tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCalgon, Take Me Away

Calgon, Take Me Away


Coming home from work early is such a treat. I love walking into a house to find peace and quiet, no one home and no one expected for at least a few hours. First thing that goes through my mind is "Calgon, take me away" as I walk to the bathroom and turn on the hot water, drop in some bath salt to soften the water, and begin to undress. Before I step into my own little paradise I remember to get the candles and turn on some soft music. Then inch my body slowly into the steaming water. I take a deep breath and slide all the way into the water. This is what every woman should have after a hard week, her own little taste of ecstasy.

As the hot water washes over my body I start to feel aroused and reach down with one hand to gently rub my aching clit. It jumps at the attention and begins to swell. What could be more perfect. I am all alone and enjoying one of the most basic pleasures of life. Slowly my hand slides down further, and two fingers penetrate my tight pussy. This is delightful, as I begin to finger myself. My other hand is rubbing across my rather ample 36DDD size breast. The more I finger my tight hole and rub my clit with my thumb the more excited I get, until I am pinching my nipples with such pressure, they are standing straight up at attention. I slide the fingers out of my pussy and lick them clean savoring the taste I am creating of myself.

Then grab both tits and squeeze them together as I bring them up to my mouth so I can bite each nipple. This is getting to be too much for me to take. I have to get out of the tub and finish what I have started. I grab a big towel and wrap it around myself and slowly walk to my bed, where I laid down and spread my legs wide. I roll over and get some essentials out of my husbands nightstand. and begin slowly fucking myself with an average size vibrator. In and out, in and out, in and out....slowly building to the point of no return, then I pull the dong out of my slit and rub it down over my ass hole to lube things up some and then insert a small butt plug in my incredibly tight backdoor. I have never really enjoyed anal sex but the pressure in the rectum when you cum is unbelievable. With one hand I begin caressing my chest while the other hand goes to work on my clit and cunt. I am working myself into a heated rush, when it happens.

I feel hands on me. They seem to be everywhere. One on my eyes, one has a grasp of both my wrist as they are pulled over my head. and there is a pressure on my chest like someone is sitting on it. I begin to panic but there is no escape. I feel ropes being pulled snugly around my wrist and ankles. What am I going to do, then it hits me, I still have a plug in my ass and whoever this is here with me knows it. I now know I am going to be raped.... in my own home. I am instructed to lift my head and calm down in a voice I have never heard before. I do as I am instructed while trying to analyze the situation. How many people are in the room with me, is there any escape, what are they planning to do to me? My mind is racing. A blindfold is placed over my eyes and I am told if I try to scream then I will also be gagged. I know that even if I did scream no one would hear me. I live in the country and the closest house is at least a mile away. I am not expecting my husband home for at least 5-6 hours still. I am in a no win situation. If I fight then they could kill me, so I decide to obey my assailants.

"Okay, whore I am the boss here, I am going to tell you what I want and what I will no doubt get. Do you understand?, Shake your head if you get it."

I shake my head, I know I am beat now so the more I agree with the man with a low strong voice the better my chances are of living through this. After all they know I have not seen them, so I could not describe anyone to the police.

"Good, slut. So what have we walked in on? Are you so horny you couldn't wait for me? Don't worry Babe, I will be better then that vibrator." while he was talking he reached down and began rubbing my clit in small circles very roughly. He continued to explain to me that I was going to help him live out all his fantasies. Then he asks me if I have ever eaten a pussy. I shake my head no and he says good.

He is quiet for a few minutes then turns to the other quiet person in the room and says " I want to see her face when she eats her first pussy, go get my girl out of the car. Tell her I have someone who wants to have her sit on her face."

I cringe at the thought. not only am I about to taste another woman's juices but I am going to be smothered by her sitting on my face. Everything is quiet until I hear a door and then a woman is crawling on the bed with me and straddling my face. I feel smooth skin come down to my lips and can smell the musty scent of woman. I begin to stick my tongue out and rub it against her clit slowly. Then I lick down her slit and find an opening, I slide my tongue in and out of her as fast as I can.

While I am licking her nicely shaved pussy and she is rocking back and forth on my face, I hear that same voice as before telling someone to finger me while I eat at the Y. and then a large finger jams into my cunt with little warning. It is being rammed in and out of me over and over again.

