Calendar Meeting with Robin/Juliet


I stood up and gave Juliet a big hug and she hugged me back. My cock was straining my pants and Juliet stiffened when she felt it.

She backed off and looked me in the eye. Her gorgeous deep dark blue eyes sparkled with a spark of sexual energy. She licked her full red lips and moved forward and our lips met in a light tender kiss.

I broke away trying not to scare her away. I brushed that same stray lock of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

She cleared her throat; "I guess I should be going now. When do you want to get together with Robin to discuss the format and the months for all of the women?"

"I don't have any plans for this evening, how about you?"

"Sorry John, I do have plans for this evening, but I am free tomorrow night, how about then?"

"Sounds great, I'll get with Robin this evening and thy and set up a tentative schedule and we can go over it tomorrow. I know we won't get it all right the first go round, but at least we'll have a start, okay?"

She nodded; "Well then until tomorrow evening."

I looked at her and was amazed how gorgeous she was and she wasn't even trying. "How about me picking you up around 5:30 PM and we'll have an early dinner and come back here to go over the plans."

Her eyes sparkled and she nodded, sounds great, here's my card with my number and address, see you around 5:30 tomorrow."

She turned to go and I opened the door for her. She turned in the doorway and I again gave her a light tender kiss and she let out a short sigh and whispered; "See you tomorrow around 5:30."

"Till then Juliet, bye."

I closed the door and nearly passed out. I couldn't believe the sexual energy between the two of us in such a short time. This photo shoots were going to kill me.... What a way to go!!

I got with Robin and we hammered out a tentative calendar list by month for both shoots. I purposely left the list in my suite when I went to pick up Juliet figuring that was a sure way to insure her returning to my room.

I got to her townhouse just before 5:30 with roses in my arm for Juliet. She opened the door and my jaw dropped, she looked utterly fantastic. Her hair was done to perfection with soft blonde backs gracing her forehead and the locks brushing across her bare shoulders. She had on a black velvet dress that defied gravity. Her large breast held the dress in place and it hugged her chest, stomach and hips like a second skin. It flared out from there and danced around her thighs, it ended just above her knees and her legs were encased in sheer stocking and her feet daintily filled matching black velvet hi heeled shoes.

Her eyes sparkled as she watched me take in the vision before me as she smiled. Her red lips were wet with lipstick and visions of those red lips wrapped around my cock danced in my head.

I cleared my throat and handed her the roses, "These pale in comparison to the beauty before me, but I guess they can at least complement you."

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek; "Come in and let me put these in a vase and we can be on our way."

Her place was tastefully done with a woman's touch. She picked up her wrap and I took it from her and placed it on her bare shoulders.

We left and headed for on of the city's most popular restaurants. We talked and drank and had a leisurely dinner. The next thing we knew, nearly three hours had passed. I suggested we head to my place to discuss the plans for the calendars.

Juliet looked at me from across the table; "It's getting late, how about doing that at my place tomorrow. I'd hate to ruin a perfect evening talking business."

I took her hands in mine, "That's fine Juliet, would you like me to take you home now?"

She nodded and we left in silence.

When we got to her place she handed me her key, I opened the door and handed her the key.

"I had a wonderful evening John, would you like to come in for a short drink?"

I nodded and followed her into her place.

She dropped her keys on the table and hung up her wrap. She kicked off her shoes and came over to me. Slowly wrapping her arms around my neck she whispered in my ear; "What would you care to drink?"

I nipped at her ear and whispered back. "You!"

She let out a moan as our lips met, tenderly at first, but quickly became more urgent as our mouths opened and out tongues met. First into my mouth and then into hers. Her hands traveled down my back and grabbed my ass cheeks. My hands were also busy running down her half naked back to her gorgeous ass. I squeezed and she let out a moan. I ran my fingers through her gorgeous blonde locks and pulled her head back and I dove down and kissed her long slender neck. I kissed along her neck to her bare shoulder and lower to her heaving upper chest. I tugged at the zipper on the back of her dress and as it parted it fell to her waist baring her gorgeous breasts.

