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Calendar Shoot September


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you

Alexandra Steele has been one of my favorite news anchors and ever since Alex and her friends attended a few parties of mine in Myrtle Beach, she has been something special. When she called about her fantasy shoot I was challenged with a very special request. Alex wanted to be on one of her favorite television shows and have a sex scene with the cast of How I Met Your Mother. So I went to work and contacted a few of my friends in Hollywood and found out that Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney on the show loved watching Alexandra on the Weather Channel.

I flew out to Hollywood and got things rolling and about a week later the scene was set. Barney, Lily, Marshall, Ted and Robin attend a party and at the party Barney meets Alexandra.

The room was full and Lily and Robin were dressed to kill. Seeing it was a wild no holds party Robin and Lily hopped into the birdcage to dance. Robin was wearing a lacy camisole that left nothing to the imagination and an ultra short jean skirt and black stockings. Lily was wearing a purple top that was held together by one button at the waist and her black bra was overflowing with her full firm tits. Below that she was wearing a matching purple skirt that ended at mid thigh.

Both Ted and Marshall sat on the couch and watched the two women dance together and they were looking hotter then ever. Just then a long legged blonde came in. She was nearly six feet tall with long flowing curly light blonde hair with streaks of darker blonde hair. She looked very elegant wearing a charcoal grey dress with scallops of lace and loops all over the dress. It hid her chest but showed off her long slender legs.

Barney saw her immediately and asked her to dance, which was a surprise to us. After the first dance Barney came up to Ted and told him that they needed a place to go that was close by and asked to use his and Marshall's place, before they could answer Barney and Alexandra were out the door. When Marshall found out what was happening he told Ted that they had to stop Barney.

Ted tried to get Robin and Lily out of the cage and they told Ted and Marshall to head back, they were staying for a few more dances.

Reluctantly Ted and Marshall headed back to the apartment to stop Barney.

Back at the apartment Barney and Alexandra were going at it hot and heavy. Alexandra had Barney naked from the waist up and was kissing her way down his chest.

"My god Alex, your mouth is fantastic. I can't wait to feel it sucking and licking my cock."

Alex looked up at Barney through those dark eyes of hers and smiled. Alex knelt down before Barney and unbuttoned his pants and she tugged them from his hips and down his legs bringing his shorts with them. Now naked Alex kissed his thighs and moved to his stiff cock. She was a little disappointed seeing it was only about five inches long, but very thick. She sucked it into her thin lips and laved it up with her tongue. When she pulled off her saliva stream clung to her lips and his cock.

Barney wound his fingers into her thick soft locks and urged her back onto his cock. Looking up at him with his entire cock buried in her mouth she popped off and moaned; "Oh Barney, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your hot cream bathe my tonsils."

She dropped back down and went to town sucking and licking his cock like it never was sucked before.

Barney arched his back driving his cock deep in her mouth and letting out a high pitched squeal unloaded his balls down her throat.

Alexandra swallowed all he had to give and squeezing his balls milked every last drop from them. Slowly standing she looked down at him, his cock twitched as he looked at the gorgeous woman before him. She reached behind her and tugged down the zipper on the back of her dress. Pulling at the sleeves the material slipped from her shoulders and the dress floated to her feet. Kicking it aside she stood before him in bra and panties and high heeled shoes. Being nearly six feet tall she towered before him and kicking off her shoes she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her 34 C came tumbling out and they stood high on her slim frame. She had the body of a fashion model, but the tits and ass of a porn star. Her nipples were small but her aureoles crowned each tit with large pink tips. She thumbed her nipples and closed her eyes. Her tongue wet her red lips and it still had some of Barney's cum on it. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and drew them down her long slim tapered legs. Turning to show Barney her best assets, her ass, she bent and touched her toes her gorgeous firm compact ass caused Barney's cock to stir and begin to stiffen for round two. Turning back to him she approached the couch and straddled his legs and slowly settled down onto his cock.

Alex let out a groan as his small but thick cock parted her pussy; its girth sent shivers through her pussy and rubbed her clit nicely. She leaned forward and Barney captured one nipple between his lips as she rode up and down on his cock the door sprung open and in came Marshall and Ted.

