tagErotic CouplingsCamping Weekend Ch. 02

Camping Weekend Ch. 02

byHg Dragon©

Brief recap of part one: Chris and Janey are two twentysomethings who have been seeing each other for over two years. Her parents, George and Jeanette, have finally come to terms with how serious the couple is and have finally accepted him. As a gesture, they invite him along to a weekend camping trip. After taking a brief hike, the young couple return to the campsite to hear her parents having sex in their tent. Leaving the two to their activities, Chris and Janey decide to go for another walk to give them time to finish. Janey soon makes a change of plans and she and Chris start to engage in their own escapade. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Jeanette (and I felt so bad for doing that to them, don't worry, I'll make it up to them shortly). This is where we pick back up.


Jeanette comes around the bend of the path just as Chris and Janey finish straightening out their clothing. "There you kids are. Come on, George and I just finished putting together lunch."

"Lunch sounds good mom. I'm ravenous," Janey says and gives her lover a look that indicates that she'd like nothing more than to have him for lunch.

The trio returns to the campsite just as George sets down the last of the spread on the folding card table. "Ah set out some fixin's for some sandwiches. We got some ham, turkey, chicken, salami, pastrami, a couple of kinds of cheese, some lettuce, tomatoes, onions... There's some pickles an' a couple kinds of chips over there for sides if y'all want 'em an' there's some drinks over there in the cooler. Y'all help yerselves" he drawls in his Southern accent.

"Thanks George, it looks really good," Chris says as he grabs a pair of paper plates off the stack and hands one to Janey. After they've made their own personal masterpiece of a sandwich, they take a seat in the deck chairs surrounding the dugout fire pit. Soon, they're taking turns cracking jokes and telling stories. George makes the suggestion that the group changes into their swim gear and plunge into the river. The others agree that the idea sounds wonderful and head off to their tents to get ready.


George and Jeanette push the flap aside and enter their tent. As they're changing, Jeanette remarks to her husband, "I think I may have interrupted Chris and Janey earlier."

"Whadda ya mean?"

"Well, when I went looking for them to let them know lunch was ready, I came across them just off the North trail. I caught them in the middle of having sex. They were so involved, that they didn't notice me. So I turned around, walked down the trail a bit, and started yelling at the top of my lungs for them. I even gave them a bit of time to get their clothes straightened out."

"Well, they're young and in love, you remember what that was like, don't you? We know that she's got her head on straight an' that she's smart enough that she ain't gonna get involved with some loser who's gonna end up hurtin' her. Ah've told you all along that Chris is a good guy an' is gonna be good to and for Janey. Ah'm glad to see that you seem to finally come around on him an' our daughter is too. Ah've had a feelin' about him since the first time she brought him that this guy was gonna be the one for her. You know the boy's worked really hard to impress us. If he was just after some ass, he woulda given up after a couple of months, but they've been together for around two years. It's not gonna surprise me in the least if Chris pops the question in the next couple of months."

"Do you really think so? I guess I didn't want to like Chris since he was going to take our daughter away from us. We tried so hard and so long to have her in the first place and were unable to have any more; I just didn't want to lose her.

"I think I knew form the start that he was going to be the one for her, but just tried to deny it for so long. I think I finally turned around when we went to see my niece Amy after she had her baby last month and the way the two of them looked when Janey was holding him and Chris was standing next to her. I flashed to them being in the delivery room themselves and the image just 'fit.'"

"Ah think she's glad that you've finally changed your mind. So am I. But ah think that I'll have to have a talk with Chris. Do you want me to tell him we give our blessing to him when he's ready to propose or do you want to make him sweat it out a bit?"

"I think I've been hard enough on him. You can tell him that we would both love to have him in the family."

George and Jeanette give each other a loving hug and make their way out to join the kids.

"Ya do know they'll probably be having sex together at night, doncha?"

"Yeah, but like you said, they're young and in love, and I remember how it was..."


As they're removing their clothes and fishing for their bathing suits, the two lovers talk about the apparent reversal of Jeanette's feelings toward Chris.

"I wonder what prompted your mother to change her mind if she was the one I had to win over."