I stepped back and took in the beauty of her upper body. Her eyes simmered with lust, her pink tongue wet those luscious red lips. Her upper body heaved with her heavy breathing. Her large full breasts sat high upon her chest, her large rosy aureoles crowned her perfect breasts with tens of small bumps surrounding large pencil eraser sized nipples.

I slowly lowered my mouth to those luscious orbs and slowly swabbed her large aureoles with my tongue, first one, and then the other. She begged me to suck on them, but I wanted to savor their beauty before ravishing them. She crushed my face to her right tit and I sucked hard on the nipple.

Juliet let out a loud growl and ground her tit deeper into my drooling mouth. As I moved to the other tit I did the same and when I moved away both her tits were covered and dripping with my saliva. I cupped both tits and massaged my spit into them as my mouth once again covered hers/

Juliet kissed me deep, driving her tongue into my mouth as I mauled her perfect tits.

We were still in the entryway o her living room. I picked her up like a feather and carried her down a long hallway. She motioned to a room on the left. I entered the room which was her bedroom. It contained a large king sized bed all in black and white satin. I slowly lowered her to the bed and she stretched out like a lazy cat.

I stood over her taking in her beauty. I slipped off my suit coat and tie, kicking off my shoes and socks I began unbuttoning my shirt. I slipped it off and began taking off my pants. They fell to the floor and I kicked them away. My boxers had a huge tent in them as I approached the bed, grasping the bottom of Juliet's dress I tugged at it. She lifted her compact ass and the dress slipped off her legs and to the floor.

I stood up to admire the form before me. Her white body and blonde head made a gorgeous contrast to the black satin comforter. Her legs were in constant movement trying to quench the thrust between her thighs. All she had on now were the sheet stockings being held up by a black garter belt and a pair of black sheer lacy panties.

I ran my hands up and down her gorgeous long legs and couldn't believe how firm and supple they were. The incredible shape came right out of a Playboy magazine. Reaching for one garter clip I unhooked one stocking and slowly slid it down her thigh and calf. Pulling it from her dainty foot I began sucking on her toes and this drove her wild. I ran my tongue from small digit to the next and massaged her foot at the same time. I kissed my way up her calf and behind her knee. Raising her leg higher I kissed, nipped and ran my tongue along her inner thigh. She was moaning loudly now and she tried to grab my head and cram it into her pussy. I could smell her sex emanating from her damp panties. Her hand had pulled it to one side and her dark brown pussy hair that lined her pussy was drenched in her juices.

I dropped her leg and proceeded to repeat the process with the other leg and foot. When I once again approached her pussy she arched her back and yanked off her sopping panties.

Again I sat back on my haunches and admired the gorgeous body before me. Her pussy had a tight line slit along it; it was rapidly blossoming as her fluids trickled freely from it. At the top her huge clit had popped out, buy was hidden by a small patch of dark brown hair. Fine tiny hairs led a path from the base of her pussy to her dark brown puckered asshole. The slightly tanned ass cheeks were perfectly rounded and looked extremely firm.

"Oh fuck John, quit looking at me and touch me, play with me, suck me, fuck me, do something or I'm going to go crazy."

I smiled down at her; "Juliet, all in good time. I want this to last without a doubt you have to have one of the most perfectly proportioned bodies I have ever seen. You should and will be on the cover of the calendar, maybe with cum dripping from your lips. I'm not sure which set if lips, who knows maybe both."

She smiled; "That's very flattering, but what I need right now is for you to quit talking and show me some of that cum, hopefully deposited deep in my hungry cunt."

I began kissing her inner thighs again and looking up I said; "If I make you cum, can we then take it slower so we can enjoy this evening?"

She nodded; "I may have to cum more then once to get the edge off, but yes after that we can take it slow. I think I would love that, all of the other guys want to fuck and run, I would love a night of slow sensual lovemaking, but first make me cum and make me cum hard."

Without saying a word I started licking and kissing her legs, moving upwards I parted her pussy lips with my thumbs and slowly slipped a finger into her dripping hole.

She let out a groan and arched her back. My tongue followed y finger as I slipped my tongue into her hole. I worked a second finger in and curling my fingers around began rubbing the upper front side of her pussy. Finding her "G" spot I started rubbing harder and faster. This set off her first strong orgasm. She squirted her cum all over my palm and wrist. Wanting her to cum again and harder I finally clamped my lips on her large button clit and this sent her into orbit.

