Carissa's Ass


While I've been an avid reader of Literotica pieces for several months, this is my first submission. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. If you are offended by non-consent/rape please do not read this story.


Carissa moaned softly as he trailed his tongue slowly between her breasts down to her bellybutton. She threaded her fingers into his dark hair and dug her heels into the bed, raising her hips in expectation. It took her a few moments to realize he'd paused and she lifted her head to look at him, her unspoken question glittering in her green eyes.

"What do you want, baby?" He whispered as he blew on the still-wet trails his tongue had made. He grinned at her knowingly. She whimpered and hesitated. He knew what she wanted, just like he knew she hated saying it. It felt "dirty." She raised her hips slightly but he backed away and raised an eyebrow. "That's not going to get you anything, and you know it." Carissa pouted and murmured "please." He chuckled at her and shook his head. Looking into her eyes, he wrapped his arms under and around her thighs, pinning them wide, and brought his face close enough for her to feel his hot breath on her sensitive nub. Her breathing quickened, but she didn't give in. He stuck his tongue out, barely between his lips, and touched the nub. It was like an electric shock. She moaned as her eyes rolled back and she gyrated her hips to get her pussy closer to his mouth. "Oh god please! Please suck me, eat me!"

He dove into her soaked pussy, running his tongue up her slit and sucking on the plump lips. She moaned as she grabbed his hair and tried to shove his head into her while he fucked her sloppy hole with his tongue. He shifted slightly on the bed and she felt him pull her pussy lips apart before his mouth closed over her clit. Her hips lifted as she gasped and then moaned her approval. He watched as the alternating slow circles and quick flicks of his tongue made her writhe and thrash. He tightened his hold on her thighs and used his teeth to scrape across the engorged button, grinning to himself at the reaction it elicited. She squealed, and he knew she wasn't sure whether the sensation was pleasure or pain. His low growl warned her a scant moment before he latched his lips over her clit and scraped his teeth over it while sucking hard. She shrieked and tried to push his head away but he just reached up and grabbed her wrists, pinning them under her thighs in his iron grip.

"Stop! Stop! Please!" She whimpered as she begged. The pain was stronger than the pleasure and she kicked his back with her heels to get him to end the torture. He glared up at her as he sucked harder on her clit and then, watching her eyes, he clamped down on her clit with his teeth. She screeched and struggled against him, kicking harder and trying to rip her wrists from his grasp. "Stop it, you bastard! That wasn't what I wanted! Get off me NOW!"

He let her struggle for a minute, just holding her pinned under him. She stopped when she realized he was just watching her while she made a fool of herself. She glared at him. "We're done." Carissa stated. "I'm not in the mood anymore. I'm going to sleep." He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her expectantly, not releasing his grip. She rolled her eyes and tried to pull away, but he didn't let go. She huffed at him, "I'm serious! If you don't want to sleep on the couch, you'd better let go NOW."

In answer, he began inching his way slowly, menacingly, up her body until he had her wrists pinned above her head in one of his large hands. Her legs still cradled him and she could feel his huge, rock-hard erection pressing into her pussy lips. She turned her head away as he brushed his mouth against hers and she heard him grit his teeth. His other hand came up to grip her jaw and he forced her to look at him. He grinned evilly into her eyes as he painfully forced her jaw to open and accept his tongue. She gagged slightly, wiggling against him even as she knew she wouldn't be able to get him off her. He sucked at her lips, biting lightly and then harder, and then forcing her to take his tongue almost to the back of her throat. When he was done ravaging her mouth with his tongue and teeth he crawled further up her body until his rigid cock was pressing on her face. She tried to turn away but she couldn't move; her arms were pinned under his legs.

"Don't you dare!" Carissa sputtered. She swore she'd bite the damn thing. She was really pissed now. He knew she didn't like doing this!

He swiveled his hips to rub the tip over her lips and cheeks, trailing precum wherever it went. She whined in disgust and he grinned.

"Take it, bitch."

Carissa gasped at his words. How dare he?! He pushed against her lips and she clenched her teeth tightly. He shook his head at her and tsk-tsked, then reached behind him and yanked on one of her nipples, twisting it cruelly. Her mouth opened wide as she screamed in pain, staring up at him in disbelief, and he shoved his cock to the back of her throat. Before she could gag he pulled back and then pushed in again, setting a rhythm. His eyes were glued to the beautiful face he was fucking, loving her helplessness and how her gorgeous eyes alternately pleaded with him to stop and promised retribution. Tears seeped from the corners of her eyes as she tried to keep from gagging. He felt his ball sac slapping her chin as he plunged in and he started pushing harder, trying to get down her throat. The feel of her throat muscles contracting as she gagged was almost too much and he could feel himself getting close. He pulled out of her mouth slowly and then positioned his balls over her lips. "Suck them." Carissa glared up at him and he watched as she stuck her little pink tongue out and barely grazed his sac before closing her mouth again. He shook his head at her and draped his balls over her lips. "Suck them like you mean it."

Carissa knew he was stronger than her and she definitely didn't want a repeat of what had just happened so she licked his musky shaven nuts, running her tongue from just behind them, then between them, to the base of his cock. She almost smiled at his indrawn breath. Carissa drew one of his balls into her mouth, sucking gently and rolling her tongue around it. She released it and did the same to the other one. Then she opened wide and took both into her mouth, sucking gently and rolling them around her tongue. His throaty moans told her of his appreciation. He raised his hips slightly so his sac was pulled taut and he sucked in a deep breath as he savored the feel of her tongue lapping at his balls. Suddenly he growled and pulled away from her, flipping her onto her stomach. She didn't understand at first; the quick movements disoriented her until he was positioned behind her, her legs spread on either side of him.