Barney looked at the two guys and back to Alex saying; "Hey Alexandra, have you met me friend Ted?"

Alex reached out her hand to Ted; "Nice to meet you Ted, sorry I can't get up, I'm sort of in the middle of something, or should I say something is in the middle of me!"

She pulled Ted towards her and kissed him on the lips, his lips parted and their tongues dueled. He slipped his hands down her long tapered back and kissed her harder.

""Why don't the two of you get your clothes off and join Barney and me. I always loved gang bangs and I wouldn't mind having a big cock tonight. DO either of you have a big cock, at least one larger then Barney's that's stuck in my pussy now?"

Marshall was all for it, after being with Lily for so long he wanted some excitement. Ted on the other hand was fucking Robin regularly now and didn't want to fuck that up.

Marshall quickly stripped and moved over to Alexandra, her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Marshall's nine inch cock. She leaned back and with Barney still fucking her tight cunt she lapped away at the head of Marshall's big cock. Now we all know why Lily came back to Marshall and always had a smile on her face.

Marshall dug his fingers in Alexandra's silky blonde hair and fucked her mouth as she arched her back nearly bent in two she sucked his cock and wrapped her tongue around and around his cock.

Ted sat in the chair across from the threesome and rubbed his cock though his jeans.

Barney fucked away at the dripping pussy of Alex and he groaned; "Come on Ted, you know you want a piece of this. She still has one hole unoccupied and I bet she would love to have you fuck her gorgeous ass.

Alexandra let out a squeal and yelled at Ted; "Get those clothes off so I can suck you. I want you three to fuck all of my holes. Marshall I want this monster in my pussy. Barney I want to suck on your cock while Ted fucks my ass. Oh Ted, I love how long and slender your cock is, it's perfect for fucking my ass."

She pulled off of Barney and her juices ran down her thighs to her knees.

"Let's go to the bedroom where we can really fuck. I can't wait to suck on that long pencil of yours Ted.

Alexandra lay back on the bed; her long honey blonde tresses billowed out around her head. Ted straddled her chest and cupping her head in his hand fed her his cock. She sucked and slurped it up like a long Popsicle and she moaned as Marshall dropped down and began licking her leaking cunt.

Barney came to the other side of the bed and he also fed his cock to Alexandra. She was in heaven sucking on two cocks as another man ate her out.

"Come on you three, I need my holes filled now. Marshall lie down so I can mount that monster of yours."

Marshall clamored onto the bed and flopped down nest to Alexandra. Ted pulled off of her sucking mouth and she straddled Marshall's monster cock. She gripped it in her hand and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy lips. Leaning back the head parted her lips and it slipped into her channel. She let out a groan as she settled down further onto his cock. It took her about a minute, but he finally was buried in her tight pussy.

Marshall pulled her down to him and his mouth captured hers. His hands cupped her ass as she rode his large cock. Alexandra moaned into his mouth as their tongues dueled and slipped back and forth between the two of them.

When they broke the kiss Alex arched her back driving his cock deeper into her cunt. Her long blonde hair danced across her finely tapered back. Marshall reached up and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and she let out another moan then he lightly bit down on it. Alex was nearing another orgasm as Marshall continued to plow upward into her dripping hole.

Barney now got into the act as he climbed back up the bed and fed Alexandra his dripping cock. She licked the pre-cum from the head and swallowed the entire five inches. Her tongue lapped at his balls as his cock was imbedded in her mouth.

Barney gripped handfuls of her fine hair and closed his eyes as he was lost in her sucking mouth.

Finally Ted could take no more of the action before him and he climbed up onto the bed behind Alexandra and gripping her compact ass cheeks he spread them and positioned his cock at the entrance to her glory hole. Marshall and Alex stopped moving anticipating the penetration of Ted's long thin spear.

The air rushed out of Alex's lungs as Ted pushed forward and was enveloped by the tight ring of Alex's asshole. She groaned and wiggled her ass as Ted slipped more and more of his stiff cock up her tight hot ass.

Ted had fucked Robin regularly up the ass, but Alex was tighter then any woman he had ever fucked. Ted had to fight from cumming as she drew the cum from his balls.