Juliet let out a loud scream; "Oh fuck me with your tongue, oh fuck I'm cumming again, holy shit it feels like my entire cunt is exploding, oh shit I love it!"

I continued on her "G" spot and sucked and flicked my tongue on her clit. Her entire body stiffened and shook as she exploded and I do me exploded. She squirted what seemed like a gallon of cum. My entire face and chin were dripping with her cum. My hand was covered in her juices and it was dripping down my arm.

I sat back and licked my face and hands. Her cum was as sweet as honey and nearly as thick.

Juliet dropped back onto the bed and slowly rolled from side to side moaning. Her eyes were glazed over and she had a satisfied look on her face.

"Oh fuck John that was fantastic! I've never cum that way before and I don't want to do it any other way again. Fuck, I'm calling in sick tomorrow so we can spend all day in bed just fucking and sucking."

The once seemingly shy Juliet had turned into a sexual demon and I guess I'll have to tame it."

"Juliet, I can't spend the day here tomorrow. We can spend all night making love, but I have to get back and finalize the calendar and head back to Atlanta by tomorrow evening. Don't forget I will be back for other meetings and hopefully we can start again, who knows maybe we can get Robin or one of the other calendar girls to join us."

She smiles weakly, "I guess you're right, it would be nice to have Robin join us, but we do have tonight. Let me go to the bathroom to freshen up and then we can continue."

She had a gleaming in her eye that told me I was in for a wild ride tonight and I was ready to buckle up and ride out the storm.

When Juliet came out, about ten minutes later she looked fantastic again. She had brushed her hair and it tickled the tops of her tits. Her make-up was freshened and she looked like a million bucks. She slid onto the bed and wrapping her arms around me slowly licked my lips with the tip of her tongue.

I tangled my fingers in her lush locks and pulled her into a deeper kiss. She moaned into my mouth as we fought to see whose tongue would invade whose mouth.

Juliet broke the kiss and pushed me back into the bed. She grabbed my boxers and pulled them off. She licked her lips as she stared at my large cock. Looking up at me with those dark blue eyes she whispered; "It's huge and I can't wait to suck on it and have you fuck my pussy with it."

Wrapping her slim manicured fingers around it she stroked it up and down slowly. It was my turn to moan and she smiled at my reaction. Licking her lips she lowered her mouth to my cock and licked away a pearly drop of pre-cum and she moaned and sucked it into her mouth.

She bent her head and ran her tongue up and down my cock from the head down to the base. She spat on it and worked her hand up and down. She staring getting more and more excited as she started working her gorgeous blonde head up and down, faster and faster. One of her hands dropped down to her pussy and she began fingering herself. My cock was now totally dripping with her saliva and the sounds her mouth were making were driving me crazy. She slurped and gurgled as she took my entire nine inches into her throat. She started coughing and gagging, but never let it from her mouth.

Juliet changed positions and I swept the blonde veil of hair from her face. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, her lips strained to contain my cock. Saliva was dripping down her chin, her gorgeous full tits were swaying from side to side, her large aureoles and stiff nipples rubbed against my thighs, and these visions were just too much for me to take. Seeing her with my cock down her throat and imagining her on Dayside looking so prim, proper and sexy sent me over the top. I dug my fingers into her hair and let out a deep groan.

My cum splattered the back of her throat. I could see her throat swallowing my cum. I squirted again and again as she tried to swallow it all. My cock popped out of her mouth as she tried to swallow and breathe. Cum was running down her chin and dropped to her tits. I shot again and it splattered her cheek, eyes and forehead. Again I shot and it landed in her hair. She popped it back into her mouth, but the damage was already done. The once gorgeous Juliet Huddy was transformed into a cum sucking slut and she never looked better or more sexy.

She fell to the bed, her hair and face resting on my lower belly as she lovingly stroked my softening cock. Cum was dripping from her face and mouth. What a sight to see. I pulled her up to me and gave her a long soul searching kiss. She was surprised that I kissed her with my cum dripping from her face, but I could not imagine doing anything but that at this given time.

She rested her head on my chest and drifted off.