"Wait! No! I don't like doggie-style!" She tried to push herself up away from him but he shoved her back down to the bed with a hand at the small of her back. "Stop it!" She yelled. "Let me turn over and we can get this over with!" She felt the bed dip and tried to turn her head to see him but she couldn't make out what he was doing.

He reached over to the bedside table and opened the little drawer, pulling out a small bottle of lube oil. His cock twitched as he thought about what he was going to do to her. She was such a bitch, but she wouldn't be so high-and-mighty after tonight. Not to him. He nudged her legs further apart with his knees.

"Get on your knees, bitch."

"Fuck off! Stop calling me that! I am so DONE tonight!" She tried to push herself away again but he just shoved her face-first back into the pillows. He dripped a few drops of the oil onto his twitching cock and then pulled her hips up with one hand under her belly. He poured some of the oil over her ass crack, making her brownish-pink puckered hole glisten. She gasped at the sensation of the oil dripping on her ass and began to struggle again. "What are you DOING? Stop it! Stop! Please!" The sight of her tight, oiled asshole combined with her helpless pleas and wriggling around made him want to plunge right in. He snapped the lid of the lube bottle shut with a finger and tossed it to the floor beside the bed.

He grasped the base of his throbbing cock and rubbed it over her pussy lips and he could feel her relax slightly as her fear of imminent anal rape was relieved. He chuckled quietly to himself as she pressed back against him. He knew her games; she was trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. He wanted to savor this. He pushed her forward to lean against the headboard, keeping her torso raised so she couldn't collapse to the bed. He wanted her locked into the perfect position so he pushed forward a little more and she had to put her hands up onto the wall, arching her back uncomfortably. Her breasts hung enticingly, quivering in fear and anger over what was happening to her. He wrapped his hand in her long brown hair and yanked her head back so he could whisper into her ear.

"Beg me, Carissa. Tell me to stop, that you don't want this."

She didn't hesitate. "I've been telling you to stop! I don't like this, and I don't want it!" Her heart skipped a beat as she heard his low laugh.

He positioned the head of his cock at her puckered hole and paused barely a moment to feel her stiffen in surprise. He plunged his oiled cock to the hilt into her bowels and ripped a scream from her throat. He paused, relishing the feel of her incredibly tight ass clenching around his cock. Her struggles had begun anew and she was sobbing, begging him to stop. Her thrashing provided plenty of stimulation and he sat back on his heels, letting her do all the work. The sound of her cries made him smile and he wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her firmly to him, and then reached around her with his other hand to grope her breasts. She tried to move away, shaking her head and sobbing while her hands pushed weakly against his restraining arms. He leaned over her and spoke calmly into her ear.

"Keep your hands on the wall."

Carissa couldn't think anymore, she could only feel the pain of her asshole being stretched wider than it had ever been. She realized that he was in complete control and that she was absolutely powerless against him, but her brain wasn't registering what he was saying to her. He grabbed her hands and placed them on the wall in front of her, holding them there as he pushed his cock deeper into her, and then trailing his hands down her arms to the curve of her back. He sat back, pulling her with him, and as she came down fully on his cock his head fell back and he let out a loud growl of satisfaction. He began to grind his hips up into her ass cheeks, shoving his dick deeper into her. Her shaking body was still trying instinctively to move away from him and he used that to set the rhythm, letting her pull away and then yanking her back to take him fully into her again.

"Please, please stop! I swear I'll do anything, please!" She sobbed.

"Please stop, I'll do anything" he mocked her and pulled back a few inches so he could shove his cock back in, loving how she begged. He leaned forward to flick her ear with his tongue. "You're doing exactly what I want right now," he whispered to her. He pulled the fistful of her hair to the side and licked up the length of her neck, ending with a nibble on her earlobe. His other hand was mercilessly tweaking and pulling her nipples, the pain forcing her to arch back against him. His body was covered in sweat with the strain of his control and he deliberately slowed his breathing to calm himself. He wanted to shove her down and ride her hard but he kept rolling his hips into her slowly. He liked how subdued and compliant she'd become. Leaning forward as he tugged her head back, he looked into her puffy, reddened eyes before reaching out to catch her tears with the tip of his tongue. He kissed each tear trail and then kissed the eyelids she squeezed shut against the gentleness of his lips.

"What, no more begging?" He smirked as she made no reply. He decided he'd held back long enough and he grasped her to him as he backed up several inches and then shoved her forward to support herself on all fours. He dug his fingers into her hips and plunged deep into her well-oiled colon. He watched her pushing against the pillows, the bed, and the headboard, trying to figure out how to get away from him. He used her hips to swivel her ass onto and off his cock and increased the speed of his thrusts, smiling to himself as she screamed and sobbed into the pillows. Her ass muscles were finally relaxing and he could plunge his cock in easily. He fucked her ass hard and fast, letting out a roar as he felt his orgasm explode.

She felt his cock pulsing inside her and then he fell onto her back, pushing her down into the bed. Carissa expected him to pull out, but he stayed as he was. She was only able to draw shallow, sniveling breaths with his weight on her back, but she was afraid to say anything or make any movement.

He shifted his hips and his now-flaccid cock slid from her asshole, trailing cum across her thigh as he rolled off her to the side of the bed. She turned and curled up away from him, crying softly, but she didn't resist as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back against his chest. He caressed her hair and kissed her shoulder gently, working his way up to her neck and jawline. He turned her to face him and buried her head under his chin as he rubbed her back. He held her tightly as her tears slowly subsided. Kissing the top of her head, he murmured into her hair, "That was amazing, baby. I think you'll find your wifely duties a little more interesting from now on."

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As a woman reading this, holy shit... new fantasy. Write more. I love the personalities in this, and everything about it. The act, and his enjoyment, and details of her pain and humiliation and strugglesmore...

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