tagGroup SexCamilla Ch. 020

Camilla Ch. 020


"Hey, wait a minute," Williams said as the five men put their penises back in their pants and zipped themselves up. "We had her consent; you punks don't."

"We don't fuckin' care!" said the boys' leader. "Give us the bitch, or you're all dead." The four boys walked towards the teachers with clenched fists.

Camilla wiped the come from her eyes. The naked girl was now only scared; her sexual excitement was gone at the sight of four teenage punks coming nearer and nearer. Her body was not for boys to enjoy, nor was it about to be enjoyed by punks, if she could prevent such a thing from happening. Without even thinking about her clothes or her purse, she just ran out the doorway that she and the teachers had come in.

The boys started running to that doorway to chase her, but the teachers stood in the boys' way, ready to fight. Williams punched the boys' leader in the face, knocking him to the ground. The other men tried their best to fight the boys, but men in their late thirties and early forties are no match for the youthful agility of boys aged 18-19. The fight soon ended with the boys running out of the building to look for naked Camilla, while all five men lay on the floor with bruised faces. At least Camilla was given some time to get as far away as possible; also, her clothes and purse weren't stolen by the boys, so the teachers would be able to give them back to her when they had the chance.

Camilla ran and ran, her breasts bouncing and her heart pounding with fear. Her bare feet ached whenever she accidentally stepped on rocks on the ground. Since it was about 2 AM, there were virtually no people on the streets, and she could hide her nudity in alleys if anyone was seen either driving or walking.

The boys, however, were now on the prowl, and going in the right direction. They saw her sneak out of one alley to get around a building, her soft, round buttocks in plain view. "Look at that ass!" one of the boys shouted. She looked back in terror at the four boys and ran into the next alley. The boys ran in after her.

Fortunately for her, this alley continued to the next street, so she had an escape route. Unfortunately, the boys were getting closer. She was hiding behind a garbage dumpster and some boxes, quietly sobbing in terror. "Naked big-titty bitch!" called out the boys' leader in a sing-song voice. "Come out and play!"

"We know you're here," said another boy. "No escape."

"C'mon, baby," said the third boy. "Lemme play with those titties."

"Gang bang number two comin' up," said the fourth.

Looking from behind the boxes, she saw them looking through the garbage. They were almost upon her. The darkness kept them from finding her; all she had to do was keep quiet.

Suddenly, a huge rat scurried in front of her, running over her feet. She audibly gasped, but she was lucky in that, at just that moment, one of the boys shouted, "Come on out, baby! We'll show you a good time!"

Then, a neighbour from the third floor shouted from his window: "Hey, you goddam punks! Get outta here!"

The boys all looked up at him, the leader shouting, "Fuck you, man! Mind your own business!"

"I'll call the cops, assholes!" the man shouted as he let them see his cell-phone. The boys and man continued cursing at each other; now was Camilla's chance. She quietly snuck out the alley to the next street. Nobody was there, so she just ran and ran. The boys weren't coming after her, and she soon realized she'd lost them, at least for the moment.

Still, she was naked and far from home during the wee hours of a Saturday morning in early June in Vancouver. Her best friend and lesbian lover was mad at her for being with another girl, so even if she could get home soon, she doubted Candice would let her in, much less forgive her. Her nymphomaniac instincts told her to use her nakedness to her advantage (if an advantage could be found in such adverse circumstances), and find a man--or men--who'd be willing to take her home and give her protection in exchange for sex. Such willing men would, of course, be easy to find; men she would like to have sex with, though, would be extremely hard to find, especially in such a short time. Obviously, this was also a terrible gamble: would she choose bad men? Abusive men in charismatic guise? Psychotic men? She seemed to be about to play a kind of Russian roulette with her body, and the gun was all loaded except for one empty cartridge chamber. Extremely bad odds.

In spite of the obvious danger, though, she was willing to take the risk instead of continuing to wander about the city at night, naked and homeless. Also, those boys were still not too far away: they might find her yet. Besides, she wanted a lover.

This last point was particularly remarkable, considering Camilla's predicament. Though Camila was as afraid as any woman would naturally be of being raped, by those boys or by anyone, the whole time that she had been running naked down the streets of downtown Vancouver, her vulva was dripping wet, her labia were swollen, her clitoris was erect, and her vagina was thoroughly lubricated! She was panting not only from exhaustion, but from sexual excitement! Intense fear had always aroused her sexually, and this was the most frightened she'd ever been in her whole life, her arousal being in proportion to her fear. Camilla realized that, in a way, her body was trying to protect her from a rape by mitigating her trauma through an accompanying sexual arousal. This didn't mean, of course, that she wanted the boys to assault her. This didn't mean that she was willing to let any phallus enter her. This didn't mean that she wanted to be raped; of course she didn't. It was just that her instinctual lubrication was a biological attempt to obviate, or at least minimize, any physical pain from an unwanted penetration. In some cases at least, the lubrication theoretically could make that penetration pleasurable for her, depending on the desirability of the man, of course.