The haunting voice starts again and he decides he is going to explain some things to me while I have my "first course of dinner" he tells me how he is filming everything that happens, later he is going to edit it and make it appear that I wanted this and begged them for everything they do to me, then send a copy to my husband so he can see what a stupid whore I really am. Just as he is finishing his speech I feel the woman on top of me beginning to tighten up and just as I think she is going to cum and this will be over the plug in my ass is ripped out of me. I stop licking for a moment in shock and pain. So the woman begins grinding my face trying to get my tongue back on her hairless clit. I start licking it again after the shock of the butt plug wears off.

The guy who has been doing all the talking then says he needs to let a load go, I instantly thought I was about to feel him penetrate me but to my surprise he pushed the girl on my face over and straddled me so he had access to the very pussy I was licking. He yelled for me to not stop. He better feel some of the tongue action while he fucked her. I continue to lick her cunt while his dick slid in and out of it. Occasionally my tongue would rub up against his dick as he went in or pulled out. The woman was moaning and screaming that she was going to cum., and he started to pump her harder. Just as she started to cum he pulled out and she gushed girl cum all over my face and in my mouth. I hate to admit it but that excited me and I continued to lick her clean as he reinserted his massive cock in her. He gave a few pumps while I was still busy cleaning her clit up from the gallons of cum that had flew out of her. I was really getting into it by now, and I felt dirty, who gets raped and enjoys it. About then he pulls out of her and pushes her off of me as his huge dick squirts stream after stream on my face. I open my mouth wide and catch some of his seed, then lick my lips when he is finished, then he shoves it into my open mouth for a "cleaning"

I am astonished that I loved the taste of both her, and him, even when mixed. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and got up off the bed.

"sweetheart" he says, "are you going to return the favor on our girl here. She seemed to like the taste of you, why don't you tell me how she is?" and with that I felt an eager mouth close down over my own clit. Instantly I was aroused. I had a woman's tongue licking my pussy and I really was getting into it. I could hear two male voices in the corner talking about what angle to get on the film, and how if my husband was any kind of man he would love seeing me get so into being eaten out by a woman. The thought struck me that they were right, my husband is just kinky enough to love this sight as much as seeing me lick pussy. The thought of him watching this and rubbing his own massive cock excited me and pushed me to the brink of orgasm. Just as I reached the point of no return, she STOPPED. I wanted to scream, but knew he would take that as me being uncooperative and be mad.

I could hear him kiss the woman and tell her to go home and wait for him to get home to her. Then I heard the door shut behind her.

My first bi sexual experience was a strange one but one I will never forget.

Now, I am scared of what is coming up next.

Time seemed to stand still while waiting to see what was going to happen. I could hear very low whispering in the corner of the room near where my door was.

Then I felt cold metal like feeling being laid on my stomach. It had the shape of a small hand gun or so I guessed.

" Do you know what that is?" the man who was in control asked me.

"Is it a gun?" I asked very quietly, feeling the fear hit me in the tummy like a brick.

"yes it is and it will not be used as long as you do everything I demand." he said " now e are going to have some fun. First I am going to untie you and I want you in the shower. I want the water as hot as it can get and I want you on your knees in the water." he started "Is that understood?"

I could not say a thing as I opened my mouth to talk so I shook my head. My hands were released, but the blindfold remained in place. I rolled over to get out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom with my hands out so I would not run into the walls. I did exactly as instructed and turned on the hot water and climbed in. Thankfully the water had not had time to heat up since my bath so it did not burn me as I kneeled under it. Within moments I became aware that there was someone in the shower with me pressing a hard dick to my mouth. No words were spoken but I knew what was expected. I open my mouth and take the entire shaft deep in my mouth. I run his dick in and out of my mouth then slowly remove it from there and begin to lick the underneath of it and caress it with my tongue. Swirling my tongue around it and being sure to hit all the most sensitive points on the cock. Then hands come down around my head and the cock is shoved back into my throat. This ogre with his massive cock down my throat begins to fuck my mouth with such force I thought I was going to gag. He jams himself into my throat over and over again giving me no time to catch my breath. It seems like eternity of having my face fucked like it was a worthless cunt. Then it comes to a fast stop as it pulls out and shoots cum all over my face, hair and into my mouth.

