tagErotic CouplingsBy the Lake

By the Lake


Fields of beautiful lushes green grass. Small white flowers scattered about. Mountains in the far distance look like they touch the sky. Spreading the blanket down in front of the lake, you lay down and I sit next to you. You come a little closer so your head is cradled in my lap.

The sun is warm, and it a fresh new day. I like the fact it is only the two of us here. I love looking at you, caressing your cheek. The warmth of the sun and my fingers brushing lightly on your face, lulls you to a light sleep. Oh how I love to watch you sleep. Your face displays perfect peace and harmony.

I kiss your forehead, I want to kiss you all over but I don't want to wake you. I begin to caress your strong beautiful chest. Oh babe such peace and quiet, away from everything, everybody. I can see your eyes flutter open, so relaxed, so happy with each other. Your smile warms my heart like no one else can.

You reach up to me so that our lips brush lightly against each other. You begin to sit up, our eyes locked in a wonderful stare. Your arms encircle me, that is my safe zone, my comfort spot. I know as long as I'm in your arms, I don't have anything to worry about. You lay me back, our eyes not leave each others stare. You lay beside me and yet on top of me.

Our lips lock, our tongues dueling within each others mouths. My arms around you, you keep me warm both inside and out. Your hands begin to explore my body, as for the first time. It always feels like the first time when I am with you. Everything done carefully, gentle and with love. Undo my blouse, you hands touching the bare skin.. Oh what pleasure I get from being with you.

You nibble on my ear..... my weak spot, I melt into your arms. You kiss my neck, making your way towards my breasts. Slipping your hand into my bra, so you could fondle my breast and making the nipple hard. You do the same to the other breast. The feeling is so delightful, having you pay attention only to me. I can feel you getting hard.

You being to lose patience with me, you reach between my breast and rip my bra off. The look of surprise catches you off guard. My eye settle on you with love. I don't care anymore, it is you I want to be with, and want to please... Kissing my breasts sucking on my now aroused hard nipples. You kiss your way farther down towards the top of my shorts.... " No," you can't just rip them off too, even though that is exactly what I want you to do...

You unbutton them and pull them off, just my g-string left. You get that wild look in your eyes, and without thinking twice you rip my g-string off too. Totally exposed, laying in the sun with you caressing, kissing, nibbling, and biting at my body. Your up to something you have that look of mischief on your face.... "Lay there" you tell me, as I watch you take your clothes off. You hover above me and as I reach out you tell me no.... "Oh not that, please".....

That mischievous mind of yours, I'm not allowed to touch you at all. To be on the safe side you decide to tie my hands behind me..... oh so not fair... You begin you torture of me, gently kissing my face, my lips, the only thing that I can touch you with is my tongue. I suck on your tongue trying to get as much of your taste, your essence within me.

You break free smiling, slowly you move down my neck to my breasts... You caress them gently almost as if you were fascinated by them. My nipples are now rock hard, they ache for your attention. You pinch each of them once and then you go back to your path. I can feel your fingers dancing on my skin, feels almost like they are leaving a fire trail....l can feel your left hand on my inner thigh, You put your middle finger on my enlarged clit. All the time you watch my expression. I'm so wet, you don't even have to touch me to know it....

I spread my legs for you as you run that finger up and down my slit... You make circles around my opening just to watch me wither... Little by little you put your finger inside of me, the feeling of it going in and out is driving me insane. You bring your hand to my lips and I suck on your fingers... You kiss my lips and travel down my body kissing and licking your way.

You place your tongue exactly where you know it is the most effective. I whimper with delight, just you blowing warm air has me moaning.... I can feel your teeth just grazing over my clit. My juices are flowing out of me and onto the blanket.

You take two of your fingers and thrust them into me. "Oh God", faster and harder. You do the opposite that I ask for. You slow down and are so gentle, you are driving me insane with desire. Oh how I want you, all of you. You hit that spot again and I let out a sigh, and you catch it on your lips. You place your cock to my lips, as l lick the pre cum away you begin inserting it into my mouth. You taste so good, a little deeper, I almost have you all now...

You pull out of my mouth to let me suck on your balls, back to your cock again. Oh what heaven this is, I love making love outdoors.

You are now poised between my legs. The feeling of you rubbing your cock up and down my slit is fantastic. I'm wet enough that there is no problem sliding you inside of me... Slowly at first, until you hear my pleasure sound. You increase you speed, making me dance beneath you. Harder and faster, I get louder and louder. I can't help myself the amount of pleasure you bring to me is so overwhelming.

I feel like a deer caught in the headlights of a vehicle, all the while you are watch me. Looking into my eyes, watching my expressions. You know I can't take much more of the torture of not touching you. You slow down just enough to untie my hands. I wrap my arms around your neck and push down on your shaft that is still inside of me.

Between me grinding on the base of your shaft and you thrusting fast and hard, I can feel it coming on again....."love me" ...... You won't slow down now you don't want it to stop. Harder and faster, deeper and for each time I cry out a little bit more you work yourself into me... You are so close to cumming now. I cry out one last time... and at the same time you are calling me ..... you keep pumping.

We both enjoying the sweat between us, that aroma of sweet love making, and our juices intermingling between our legs.... You look at me with love in your eyes, I don't have to say it but I do "I love you"...... just as I know you don't have to say it... You remove yourself from inside of me.

You lay beside me to catch your breath. We wait a little while then go down to the lake to clean up and get dressed. Back onto our blanket, we lay in each others arms, not wanting the day to be over.. That pleasure sleep is coming the one that you get when you have given everything and a little bit more. I lay my head on your chest.... " I love you there is no one like you for me." I tell you. You just give me that deep sigh, and I wait..... Nothing so this time you do choose not to say it to me....

I'm okay with that because I live in a pleasure world, the one place I can be myself and I don't have to wonder if you do love me.....

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