tagInterracial LoveCarolyn and John Ch. 02

Carolyn and John Ch. 02


Carolyn raised and parted her knees, the fine hair on the lips of her open cunt glistening with her juices. I rolled on top of her, and for an ecstatic moment I rubbed the purple tip of my cock through her bushy hair, pushing it into the slit to rub against her clitty, then her hand reached down and guided it to her entrance and with a long thrust I was deep in her welcoming pussy, feeling the walls of her warm cunt hug my thick cock in a love embrace.

I began to stroke, slowly, but she wrapped her legs around mine, her calves pressing into the backs of my thighs and as high as my straining buttocks, and her fingers dug into my back.

"Faster John!" she whispered "Fuck me hard, don't wait, please! It's been so long! I want to feel you cum in me! Just fuck me hard!"

"It's been a long time for me too." I whispered "Oh Yes! Yes!" and I began to pump into her faster, short strokes, my balls against her buttocks each thrust, our bodies tight against each other, the sun hot on my naked back as I fucked her, feeling her buck her hips up to meet my thrusts, panting as we coupled, until the ache of a cum became undeniable and I felt myself reaching orgasm, the sensations almost paralysing me, making me thrust in huge slow jerks and as she felt me starting to cum Carolyn gave a long moan of pleasure and I felt her cunt tighten as she climaxed and suddenly I was pumping my spunk deep into her, my thrusts timed to each heavenly spurt of jism into her gorgeous tight tunnel, her nails raking my back as she orgasmed under me, until I was spent and with a long groan I collapsed onto her and she hugged me tight as we caught our breath and our heartbeats came back to normal.

She burrowed her face into my chest "Oh John, thank you!" she said.

"I should thank you Carolyn, " I answered "you are fantastic"

We lay there, sleepily, talking about nothing much, stroking each other's bodies and taking pleasure in seeing each other's nakedness. Suddenly there were voices, from the path at the other side of the hedge. We froze, and listened as a group of hikers stopped to consult a map, listening to them talk.

I reached out and with a fingertip I tickled one of Carolyn's big dark nipples. So intent was she on the hikers the shock made her gasp, then start to giggle, which she muffled, so I tickled the other nipple and she slapped my hand away then reached down and gently squeezed my balls. We lay there stifling our laughter as the hikers slowly moved on, never guessing that if they had looked over the gate they would have seen two naked people only yards from them.

As our laughter died away, we looked into each others' eyes, then embraced and kissed gently. As we did I felt myself begin to stir again, my cock twitching and thickening, and I cradled her breast and stroked and tweaked the nipple.

She looked at me "Again? Can you?"

"I can try." I said "I certainly feel like I can."

She took my cock in her hand and began to fondle it, stroking along the shaft and teasing the tip, feeling it grow thick and hard in her hand, then she wriggled down the blanket and took my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and sucking gently. I moaned with pleasure and stroked her hair, black and shiny, gleaming in the afternoon sunlight.

Gently she played with my engorged cock, teasing with tongue and fingers, licking beads of precum from the tip, massaging my balls in her hand. I lay back and went to heaven, letting her play and knowing that I would give it back and more.

She slid up me and we kissed again. I tasted something on her lips and realised it was my own precum. Somehow the thought aroused me even more and I could feel the pulse throbbing in my groin.

I gently layed her back and kissed her down her belly, scenting her warm cunt and it's juices as I ran my tongue through her bush, then laying between her spread legs I probed with my lips and tongue between her swollen cunt lips, finding her clitty and sucking hungrily at it then licking rapidly as she wriggled and made little animal noises of pleasure, pushing my head deeper into her cunt, her heels drumming gently on my back.

She gave several deep long moans and I knew that she'd come, I felt her juices flow faster and I licked them up and swallowed.

I slid up her body, looking down on her nakedness, thinking how incredible she looked, her full breasts with the hard nipples, the surrounds large chocolate circles, the curve of her belly and hips, the fuzz of pubic hair shading the welcoming womanhood. She reached down between us and stroked my cock rock hard, and I slid it into her, deep inside her, and she sighed as it parted her wet warm lips and nestled into her pussy.

