tagLoving WivesCarly's New Job Ch. 01

Carly's New Job Ch. 01


This story is a follow on from my previous 2 submissions.


Carly and Steve were having a difficult couple of months. Over the last year they had experimented with various threesomes and fantasies. It had brought them closer together and worked wonders in putting the spark back in their sex life. Recently though, money problems had dominated and started to cause arguments and long working hours were taking a toll.

Carly was looking through an evening paper on her way home from work one evening, when an advert in the personal section caught her eye. The paper had been full of the usual office jobs offering even less than she was earning now. This one was different though, a new massage parlour had just opened nearby and was looking for staff and clients. The advert went on to say that full and part time work was available on a casual basis. Carly quickly dismissed this idea as ridiculous and forgot about it.

The following week, things were no different. Steve had just been told that his overtime at work was going to stop, things were about to get even harder.

Carly again saw the advert for the massage parlour in the evening paper, now the thought was more than just passing. Could she do this? It would be an answer to their financial worries but how would Steve react? She had never been able to keep anything secret, and hated the though of deceiving her husband.

When she got in, Steve was out taking their son to football practice. Carly knew she had at least half an hour before they got in and decided it was now or never. She nervously dialed the number and waited for an answer.

"Angels massage, how can I help?" came the answer.

"Hello," she stuttered. "I saw your advert for staff in the paper and wondered if I could get some more info?"

"Could you come in and see us?" The woman replied. "We get a lot of timewasters, this way tends to get rid of most of them."

"I suppose I could come in tomorrow on my way home from work." Carly replied.

"No problem." Said the woman and gave Carly the address. "Ring the buzzer and ask for Sharon." She said.

Carly suddenly felt sick with the nerves, could she really do this? She knew what the score would be, having sex with men for money wasn't something that had even crossed her mind until now. What if she couldn't do it? What if she found all the men repulsive and couldn't go through with it? She eventually talked her into going to see them, it wasn't as if she was under any pressure to take the job. Nothing to lose.

Carly got ready for work the next day and wore her smartest business suit. She made the decision to say nothing to Steve until she had been to se Sharon. She told Steve she had a meeting that afternoon and would go for a couple of drinks after work. She was committed to this now.

That day at work Carly could think of nothing else. Her colleague had asked her what the matter was but she knew she could say nothing. 5pm slowly crawled around and Carly made her way to the parlour. She found the flat with no problem at all, it didn't actually look too bad. She had convinced herself it would be some shabby, sleazy looking place, but this wasn't too bad. She rang the buzzer and waited.

"Hello." Came the familiar voice.

"Hi, it's Carly, I rang yesterday about the job."

"Come in love, it's the door on the right at the top of the stairs." Sharon said.

Carly took a deep breath and made her way up the stairs. Sharon met her at the door. She was in her her early 50's Carly guessed, well dressed with a decent suntan. She looked like she earned decent money, the whole place looked smart and well kept.

"I'll get straight to the point," Sharon started. "I like to let the girls know what's expected right from the start."

Carly nodded in acknowledgement.

"We offer a full personal massage service her. Massage, Oral and full sex. Basically whatever the client wants within reason."

Carly nodded again.

"Most of the girls do Oral without a condom, but other than that they're compulsory." Said Sharon in a matter of fact way. "I don't want a reputation for passing any nasty surprises around the girls or clients."

Carly took a moment to take this in and replied, "Can I work this around my full time job?"

"No problem," replied Sharon. "I have 2 or 3 girls working at any time and I'm looking for people who could work weekend evenings and days on Saturday."

"I could do that." Carly replied, almost without thinking. "What will I get paid?"

"You pay me a fee of £50 for a half shift of 6 hours," Sharon said "£100 for a full 12 hours shift. Then what you earn is yours." .

Carly nodded again.

"We charge £40 for a full personal," Sharon continued. "That's a quick 20 minute service. The price then goes up depending on what the client wants or how much time he wants."

Carly again nodded. She was a bit shocked at this stage. The reality of possibly selling her body was finally hitting home.

"Girls can earn upwards of £200 per shift here if they want, it's good money."

