Cara's Lust


A dark shadow pinned her against the wall the minute she walked through her front door, a black-gloved hand covering her mouth to stop her scream of fear. The heady aroma of leather filled her nostrils as she sucked in air through her nostrils and she trembled slightly in alarm.

His body, larger than anything she had felt previously, pressed tightly against her smaller frame, holding her immobile in both size and power. A shiver of fear had ran through her at first, a momentary fight for freedom against a chest that felt akin to a solid brick wall shifted forward even more, flattening out her tits like pancakes.

And then as a pair of the most gorgeous set of green eyes locked onto her own, nearly taking her breath away, a flicker of excitement ran through her. Right then and there, Cara Edmondson knew he was here to rape her.

He leaned back slightly, one gloved hand still over her mouth, the other reaching up for her shirt collar, grasping hold the silky material completely uncaring of the price she might have paid for it. And his face, hidden behind a ski mask, except for those incredible eyes was now only a breath away from her own.

"If you scream I'll hurt you." He hissed and Cara nodded in understanding.

He jerked her forward by her shirt after at last uncovering her mouth and easily dragged her along with him toward the kitchen, deeper inside the house, away from windows and doors.

There he had turned her to face him. Again, those green eyes flashing hungrily toward her ample breasts clearly outlined behind the blouse and then back up to her own. Pushing her back onto the kitchen table, Cara could see that it was the perfect height for him as her hips would be nearly even with his own.

"Do not move." He hissed behind the mask as he reached forward, shoving the hem of her skirt up and over her hips, bunching it around her waist.

The instant she felt him lowering her panties Cara felt the lubrication of excitement ooze from between her folds. Those green eyes had lifted back to her own, showing a trace of humor in their depths when he saw the slick juice of her desire.

Without a word he pulled her slightly forward, her rear end now at the very edge of the table, her knees bent and her feet planted firmly upon the heavy wood. It opened her up like a dew-covered flower to his gaze.

One of those gloved hands moved between her outstretched thighs, a leather fingertip sweeping through the silky lubrication and Cara nearly bolted off the table with the feel of it.

"You actually want this don't you?" He asked, his voice held a trace of surprise, watching her soft folds quiver at his touch.

"No." Cara lied as that finger now swept up against the crevice between her protruding lips, hitting her swelling clit and Cara moaned loudly in pleasure, her hips arching instinctively upward.

"Put it in, please." She begged as he continued tracing around her, teasing her entrance by delving only a tiny fraction of his finger inside. Cara's lubrication continued to flow, heavier and heavier, saturating the leather of his glove.

"Please, put it in!" She cried in desperation, a flame so hot licking up through her insides it threatened to engulf her. And in the next instant, Cara's back arched and her hips bucked upward in sheer delight as he pushed his finger roughly into her, glove and all.

"Oh...uh...uh!" She cried in pleasure as his hand gave her the most luscious finger fuck she had ever received in her adult life. And within minutes her muscles clamped down around the already saturated leather as she orgasmed heavily.

"Damn!" He growled in surprise at how hard she climaxed and knew that once he drove his dick inside her it was going to be a wild ride.

Cara could only moan softly as the pleasuring ripples continued to move up her body and then she heard the zipper of his slacks lowering, signaling that he was ready to rape her. Another flash of excitement shot from her pussy to her brain and Cara, using her elbows, pushed herself up from the table just in time to see his dick tumble from inside the dark material.

Her eyes rounded in total astonishment at its size. He could not have been less than eight inches, closer to nine she guessed and thick. Really thick, she swallowed past the lump in her throat. The purple head was looking at her, larger than anything she had ever seen, almost wicked looking in size. The skin around him was tight and shiny and instantly she was reminded of a large piece of steel.

"Oh man!" She breathed deeply in anticipation of having that thing inside her and watched in almost fascination as he took hold of himself and aimed it toward her trembling pussy.

He moved that monstrous head against her, using her own fluid to lubricate himself, the feel of his thickness against her stimulating her even more. And then he was pressing against her opening even as she watched.

One push and she was stretched incredibly wide, the second push feeling as though he were going to rip her apart at any moment and Cara sucked in a breath of pain and suddenly the bulbous head disappeared from view.

"Oh shit!" Cara cried as she came just with the feel of that devastating bulb inside her, her body humping madly as convulsions rocketed from her screaming pussy to her toes and even to the ends of her hair on her head.

And then he began moving, filling her as he gave her inch by delectable inch of that cock. Cara had never been so full as she was at this moment and still there was more of him to take. He pulled back and she knew what was coming next. Tensing, and sucking in a deep breath, she felt his hips surge forward and with one powerful plunge he buried himself to the hilt into her tightness.

Cara fell back against the table, flat of her back, her breasts heaving for breaths as he started pistoning in and out, each drive seemingly going deeper with each forward motion. The friction caused by his size was almost unbearable and Cara felt like her pussy was going to burst into flames at any moment.

It did not ignite but she felt the tightness starting again inside her, signaling an approaching climax. He must have felt it as well as his thrusts intensified in both pace and depth, slamming into the back wall with a mind-numbing impact.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" Lara cried as her interior finally combusted, her muscles clenching down around him tightly as he held himself in her, giving her smaller thrusts with his hips.

Cara felt his body rumble in quiet laughter at her obvious pleasure and slowly her convulsions became less and less, only a few twitches to reveal the exquisite delight he had just put her through.