"I don't know, but it's seemed to be within the last month. I think the fact that we've been together for two years now and show no signs of breaking up any time soon has finally set in with her. I'm glad that she's finally changed her mind. I don't think I could take it if she never accepted you. There's no way that I could give you up to keep my folks happy." She steps close to Chris and puts her arms around his neck and leans her head against his chest. "I love you too much to do that."

"I love you too, beautiful." He reaches up and places his hand under her chin and tilts her head up and leans down. His lips meet hers and he pours the strength and conviction of his feelings into the kiss. Janey gives a small sigh and leans into him, her knees slightly weaker. Chris wraps his free arm around her waist and pulls her tightly for both support and closeness.

He finally breaks the intimate moment. "If we don't hurry up and finish getting ready, your parents are going to wonder what we're doing..."

"Oh, I think they'll have a good idea," she says and presses her naked body against his in a much more suggestive manner than previous and gives a wicked little laugh.

Chris swats Janey playfully on the butt, "Stop that! I just got them to finally like me and you're going to ruin it because you're so damned horny. I promise, we'll finish what we started earlier when we have the chance. Just not right now, you little vixen. And don't give me that little pout either; it's not going to work."

"Spoil sport!"

They finish getting ready and head off to the river.


As they walk down to the riverbank, George calls Chris over to help him get the two small canoes from the tag-along and carry them to the water. Chris agrees and follows him to the trailer. They guys tell the ladies to go ahead on and not wait on them. As soon as they are out of earshot, George drops the bomb.

"So, yer sleepin' with my little girl." It wasn't a question, but a statement of fact.

Chris's head whips around and the look of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming big rig. "What?"

"Relax son. I'm not angry and ah didn't bring you all the way out here to bury yer body where no one could find it. Yer both adults an' you know the consequences of what yer doin'. You make my daughter happy. She's a smart one an' that means she wouldn't just pick some worthless bastard who'd leave her when it got too tough. You two have been together now for goin' on two years now an' I have to tell you, I like what I see."

"Th-th-thank you sir."

"Don't 'sir' me. I've told you before to call me George and I meant it. From what me an' my wife see, you're good to her an' for her. That's all we care about. As long as you treat her right an' take care of her like a man should, then you're a welcome addition to this family."

It takes a few seconds for the full import of what he said to set in. "Do you mean...?"

"Yep. Jeanette and I will give you our blessing when the time comes. You do plan on marryin' her doncha?"

"Y-y-yes I do. I've just been waiting for a special moment; the 'right' time. But, yes, I do want to marry her. More than anything else."

"Good. Now let's get these things down to the river before the girls wonder what the heck happened to us."

They arrive to find Janey and Jeanette already splashing around in the river. The guys park the canoes on the bank and run in to chase them down. Soon, all four are involved in a full-blown game of chase. Dunkings occur left and right. The guys tag team the ladies and pick them up to throw them, screaming and giggling back into the water. After a while, Chris and George take turns diving off of the giant rock outcropping jutting into the water. With each jump, they try to outdo the other as the ladies give score for style, execution, or just plain goofiness.

George swims up Jeanette and asks his wife if she'd like to take a little boat trip. "You remember that little place about 20 minutes downstream? The one that we found on our first trip here?"

"The one with that secluded little beach where we first made love?"

"That's the one. So, how about it? Let's go and revel in the memories..."

"You're such a bad boy."

"You love me for it, don't deny it."

Jeanette laughs and calls over to the others. "George and I are going to take a sightseeing trip down the river for a while. You two stay here and have fun; we'll be back in time for dinner."

"You two have fun," Janey calls out as they start to paddle away. She turns to Chris and swims up to him. "Because I know we will."

She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a kiss. He responds hungrily, reaching down into the water and lifting her up by her ass. Janey wraps her legs around Chris's waist and lock her ankles behind his back. The two of them kiss, tongues probing each other's mouths. Wrestling and twining with each other. Janey can feel Chris hardening beneath her. She begins to grind her hips on his stiffening tool. "Oh God, I've been so damned horny since Mom interrupted us. It was so hard to keep myself from jumping you right there in front of them. I need you to fuck me."

