the best yet," he said. "I just wish I could have you more than a couple times a month."

"Have her any time you want," Parker said.

"Hey, don't I get a say in that?" I demanded.

"Sure," Parker said. "When do you want Gordon to have you?"

"Very funny." I smoothed my skirt down. "Thanks for coming over, Gordon."

I gave him a hug, which he turned into a long kiss. "Thanks for inviting me," he said. "Sometime soon, we'll have to make it longer."

"You can stay if you want," Parker said. "We wouldn't mind."

Gordon checked his watch. "Well, I guess I could stay a little longer. You don't like quickies, huh, Jemma?"

"I prefer longies."

Gordon and Parker laughed. "Well, mine is pretty long," Parker said.

"So is mine," Gordon said.

I decided not to comment. Gordon's cock was longer than Parker's, but I didn't want to hurt Parker's feelings by saying so. "So should we move this to the bedroom?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me," Gordon said. "Stop off and wash up a little. I haven't tasted your pussy in a while, and I want some."

I went into the bathroom and washed myself carefully. Gordon had gone down on me the first time I'd been with him; he was almost as good at it as Parker. I definitely wanted more of that.

When I went into the bedroom, Parker was standing by the door. Gordon was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Took you long enough," he teased.

"I wanted to make sure I was nice and clean for you," I replied.

"Then show me how clean you are." Gordon stood up and gestured toward the bed. "Strip. I want to see your whole sexy body."

I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. "What do you think?"

"Mmm, good enough to eat." Gordon bent and nibbled one of my nipples. "Very tasty."

"Is that all you're going to eat?" I asked.

"We'll see."

He spent some time on each nipple, then kissed his way down my torso to my pussy. With each kiss, I grew wetter, and when his lips finally touched my clit, I thought I was going to cum on the spot. "Gordon!"

"You're so fucking sexy when someone's eating your pussy," Parker said. "You love that, don't you, Jemma?"

"God, yes!"

Gordon didn't say anything, of course; his mouth was otherwise occupied. He lapped at my pussy for several minutes, until I cried out, "Gordon, make me cum! Please!"

He thrust his fingers inside me and brought his mouth back to my clit. I came instantly. "Holy fuck!"

"I don't know about holy, but it looked pretty damn hot," Parker said.

Gordon looked at me and grinned. "Liked that, did you?"

"Oh, yes!"

"So I suppose you want me to fuck you again?"

"Yes, but I want to suck your cock first," I said.

"Is that all you want?"

"What do you mean?"

"Parker and I were talking while you were washing up." Gordon moved his fingers in and out of me. "I heard about a certain toy you like to play with."

My face flushed, and I glared at Parker. "You told him about the vibrator?"

"Why not?" Parker said. "There's nothing wrong with a woman who likes to have a good time."

"But it's something personal!"

"Jemma, I've fucked you three times now," Gordon said. "Nothing's too personal. Anyway, Parker and I were talking about how sometimes he fucks you with the vibrator while you suck his dick. Do you like doing that?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Then do it with me. I want to watch you get fucked while you suck me."

"You want me to have a threesome."

"I do, but since that isn't going to happen, this is the next best thing, like Parker said. That's why he does it, or hadn't you figured that out?"

"I kind of figured, especially after that video."

"So what do you say?" Gordon asked. "Can we play with your toy?"

"Let him, Jemma," Parker said. "It's something I know I want to see."

"You've seen it."

"Only when I've done it."

"Fine. Go for it."

I wasn't as reluctant as I sounded. I'd gotten to the point where I enjoyed the vibrator, whether I used it alone or with Parker. I watched as Parker took it from its hiding place and handed it to Gordon. When Gordon approached me with it, another rush of moisture came to my pussy. "So what do you want me to do with this, Jemma?" Gordon asked.

"Fuck me," I whispered.

"And while I fuck you with this, what are you going to do?"

"Suck your cock."

"Good girl."

He positioned himself on the bed so he could thrust the vibrator inside me while I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked greedily, hoping to make him cum before he could make me. But the motion of the vibrator was too much for me to stand, especially when Gordon held it against my clit. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt; although I'd felt it before with Parker, somehow it was different with Gordon at the other end of the vibrator.

I looked over at Parker, who was once again stroking himself. He smiled and said, "Just think what that would be like with two cocks instead of one cock and a toy, Jemma."

With Gordon's cock in my mouth, I couldn't answer, but I wouldn't have anyway. I was starting to think about the threesome thing. What would it be like if another man fucked my pussy while Gordon's cock was in my mouth? It would be best if the other man was Parker, but if he wasn't willing and didn't have a problem seeing me with two other men, why should I have a problem with it?

I imagined myself with Gordon and another, currently faceless, man. That along with the vibrator was all it took to send another orgasm through me. Gordon pulled the vibrator out of me. "That must have felt good, huh?"

I nodded, still unable to answer. "Then it's my turn," Gordon said. "I'm cumming, Jemma!"

Within seconds, my mouth was filled with his warm cum. I swallowed all of it and let go of his cock. "Guess you aren't the only one who got a good dessert," I said.

"Guess not." Gordon handed the vibrator to Parker. "Thank you for letting me play with you and your toy. So what do you think about the threesome idea?"

I looked from him to Parker. Obviously they both wanted me to go through with it. I wanted me to go through with it. But I was still getting used to the idea of being with a man other than Parker. Could I handle being with two other men? "I'll get back to you on that," I said.

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