tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 2

Calendar Art Ch. 2


Chris checked herself one more time in the mirror. Denim capris, a pale pink tank top with a pink and blue checked shirt complimented her figure well. She had arranged her hair so her curls had been pulled in a cascade effect from the top of her head down her back. It had been a few days since Heath had to return to Australia, where he was preparing to shoot a movie. He had invited her to spend some time in Australia with him, shooting publicity shots, so forth. Chris had agreed, but she needed to finish the calendar shots first.

Next on the list was Orlando Bloom. He was just finished shooting Black Hawk Down and the LOTR series; he was also going to Oz to be in the same movie as Heath. Chris loved him in LOTR. She was hoping for some really sexy shots!

She jumped as the doorbell rang. Taking a deep breath, she hurried down the short hallway to answer the door.

She opened it to find Orlando leaning casually against the frame, his dark brown eyes hidden behind fashionable sunglasses.

"Hi, I'm Orlando Bloom. I have an appointment for 9:30." He stuck out his hand at Chris, giving her a toothy grin.

Taking his hand in hers, she gently shook it. "Please come in. My name is Chris, and I'm the photographer doing the shoot." Orly followed Chris through the short hallway to the large studio area. He admired her rear view as they walked. He couldn't help thinking to himself that this was one very hot lady. Funny how Heath hadn't mentioned anything about how cute she was to him. Maybe he was trying to keep her to himself?

"Is this your home as well as the studio, Chris? You have good taste." Orly smiled as she led him over to the sliding doors. They stepped out onto the patio. The aroma of many types of exotic flowers drifted through the comfortably warm air. Chris indicated a padded bench and they sat down.

"Yeah, this is my home and my workplace. I love to be surrounded by beauty. Oh, forgive my manners, would you like some iced tea? Juice?" She hopped to her feet. Orly smiled at her.

"Sure, I think the tea will be fine."

Chris turned and stepped into the house. Orly leaned back, feeling very relaxed and comfortable. Chris was quite a looker…damn that Heath, I bet he IS trying to keep her for himself.

Chris brought out tall glasses of iced tea for both of them. They chatted for a while, Chris telling Orly about her career, how she had become bored with just fashion photography, and branched out into portraits and magazine shoots. Orly talked about the stresses of being an actor, and they found out that neither of them was attached. Chris thought about Heath. They hadn't made any promises, other than they would remain friends.

Orly cleared his throat as he placed his empty glass on a small side-table. "Did you do all the beautiful flower work here?"

Chris nodded. "It took me quite a while, but now I have my retreat from the world. I become centered here. It's my little piece of heaven."

Chris enchanted Orly. She beamed when she spoke about her garden. He wanted to spend time with this girl!

"Will you have dinner with me?"

Chris blushed. She was hoping he'd ask her out. "I'd love to. Any place special?"

Orly smiled. "Not to worry, I'll make reservations. Nothing too fancy, I hate to wear monkey suits."

Chris grinned, nodding her agreement. She stood, took Orly by the hand, and led him back to the studio. His touch was electrifying to her. She had chills and a hot flash at the same time.

Orly felt much the same way. He actually had butterflies in his stomach!

"Here's the changing room. Just look through the boxes there, you'll find many styles to choose from." She looked him over, head to toe.

Orly could feel his pulse quicken a bit. He'd never been this close to a woman who had looked at him quite this way. Sort of a combination of lust and professionalism. He could feel stirrings below his belt….

Chris turned back to the studio, pulling the door closed so he could have some privacy. She slipped her outer shirt off, setting up the camera. Orly came out of the dressing room wearing long, emerald green, silky pajama bottoms.

"I know these aren't exactly underwear, but I really like the feel of them."

Chris smiled, her gaze traveling over his body. He was really hot, his build slender but very muscular. His brown hair was growing a bit long, and curls dipped over his ears and brow. As he walked to the shooting area, Chris admired his rear view. The silky pants fit him like they had been made just for him. She couldn't help wondering just what his sweet behind would look like naked!

Orly could feel her gaze on his body. Did she have to take off that shirt? Now all he could think about was having those gorgeous breasts in his hands. He was rapidly developing a wicked erection. Peeking back at Chris setting up the camera, he could see her nipples getting tight. Think something else! He screamed silently to himself. Good thing these pants were a bit loose in the crotch!

Chris directed him to a Victorian lounge chair. After "arranging" himself, he posed on the chair, leaning back and doing his best bedroom eyes imitation.

