tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCase of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 01

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 01


One - Internal Discovery

There's nothing more exciting to a buttfucker than a perfect globe, firm and gleaming with sweat. When a woman with that kind of ass is bent over, her cheeks spread wide with no hands holding them, I could spurt without touching my dick. A view of hairless pussy lips, full and firm, gaping open to expose a nub of clit and smooth, juicy cunt is mouth watering. But, the sight of a perfectly tight pucker, round and pulsing with the strain of spreading cheeks is the ultimate.

My pants hit the floor and my nine inch dick hit the air, bouncing with anticipation. This was a dream come true. She was eighteen, trusting, and her asshole was a softly pink, virgin pucker. I moved behind her and began to stroke her clit with my forefinger. I let my thumb slide between her lips and worked up juice that perfumed the air. She moaned and moved her ass back to me, pressed her clit tightly onto my finger and sucked my thumb further into her cunt. I stroked her clit and sluiced my thumb into her slick pussy. With my hand in her cunt and my other on her back I walked her around behind a low backed easy chair. The top of the chair back came to the top of her legs. She grabbed the arms of the chair and let her weight rest on the back. I worked my thumb deep into her throbbing pussy, enjoying the tight, slick warmth that would satisfy most men. But, I knew that it would not be enough for me. My eyes feasted on the pulsing pucker of her butthole, pink and wet with the sweat pooling in the tiny dimple at the center. She began to beg for my dick in her pussy as her cunt got hotter and wetter.

She jerked and shook with my thumb deep in her as my finger rubbed her clit to a hard little nub. I kept it up until she began to shake with the start of an orgasm. With my other hand I took my dick and lightly stroked it's length, tensing my butt muscles to give the thrust I needed for a hard insertion. I took my hand from her dripping pussy and put the head of my dick just inside her firm lips. I rubbed the head around inside her and got it wet with her fragrant, lubing juices. She tried to move back against my hot dick, but I stopped her with a hand on her ass cheek.

She screamed for me to fuck her so I took aim and stabbed the slick head of my fat fucker deep into her hot, dry, tight asshole. She was so tight that I thought the dry skin behind the glans would rip from my dick and the pain was excruciating. But my pain was nothing to hers. I knew what to expect. She was set for me to fuck her pussy, not rape into her virgin anus. Her ass muscles clamped down on my dick, tried to hold me back from deeper penetration and she bucked, screaming, as she tried to push me out. I kept a stabbing thrust working behind her and crammed more dry dick in.

She’d been ready to meet a hot dick entering her cunt and had started to push back against me to match my forward thrust. When my butt buster slammed into her bunghole she was ramming her ass back to me. By the time she tried to move away from the burning agony in her tight puckered sphincter I had grabbed her hips and pulled her further back onto my dick. Every move she made drove my pole deeper and soon I had burrowed to the hilt in her hot hole. She was spasming, her asshole muscles worked on my dick like a milking machine and I thought I was going to come but I didn’t want the lubrication of my jiz to spoil the feeling of hot, dry hole on my pole. Just the sight of her tight butthole stretched around my dick was enough to set me off.

She started to stand up, still crying with pain and rage at my rape. I reached around her with both hands and grabbed her tits hard. I pulled them down and she followed, the shock of her tits being stretched out making her forget the pain stabbing into her bowels. I put my lips to her ear and let my tongue swirl inside. Letting up on her boobs a little, I whispered in her ear, telling her to relax and that if she worked with me the pain would soon turn into the best orgasm she would ever know. My prick was still buried to the hilt in her butthole and as she gradually accepted that she was well and truly getting her first ass fuck the spasms in her ass walls eased off. I kept a tight check on my aching desire to spurt deep into her bowels.

As suddenly as I had invaded her asshole I now jerked my dick all the way out, with the friction of dry flesh pulling my scrotum tight against my crotch.

She screamed as the head tore out of her and her abused sphincter muscles snapped back from the stretch of my fat dick. Without warning or waiting I crammed my dick deep into her juice soaked pussy. She cried out with pleasure as the full length of my pecker slammed to the end of her cunt. As her ass moved in a clockwise motion I pumped into her cunt and worked the nipples of her tits between my thumb and forefinger. I pounded again and again up to the hilt in that tight, slick pussy. She soon forgot the pain in her butt as my violent thrusts and twists took her to the edge of the orgasm I had stolen from her when I raped her ass.

