tagFirst TimeCasanova Redux Ch. 05

Casanova Redux Ch. 05


Mmm, my first taste of pussy. Something I would never forget in a million years. How could you forget anything like that? Especially with a beautiful girl like Jenny. Her musky scent was an aphrodisiac to me. I couldn't seem to get enough of those dark ruby folds and the creamy honey that came from her soft hole. I never imagined that a part of a woman's body have such a profound effect on my sensuality. I concentrated my efforts on learning what made Jenny moan with desire and what made her gasp with delight. It was the most important training I'd ever received.

Still, there was more to my sexual matriculation than I knew about and my flirtation with the fairer sex was about to be augmented. There were more doors to be opened, more avenues to be explored and it would take a herd of sheep to provide an introduction to the mysteries of the male sex...

* * * * *

The sun had climbed high in the sky by the time Jenny and Cassia emerged from the thicket, their young bodies covered with a heady mixture of sweat, dirt, saliva and pussy juice. Cassia hadn't wanted to leave but Jenny complained of being itchy from the dirt and her suggestion of a dip in the pond was well-received. Grabbing their clothing and each other's hands, the two girls skipped over to the pond, dropped everything and dove into the cool, clear waters.

Jenny surfaced first and looked around, wondering where Cassia was. A pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her against another naked body and Jenny sighed happily, letting Cassia move them under the outcropping. "What have you done to me, Jenny?" Cassia whispered, licking the shell of her friend's ear while her hand slid down, rubbing her submerged cunt. "I can't get enough of you."

Jenny's gasp told her that her friend felt the same way and Cassia turned her head so that she could kiss her while stroking her pussy. The romantic interlude was rudely interrupted by the loud bleat of a lost sheep and Jacobi's fatherly call for the lost animal. Cassia and Jenny quickly realized that they were in trouble and that running for their clothes was not an option.

"What do we do?" Jenny whispered, near tears. "We'll be ruined!"

"No, we won't. Just leave it to me."

Jacobi called to the ewe again. He knew she'd come this way and he was getting angry that he had to climb that stupid hill to chase her. He paused in mid-whistle when he heard something strange, something that sounded like a woman's cry. He listened again, following the sound to its origin and crouched behind a cluster of low hedges when he saw the two women frolicking in the grass. His cock hardened as he watched one suck another one's nipple, her nubile body arching upwards as her hands pulled her lover's mouth more tightly against her breast. It was quite possibly the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

Cassia raised her head and glanced toward the bush. "Why are you hiding, Jacobi?"

"I .. uh, I ... "

"Come here." Cassia raised on her haunches, her eyes locked to his while she continued to stroke her lover's body. The shepherd stepped forward hesitantly, his eyes sliding over Jenny's body, then Cassia's figure, doing his best not to slobber.

"Cassia, what are you going to Jenny?"

"We're making love, Jacobi, what do you think we're doing?"

"I have no idea." He paused. "I didn't think girls ... er, women were supposed to do it with each other."

"Anyone can do it with whomever they like, Jacobi." Cassia smiled at him, tweaking one of Jenny's nipples and making her cry out. "Is that a sin?"

"Yes, it is. Father Ramsay will want to know ... "

"What can I do to convince you that it should remain secret?" She stood slowly, allowing him to get the full effect of her naked body and walked over to him. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Have you ever had a woman touch you down there?" Jenny asked, moving behind Cassia and playing with her breasts.


"Have you ever had a woman put her mouth on you down there?"

"No." A breathy answer. "I've never fucked a woman, either."

Cassia smiled. "We're both virgins and we intend to stay that way for now," She left Jenny's grasp, walking around him. "But we can suck you."

Jenny moved closer, her hands loosening his trousers. Jacobi's head fell back at her touch on his heated flesh, a deep tremble snaking through him. "Does that feel good?"

"Oh, yes."

Cassia and Jenny knelt at the same time, pushing his overlong shirt up and exposing his lower extremities. His prick was small but had a fair amount of girth and the fluted head was glossy and wet with precum. Jenny licked the liquid away and took Jacobi into her mouth which Cassia licked his ass cheeks, paying special attention to his crack. He moaned, spreading his legs out more and repeating the moan when Cassia's tongue skated along his perineum and licked his balls from behind.

"Oh, God! This is so good!"

Jenny flooded her mouth with more spit and started bobbing on his prick while Cassia continued her work on his asshole and nuts. His grunts grew higher-pitched as he moved closer and closer to his release. Suddenly, he was shouting and Jenny's mouth was filled with gobs of cum. Cassia pushed a finger into his rectum and smiled when he shouted again, his second spurt larger than the first. Two more shots and he was spent, falling to his knees in exhaustion. Jenny pulled Cassia to her and shared the salty snack with her friend, both letting the thick sperm roll over their tongues before swallowing.

Jacobi watched them, his half-hard cock twitching at the sight. When they both looked down at him, his smile mirrored theirs.

"Your secret's safe with me!"

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