It's been a lovely day, our first camping trip together. We had been invited by a group of people we knew socially, but not well. It was rather strange that morning, being introduced as your "girlfriend" when we both knew that I was something else entirely. The day was spent hiking and canoeing, just enjoying the cool Fall air and the colors of the turning leaves. That evening, we sit around the large campfire, passing around a bottle of wine and enjoying conversation and some silly campfire songs. It gets very dark and after a while you stand and hold out your hand to me. My hand slips into yours and you lead me away from the fire, into the darkness. You take me about 20 to 30 feet away from the fire, to one of those concrete picnic tables the Park Service so thoughtfully provides. We stop and you stand looking down at me. My eyes meet yours and then drop, because I am instantly aware of what you want and a warm flush rushes over me. My eyes flash back to the fire and our friends there, but you gently turn my face back to yours.

I remove the woolen scarf I have worn all day and underneath you see that I have worn your collar. You are pleased and your finger hooks under the collar as you draw me close for a kiss. Your mouth is warm on mine and you kiss me in that special way you have - slow and sensuous, but leaving no doubt in my mind that I belong to you. The kiss lasts for a long time and I am aroused and wet by the time you end it. You step back from me a little and say, "Strip." Once again, I look toward the fire, wondering if we can be seen, but you turn my face back to yours and say "Only me, pet." I remove my clothing under your gaze until I am wearing nothing but a pair of heavy woolen socks. You pull me in again for a long, slow kiss and I enjoy the way your warm hands slide down to cup my ass cheeks. Boldly, I slide my hand over the front your jeans and encounter the bulge and hardness of your cock. The cool night air has made my nipples stiffly erect and I moan into your mouth as your hands cover them and your answering pinch causes me to gasp. "You must be quiet little pet, unless you truly want an audience."

You turn me to face the picnic table, bending down to retrieve my jacket and placing it on the bench of the table. "Kneel up, pet." I place my knees on the bench, spread wide, and you take your own jacket off and put in on the table top, protecting my breasts from the concrete as you bend me forward over the table.

"Tell me what you want, pet."

The sounds of conversation around the fire fade away entirely for me as a wave of desire breaks over me. "Please Sir, please......."

"Tell me want you need, pet"

"My pussy has been aching for you all day. I want to feel you stretching me open and filling me up all the way. I want to feel you pound into me until I have to come. Fuck me, Sir, take me, remind me of what I am to you."

You move up close behind me and I hear the sounds of your belt buckle and then the zipper of your jeans. You lean over me and I can feel your chest, warm against my back, where you have unbuttoned your flannel shirt. The hardness of your cock slides between my legs and it's everything I can do not to scream in pleasure. You rub yourself in my wetness for a minute and then I feel the blunt head of your cock against my opening. I want to thrust myself hard back onto your shaft, but your hands control my hips and you enter me slowly, so slowly, and I feel every inch as you sink into me. You press in all the way and I feel that delicious almost pain as the head of your cock comes to the end of my dripping cunt. You hold me still in that position, until I am almost wild with frustration, pushing myself back into you and then attempting to pull away, anything to get the movement that I need so desperately. Holding my hips still with your large hands, you pull out almost all the way, until just the head of your cock remains inside me. Then, you thrust forward hard, causing me to give a half muffled scream of pleasure as you fuck me, setting up a hard fast rhythm, thrusting in deeply each time.

You pull me up from the table until my back meets your chest and your hands go to my breasts, rolling my hard nipples between your fingers, applying an almost painful pressure that only adds to the sensation I am feeling between my legs. There is a heavy warmth in my lower belly now and I know that I will come soon, although I would like this to last for hours. You seem to know this as well, for you gently push me back to the table and then begin to pound into me again. "Touch yourself pet, I want to feel you come for me." you say. My hand flies to my clit and I rub it hard, feeling it stiffen and swell under my touch. Finally, the pulsing wave of my orgasm begins in my clit but then spreads, causing the inner walls of my pussy to contact around your hard shaft. You continue to fuck me and it feels like my orgasm goes on and on. You thrust hard into me and I feel your cock swell and then pulse as you come inside me, filling me to overflowing.