We fucked again, but slowly and deliciously this time, the strokes long and deep, feeling each other's muscles tighten and relax, our bellies sliding together, her soft inner thighs gripping me, hands stroking my back. I took my weight on one arm and slid my other hand under her buttocks, feeling them harden as she rose to meet my every thrust.

We fucked like this for a long while, then I rolled off her, my cock hard and heavy, and onto my back. Without any bidding she rose to her knees and straddled me, slowly lowering herself and guiding my cock up into herself with her fingers, then she began to ride me, gently, her tits swaying in the late afternoon sun, her hands on my shoulders as I held her hips.I looked down the length of my body, watching my pale blue veined cock slide in and out of her brown body, the dark pussy lips parted wide and the swollen cock glistening with her juices as she moved up and down on me.

I slid one hand round her belly and stroked her clit with my thumb and she gave a little "Mmmmmm." of pleasure and wriggled her hips, sending electric waves through my cock. For a long age she rode me, her eyes closed, her breathing gentle, savouring the feel of me inside her.

"Lets finish doggy style! " she whispered, and raising herself off me she kneeled down beside me on the blanket, bending forward to cradle her head on her arms, her curvy hips and buttocks presented for my pleasure.

I knelt behind her and once again, for the last time, my hard cock slid into her eager oiled cunt, and I began to fuck her from behind, stroking her back and sides gently, and she slipped a hand underneath herself and stroked my tight ball sack with it.

I quickened the pace, short fast thrusts, gently holding her hips as I moved. Her breathing quickened, and her round buttocks moved in time to my thrusts, my lower belly gently slapping against the brown globes of her gorgeous ass each time I slid the full length of my cock into her. I looked down at her full womanly hips, writhing with pleasure in my hands, and I felt a sexual excitement so great my head was spinning. I clasped her hips tighter and began to thrust hard and fast, grunting with each stroke, fucking her like I'd never fucked a woman before, hearing her cry out and seeing her back arch as her orgasm built then feeling my own burst inside her, ramming my cock into her in rhythmic thrusts, giving a loud UUUUGH! at each cum spurting stroke, emptying my balls for the second time into her tight pussy as she shuddered and cried out in her passion as the orgasm carried her away, pulsing through her body in warm waves of ecstasy as her hungry cunt sucked my straining cock dry.

Our passion spent, I slumped over her and she made small whimpering noises in her throat, then as I looked up I saw them. Two teenage boys, mouths agape, were leaning over the gate staring at us, Carolyn still on her knees, her head on her arms, and me with my softening cock still inside her.

As they saw my head come up and realised that I'd seen them they glanced at each other then ran, their footsteps pounding down the lane. Carolyn looked up.

"What's that?" she asked

"Two teenage kids were watching us" I answered.

She said nothing for a moment, then shudders went through her and I realised she was laughing.

"You mean they saw us fucking like rabbits?" she said

"Looks like it"

"Well that will give the little buggers a few weeks worth of wanking material." she chuckled.

The sun was setting, and we dressed slowly in the warm twilight, then walked back down the lane to the car, hand in hand. We drove back to town in silence, and I dropped her in the centre. Before she got out of the car she leaned over and kissed me.

"Thank you for this afternoon John, it was wonderful."

"I think we both needed it Carolyn" I answered. "Will we see each other again?"

"Maybe" she said "If you are ever around these parts again. Here!" and she pressed a piece of paper into my hand with a cellphone number on it.

"Text me if you're coming this way again," she said " and you never know, maybe we can see the countryside together again."

"I'd like that." I said "I'd like it very much."

"Me too." she said wistfully, then she opened the car door, and with a quick swirl of sundress and a last waft of perfume she was gone, her bare brown legs gleaming in the lamplight as she hurried across the market place toward the taxi rank.

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