I kept it up until the sweat poured from me. Some of it pooled in the dimple at the top of her ass and ran down to mingle with her own sweat as it washed away the trace of blood from her torn ass pucker. I rammed my pole in as far as it would go and stopped. I was so tight against her that the sweat and juice of our fucking was forced out to drip on the floor.

She was cumming and I used the muscles in my dick to pulse the head against the hole at the back of her cunt. She screamed and twisted against me and I stood up to look down and see her asshole pucker and throb with the violence of her cumming.

She spent herself and relaxed against the back of the chair, her breath came in hard gasps, and her pussy throbbed against my dick. I began to move again. I pulled slowly out until the head of my dick just touched her pussy lips. My dick gleamed with her slick juice as I slowly slid it all the way in again. I did this a few more times and each time her cunt sucked at my dick with her need. I picked up the pace, pulled all the way out and shoved all the way to the end of her cunt. Faster and faster, my load built to the point of no return, I brought her with me to her second orgasm. I rammed deep into her sweet cunt. Suddenly, I had to have release. My dick grew ever larger with the pressure inside me, hotter and harder until the first sweet agonies of a cum too long denied began to spurt into her cunt.

My mind blanked to all but the squirting burn that worked itself along the entire length of my dick. Hot jiz splashed against the back of her pussy and flowed out of her stretched cunt lips. Her second orgasm was even more violent than her first. I held myself rigid while she slammed her ass back and forth against my legs. With punishing strength she gripped my spurting muscle inside her perfect pussy.

I rested inside her soaked pussy and my dick stayed hard with the pressure of the tight cunt around it. After a few minutes she looked back at me and I knew that she didn't know whether to try to kill me for the violent rape of her virgin butt or love me for a pussy fuck that was nothing like the back seat fumbles of the few boys lucky enough to have scored with this vision. She was drained from two orgasms and the pain of my rude anal penetration. But the pain in her bowels had turned to a tension that seemed to leave her incomplete. She pulsed and ached and sharp pains stabbed at her sphincter, but the feelings intrigued her with the hints of a dark and unknown pleasure.

Her anger was turning to curiosity and I hoped it would fuel a frenzy of anal lust. Without a word I slid from her pussy and we moved to the front of the chair. I sat down with my legs out in front of me, slouched so that my ass was hung off the edge and my dick pointed up and slightly forward. I took her hips in my hands and turned her so that her ass faced me and her legs straddled mine.

I pulled her ass down to my upthrust length of dick. As she got lower her cheeks spread further and further apart showing me a tantalizing pucker that quivered with a delicious anticipation of pain and pleasure. I gently eased her down, held her weight in my hands as the head of my dick just touched her puckered hole. I held her there and caressed her butt with the tip of my throbbing dick. She moaned with the slight pain as I pulled her down and the tip pushed against her tight sphincter so I eased her up then back down again.

This time I let her feel the head against her for a moment then pushed up with my hips, eased the head into her asshole until it slipped past her tight sphincter ring. I held her there with one hand while she helped to support herself with her hands on her bent knees. My dickhead throbbed in her ass and I could feel her relax her muscles as she got used to the size of it stretching her. I slid more of my juice soaked pole up her, keeping a slow but steady slide until I was once again full to the hilt in her bowels.

My ass cheeks were starting to shake with the effort of holding my dick up there and quivers ran up my dick to vibrate against the walls of her tight anal tunnel. I relaxed and sank back down to the chair as her ass followed. She sat on me and wrapped my dick in the tightest hole I had ever had. I knew that the small pain I caused her this time had gone. She lay back against my chest with my dick throbbing in her butt. With one hand I rubbed the nipples of her breasts and with the other I gently worked her clit. She used her ass muscles to ripple up and down the length of my dick buried so deep in her hot bowels. Rhythmically she worked on me and slowly moved her ass back and forth up my stomach so that I slid halfway out of her hole and back in again. I was so far up her that I could feel the end of my dick straighten out the first bend in her bowel. She groaned and moved and milked for a few minutes as I lay back and savored the feel of her.