Carly agreed, this would certainly ease their financial pressure.

"I'd be more than happy to give you the work," Said Sharon. "I can tell you haven't done this kind of work before, but I really think you'd be a hit here."

Carly had never found men difficult to attract. She was a curvy size 16 with 40DD breasts. Even now as she approached her mid thirties she always got plenty of attention.

"If you fancy it, I can give you a shift on Sunday." Sharon continued. "Just a half shift for now, see how you get on."

Carly thought for a few moments then agreed. "Ok, I'll do it." She almost couldn't believe she'd agreed, but she kept on thinking that she could always back out.

"Just come in about 1pm Sunday, we'll get you working till 7pm for your first shift." Sharon said. "You might even enjoy it!"

Carly made her way home. She couldn't believe what she had agreed to do. The biggest problem was still to come too, telling Steve.

When she got in, Steve was in on his own. Their son was staying for the night at Carly's mothers for the night so she would have plenty of time to tell him.

Steve was actually in quite a good mood, he offered her a beer out of the fridge an asked her how her day had been.

"Interesting." Said Carly.

"How's that?" replied Steve, "You usually say how boring it is."

"Look, I've got something to tell you." Carly said. "Please just hear me out then we can discuss it.

"I'm not sure I like the sound of this." Said Steve.

"I went to speak to someone about some part-time work on my way home." She said.

Steve nodded.

"It's at a massage parlour," She said nervously. "I know it isn't ideal but it is the only way I can see us getting out of debt.

Steve looked shocked. He said nothing, it was an awkward moment.

"I said I'd give it a go," Carly continued. "I just thought that you've never had a problem with me having sex with other men before, and the money could really help."

She was trying her best to talk him into this, and probably herself too.

Steve still said nothing.

"Please say something." Carly said.

"I'm not sure what to say." Said Steve.

"Anything," She said. "I need to know what you think, I won't do this without your blessing."

Steve was quiet again, he didn't know what he could say. He did know that if Carly had set her mind on something there wasn't much he could do to persuade her otherwise.

"It's not like I'd be doing it for anything else but money," Carly broke the silence. "You even enjoy me sleeping with other men."

"It's different when we do it together," Steve replied. "This is totally different."

"I know," Carly said. "Just have a think about it."

"When do they want you to start?" He said.


"Sunday?" Steve exclaimed. "That doesn't give us long to think."

"I know, but we need the money now," Carly said. "You know how hard it's going to be without your overtime."

Steve thought quietly again. Even he had to admit that it would be an immediate solution. He just couldn't get his head around men paying to have sex with his wife. The threesomes had been fun but this was a whole different thing.

They had a couple more beers that evening and watched a film on the TV, neither of them said a word for a couple of hours.

"Give it a go then," Steve said, eventually breaking the silence. "I've always said I'd never stop you doing anything you wanted to do."

"You sure about this?" Carly replied.

"Yes, just look after yourself," He said with a concerned look on his face. "Don't put yourself in any danger."

"Don't worry," Carly tried to ease his worry. "They really look after their girls, I've seen they have security already."

He nodded.

"I'll try on Sunday, if it's horrible I'll just stop," She said. "Let's just see what happens."

Neither of them mentioned it again until the Sunday.

When Sunday morning came, Steve was ready to take their son to his football match. He gave Carly a hug and a loving kiss.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too darling." Carly replied.

"Take care, just look after yourself."

Carly gave them him a wave and went to get ready. Her nerves were worse today than for any first day at work she had ever had before. She packed he sexiest underwear, stockings and suspenders, along with condoms and lubricant. Sharon had advised her to have plenty of that to avoid any pain or awkward moments.

When Carly arrived at the flat, Sharon was the only one there.

"Glad you turned up today," She said. "The other girl hasn't turned up."

Great, thought Carly. She had kind of hoped it would be quiet so she could have an easy introduction to this. No chance of that now.

"At least you won't just be silting around worrying about it on your first day." Sharon smiled.

Carly let out a nervous laugh as Sharon showed her through to the bathroom to get changed.

