tagRomanceCandlelight and Bubblebaths

Candlelight and Bubblebaths


As Lynn lit the last of the candles around the room, she couldn't help but smile in anticipation of Ray's arrival. They had been sending text messages on their cell phones all day, teasing each to see who could get the other the hottest first. For some reason, Lynn thought she'd won that battle.

She had planned this night for several days now and she couldn't wait to see how he would respond to her efforts. After she had the candles lit, she slowly undressed, taking her time. She took her tangerine scented lotion from her over night bag and slowly caressed it into her skin, starting with her feet and working her way up her legs, closing her eyes and imagining how good his hands would feel on her body. As she reached her inner thighs she could feel herself getting wetter. "MMMMM" she thought, damn, she wished he'd hurry up!!

She set the lotion aside to text him a warning that she was gonna start without him. She laughed out loud when he responded with a resounding, "NO".

She continued lotioning her stomach and breasts, moaning as she did so. She caressed her shoulders and neck wishing he were there now.

She slid on a cute night gown that she had purchased a while back but had found no one to appreciate her in it. She hoped he would. She wore no panties. Finally, he called to say he was on his way. She got up and started to run his bath water. She smiled as she watched the bubbles rise in the water, hoping he'd like what she had planned.

When she heard his knock on the door, her heart skipped a few beats and she almost squealed, lol. She opened the door and let him in. He told her how nice it looked in the room with the candles lit. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. They both moaned in long awaited pleasure. He told her how good she smelled and his hands felt so damn good on her body.

She helped him get out of his clothes in between kisses and touches. Then she took him by his long, thick, stiff dick and lead him into the bathroom where the tub was full of hot bubbles and the candles lit up the room. He said how nice it looked and that he couldn't believe how special it was.

She admired his young, hard body as he slowly sank into the hot water. When he got comfortable, she sank to her knees beside the tub. He leaned over and gave her a deep kiss that made her tremble inside. Lynn slipped on some bathing gloves and poured bath gel onto his beautiful chest and stomach. She slowly began to rub the gel around his sexy body loving the way he looked as he laid there all soapy and wet.

Lynn began to soap up his legs as he told her how good it felt. He kept telling her how good it felt. He said, "You have no idea how good this shit feels.". That just encouraged her to continue. She soaped his long strong legs and then his feet and back up to his inner thighs. Then she gently took his balls into the bath glove and asked him if it felt good, he could only shake his head and moan. She reached below his balls and stroked his fine ass then gently began to stroke his asshole with her soapy gloved finger. He leaned his head back against the wall and groaned aloud. He leaned forward and kissed her again.

She continued to fondle him as she began to stroke his hard dick. She played with him for a while, but since she didnt want him to cum just yet, she continued with other parts of his body. She washed his broad back and shoulders and then his chest and arms as they kissed some more. Her nightgown had slipped down revealing her breasts and the hardness of her nipples showed how excited she was. She could also feel the dampness between her legs and could not wait to feel him inside her.

Finally, she asked him to stand up and she dried him off with a towel, saving his dick for last. She dried that off with her warm mouth as he hung onto the shower rod and moaned in pleasure. She took his dick in her hand and led him to the bed.

She told him to lie face down on the bed as she went to get a cup of ice from the bucket. She climbed on the bed and straddled his beautiful ass. She loved the way her wet pussy felt on against his bottom. He told her how good it felt as well. She leaned forward and placed an ice cube on the base of his neck. And then put her hot warm mouth on the spot where the ice touched. He just moaned with pleasure as she continued in that manner down his spine.

When she took the ice and placed it on his ample ass cheek he moved in surprise. She followed it with her mouth, gently biting him there. Then, she let the ice slide in between his cheeks and followed it with her tongue. He really moaned as her tongue began to swirl in his virgin place,

She reached down and fondled his balls as she continued to drive him crazy with her mouth. His dick felt like it was about to explode it was so hard. Her pussy was almost dripping in her excitement. She loved pleasing him.

She kissed down his legs for a while and then asked him to flip over. She began to devour his stiff dick. Loving the feel of it under her tongue and loving the way he moaned with pleasure. She moved her tongue onver his huge dick trying her best to drive him crazy.

When neither of them could stand it any longer, she moved on top of him. Taking a condom from the nightstand, She kissed him deeply as he slipped it on. Then she climbed on top of him and slid down on him, taking all of him inside her.

She moaned in pleasure as she began to move up and down on him quickly finding their rhythm. He thrust up deep inside her. Filling her even more with his erect dick. They moved faster and faster as he began to suck on her breasts sending her into ecstasy. She thought she had died and gone to heaven as his thrust came faster inside her until he moaned loudly with the pleasure of orgasm. They kissed each other deeply and lovingly. Ray gently stroked her arms and back and held her close to him, telling her how good everything had felt.

After resting a little bit, he took her into his arms and kissed her deeply telling her how much he was enjoying the night. He began to touch her and kiss her all over her body. When he began to suck on her erect nipples, she thought shed pass out with pleasure. God! He was good at that! He kissed lower, down her stomach and even lower to her soaking wet pussy. He spread the lips of her pussy and slipped his tongue inside and over her clit. She reached down and grabbed his bald head and cried out in pleasure. He drove her crazy doing that. She finally couldnt take it anymore and pulled him up to her so she could taste her juices on his mouth. She loved his delicious lips, and she loved the way she tasted on them. She begged him to put that big black dick inside her. As he slid inside her, they both moaned in pleasure. He kept telling her how good that wet pussy was and she loved the way his strong, young body looked moving over her. The way his chest flexed and his stomach muscles moved as he stroked deep inside her. She tried to touch him everywhere at once, raking her nails over his chest, stomach and arms, anywhere she could reach. He leaned down and pulled her to him as he continued to thrust inside her. They kissed deeply and then he began to suck on her breasts making her cry out his name in pleasure as she tried to kiss anywhere on him she could get to.

It was hot and passionate and he kept thrusting inside her until he cried out in pleasure and he came hard. He fell on top of her kissing her belly and breasts and holding her close.

They spent the rest of the night holding each other and making love in different positions . They talked for what seemed like hours, continuing to put a greater seal on their new found friendship. He made her feel so comfortable with her body and gave her confidence to continue to try and please him. She could feel herself falling in love with his gentle nature and sense of humor. She knew they had discovered something special and wanted it to last for as long as possible. She wanted time to stop and she could easily hold him next to her forever. She wanted him to love her and she had so much more love to shower on him. As they decided to take it one day at a time, she vowed to herself that she would try every one of those days to make him know how very special a man he was and to give him only happy memories to take with him into his future if he chose not to have her in it.

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