tagToys & MasturbationCabin Fever Ch. 03

Cabin Fever Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – The Swimming Trials

….continued from Cabin Fever Ch 02


She looked at the crafted wood, so elegantly turned and smooth to touch. It shone from its wax and polishing. The shape was obviously phallic, though to the unsuspecting eye, it could have been confused for an artistic representation of a tulip or even fish.

What a week this had been Donny, Matt and herself had done things they had never even talked of in the past. If it ever got out what they had been doing, they would be the talk of the town and in real disgrace. She would be viewed as a wild girl or even a whore in some quarters; the boys as some kind of perverts. The boys had gone from talking about sex to actually masturbating in front of her and what's more, using her instead of glossy magazines as the main stimulant. It was outrageous but it was so exciting. She knew that the excitement was enhanced by the repressive nature of the town, which was not healthy.

The town had tried to remain untouched by the influence of the promiscuous and permissive society. However, this was done with scant regard for the hormonal changes occurring in the youth. Kay was not aware of anybody within their college who had a healthy sex-life. Sure it was talked about in dark corners and meeting places but it was all fleeting, fumbled, fondling or snatched seconds of sensual pleasure. The games they had been playing was so much more pleasurable. It had lasted a whole week, building sexual tension and arousal. It looked like it would continue in the foreseeable future. How far? She just didn't know but she didn't want it to stop – just yet.

She was warm with anticipation and her thoughts were making her even warmer. She lay the stem to one side. Her hands slipped into either side of her sheer white panties. She lifted her hips and slid them down her legs, eventually releasing them from her ankle with a kick.

She opened her legs wide, and with her left hand opened her labial lips, as simultaneously she used her right to insert the wooden shaft. She was wet and tentatively eased the curved head into herself. As she felt the first thrill of entry her thoughts turned to images of Donny and Matt so excited their hands rapidly massaging their rigid cocks, jerking their foreskins over their wet bell ends. She pushed the unyielding rod further into her moist passage, the lips peeled back. She repositioned herself to ease access for the brown instrument. As she became more familiar with its size, shape, movement and effect on her senses, she experimented with speed and depth. She was surprised at how easily it had gone in. There had been some resistance but nothing like that which she had expected, though she was very wet. When she had it in to the hilt, she felt a pleasurable ache, deep inside.

She switched hands, rubbing her clitoris with her right index finger, manipulating the false cock with her left hand. She imagined what it would be like to feel a real cock inside her; of making love; of feeing possessed by a loving man; of a sweating heaving body, pressing her down and thrusting into her, wanting to give and take pleasure She approached climax, bucking into the lubricated shaft. The bed rocked, the greater the physical action. The action increased as she reached ecstasy. Her damp body strained as, open mouthed, she exchanged lungs full of air for quivering squeals and groans.

Shortly afterward she removed the dildo and climbed under the covers to sleep.


Even though Kay would only be at college a short while before she travelled, she decided to stick with the game plan and today she was to wear the brown set. She pulled off the duvet and slipped her long smooth legs over the side of the bed. The bedside lamp was assembled, after she had washed and dried it.

She showered and checked her packing ensuring her toiletries were all there. She stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror looking the full length of her lithe body. Her hips were not too broad but not boyish either. She stretched her arms upward and felt the comforting pleasure as the muscles in her back strained then unloosened. She felt around her breasts, cupping them and squeezing the nipples lightly, sending a spasm down beneath her black bush. They weren't large but certainly a good handful.

She sprayed her body, the scent heavier than normal because of the long coach journey in prospect. She disliked overpowering, sickly sweet perfumes, that a number of the girls at college wore, preferring a lighter subtle fragrance. Matt had once commented how when she passed him, he would enjoy the scent trail she left behind.

She went to her drawer and removed the brown underwear edged with a white frill. There was a delicate red flower embroidered at the front of the panties to the right hand side. She stepped into them, then ran them up her legs until they nestled comfortably, though snugly over her lower body. She could just feel the light silky material and stretching elastic against her smooth skin.

Next the bra, again with the white lace trim. She placed first one arm then the next through the straps and watched herself, stretching back to fasten the clasp. Once finished she could see the rise of her breasts as she sighed, above the brown cups that supported them.