Alexandra's entire body glistened with a fine film of sweat as she went into euphoria. She had never felt this alive before having three cocks invade her body at the same time and to top it off they were fantasy men she had dreamed of fucking for months. She shook as every nerve in her body triggered a huge orgasm. She moaned and groaned as she came around Marshall's thick pole. Her asshole gripped at Ted's cock as he fucked her gorgeous ass. Saliva was dripping from her mouth as she sucked harder on Barney's cock. Cum flowed freely from her pussy as she had orgasm after orgasm. It dripped down Marshall's balls and settled in a puddle on the sheets under him.

Standing in the doorway were Robin and Lily as they watched their fiancée and boyfriend fuck this model like meteorologist. As they watched in awe they began to get turned on.

With Robin behind Lily she leaned forward and Lily could feel Robin's hot breath on her neck and ear. She moaned quietly as Robin moved her auburn red hair aside as she lightly kissed the nape of Lily's neck.

Lily leaned back against Robin as they both kept their eyes focused on the threesome fucking the slut on the bed.

Robin took more liberties as she now nipped at one of Lily's earlobes and wound her tongue around the cavity of her ear.

Lily reached back and lightly caressed Robin's long dark brown hair. Robin's hands were busy also as she slipped the only button that held Lily's top closed. Now open Robin placed her hands on both bra cups that held Lily's high firm tits in place.

Lily moaned as Robin pinched her nipples through the satin bra cups. Turning her head and looking up at the taller woman, Robin lowered her full red wet lips to Lily's waiting mouth. When they met they were both open and tongue met tongue even before their lips met. Their lips crushed together as Robin moved her hands up to pull Lily's face harder against hers.

Barney was the first to see them as he was facing the door. With Ted's back to them he continued to fuck Alexandra and Marshall was covered by her entire body Barney just continued to feed Alex his cock as he took in the action at the bedroom door.

Robin slipped the top from Lily's shoulders and now worked at freeing her tits from the tight black bra. As it went slack Robin slipped it from Lily's shoulders and it fell to the floor.

Both Robin and Barney let out a moan as their eyes feasted on the redhead's perfect tits. They were porcelain white in color with pale pink aureoles and crowned with deeper pink nipples. They began to harden as Robin cupped them and flicked the nipples with her thumbs. The nipples turned red and hardened. Robin replaced her hand with her mouth as she lapped away at one nipple and drew it between her red lips.

Lily let out a loud groan and gripped Robin's hair in her hands.

Hearing a moan behind him Ted turned and saw his girlfriend sucking on the tits of his best friend's fiancée. His cock got even harder and he fucked at Alex's asshole even harder.

Alexandra let out a scream as she felt Ted's cock grow larger in her ass as he fucker her faster, harder and deeper.

As Barney and Ted fucked away at two of Alexandra's three holes their eyes were fixed on the two women at the bedroom entrance.

Robin moved to Lily's other tit as she ran her hands up and down Lily's freckled back. Both tits shined with Robin's saliva as she lapped at one and then the other, back and forth she went and Lily moaned even louder now.

Alexandra turned her head to see what the noise was and smiled broadly as she saw the couple locked in an erotic embrace at the doorway. She now knew her fantasy would be complete as she would now be able to have the two women and these three men before the night was through. Seeing this and having all three men fucking her holes she came again, collapsing onto Marshall as he fucked upwards into her dripping cunt.

Lily now struggled to pull the spaghetti straps from Robin's tight lacy camisole. As the straps gave way Robin's full dark nippled tits popped into view. They had to be a large C or a small D with large fat nearly black nipples. It was Robin's turn to groan as Lily slowly worked her tiny pink tongue around and around Robin's stiff nipple.

"Oh god Lily, stop torturing me and suck my fucking nipple in your mouth!"

She smiled up at the dark eyed beauty and continued to run around and around the stiff points.

Robin crushed the redhead's face against her tit and Lily surrendered to Robin's request as she slowly sucked the stiff tip into her mouth. Lily sucked harder and harder as Robin groaned and threw her dark haired head back. Lily's hands were busy as she unzipped Robin's tight jean skirt and dropped it to the floor.

Robin stood there with Lily's mouth attached to her tit dressed in high heels, black thigh high black stockings and a tiny patch of material covering a dark patch of hair, behind that was a wet, dripping pussy just dying for attention.