I can not believe the first thought that went through my head was give me more. What was I thinking? I am being raped at gunpoint and I want more? I must be crazy.

As I sit in that warm water I feel something being handed to me. I am instructed by the talkative man to set this dildo on the side of the tub and straddle it and fuck myself like crazy while he gets his turn at a blow job. I do as instructed and as I am about to mount the rubber dong I realize that this is my husbands favorite toy we have and not mine. It is about a foot long and as big around as my upper arm. My hubby always loves to play with it but he knows he can only put it a few inches into me without causing major pain. Now I am being instructed to sit on it. As I begin to lower myself onto it, pain shoots through me as I stretch to take it. The problem is its size because I am very well lubricated and excited after the face fucking I just received from the tall quiet man in the room. I get the huge dong a few inches into myself and begin to bob on it, I am only taking the head of it and hoping this will be good enough as I am stretched beyond anything I have ever been before. It is filling me up like nothing you can imagine. And it hurts.

"Bounce whore bounce, I know your hubby will like seeing you fuck that big old thing more then anything in the world." He is saying with excitement in his voice. I keep riding my rubber fucker. But I guess this is not enough as a moment later I feel the cock of the talkative my at my lips pushing for entry. I open my mouth to take him in at the same time he puts al his weight on my shoulders shoving my down all the way on the huge rubber dick. It disappears into my pussy and I scream out in pain.

"That's more like it. I want that thing all the way inside you with every pump. Do you understand?" He yells at me.

I can not answer with his cock in my mouth and I begin to bounce on one cock while another is rammed into my mouth with the same force as the first guy had done. As my body adjust to the huge dick ripping through my insides, I think I began to like the feeling of being over filled and I jumped up and down on it even harder. In doing so I lost track of what was going on in my mouth ad my teeth scraped the dick that was face fucking me. The man pulled it out and went hysterical.

"You no good cock sucking whore, why the hell did you do that?" and then I felt the sting of his hand across my cheeks. I stopped bouncing on the cock and my hands flew up to my face to my burning cheek.

"You think a man likes to have teeth on his cock? You are going to have to be punished now." He states in a very angry way. "Hey, buddy you need a good piss don't you?"

I did not hear a reply from the other guy at this point.

"Go ahead piss on this worthless slut. You can go first." He says to the quiet man in the room.

Then I feel a warm stream of piss on my face as I sit humiliated on the side of my tub with a massive fake cock invading my pussy. When the first one was done the man in charge also pissed on my face. I felt like I was going to be sick. I do not know if it was because of the piss or because of the fact that I loved having no control. This man had walked into my house and became my master without me having anything I could say or do about it. I was at his mercy. And I found it slightly erotic. All the mean things he did seemed to be having the exact effect on me he knew they would. It wasn't fair.

It was at that moment when he realized I had stopped fucking the huge dildo and sat relaxed on it instead. That was unacceptable in his eyes. He slapped me again and screamed that he had not told me I could stop. So I began again with all that I had. I never knew that after the initial shock of being filled so completely I would begin to enjoy the sensations of every thrust. I don't know what happened but I started moaning and was about to orgasm when I was told to stop. I couldn't stop, it was too late I kept going harder and harder and moaning loader and louder until I was grabbed and pushed off of the edge of the tub. I fell into the tub and had to take a minute to figure out what had just happened and calm myself down before I explode. the water that had been warm at least was now cold showering down over me. One of my assailants grabbed me by my hair pulling me to my feet on the slippery bottom of my bathtub. I tried to keep my footing. I was then yanked out of the bathroom and thrown onto my bed again. and silence filled the room.

I can hear whispering, "You are not supposed to let her cum." this time it is the quiet guy, and I can not make out his voice. My head is spinning from my hair being pulled so hard.

"I am NOT going to let her cum, by the time she is allowed to cum she will be begging for us to fuck her brains out and never stop." he says very upset." What do you think we should do to her now?"

From the sounds going on in my head it seemed like he had run out of ideas, but I think that would be very unlikely. There is more whispering. I can not hear what is being said though.