Juliet moaned in her sleep as I lazily licked and sucked on her stiffening nipple. Her eyes popped open and she smiled and ran her fingers through my hair.

Rising up I smiled; "Are you ready for the fuck of your life?"

All she did was smile and nodded her head repeatedly. "Please let me go to the bathroom first. I need to; you know and freshen up, okay?"

I watched as she climbed off the bed. Those long slender legs and firm rounded ass wiggled as she stepped into the bathroom. Once again when she exited the bathroom she looked fantastic.

I pulled her to the bed and she let out a squeal and began laughing. It all quickly disappeared and her noised turned to moans and groans as I kissed her face, neck and shoulder. I moved down to her chest which was rising and falling faster now. I sucked first one large nipple into my mouth as I tweaked the other one and then switched and worked my lips on the other one.

I rose up and just stared into her gorgeous eyes. I pushed a stray lock of hair from her forehead and took in her beauty.

She smiled up at me; "What are you staring at?"

I kissed the tip of her nose; "I was just looking at you. I can't believe I'm actually here in your bed naked and getting ready to make love to you. You have no idea just how gorgeous and desirable you really are, do you?"

She shook her head no and pulled me down to kiss me.

I once again started my journey southward, sucking her large firm tits again, feeling them stiffen as my tongue worked around and around their tips. Moving south I kissed her flat stomach and she willingly spread her legs. I moved past her pussy and kissed up and down her thighs. When I came back up she was rocking her hips and guiding my head to her pussy. I slipped one finger into her pussy and she let out a groan.

"Put another one in, please!"

I slipped a second finger in and she groaned again. I flicked my tongue up and down her blossoming slit. She tightened and let out a sigh, she had a tiny orgasm and I was determined to give her many more. I slid up her body and straddling her chest I cupped both of her tits and pushing them together I slid my stiff cock between them.

Juliet went off like a rocket; "Oh fuck my tits, I just love feeling a cock slid between my tits, please do it deeper so I can suck on it."

Her words were cut off as I drove higher and my cock bumped into her chin. She lowered her chin and opening her mouth sucked my cock into her wet slick red lips. I drew back and my cock made a popping sound as it came out of her mouth. It was dripping with her saliva which made it easier for me to slide between her tits. We did this for over five minutes. The hallow of her neck, her chin and tits were dripping with her saliva and it made a swishing sound and I picked up the pace it popped in and out of her tight lipped mouth and her nipples were beet red from all of the attention. I squeezed them hard as I pushed upward and I had Juliet now hold her tits together.

I reached back and shoved three fingers into her cunt and my thumb slick with her juices popped into her asshole. This sent her over the top; "oh fuck, I'm cumming again, please John cum all over my face and tits, please!"

I wanted to, but I still haven't fucked that juicy cunt of hers and that was my main objective. I fought like crazy, but finally escaped her hold and slid between those luscious thighs. Without any warning I positioned my cock at the entrance to her dripping cunt and with one quick lunge was buried balls deep in her gripping pussy.

She let out a loud scream and I stiffened; "Oh please, don't stop. It feels so fucking great. After all this wait to finally be filled by your fantastic cock. Fuck me; fuck me good and hard until I can't take it any more. I want to feel your cum shoot in my pussy. I want to make a baby with you."

I stiffened when I heard this, but my find was in overdrive as I began fucking her tight pussy. Her inner walls griped my cock like a rubber glove and pulled at my cum. I wanted so much for this to last, but I knew at this pace I'd be empting my balls in her cunt very soon.

Juliet shoved a finger up my ass and I stiffened trying to hold back. She drove her hips up and down trying desperately to make me cum in her clutching pussy.

I bent down and sucked feverishly on her mouth and picked up the pace. I figured if I was going to cum I was going to make it an orgasm to be remembered. I drove deeper and harder into her dripping cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I stiffened and felt my cock expand. Juliet did to and this sent her over the top. Her cunt clutched at my cock and it made me boil over. I began cumming and it felt like my insides were being torn out.

We both shook and quivered as we both came at the same time. I collapsed on her and we laid there with only our heavy breathing in the room. Her legs dropped from my back and she slowly stroked my back. Tiny aftershocks wracked both of our bodies.

I rolled off of her and we both fell into a deep sleep.

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