Chris was in heaven. First Heath, now Orly! She snapped away, posing Orly different ways on the lounge. She lined up the final shot wearing the long pants, having Orly down on one knee; his other knee bent to his chest with his arms wrapped around it. What a package! This would be a popular month, she decided.

Orly changed into some boxers, and the shoot went on. They laughed and talked, flirting shamelessly with each other.

Like all good things, the shoot came to an end. Orly slipped into the changing room to dress. Chris began to straighten the studio, putting away props and the like.

Orly slipped up behind her, gently turning her to face him. "I actually had a wonderful time today. Thank you for asking me to be a part of the calendar."

Chris smiled as his hands lingered on her arms. She found herself being pulled closer. Orly didn't mean to do it, he never intended…but his hands slid up to her face, and he pressed his lips gently to hers. She responded likewise, her hands just softly holding his shoulders. His tongue slid into her mouth, tentatively at first, then becoming slightly more aggressive. Their arms now wrapped around each other, their tongues dancing together. Chris gently broke away. Orly opened his eyes and gazed into hers. "I, uh, I don't know what to say. I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry, honestly!"

Chris placed her fingers lightly over Orly's lips. "Not to worry, I mean, no apologies needed! I'm glad you did that!"

Orly hugged her against him. "It felt really good, didn't it?"

Chris could only nod. Her nipples were so hard, her panties damp. She could feel Orly's hardness against her thigh. She pressed lightly against it. Orly moaned into her ear. "I better go…may I pick you up at 7?"

She agreed on the time, and was sorry to see Orly leave.

Chris arranged her hair so the curls would just flow down her back. The dress she picked was a strapless, backless affair, mid- thigh length, baby blue, and set off her tan perfectly. She picked a pair of strappy tan sandals to complete the outfit. She wore pale blue silk panties under the dress. A matching shrug for her shoulders and she was ready.

Orly arrived promptly at 7. He wanted to spend more time with Chris. He had to drive back to his hotel earlier with a raging hard-on. All he could think about was that kiss….

Chris opened the door, reaching for him and giving him a quick hug. Orly looked her up and down. "God, but you look lovely!"

Chris smiled, admiring the way his outfit complimented his physique. "You look pretty good yourself, Mr. Bloom."

Orly helped her into the car, kissing her hand before closing the door. Her skin burned where his lips had touched her. Infatuation? She thought as he climbed in. One smile from him was enough to dispel those thoughts. She really liked him, and knew he felt the same.

Dinner was a lovely thing, the restaurant being mostly casual but very good. They got to know each other better. Orly was excited to hear that Chris may be going to the Aussie film set. He encouraged her to go.

Chris was getting so excited. All she could think about was having Orly and Heath all to herself. Maybe, just maybe, she could make her wildest fantasies come true…

After dinner, they drove back to Chris'. She invited him in for a drink. Getting some wine from the cooler, she led them out to the patio. The night blooming flowers were open, and the fragrance was incredible. She sat down on the double lounger with Orly, his arm around her. She had Celtic music on the sound system, a relaxing, romantic blend of strings and pipes. Chris had kicked off her shoes; Orly had taken off his jacket and shoes.

They lounged together on the double chaise, sipping wine and enjoying the music. Orly turned his head and kissed Chris lightly on the cheek. Her hair smelled wonderful, her skin silky soft. He couldn't resist as she turned her head, and their lips met.

Chris melted into his arms. Orly's mouth was gently, yet insistent. His lips burned kisses down her neck, as his hands stroked her back. Chris pulled Orly closer to her, softly moaning into his ear. His hand traveled down over her bottom, squeezing lightly. She wiggled closer to him, pressing fully into him. She could feel how hard he was against her leg.

Orly felt almost intoxicated; between the wine, the flowers, and this woman, he found himself becoming more aggressive than he ever would have, especially on a first date!

Chris was becoming more aroused, her nipples screaming to be touched, her panties wet. Orly pulled her onto him. His hands moved to her back, unzipping her dress while they kissed deeply. The dress pushed up over her thighs as she sat up, straddling his hips. Orly groaned as she slowly slid the dress over her head, her breasts coming into his view for the first time. He pulled her back down to him, kissing her, finally slipping his hand between them to cup her full breast. Chris sighed with delight as Orly took her nipple into his lips, gently sucking and pulling on it. His hands stroked down her back, down over her bottom, pulling her panties with him. She kissed down over his neck, sucking softly under his ear.

They played like this for a few minutes. Chris finally pushed herself upright and unbuttoned the rest of Orly's shirt.