Carly got undressed and put on stockings and suspenders, followed by her black thong and push up bra. She had picked Steve's favorites to wear, he always told her how sexy she looked in that set. She put plenty of make up on too, the more tarty she looked the better today she thought. Finally ready she put her dressing gown on and went back into the living room.

"Looking good." Said Sharon.

"Thanks," Carly said. "I feel terrified!"

"Don't worry," Sharon smiled. "The first client is always hard but it will get easier."

Carly sat on the sofa and started reading one of the magazines on the table. After about 15 minutes the buzzer rang. This was it, the first client.

Sharon answered the buzzer and invited the man up. She showed him into the main bedroom and said he would send her in.

"Good luck love," Said Sharon. "Just act confident and you'll be fine."

"And don't let him take any liberties with you, nothing he hasn't paid for." She added.

"I won't." Carly said as she slipped off her dressing gown ready to go.

She had decided to call herself Lola while working. She had used this name when her and Steve had acted out this fantasy, this was the real thing now though, no chance to back out now.

Carly took a deep breath and opened the door. "Hi, I'm Lola" She said confidently with a warm smile. "What can I do for you today?"

"I'd like a full personal please." Said the man. He was in his early thirties, a bit overweight, but not at all as horrible and sleazy as Carly had thought. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

"That'll be £40 please." She said.

The man just handed over the cash, no small talk, just business. He was clearly used to this business, Carly guessed it wasn't his first time.

"Get undressed and I'll be back in a minute." She said.

Carly took the cash through to Sharon and got her bag. She was ready for this now. Sharon wished her good luck as she went back to the bedroom.

When she got back, the man was naked as requested. His cock didn't look anything special, pretty small to be honest. Carly thought this would be an easy one to start on. She took off her bra and thong, applied some lubricant and tucked a condom into the top of her suspender.

"Would you like a massage first?" She asked.

"No thanks," He replied. I'd rather just get on with it."

Carly was fine with this. She just wanted to get this out of the way.

She lay the man on his back on the bed and began to stroke his cock. He was soon getting hard. She gently licked up the length of his shaft before putting the end in his mouth. The man was clearly enjoying this and let out a moan. She took his full 5 inches into her mouth while he played with her tits. She then slipped the condom on to get ready to fuck him.

"Tell me when you're ready to fuck me." She told him.

"I'm ready now." He said.

Carly got straddled him, always remaining in charge. He easily entered her, Carly was actually quite enjoying it. She had always loved the feel of a man inside her and this was no different.

She gradually built up her rhythm and after a couple of minutes the man let out a louder moan and came. That was it, job done. It had taken no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. She was now officially a prostitute she thought. Strangely she felt kind of proud, not dirty or used as she thought she might. It was her who had remained in charge. She put her Knickers and Bra back on and saw the man out once he was dressed.

"That was easy!" Carly said to Sharon.

"Told you it would be!" She replied. "Good news, there's another client waiting in the 2nd bedroom!"

Carly didn't hesitate this time, straight in and on with business. The routine was exactly the same, very business like and really was easy money. Within the first couple of hours, she had seen 4 clients. She had already paid her fee to the house and was well in credit. She was pleased with herself.

Sharon had asked her before what services she would or wouldn't provide. She had agreed to Oral without a condom but had declined Anal for the moment. She had also asked whether Carly would do a lesbian show . Carly had never been with another woman but had agreed to this as Sharon said it was a good earner. She had also discussed taking multiple men or couples. This was usually arranged by appointment and checked out by Sharon before arranging. Carly agreed to do this too, again the money was too good to turn down.

After a quiet couple of hours another man was ushered in. Carly did the usual routine and introduced herself. The man asked to book her for an hour, this was the first time anyone had wanted more than a quick personal. She took the £100 charged and returned to the man.

This time she started to relax a bit, he was clearly in no hurry and wanted to take his time and enjoy himself. Carly gave him a massage before turning him over and performing her usual routine of stroking his cock till it was erect. She slowly took his 6 inches in her mouth and gave him the sort of slow blowjob that Steve loved so much.

"Can I go down on you?" Asked the man after a couple of minutes.