She dressed in a fawn woollen jumper with a 'V' neck, it was quite loose and when she bent forward, a prying eye could see her underwear and breasts, she would have to be careful of that. She completed dressing with beige jeans and brown leather boots. The weather was forecast to be colder particularly as she was travelling North. Once again she checked her bag and then went downstairs for breakfast.


She arrived at college at 8:30 and met with the other county trialists from her college. The coach was to travel to Harpers Green College in the county capital but pick up from three other towns en route. There was a hotel near the campus where they would stay, and although they would share rooms, they were twin rooms of a very high standard.

There were 12 to travel from the college 8 girls and 4 guys. They stood around talking excitedly about their performances and what chances they thought they would have at the trials. As she was talking Matt and Donny arrived.

"Hi guys! What're you doing here?" Kay smiled, delighted to see them.

"We thought we'd see you off." Replied Matt, looking slightly embarrassed. Kay picked up on what that meant straight away, this was part of the game.

"Oh I see." She smiled mischievously.

"We just thought we'd see how you are." Added Donny. "and of course see what you're wearing……. and if you enjoyed your present."

She looked at them both and shook her head, her lips pursed.

"You never stop do you?" She was already feeling excitement with the prospect of the trials, this added to it. She breathed a sigh. "Don't worry I haven't let you down."

The boys looked back and forth at each other, almost in disbelief. Donny was immediately a bag of nerves, twitching with excitement.

"Er… about the present." He found his voice catching in his throat. "Did you make ..er full use of it."

She held his eyes for a few seconds, flushed and took a deep breath, then sighed.

"The lamp? Uh oh!" She looked coy. "That would be telling."

She bent down to her bag. As she rummaged both boys had a direct view down her jumper. She remained in this position for some time, as they watched her breasts accentuated by the brown material that cupped them. Donny noticed that as she bent forward her jumper rode up at the back. This revealed the white lace trimmed brown panties, as her jeans pulled down slightly. Donny nudged Matt to get his attention and said.

"Full set!"

Kay looked up, smiled and by reflex reached behind to cover herself. She stood up a book and ipod in hand.

"Something for the journey." She said, then directly at Donny said. "Well? Satisfied?"

"W..ell ….not …. satisfied." He dragged this out exaggeratedly. He was horny and grimaced in mock sorrow. "But I suppose we can't complain, you're wearing the right colour. You've told us about the present."

The boys started smiling among themselves and she suspected they were up to something.

"What is it? What are you up to?" Kay enquired to no avail.

"You'll see." They said.

She was suddenly horror struck.

"Don't embarrass me."

Matt reassured her, thinking of the dildo.

"Oh it's nothing like that – just a bit of fun, between us."

Relieved she decided to ignore their boyish humour.

They continued talking but focusing on the swimming events to come. Until the coach was ready for boarding. Both of the boys gave Kay huge kisses and wished her well. Donny plucked up the courage and whispered in her ear.

"Did you use it?" He was frustrated. "Please tell?"

She smiled at him, raised an eyebrow and nodded to him once discreetly. He gripped her arms lightly, before releasing her.

As she got on the coach she looked out of the window and the pair had unfurled a banner with the words, "Yay 4 BROWN!".

The students on the coach, looked at each other one asking "Who's Brown?" and dismissing them as ill informed at best or crazy at worst. Kay smiled at their shared little secret and waved to them shaking her head, as the coach pulled away. Maybe not the most outrageous acknowledgement of her brown underwear but definitely the one requiring the most preparation.

Matt turned to Donny.

"Thank goodness she stuck to the game plan or this would have been a waste of time."

"Never mind the game plan - What about my present?" Donny exclaimed. "I'll be thinking about it all the time now. She actually used it!"

Matt stepped back and looked at him.

"Really?." He smiled. "She may have used it to read by."