"Take this off. I need to see the rest of you." She backed off him, and he finished removing his shirt. His hand slid down to his pants. "No, let me finish that." Orly stood as Chris began to unfasten his buttons. His cock was so hard, he thought he was going to burst through the material. He couldn't resist stroking her skin as she continued to slowly remove his clothing, trailing kisses over each exposed part.

Chris easily pushed him back to the chaise, and started kissing down his neck, down to his nipples, first licking and sucking one then the other. Using her fingertips, she tickled his inner thighs, causing him to moan. His fingers swept through her hair, pulling her closer. She teased his navel with her tongue, and he leaned back on the lounge. "Damn, girl, what are you doing to me?"

She smiled up at him. "Do you like this?"

Orly could only nod. Her hands traveled further up his thighs, to the base of his cock. He closed his eyes, leaning his head back as she squeezed the base of his manhood. Chris continued her exploration of his body with her tongue and lips. She ran her tongue from the bottom to the top of his rod, finally taking the tip in her mouth and sucking gently. Orly's breath hissed out raggedly.

Chris couldn't help but smile knowing how much pleasure she was giving him. She took his thick cock into her mouth, moving down on it as much as she could. She varied her speed, sucking vigorously, sometimes just licking, others being more aggressive.

Orly had never experienced anything like this. He worked his hand over the edge of the chaise, squeezing her nipple at intervals. He finally was able to reach lower, touching her sweet treasure for the first time.

Chris moaned as she felt his fingers on her. He slipped his finger between her lips, just touching her clit. "Babe, you are so wet…" He raised his finger to his lips and tasted her. Her sweet nectar was just what he wanted.

All the while Chris kept sucking on him. He had begun to thrust into her mouth, and he knew he had to stop her, or he would cum way too soon. "Stop, baby, please…" He pulled on her shoulders. She licked up his cock, giving it a final suck.

"Why Orly? Don't you want me to do that?"

He pulled her on top of him. "Hell yes, I want that. But, I want more, and I want this to last." With that, he rolled over on top of her. He kissed her hard, gently biting on her tongue and lips. As she writhed under him, he could feel her wetness against his cock. The feeling of her smoothly shaved lips against his groin was almost too much. He wanted to bury himself into her, thrusting hard 'til she came screaming into his ear. Pacing himself, he kissed and licked down her neck, all while pinching her very hard nipples with his fingers.

Chris could only moan and beg for more. Orly sucked on each nipple, causing her to moan loudly. He slipped his hand down to her lips, stroking the outer areas then sliding once again between. Chris drew her knees up a bit, opening more to him. Orly slid down between her legs, licking along her inner thighs while rubbing her inner lips.

"Orly, babe, please!" she begged. Her hair was spread out around her, eyes closed.

"What do you want Chris? Tell me!"

"Please, please, lick me!"

He touched his tongue to her slit, and wiggled it a bit. Chris was in ecstacy. Juice poured from her. Orly slowly licked it up, savoring her sweetness.

She wrapped her fingers in his brown curls and pulled him closer. Orly grinned; he knew what she wanted. Finally, he licked her from the bottom to the top, taking her clit between his lips and squeezing it. Chris left out a long moan. "OOO, yes, yes, please, babe!"

Orly began licking at her little love button. He slid his finger into her, feeling how tight and hot she was. His cock actually ached when he felt her squeeze his finger.

Chris continued to moan and call out his name as she thrust against his face. He pulled her hips down with his free hand. He could feel her tighten up, her breathing more ragged. She exploded into his mouth, screaming his name and calling for the gods.

Orly immediately slid her up higher on the chaise, lying above her. Taking his rod in hand, he stroked over her still spasming pussy. He couldn't take it anymore. He slid into her with one smooth motion. She was so tight and hot!

Chris wrapped her legs around his waist. She licked at his face, tasting herself. Orly kissed her, softly, then harder, matching his thrusts. He could feel her pussy actually becoming tighter, his thrusts coming faster now. She took his face in her hands.

"Orly, oh please, ooooo, I'm cumming…" He couldn't hold back any longer. He felt his own orgasm course through his body. Their eyes were locked together, their moaning loud and long.

Orly collapsed down onto her. Chris held him wrapped in her arms and legs. He kissed her neck, then back to her lips.

All he wanted was to keep this woman in bed! Or in this case, on the lounge. Chris felt the same way.

"You will come to Oz, right?"

Chris could only nod yes.

What an adventure that would turn out to be...

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