The backs of her knees rested on my legs and I brought my feet up and moved my legs apart so that her crotch gaped wider for better penetration. Getting the idea she put her feet on my thighs which increased the angle of my dick to her hole. She put her hands on the chair arms and supported her weight on her legs and arms. She began to bounce on me and my hard length fucked in and out, the angle putting the maximum friction on the underside of my dick. I let her ride me like this, absolutely loving the feel of her as she responded to the hot friction of our fucking. I stopped her with my hands on her cheeks and began movements of my own. I slipped in and out, raised my hips to increase the friction to the sensitive skin on the underside of my dickhead and kept up a steady driving rhythm. Her ass cheeks shook in my hands as I sunk my fingers deep into her hot flesh. She responded by meeting my backward thrusts with her own forward strokes and as the tempo built the rim of her asshole was slamming down into the hair at the base of my dick.

Suddenly I knew I was going to come again and I wasn't ready. I stopped us both with my dick just inside her and pulled her ass cheeks to rest against me. With a great effort of mind over dick I held back the flood that threatened to overcome me. Moving with my dick still in her I stood. Her feet slipped from my legs and she slammed onto the base of my ramming pole. She cried out in pain as she hung off the ground. I held her back against my chest but the only thing holding her off the floor was my rigid bung buster crammed deep up her asshole.

The girl was perfectly built for the fucking I liked. No more than five feet three and a hundred and five pounds, she had long blonde hair, jutting smallish tits, and slim legs that showed a tantalizing gap when she stood with her feet together. She still had the scanty blonde cunt hair of a younger girl and her pussy lips were hairless. So was the perfectly round and pale pucker of her sphincter. Her ass was rounded with no excess fat getting in the way of penetration. I am tall and lean with long hard muscles to match my dick.

The base of my prick stretched the rim of her asshole as she hung, impaled on my fat rod. She hissed in pain but reached back to put her hands on my hips. While we stood there she pushed herself up while I helped with my arms wrapped around her, my hands on her tits. My prick slid out of her hot hole until just the tip remained encased. Her cheeks caressed the shaft protruding from her butt. With a grunt I arched back and shoved her hard over my stiff pole.

She sighed, and turned her head to kiss me and our tongues touched tip to tip. As we kissed I turned her to face the chair. I bent my knees to rest on the chair cushion as she straddled me and leaned forward to rest her arms against the chair back. My back was beginning to ache and it was time to work up to another come. We maneuvered her knees onto each padded chair arm and spread her legs as far as they would go. I looked down to see my dick sticking out of her ass. Her ass cheeks were spread so far that the skin of her crack seemed about to split. I pulled back so that the ring of skin at the beginning of my dickhead was caught against the ring of muscle holding her ass opening tight around my prick. Her hole quivered around my dickhead.

Staying just inside her I reached down past my dick to her pussy. I put two fingers into her cunt and she moaned with the added sensation. Moving my fingers in and out of her I rocked my hips back and forth enough to almost slide my dickhead out of her ass. As the tip appeared and her asshole clenched I eased my dick back in. She took over the rocking, moving my fingers inside her, and massaging my dickhead. The smooth skin of my dick was crusted with dried come and pussy juice.

I pulled my fingers from her cunt and grabbed her hips with both hands. I began to fuck my hot, dry length back into her rubbery shithole and she cried out as the dry skin scraped and burned the rim. The friction pulled the skin back along my dick until I thought the head would turn inside out. The ring of her ass was stretched tight and it disappeared inside her as the friction fought my penetration. She gasped and I grunted and inch by inch I crammed the whole nine inches of hard, hot dick up her anal passage.

I leaned back and brought my fingers to the inside of her cheeks just at the edge of her asshole. Pushing with my dick and pulling with my fingers against the skin of her crack I slowly sank further into her. As I pulled the ring of her asshole popped back out to view, tickled by the hair at the base of my dick. I was in all the way. I stopped pushing so hard, keeping just enough pressure against her to keep her from pushing my dick out with the virgin muscles that still rejected the invasion of her backdoor tunnel. We rested there with her cheeks tight against my legs as she let me take her weight and rest her legs. The moisture lining the walls of her ass and the heat of her tight flesh liquified the dried come and pussy juice on my dick and the burning of my skin from two dry entries went away as I soaked in the luxurious feel of this beautiful young bunghole.