You lay against my back for a minute or so, letting me feel some of your weight and your warmth, but then finally stand as your cock slips out of me. You retrieve a bandanna from your back pocket and do a cursory clean up, pulling your jeans back up and buttoning your shirt. My panties are too damp to wear so I use them to clean myself and then toss them into the nearby trash can. Finally, clothing restored, we head back toward the fire, your arm about me, stopping every few steps for a gentle kiss.. You sit and place me on the ground between your feet, where I rest contentedly, my head cushioned on your thigh. One of your hands rests on the back of my neck and, as I reach up to touch it, I notice that I have forgotten to put on the scarf I had been wearing all day so my collar is fully exposed to view. There is an instant of panic, but I then realize that I don't care what anyone thinks. This is my place, well fucked, wearing your collar, sitting at your feet, and I could ask for nothing that would please me more. I relax against you once again and have to smile as you lean down and whisper, "I hope that they are heavy sleepers pet. Otherwise, the "wildlife" may just keep them awake all night!"

The next morning, you rise early, but allow me the luxury of staying in our warm bed to sleep a little more. I can hear you tending the fire and soon I can smell coffee brewing. I am drifting back to sleep when I hear you greet someone and there is soon a low rumble of male conversation by the fire. Two of your new friends noticed the collar I wear last night and apparently are curious to know about it and to find out exactly what our relationship is. You explain briefly and one of the men tells you that he had heard about "that kind of thing" but had never met someone who actually owned a human pet. More questions follow, but I am too warm and sleepy to stay awake.

I awaken an hour or so later when you come back to our tent. I greet you and you kiss my forehead and then slip your hands under my blankets to caress my warm breasts. Your fireside conversation has aroused you, because I can clearly see the bulging hardness in your jeans.

"Master, may I taste you this morning?"

You nod your assent and I rise to my knees, pressing my mouth to your denim covered hardness, sending my warm breath through the fabric to your cock. You are so hard I can trace the entire length of your shaft under your jeans. I continue to rub and nibble over your cock until you groan and your hands go to your zipper.

"Please let me, Sir."

I slowly lower your zipper, revealing your cock under your briefs and repeat my treatment, mouthing you and rubbing you through the fabric until you can't take any more. You pull my head away and command, "No more playing, pet!". I want this last day away from home to be perfect, so I take your hardness into my mouth and concentrate on your pleasure, until you come with a muffled groan, both of your hands fisted in my hair.

You tell me to get dressed and then come have some breakfast. As we eat, I notice that two of the men are watching me closely and I imagine that these are the two from your campfire conversation. For some reason, I want them to know how happy I am to be your pet, so I draw closer to you, rubbing my breasts against your arm and kissing your shoulder softly. My forward behavior causes you to look down at me and you catch the direction of my glance, noting your two friends watching us intently.

"Go to the tent pet and pull your pants and underwear down." I go quickly, wondering if I am to be punished for my indiscretion. When you come in, I am kneeling, nude from the waist to my knees.

"Hands and knees, pet... I am pleased that you are happy to be with me and I am going to reward you for that now. But, I also want to remind you to keep your attention on me alone." I feel a slick pressure on my cunt as you slip something inside of me. You then pull my underwear up all the way while I am still on my knees. "Stand up pet and pull your jeans back up now. I want you to keep that in place for me until I remove it. If you need to take it out for any reason, you must ask my permission."

"I understand, Master." I really didn't, because I hadn't a clue what you had placed inside me until you activated the small remote control you held in your hand. The device inside me began to vibrate strongly, hitting my G-spot and causing me to jump and gasp in delight! For the next several hours, you intermittently switched the device on, causing me to stay aroused and to come several times, but also occasionally causing me to squirm and squeal in surprise, much to your amusement! We had planned a hike for later that afternoon so you finally did remove the egg from my pussy, but by that time, I was so sensitive and aroused that I came hard just from the pressure of your hand on my clit.

Our hike started beautifully and we enjoyed the gorgeous Fall foliage as well the company of your friends. After a while however, I really had to go to the bathroom!

"Don't go far off the trail, pet. We'll go on ahead a little and you can catch up with us, OK?"

I went about 20 feet off the trail and took care of business, but noticed a very large tree a distance away. I was intrigued and went to take a quick look. It was really marvelous, huge and old, but shortened, where it had been struck by lightening in the past. I walked around it several times, trying to estimate how big it was but then tripped on a root or vine and fell pretty hard. When I made it back to my feet I realized, much to my dismay, that I had no idea how to get back to the trail. I knew that it would be stupid to wander around, so I sat down to wait until you came back to find me.

I heard your voice finally and called out to you until I was finally in your arms again. I was shaking as you embraced me, happy to be found, but also very, very aware that you were angry with me for disobeying your instructions. Your two friends had come back with you to help you look for me and they stood a short distance away, waiting to see what would happen next. You led me over to a fallen tree trunk that just happened to be a little below waist height.

"Drop your jeans and panties, pet. Do it now."

