tagIncest/TabooCandy's Cane Ch. 03

Candy's Cane Ch. 03


Candy Peacher was now well beyond getting herself off with a candy cane but wanted more. While fucking Fred Berrybush had been a little disappointing her Mother and Father were both wonderful lovers. She loved her daddy’s big cock and she was in awe of her Mommy’s pussy.

She loved the taste of her Mom’s pussy juice better than anything she had done so far. But she wanted to experience more. She had heard of water sports but dismissed that idea for now. But, instead decided she would like to try a three way and who better to try it with than Mom and Dad. But, how would she get herself into their bed?

She thought about it a couple of days while sneaking a little time with each parent. Finally, she realized it would not be hard at all. Her Dad would be the easiest as the Secretary bluff would do the job besides as horny as he was he might do it without the blackmail. Mom would be a little harder to convince. Threatening to tell Dad about the lesbian stuff might do it, but she might not think being told on was bad enough to give into the threesome.

She would give it a try. First she tried her dad; and all she had to do was ask and lightly remind him of her weapon. He did not hesitate saying providing that she could get her Mom’s willing participation. She gulped as that was the big question.

She walked up behind her Mom in the kitchen and wrapped her arms around her latching onto her Mom’s utters and lightly trailed kisses down her neck, “Mom, I have a favor I need to ask.”

Caving into her daughter’s form she replied, “What is it, Candy?”

Candy put a hand on Felicity’s pussy, “Never mind, I’ll ask you after I get a quick pussy snack, I love how you taste.” Candy reached under Felicity ‘s dress and pulled down her panties guiding her to sit in a nearby chair.

Candy was on her hands and knees eating her Mom rapidly as Felicity lightly protested, “Your dad could catch us.”

“Wouldn’t that be great?”

“No, young lady it would not be great.”

“I think it would be wild to have a threesome with you and daddy. You could have my pussy and his cock at the same time. And, imagine to people sucking your tits at the same time. Or, daddy eating this sweet pussy while I stick my tongue as far up your cute little asshole as I can get.”

Felicity was on the verge of Cumming but said, “No, I cannot do it. It is too weird.”

“Weirder than you eating Mrs. Berrybush’s pussy the other day? Come on, have a threesome with me and Daddy or I’ll tell daddy about it.”

Felicity was Cumming but was steadfast, “So, tell him my little cunt eater, I still won’t do it.”

Candy played her last and best card as she stood up with her ass in her mother’s face. She lifted up her skirt and showed her Mom her naked pussy using her finger to pull the lips apart. “If you don’t play with me and daddy I won’t play with you at all anymore! But, if you do I will try whatever you ask, even a threesome with Virginia Berrybush if you want.”

Felicity was stuck as she didn’t want to share her man or her bed with her daughter. But, Candy was a hell of a lover and she craved her daughter’s pussy. She wilted as she knew that in May of next year Candy would be gone for over six months and sex with her would likely never happen again after that. “I guess so, but only if your father agrees.”

Candy stood back up and smoothed out her skirt. “If daddy agrees I will be there one minute after you turn out the light. Don’t say a single word to daddy about any of this. You will find out his answer is yes if I show up and begin making love to you both.”

Felicity scurried back into the kitchen and grabbed up her panties both with regrets and excitement about what she had agreed to. Meanwhile, Candy rushed back to her daddy and told him the same thing about coming in if Mom said yes a minute after the light went off. For all three of them the rest of the day dragged by slowly. Candy was the only one who knew what was to happen that night. John and Felicity kep trying to get something from how the other responded to looks and gestures but neither could figure out whether their daughter would be joining them that night.

They got ready for bed like usual except Felicity but on a little extra perfume and John wore briefs instead of sleeping nude. John turned out the light as Candy watched from around the corner. After waiting both of them let out a sigh of relief and disappointment as Candy wasn’t there. Candy was amused as there was silence coming from her parent’s room when usually there was much chatter. She knew she was the cause. She was enjoying making them wait but, after three minutes she could wait no longer and pushed the door open and turned on the light.

To her surprise neither was under the covers. Her dad was on his back wearing nothing but his briefs while her Mom was wearing a skimpy nightie and bikini panties. Quietly Candy climbed naked between them. She started by trading kisses with each of them. First, she gave them light almost platonic kisses but worked her way into deep passionate kissing. Her Father was the first to make a move as he rested his hand on his daughter’s breast. Candy pushed her Mom’s mouth down to the other boob. Candy caressed both parents as they suckled on her melons. John and Felicity paused in their attentions to their daughter’s boobs and looked at each other and kissed passionately. As he resumed kissing his daughter’s boob he reached for his wife’s cunt and began fingering it while Candy grabbed his prick and began stroking it as her mom played with Candy’s pussy. Candy knew life would be the same in their little home.

It didn’t take long until she knew they were ready, “Oh Mommy sit on my face and let me eat your sweet cunt. And, daddy please fuck me now. I want to do everything tonight with you guys.” Felicity was taken a back a little at especially how fast John was mounting her daughter but found herself over Candy’s face almost as fast. She rocked her hips on Candy’s nose and mouth as she watched John’s cock piston in and out of Candy’s pussy while her daughter was giving her twat expert attention Felicity was kneading Candy’s boobs as John kneaded Felicity’s boobs. It was not long until John and Felicity found themselves passionately kissing each other.

John was wondering why he had ever cheated on this sexy woman. He always loved her and she was hot in bed. He thought a little longer and remembered that it was almost an accident how he and his Secretary had become lovers after many long hours of working so close. But, here he was, no accident, fucking his daughter, his tight little daughter. It was like a symphony of moans and groans as the three came together.

The three made love all night. The only challenge was pacing things so that John could adequately service both of them. But, by sunrise the ladies had shared a blowjob and had him in both of their pussy and assholes. At about three in the morning they put on an all girl sixty-nine show for him as he rested up. The three of them were not apart until Candy went to school a few weeks later. Then they loaded up the car and got on Interstate 70 and said a tearful goodbye as they let her go. Candy came home two or three times a month. They had a great Christmas and Spring Break together. But, Candy was enjoying college with all of the new experiences. She dated a lot. Most of the guys could not measure up but she had some laughs.

She was really looking forward to her study abroad opportunity with “Up With People” it would be thirty weeks in which she would see several countries and lots of the United States and she would earn college credit. When May finally rolled around her parents put her on the plane for Arizona where her classes would begin. While on the tour she got in some time for romance. There were certainly some studs amongst her fellow students but everyone seemed too busy for much monkey business. While she was very happy she had gone she was even happier to come home.

So, here she was stranded in Chicago trying to change planes for Kansas City while waiting to get home for Christmas. At least, in January school would b only 125 miles away again and she could visit family whenever she wanted to.

Finally two hours late, there were Mom and Dad. They hugged like crazy. After getting the luggage they rushed home stopping for Chinese food on the way as John’s mother was waiting for them. That night after Grandma had gone to bed Candy and her parents had a grand fuck reunion. John couldn’t believe it but in the last six months his daughter’s boobs had grown to about 40d’s. Felicity was the party pooper as she pointed out the Candy needed to wake up in her own bed and they needed their rest as they would have company tomorrow for Candy’s welcome home party. Candy was excited about break and what spring semester would bring as she passed a picture of Aaron Berrybush and thought he had become quite a stud himself.

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