As she went along a street, slipping in and out of alleys, she was always careful to hide when one or two people happened to be walking down the street, or when a car drove by. At one point, she peeked out of an alley, and thinking the street was clear of people, she suddenly ran out onto the street. A limping man in his late fifties saw her flawless frontal nudity. "Hi," she said with a sheepish smile as she ran past him. "Hope you enjoyed the show." He looked back at her as she ran away, admiring her pretty buttocks.

"Pity my leg's bad," he said to himself as he saw her disappear into another alley. He continued walking home.

The alley she went into was nearby a pub that was still open. She noticed a water spigot at the back of the building where the pub was. Now she could finally wash the remaining come off her face and hair, the come from the bukkake she'd received from her teachers almost an hour ago. She put her head under the spigot and turned it on: the water rained all over her face and hair. It was awfully cold, but worth it to be clean. When the come was all washed away, she turned off the tap and wrung her hair dry. The water had gotten all over not just her head and face, but on much of her body, too. She shivered in the cold.

Now, at last, she had a moment to urinate: she found a nearby storm drain and squatted over it. She moaned with pleasure as she relieved herself; it would take a long time, for she had a lot to empty.

As she continued urinating, she heard the voices of those boys again, one of them saying, "Where'd that naked girl go?" Terrified again, she anxiously pushed as hard as she could to get the rest of her pee out as quickly as possible. The boys' voices were getting louder; they were getting closer--but how close? There was nothing to hide behind in this alley. She heard people walking out of the pub: some men, some women. She finished peeing, ran some tap water on her hand and washed her vulva clean--oh, how cold it was! Then she walked along the wall towards the front of the pub to see who was there: all overweight, unattractive men and women in their fifties and sixties at first; then two attractive forty-something men walked out and stood talking at the corner of the building, near where she was hiding in the dark. Physically, these well-dressed men in suits seemed perfect lovers for her; hearing their conversation, they sounded intelligent and articulate, just as she liked her men. She hesitated, wondering if these men would be okay to be with. They seemed nice, but Camilla of course had no idea what these men, total strangers, were really like. The boys' voices, getting louder and closer, forced her to act: it was loaded Russian roulette time. Again, fear from the risk she was taking got her sexually excited enough to want to leap into the danger.

"Psst! Hey, you two," she called to the men. "Can you please help me?" Her vulva was getting as wet as her head and face were.

"Who's there?" the first man said as both men walked in the alley. "What's wrong?"

"I need a place to sleep tonight," she explained. "Can I come home with you?" She started fingering herself.

"Well, I don't know," the second man said. "We share an apartment, but we don't normally allow strangers in..."

He was interrupted by the sight of her naked, wet body walking into the light.

"Holy shit!" the men said in unison. The bulges in their pants came quickly.

"You can have sex with me if you want," she said nervously, half-scared at their reaction, half-aroused. "Please take me home. Hurry!"


Five minutes later, the men drove their car into the basement parking lot of their apartment, Camilla in the back seat. They parked, got out of the car with her, went into the elevator, and up into their room on the third floor. The first man turned on the light and closed the door after all three of them were inside. They hurried into the bedroom.

She got the bed on all fours with her legs spread open to display her vulva and anus. "I'm willing to do anal, guys, but my anal lube is in my purse, which I lost," she said.

"Not to worry: we have Vaseline in the bathroom," the first man said, rushing off to get it. The second man had his partially-erect phallus pulled out of his pants. She took it in her mouth and sucked it eagerly. The first man returned with the Vaseline, pulled out his penis, and lubricated it and her rectum. He slid his now fully-erect phallus in. "This is the happiest day of my life," he groaned. How delightfully tight she was!

This was an incredibly exciting night for her, too. The men seemed nice enough, and she was safe from those boys. Now the fear of being naked in public and of being ravished was just a memory, and as a memory, it was in her control. She'd often fantasized about being in a predicament like that, and now that all seemed safe for her, she could relish the sexiness of the experience while enjoying two men in bed.

The men switched positions, since the first man wanted to give Camilla some ass-to-mouth. The second man, however, didn't go in her anus, but in her vagina. Camilla was particularly gratified about that, and she squealed with pleasure at his large phallus sliding into her dripping-wet vagina. The second man was an especially capable lover, knowing just how to move in and out of her to thrill her. After several minutes of the phallic massage he so expertly gave her vagina, she orgasmed. Then the first man ejaculated in her mouth. The second man withdrew his phallus, masturbated briefly, and came on her buttocks. An excellent ending to a wild night for Camilla.


The next morning, they woke up around 7:30.

"OK, thanks guys," she said. "Can you take me home now?"

"Nope," said the second man. "We're not taking you anywhere."

"What?" she asked in shock.

"No clothes for you, either," the first man said. "You can go, but if you do, you're going as naked as you came. While you were sleeping, we hid all our clothes, so you can't sneak any of them out of our home. If you want to stay here under our protection, you're gonna have to be our sex slave." Then the men kissed. "Now, go and make our breakfast."

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