"No problem." Replied Carly. "We Can have a 69 if you want."

The man smiled and nodded his approval. Carly got into position and lowered herself over the man's face. She could feel herself beginning to get wet naturally for the first time. She got back to work on sucking cock while the man started to slowly lick her slit. She couldn't help letting out a genuine moan of pleasure. He held her lips open and began to probe deeper before starting to concentrate on her clit.

"Let me know when you're going to come," Carly said. "I don't want it in my mouth."

The man continued licking Carly, she could actually feel her orgasm beginning to build. She started to build up speed now as she sucked, wanking his cock while she did this.

"I'm going to come." Cried the man.

Carly took his cock out of her mouth and continued wanking him until she felt the first warm spurt of come land on her neck followed by her tits. More went over the mans stomach as he laid back in pure joy.

"Was that ok?" Carly said as she wiped herself down. She hadn't quite managed to come but was amazed she'd got so close. She was definitely getting used to this.

"Fantastic!" Replied the man, "Glad I came and saw you today!"

"I'll be here next Sunday too," She added. "Feel free to come back and see me." She had decided she was going to continue with her new line of work!

After a bit of a rest, they fucked again. Just raw, hard sex. Carly had to admit that she had really enjoyed this client. He smiled and tipped her £10 as he left. Back in the living room Carly was introduced to 2 other girls that had arrived for the evening shift. Both were in their early 20's, one was black, the other looked Eastern European. They both seemed friendly enough which put Carly more at ease.

Her first shift had ended, she was delighted to have made almost £250 after her fee was taken off. She had made a bit more than expected as she was the only girl in and was delighted.

Carly made her way home and wondered if Steve would want to hear about how she'd got on.

"How did it go then?" Steve asked.

"Not bad," She said. "I made £200!"

"Bloody hell!" Steve exclaimed, "How many did you see to earn that?"

"I had 5 clients, 4 basic services and 1 wanted me for an hour." She smiled.

She couldn't decide if Steve was pleased or not.

"It wasn't too bad to be honest," She continued. "They were all pleasant enough and it was very business like."

"Glad it went ok darling." He Said and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Carly felt pleased that Steve seemed ok with her doing this. She had actually enjoyed the last client and could see herself making good money doing this.

The following Friday Carly got a call on her mobile, it was Sharon.

"Hello love," She started. "I've got a proposition for you."

"Go on." Carly said.

"I've just had a call from a group of lads coming down here for a stag weekend," She continued. "They want to book a couple of girls for a 2 hour gang bang."

"Fucking hell," Carly exclaimed. "That's a bit extreme."

"We do get the odd booking like this," Sharon went on. "We'll have security in to look after you both and we'll make sure all the cash is paid up before you start."

"How many would there be?" Carly asked.

"8," Said Sharon. "I know it's a lot but you'll make £400 off of this clear."

"I'm not sure about this," Carly said. "It sounds a bit too much."

Carly paused for a moment, thinking about £400 for 2 hours work. That sort of money was a weeks work in her office, this was too good to turn down.

"Ok, I'll do it," Carly said eventually. "What will they want me to do?"

"Oral without, straight sex with condoms and a lesbian show." Sharon said.

"It'll be with Sukey," Sharon continued. "The African girl you met on Sunday."

"I'll be there." Carly confirmed.

Now this would be different thought Carly, she had never been with a woman before and certainly had never taken on 8 men at the same time before. The lure of the easy cash was too hard to turn down though.

She told Steve that night.

"Jesus Christ!" Was his reply. "You sure about this?"

"It's £400 for 2 hours, I'd be daft not to take it." She replied.

"True I suppose," He said. "I actually wouldn't mind watching that the more I think about it!"

"Dirty fucker!" Carly said and gave him a playful slap.

Thing between them had been better in the last couple of days. Jealousy had never been a problem for Steve, while the extra money coming in had taken a lot of pressure off them.

That night they had sex for the first time in a fortnight, slow and tender lovemaking rather than the raw, dirty sex they had mainly been having recently. Carly felt more connected to Steve than she had done in a while. It seemed the ease in their financial situation was doing their relationship some good.

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