Although Kay was popular, it transpired that she was sat on her own listening to her ipod and reading her book. The coach travelled 40 miles before pulling into Mulgrave College. The college was a large ornate building with vast grounds and sports fields. It had a strong reputation in the county for competing in all sports. A large number of young men and women stood talking and laughing, their backpacks ready to be loaded in the hold. Their dress was much more liberal than allowed at her own college. The girls wore very short mini-skirts of a variety colours and generally tight tank tops, without bra's. As the coach stopped the students trouped on finding their favoured unoccupied seats.

The coach was filling up nicely. As they moved along the highway they chatted and Kay would occasionally be interrupted for her opinion. Some of the guys were really cool and the girls beautiful. The atmosphere was happy and excited. Kay smiled to herself thinking about Matt and Donny holding the banner. They must have prepared it this morning as acknowledgement. The countryside flew by as they drove into Dennison College. This was a modern building with a curved roof. The grounds weren't quite as impressive as Mulgraves and the number of students was less than 10. Most were guys and they seemed to have an inherent confidence and authority about them, as if they were in some way superior to the rest. They boarded and seated themselves together. Kay was still alone until Hawley College.

Hawley College was another older type building, with a red and cream brick front. It's grounds had statues festooned about the grounds, lending it an air of antiquity. A small pretty blonde girl asked Kay if it would be ok to sit next to her. Kay removed her headset, edged closer to the window and indicated she could sit. Her name was Pamela, Pam for short and she was competing in the 200 metre breast-stroke event.

Kay immediately became friendly with her and they talked non-stop until they arrived at Harpers Green College. Pam was a true free-spirit and believed in having a good time. Some of the guys from her college teased her but in an affectionate way. Kay envied her and wished that Donny and Matt were here to do the same for herself.

Pam was wearing a pink fluffy woollen jumper, light blue jeans with light brown heeled boots. When she laughed it was generous and her head would go back projecting the noise throughout the coach. Kay found her so infectious and laughed with her but more reservedly. Pam quizzed Kay about her college and its reputation for being so strict. Kay could only confirm this. The conversation continued until Pam said.

"What do you do for sex?"

Kay blushed and shrugged her shoulders. Pam responded.

"You don't? That's unnatural." But she was sympathetic. "Well I don't know how you can stand it."

"Well it's frustrating sometimes but I just put more effort into my work or training."

Pam laughed pleasantly, not mocking her.

"Well I promise working harder just isn't the same."

"No, but it helps take your mind off it." Kay retorted.

"Really?" Pam looked incredulous. "No work is that absorbing."

They both laughed rocking against each other. Kay felt growing affection for her. Eventually she decided to confide in her

"I do have boy friends."

"Boy friends – plural hey? And how do they feel. Hornier than hell I expect." She leaned into Kay. "Like humping dogs on heat - I find. Uncontrollable."

Again they roared. Which attracted the attention of several on the coach, causing Kay to whisper.

"To be perfectly honest, yes." She thought of Donny and Matt. "We talk about sex and it's always arousing …. but they are friends."

"I bet they get as stiff as a salami."

"Well yes you're right." Kay thought about the week they'd had. "They hardly ever stop talking about it and they always seem … well … ready."

"Yes that's guys for you and that's how I like 'em." Pam continued the quizzing. "If you don't mind. How far have you gone with them?"

Kay felt slightly embarrassed. She didn't know if it was because of her inexperience with the subject matter or that she would seem immature in Pam's eyes, if she hadn't gone far enough. In a hushed voice she said.

"I've seen them cum." She waited for Pam's response, which was non-committal, so added. "…and I've helped them."

Pam raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Mmmmm. You naughty girl. " Mischievously she added. "How often?"

Kay looked away.

"Well only the once but I've seen them cum several times now." Even speaking this way to a virtual stranger was a turn-on.

"What are they like?"

"Oh they're both handsome in their own way. Over six foot muscular, sporty, one dark hair, one sandy."

Pam leaned in.

"And what about their ….?" She pointed between Kay's legs.

Kay shivered in pleasure and giggled.

"One long and thin-ish, the other shorter but thicker."

"Sounds like you've got a couple of real horny guys there if you ask me." She engaged Kay's eyes. "I bet they're dying for it."

"They absolutely are." Kay warmed to the subject. "We all turn each other on, but it is frustrating. I'm not ready yet I think because I don't want to spoil our friendship."