"No!" Cara nearly shouted as she felt him starting to pull out of her, catching him completely off guard by the surprise she saw in his eyes.

"Please, fuck me again. You're so damned big, please. Fuck me again!" She begged and she knew a brow lifted in question beneath his mask.

"Turn over." He ordered and for a brief moment Cara feared that he was going to butt-fuck her. There was no way she could take that massive rod in her ass, even with a gallon or more of lubrication.

"I said turn over. Put your feet on the floor." He hissed, grabbing her inner thigh, squeezing painfully and jerking her off the table.

He spun her around so quickly it made her dizzy for a moment and then his hand was in the middle of her back, forcing her to bend over the table, exposing both the rosebud of her ass as well as her drenched entrance.

Cara felt his knees pushing apart her legs as he continued to hold her down with simply the strength of one hand. And then that delicious cock was back, pushing upward and inward into her already abused pussy once more. Cara only groaned in pleasure, stretching her arms up above her head, gripping the edge of the table as he started pumping into her again.

He moved the hand off her back, only to grasp hold of her hips and move her slightly back from the table. And once more that leather covered hand started to work on her as he somehow managed to find her engorged clit and Cara thought it amazing he could do so with those gloves on.

"Oh sweet..." She gasped as he pinched it tightly between his thumb and finger, his cock sliding back and forth, slower, deeper, as though he were now actually making love to her. He pulled at her clit, stretching it from her body, twisting, squeezing and then grinding it against her pubic bone.

Cara started to move with him, shifting forward as he pulled back, ramming her hips back against his as he pushed in time and time again. He had magnificent stamina she mused as he continued to pound inside her.

"Give me your cum. You have to cum in me!" She cried beneath him.

"DNA evidence." He grunted a response.

"You...hmmmm... do you think I'd...oh damn..." Cara tried but the sensation he was building inside her yet again cut off all semblance of sanity.

"Son-of-a-bitch, you're tight!" He growled, feeling the tightening of his balls as the liquid fire started to rise inside him.

"My God, you're fantastic..." Cara mumbled beneath him, at last able to find her voice.

"Oh, yes. Deeper, deeper!" She begged when his thrusts again picked up speed and she knew out of instinct that he was about to cum.

"Yes, harder, baby. Fuck my pussy harder!" She told him and once more she orgasmed, feeling him slamming inside her, hitting that back wall with such power she thought he just might burst through the thin membrane.

"I want your cum." She repeated, her voice strained in a high pitch as those mind-blowing spasms rocked through her body.

"Oh, shit!" He growled, feeling as if he were going to blow at any moment. He needed to pull out before it was too late but she had him clamped down tightly.

"Fuck my mouth, cum in my mouth!" Cara demanded and releasing him, he pulled out quickly intending to make it back outside before spilling his load.

The bitch scrambled around the table faster than he expected and she grabbed hold of his throbbing cock, sucking it between her lips before he had a chance to react. When he tried to pull back, her grip on him tightened, her jaws working to suck him back inside, her tongue lathing him in reckless abandon.

"Stop!" He commanded as she sucked on his tip, the boiling liquid filling his cock painfully, expanding him even more. One more swipe of her tongue and he could not control the forward thrust as he rammed himself into her mouth, his head passing the back of her throat and he exploded.

Cara felt his hand grab the back of her head, holding her against him as his salty sweet cum shot down the back of her throat filling her belly with a delightful warmth when it hit.

"Hmmmm...hmmmm..." She mumbled against him, the back of her throat working to swallow the enormous amount of semen he gave up.

"Damn!" He hissed as his cock began to deflate, yet still giving off smaller spurts of cum. She squeezed his cock, moving her hand from the base forward, literally milking him for everything he was worth, her lips around his head now, sucking every last ounce of fluid he had left.

When she let go of him, the hot smolder for more shone brightly in her eyes as he took a few cautious steps back from her. This had definitely gone wrong, he thought to himself.

"That's the best fuck I've ever had in my life!" She told him, slipping off the table to stand, smoothing down her skirt yet kicking off her panties that hung around one ankle.

"You're one twisted bitch." He told her, the green eyes flashing in both anger and danger in her direction.

"I'd pay for a fuck like that." She informed him, seeing the green eyes round in surprise.

"Sorry, you won't see me again." He told her, adjusting himself back inside his slacks yet keeping a watchful eye on the woman he had came here to rape, not the other way around.

"Oh, yes I will." She purred softly, taking that last step that separated them, literally pinning that powerful body of his against the counter. Her hand came up, cupping him gently in her palm.

"You bring this back, say next Friday, same time." She told him bluntly.

"Are you out of your mind?" He asked, his voice husky with stress as he grabbed hold of her wrist, pulling it away from his cock.

"I told you, I'd pay you. How does a thousand dollars feel?" She asked.

"I don't need your money." He told her gruffly and started to step away from her, his intention to leave and as quickly as possible now.

"Fine, fuck me for free then. Friday, same time." She repeated and the green eyes darkened in anger as he turned and walked away. His strides quick but not at a full run as his brain was telling him to do.

Cara stood at the window now in her living room, watching the black clad figure move into the night. Before he reached the end of her walkway he pulled off the mask that had covered his face. Cara grinned in recognition of that devastatingly handsome dark head that was now scattered from the material of the mask he had worn.

"Friday, lover. Same time. I'll make sure you're here." She muttered softly, her grin widening into a full-blown smile as her hand lifted her skirt until she could reach beneath it and caress her completely satisfied and aching pussy.

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