Lily tore at Robin's thong and it gave way. Lily dipped two fingers into Robin's forest of hair and when she withdrew it her fingers were covered in a thick creamy fluid. She rubbed the cream from her fingers over Robin's stiff nipple and proceeded to lick it clean. She repeated this with the other nipple, dipping her finger deep into Robin's pussy once again.

Robin moaned and groaned with each invasion of her pussy and threw her head back as Lily sucked her juices from her stiff nipples.

Barney and Ted's eyes were ablaze with lust as they watched the so called innocent Lily ravish Robin's quaking body.

"Robin get on the bed next to Marshall, I want to lick your pussy while I watch Marshall fuck that slut."

Robin flopped onto the bed and Marshall was shocked and nearly popped out of Alexandra when he saw who followed Robin onto the bed.

"Lily what are you doing? Oh my god tell me you're going to eat out Robin! I know we talked about it while we fucked, but I thought it was just a fantasy!"

"Marshall shut the fuck up and watch! I guess its okay for you to fuck some slut Barney picked up at the bar, but I can't eat out the woman of both of out fantasies?"

Ted looked down at Marshall as he continued to fuck Alexandra up the ass; "So Marshall, ugg as he plowed into Alex; You've had fantasies about fucking Robin?"

"Listen Ted, like you haven't wanted to fuck Lily right? Well pull your cock out of Alexandra's ass and take Lily; she's there for the taking!"

Lily now had her head buried in Robin's hairy snatch and was licking and sucking like her life depended on it. Ted unzipped her skirt and tugged it off her full round ass. She kicked it from her feet and Ted pulled her tiny panties to one side and just stared at her peaches and cream pussy. It was bare, except for a small patch just above her pussy. Her cunt was tight lipped with barely any lips whatsoever. It was oozing her creamy fluids and Ted positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed forward.

Lily let out a loud scream and licked harder on Robin's saturated cunt. Robin opened her mouth to moan and Barney slipped his cock into her mouth. She gladly sucked it into her mouth to his balls and now this left Marshall and Alexandra all to themselves,

Alex rode Marshall like a western cowgirl, bouncing up and down hard on his cock. Her gorgeous blonde mane flew all about her face and back as she tossed from side to side.

Ted fucked away at Lily's tight wet pussy. With each forward thrust his balls slapped against her clit sending shock waves through her body. With her head buried between Robin's thighs, Robin dug her fingers in Lily's red tresses and urged her on as she sucked and lapped away at Barney's small cock.

With the heat in the room everyone was now dripping with sweat as their orgasms neared. Alex was first after riding Marshall she let out a groan and came all over his cock. He knew he couldn't last long as Alex's cunt tightened around his cock and watching his fiancée licking his best friend's girlfriend and his best friend Ted fucking Lily. Marshall let out a loud groan and shot his load deep into Alex's pussy. This triggered another orgasm for Alex and she fell forward onto Marshall.

Marshall brushed the hair from her face and gave her a long kiss; their tongues dueled with each other. As they broke the kiss Alex rolled off of Marshall and lay next to him. The two of they caressed each other slowly as they watched the other four go at it.

Lily was licking away at Robin's pussy and she was ready to cum. Her thighs crushed against Lily's working mouth and arching her back she squirted and I mean squirted her juices all over Lily's face and chin, drenching her totally. This triggered her orgasm as Ted plunged his big cock harder and harder into Lily's quaking cunt. Her tightening cunt muscles sucked the cum from Ted's balls as they slapped against Lily's stiff clit. Ted unloaded his load into Lily and along with her juices they seeped out of her spasming pussy and down her trim thighs.

Barney watching the trio cumming yanked his cock out of Robin's mouth shot his load all over her pretty face, neck and heaving tits. He collapsed on the bed near the two who were watching in earnest.

Alexandra was stroking Marshall's huge cock back to like and she dropped her blonde head down to his cock and began licking her juices from the stiff shaft before her.

Lily finally regained some strength and struggled up Robin's body. She licked Barney's cum from her tits and neck and Lily lowered her mouth to Robin's and they licked each other clean like a couple of felines.

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