Chris uses one hand and lowers his shorts just far enough for his cock to be free. He then reaches for Janey's pussy and moves the crotch of her thong bikini bottoms to one side. He then grabs a hold of her waist with both hands and lifts her up. She reaches down between them and aims the head of his penis to her entrance. Chris lowers her slowly as she holds and guides him into her. The sensation of her enveloping him is overpowering for them both. The heat inside her threatens to melt his rod to its base. He can't believe how she feels every time he penetrates her. The feeling of him filling her up causes her breath to catch in her throat.

Finally, their bodies meet as he's inserted all the way to the root. They take a few moments to calm their breathing down from the threshold of hyperventilation. He gives an involuntary twitch inside of her, briefly swelling and stretching, filling her that much more. Janey responds by squeezing her vaginal muscles and clamping down on the intruder. That only causes Chris to spasm again. She bites her lower lip in ecstasy at the sensation.

"So that's how you want to play this," he says. With that he begins to rhythmically contract the muscles in his cock causing it to pulse in side of her. Her head lolls back at the feeling. She loves it when he does this. He's big enough that if the angle is just right, he can hit the spot inside her that will set her off just by doing this.

Soon she can't take being inactive any more and starts responding. Whenever he swells in her, she squeezes back, causing the pressure to increase on him. To an outside observer, they look like two young people floating in the river and holding and looking at each other. But beneath the surface, there is a contest going on to see who can make the other give in first and start bucking. Neither wants to give the other that satisfaction. So it is a race to see who can make the other come first.

They're both panting now, sweating form their efforts. Chris rolls her hips up just slightly in an attempt to hit her sweet spot. A sudden gasp and a quiver instead of a squeeze tell him that he is close. She's concentrating so intently on milking him that she doesn't seem to notice his little ploy. Another adjustment and this time his pulse is met with a whole body spasm. He grins to himself as he's found his goal. Now each time he makes a contraction, he holds it longer to increase the pressure. Her control starts to break down and her grips become flutters.

One last throb from Chris sends Janey over the edge. She reaches out and grasps him close. Her head is buried in his shoulder and she cries out as the orgasm sweeps through her. She tosses her head back and mouths her pleasure wordlessly to the sky, her body rocked by the waves of her release. She finally recovers enough to look at Chris and urge him to fuck her.

Chris readjusts his grip on her bottom and spreads his legs slightly under the water in order to get a better position to thrust into her. He starts slowly, withdrawing the full length from her softness before gliding back in to the hilt. He makes sure to press against his lover's sensitive clit at the end of each stroke. His pumping changes from long, steady movements to rapid, short jabs. The water between them splashes up their chests from the motion.

Janey leans back in his hands due to the pleasure. This causes her breasts to break above the surface. He sees her rock hard nipples and lowers his mouth on them. He sucks gently at first but gradually increases the pressure. Chris circles her areola with his tongue in tightening circles until he reaches the pebble hard center. Then he flicks and jabs the tip of his tongue across it before biting down slightly and pulling back, letting his teeth scrape lightly across the hyper-sensitive nubs. Janey grabs the back of his head and tangles her fingers in his hair.

Both are grunting now at the effort Chris is making to come. His thrusts have now turned into full force slams as he bangs into her. The next thing he knows, the pressure in his testicles suddenly increases for a moment. He can feel his scrotum tightening in preparation. With one, two, three more thrusts, the built up tension explodes into Janey's box. He drives fully into her and holds himself there as he fires jet after jet of cum into her. Janey takes the opportunity to get revenge for his cheating by grinding her hips and squeezing him once more. The combined sensations overwhelm his already overloaded nerves and he sucks in a hiss through his teeth, then shudders. "That wasn't very nice.

"That's what you get for not playing fair," she shoots back. "You got what you deserved."

The two spent lovers make their way back to shore and walk to the campsite. There they take off their wet clothing and drape them over the chairs. They make their way into their tent hand in hand. They completely unzip the sleeping bags and lay one down on the ground. Using the other for a cover, they lay down together with Chris spooned up behind Janey. He drapes his arm over he, pulls her tight and they drift off to sleep together.

-to be continued

Thanks to everyone for the feedback you've given me on the first part of this series. You've been great support to a beginning writer and long time viewer of this site.

Thank you:


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