My hands moved up and down her back, working the tension out of her smooth muscles. I kneaded the hard balls of her stretched cheeks and began to move my hips, massaging the sweat slicked skin of her that was so tight against my legs. My dick moved around in her with a circular motion and she began to move forward to slide me out of her tight ass. As the tip popped out of her I grabbed her hips and put my dickhead back against her puckered anus. I pushed back into her, not too fast, until I was bottomed out again. I immediately pulled all the way out, very fast. She cried out as her sphincter snapped back from the sudden release of pressure. I rammed my fat dick back to the hilt again and she thrust back against me with a moan. Again I jerked back until my dick came all the way out and I slammed all the way into her bowels.

I stayed there using my fingers to stretch her cheeks as far apart as they would go, shoving with all my strength, pumping even more blood to engorge my tightly swollen dick. I started sliding halfway out and in again, enjoying the slick feel of her, not working hard. She soon relaxed with the steady, easy movement.

Gradually working further out with each backstroke and keeping the same easy glide back in I felt her work up to her come. I gently slipped all the way out of that tight hole and she moaned with the loss of my heat and weight.

I rubbed the throbbing head around her rim and let my dick slide up and down her crack a few times. Taking the base of my prick in hand I put it up to the pink pucker still gaping a little after getting used to my stretching. I eased the head in then out. In and out. In and out. Each time her sphincter muscles tightened up a little more. More resistance built up as I fucked my dickhead in and an audible pop would sound as I withdrew. I watched with fascination as the skin around her hole would plunge in with each penetration. She groaned with pleasure at my teasing and pushed back against me. I held her off with my other hand and kept up the fucking that soon had the head of my dick, especially the underside, burning with that special burn that is the ultimate in sexual delight.

I knew I would come soon and nothing would stop it. She was edging into that slowly building, violent release that only the most sensual women seem to be capable of. The shaft of my dick was drying out again and I did not want to inflict her with any more pain. I moved my dick down to her dripping cunt and sank into the slick depths of her. A few strokes had her squirming and my dick was soaked with her juice. Placing both hands on her hips I raised up so that my dick was hanging right at her bung without touching. I thrust into her all the way, sliding easily past her sphincter ring and spreading the walls of her anal tunnel until I reached the end.

I didn't stop, but started back out almost to the end and then rammed back in again. She rammed me right back and from then on it was thrust and grunt and slide and the pressure built for both of us until nothing existed by a hard, hot dick fucking a hot, tight asshole. We hit the wall at the same time. Her ass walls spasmed against my dick and I was throbbing harder and harder until the hot cum gushed from me for the second time, flooding out of her hole as I kept slamming into her in a fit of ecstasy that didn't stop even after the last drop of jiz jetted from my dick. I kept pounding that sweet asshole.

She cried out for me to stop and tried to move away to dislodge my pulsing pole. In the back of my mind I regretted her pain but I was beyond reason. I held on to her hips as hard as I could, bruising the flesh and threatening to dislocate her hip bones. I plunged again and again. The friction soon dried up the come and pussy lube and her asshole got hotter and tighter and the skin of my dick was rubbed raw. Still I knew nothing but fucking her. For the first time in my life I was out of control and the breath rasped in my lungs as my body fought to provide the energy to keep me pounding this poor girl’s butt.

She was screaming now, begging me to stop, but I could feel that magical third come on it's way and I pounded her anus even harder. The pain we were feeling meant nothing as we reached that threshold where pleasure and pain are one.

Again she thrust back at me and her screams and groans held a measure of awe that she would come with the pain/pleasure of my hot, dry, tortured dick scraping in and out of her raw, agonized butthole. After an eternity of fucking and we came together again. This time there was barely enough come to lube my straining dick but the spasms that racked me were so intense that I finally stopped fucking and held steady as deep into her anus as I could get. She was bucking and crying with her own release even after mine stopped.

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