I am roughly grabbed around the neck and pulled off the bed, this time I am led outside into my front yard. Although I am in the country my house is close to a street that is traveled on a lot, after all I am not the only person that lives out this far. Here I stand naked in the front yard with two men and neither of them is my husband. And then I am told to get on all fours. I do as I am told and feel a dick enter my pussy from behind me. He is fucking me like a dog in the front yard for all to see.

"Bark, bitch, and make it sound good too. You are nothing but a dog to be fucked." he demands.

I begin to bark and bark as I am getting more and more excited. What if someone sees me, just the thought is making me wetter by the second. I begin to rock back and forth on the cock, and push my ass into him as hard and fast as I can, until he pulls out of my hungry wet hole and rubs two fingers over it. His hand comes out soaking wet with my juices and he rubs the wetness all along my ass hole. I am instantly frozen. I do not like anal sex and the largest thing ever in my ass was my very small butt plug. That didn't seem to interest the man with a huge cock as he swiftly shoved his entire cock into me in one forceful and painful thrust. I screamed out in agony as he invaded my tightest of holes. His hands were on my shoulders pulling me back into him time and time again. After the excruciating pain of entry each thrust became more an more desired. Until I was also rocking back on him with his dick in my ass hole. For the first time in my life I was being butt fucked and I was starting to like it. I could not control when I started yelling. "Fuck me, please fuck my ass, harder, harder, HARDER MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" my accommodating assailant did exactly as I begged for. He grabbed a handful of hair and yanked it so hard that I came down on his cock and thought he was going to rip me in half.

That's when I guess he got the idea that I should be double fucked. He ripped his cock out of my gaping ass and stood me up with ease. He then told the other guy to set the camera up so it could get all of me in the lens and get down on the ground so I could ride his dick. Once I was sitting on the quite mans dick, I was grabbed around the neck and forced to lean forward over his chest, and then the massively sized cock of the speaker was once again shoved roughly into my ass. I was filled in both holes. I am not sure which of the men had a bigger dick but with both of them inside me I could not help but feeling like I had it all. The man in my ass started fucking me roughly and that caused me to fuck the dick in my pussy. I have never had double penetration done before but after this, if I live through it, hubby and I are going to have to find a friend so he can also get some pleasure out of it. These two men fucked me and fucked me. It only took moments before I was cumming uncontrollably. I could not stop it and they didn't seem to want to either. I came and came for what seemed like forever. I wanted them to never stop and I was yelling that out. The harder they fucked the louder I yelled "FUCK ME". At the same time I started to feel both of the dicks inside me, separated only by a thin flap of skin, start to swell and stretch, then to convulse as they both left a ton of cum deep inside me.

I was then taken back into the house and laid out on my bed and my arms were retied down, as my legs were also tied spread eagle to the bed. I had hoped after the scene outside they would tire but it was not to be. One man went and fetched the huge cock form the bath tub and the other got comfortably between my legs. When he was handed the dildo it was placed back into my pussy, this time with ease it went all the way in. He played with it pulling it all the way out the ramming it back in all the way to the hilt. I was sore, and hurting. Then I felt warmth on my clit and he lowered his mouth to it and began sucking and biting it. He sucked my clit all the way into his mouth and left the huge rubber dick in my cunt while he did it. While biting and nibbling on my clit he pulled the dong out of my pussy and slid it easily into my ass. I could not believe that huge thing went in my ass with minimal pain and discomfort now. He stuck two fingers in my pussy and began to finger fuck me for all he was worth, then went another finger, and another. By now he was getting hard again and decided I needed to lick his balls to get him there. He turned his body around in a 69 position and gently put his balls into my mouth. I swirled them around in my mouth devouring the taste. and at that time he worked his entire hand into my dripping wet pussy. WIth the large dildo still sticking in my ass and his whole hand in my cunt, now he moved his body so his dick head was at my lips, but he didn't push it in, he was taunting me with it, rubbing it along my lips. As he fisted me, I was overcome with a desire to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and allowed his dick to slowly and gently slide to the back of my throat. I sucked on it as hard as I could then whirled my tongue all around it while quietly moaning. I was loving this and it felt like nothing I had ever had before. Every hole on my body was being invaded at the same time. Then it all stopped. He was up and out of me in a split second. I was untied from the bed but still blindfolded.

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