Pam patted her leg.

"I respect you for that but there'll come a time …."

Kay interrupted.

"I know I can feel it's changed in the last week. I guess I always thought there'd be one special person and that would be it. I have two and it's so difficult to restrain myself sometimes. I couldn't choose between them. We share everything. All our secrets, our wishes…."

"What about you? Do you masturbate with them or let them do you?"

"Oh no . . no never." She shook her head. "In fact I sometimes feel so frustrated when they've finished ….. but I daren't go further."

"You're right. You should only go as far as makes you feel comfortable and not just go with the flow. But what am I saying, you're an intelligent girl. I bet I sound like your mother."

Kay smiled in agreement.

"Yes I suppose you do – or the preacher." They laughed again.

Pam was trying to understand how far things actually went.

"How about kissing and foreplay? Do you do much?"

Kay thought about this and was surprised to think how little there was.

"Not really." Kay considered then and added. ".. unless you consider talking, foreplay."

"Well I suppose it can be, if you find it stimulating enough." Pam thought she realised the rudimentary stage they where at. "You're really at an experimental phase. I think you'll find when you start the kissing phase it'll be a whole lot more pleasurable and it'll help you make a choice….if you want to that is?"

"I don't know if I want to choose. They're both great." Kay seemed hurt at the suggestion of choosing.

"Well you might have to one day."

Kay looked into the distance so Pam decided to lighten the mood.

"You're lucky. Two hunks both at your finger tips, literally." Kay smiled, returning to the conversation. "It'll be tough not to crack in the end." Pam spoke philosophically. "…. in my experience."

Kay raised her eyebrows at that phrase.

"Your experience? You sound as if you're well versed."

"Put it this way sister." Pam nudged her. "I've seen my share of salami."

Kay found it outrageously funny and sexy as Pam winked and nodded her way through the journey, which passed quickly. When they arrived at the college Pam had listed for Kay the best and worse of her fellow male collegian travellers and Kay had told her all about the boys.


Within an hour the first trial had taken place which involved Kay. She passed without a problem coming second in her heat. She could have come first but underperformed mainly she felt because she wasn't given enough time to warm up. She had been beaten by a local girl who had been warming up since the morning. By 3 o'clock all the first day trials had completed. Kay came second in hers behind representatives from Mulgrave college and was selected for the county team. Kay had a trial the following day for the 800 metres relay.


They were bussed to a local hotel in which they had to share rooms. Kay was happy that Pam chose her to room with. The rooms were surprisingly luxurious. Their room had 2 double beds with imitation brown fur covers. At one end of the room was a bronze tinted mirror, covering most of the wall. This added a feeling of space to the already large room. Kay thought it was enormous, certainly bigger than her bedroom at home.

Pam dived on the bed nearest the window and claimed it as her own. There was a large flat screen television embedded in the wall, two divan suites to the left and a writing table with mirror. To the right were a number of doors one of which led to the en-suite bathroom, the others being wardrobes. A couple of modern art pictures sat on top of a light Hessian wall covering.

Kay inspected the bathroom which was tiled in white marble and lit by overhead embedded spotlights. It looked as clean as an operating theatre. The fixtures and fittings again in white, were a bath, shower, bidet and toilet. Kay heard the television turn on, as she inspected various complimentary shampoos, soaps, lotions and shower gels. Suddenly she heard a cry from Pam causing her to jump back through the door.

"What is it?" Kay asked concerned Pam had hurt herself.

"What have we here?" Pam pointed to the television. A semi-naked woman was groaning beneath a naked athletic looking man. Kay stared in astonishment and with fascination. She had never seen anything like it in her life. Sure she'd heard of what people got up to but never witness a sex act, in living colour. She found it stimulating, daring but something else to. In sudden horror she realised what affect this would have on the room charges.

"Pam this will appear on the bill. We'll get into terrible trouble."

Kay lying on the bed, in her jumper and white silken panties, dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

"Don't worry honey. My dads plastic will take care of the 'extras'." She looked up to at Kay's horrified facial expression. "Forget it just get on your bed and enjoy."

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