The tone of your voice told me that you would not stand for any argument, so I quickly complied, although I was acutely aware of the presence of your friends.

"Bend over the trunk, pet."

I did this, my bare bottom in the air, fearfully awaiting what would come next. I didn't have to wait long, until there was a swishing sound behind me and the switch you had cut connected with my bare ass, leaving a stripe of fire behind it. I couldn't help it as my hands flew behind me to cover my ass. Despite your order to move my hands, I could not, and I soon found them imprisoned by those of your friends, one on each side, and they held me tight as you administered my punishment. It lasted only for a dozen strokes but I was sobbing by the time you were done, more from sorrow at disappointing you than from the actual pain I think. When it was over, I knelt at your feet and apologized for my disobedience, thanking you for disciplining me.

"We will address this further at home, but it's all over now. Let's go back to camp and let you rest a bit. I've decided to stay one more evening and we will go home in the morning."

The rest of the afternoon was quiet and uneventful. Most of our new acquaintances headed back to the city that evening, leaving the two of us and your two new friends to stay another night. The look in your eyes makes me think that you have something in mind for the evening, so I am not surprised when you ask, "Up for some fun and games pet?"

You lead me to the camp fire, where some foam sleeping mats had been laid out and then covered with a blanket. You position me in the center and then have me strip. The warmth of the fire feels delicious on my skin and I turn several times to feel it on all sides. There is a look of frank appreciation on your face when I turn back to you and I boldly hold out my hand in invitation. You take my hand, but the next thing I feel is a leather cuff being buckled into place on my wrist. The other hand receives the same treatment and you then order me to my knees. "Hold your hair up, pet." I do this and you fasten a wide leather collar around my neck over my every day collar, and then attached the wrist cuffs to hooks on each side. On my knees, my hands confined by the snap hooks, my arousal begins to grow and I know that you have something very special in mind for me tonight. A soft leather blindfold appears from your pocket and is placed over my eyes as you kneel beside me.

"These are the rules tonight, pet. You will give and receive much pleasure. You will not see who you are serving and you may not use your hands. We will not speak to you and you must remain silent except for sounds of pleasure. Each of us will use you several times. I want you to see if you can tell who is using your sweet mouth, your pussy or your ass."

You leave me kneeling by the fire and my anticipation grows as I wonder what is to come. I feel strong hands on my shoulders and am pulled back against a broad chest as hands roam over my body. My mind is busily trying to gauge the height of the man behind me, when I am brought back into the moment by pinches to both nipples and a light smack on my ass. The next several hours are a whirl of sensation for me, being taken in every possible way. Oddly, although it is intensely pleasurable, I do not come.

I once again find myself alone, kneeling beside the fire, feeling the warmth on my back. I become aware of another presence and someone kneels in front of me and gathers my body gently into his arms. For the first time that evening, I feel lips on mine, in a gentle kiss, that soon becomes deeper and more intense and I know that my last partner of the evening will be you, my Master. You slowly bring my arousal to fever pitch and I am soon moaning under your mouth, your touch on my body.

"You have pleased me very much this evening, my pet and I would like to give you something very special, something I think you will like very much." You draw me down to the mats and lay flat on your back, positioning me over your rigid cock. I feel you at my entrance and sink down on your shaft slowly, savoring the feeling of being filled so completely. You reach up and release my hands so that I can balance and then gently encourage me to move on your cock, using it as I need to, to satisfy my need. I am on the brink of orgasm when your hands on my hips still my movement and I think that my frustration must show on my face.

"Wait a little pet, this will get even better."

You have me lean forward a little bit and my cheek encounters another hard cock, just at the level of my mouth. I take it eagerly into my mouth and begin to suck it as you move beneath me, thrusting up into my grasping warmth as I enjoy the taste and feel of the dick in my mouth. Once more, I am on the brink of orgasm when all movement stops. You have me lean forward a little farther and I feel a slicked hand over my ass and fingers delving into my tight pucker, soon followed by the head of a large cock. The idea that I am being penetrated in every possible way causes me to flush hotly and a huge orgasm rips through me as the anal penetration is completed. The three of you then take control of my body, fucking me so completely that I come hard two more times before you find your own release.

I am shaking with the intensity of my emotions and the aftershocks of orgasm and you gather me into your arms and take me back to our tent, holding me until I am able to get control of myself.

"Are you alright now, pet?"

"Yes Master, much better than alright... Thank you for such a wonderful gift. I think that memories of our first camping trip will provide much pleasure for quite a while to come!"

You laugh and hug me tightly, placing small kisses on my face and saying, "This is only the beginning for us my pet, there is much, much more to come."

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