tagBDSMCat and Mouse Ch. 02

Cat and Mouse Ch. 02


***Author's Note: This is the second chapter of my first story on Literotica. It was inspired and edited by the lovely Alanija. This story is hers as much as it is mine. The story will be comprised of multiple chapters. Read along and enjoy!***

Chapter 2: Captured

Mark looked down at his little captive; a mischievous grin split his handsome features as his hungry eyes drank in her fear. His eyes showed the calm hunting gaze of a predator, while hers were unmistakably the wide panicked eyes of a prey. She wanted to be captured, but that didn't make the act of capture any less exciting as adrenaline pumped through her veins in an attempt to give her muscles enough strength to fight back and break free of Mark's hands.

His large hand had circled Anna's tiny wrists pulling them high over her head, forcing her to stand on the toes of her bare feet. Her back was pushed into the door with his broad chest; her breasts were almost crushed against his walls of muscles, the flimsy tank top and bra barely offering any protection.

She swallowed hard and looked up into his eyes, and they stared back at her with a wicked glint. Lust filled his eyes and it took an immense amount of control to not push his hand between her legs and stroke her there to coax her into breaking her own rules, but but unfortunately he had promised to respect her conditions. The other contingency to address was the arousal quickly building between his legs, forcing his manhood to harden and strain against his jeans. He was just hoping it wouldn't be pressing noticeably into her stomach. However, it was too late, Anna could feel his arousal trying to spring free, a definite hard on was pushing against her and she squirmed, suddenly even more uncomfortable with the situation she was in.

As enjoyable as it was, he realized he couldn't hold her like that forever; it was time to secure her to something and have his own hands free to tease her. His grip changed on her wrists and his body eased its pressure on her. He pulled her off the wall to stand in front of him, his hand still gripping her tiny wrists in a vice-like grip, still holding her on her tip toes. He slowly circled behind her, intending to lead her to the couch he had just been sitting on. A slap to her firm bottom coaxed her to start walking.

Anna yelped at the swat to her bottom, it being the third one that day. She craned her neck to look at him shooting him a stare trying to look more confident than she felt "You're just enjoying this aren't you?"

The answer came in the form of another slap, harder, to her other ass cheek causing her to yelp and teeter on tip toes. "Yes I am enjoying it. Now if you don't start walking to the couch, I will keep slapping that cute little butt of yours, we have all day." He slapped her bottom again to reinforce his point causing her to automatically take her first step towards the couch.

Anna decided to swallow her pride for now and walk forward, she wouldn't let him spank her all day, and she could tell she wasn't going anywhere just now. The hand holding her wrists was too strong and she wouldn't be able to pull her hands free on her own until he decided to let her, so she walked awkwardly towards the large sofa, balancing on tip toes and waiting for the moment when he would release her wrists to tear from his hold and get away.

Seeing as the girl complied and started walking, a wicked grin tugged at Mark's lips and he stopped spanking her. His hand was no longer a force slapping her, simply a touch kneading and caressing her pert bottom through the material of her white skirt. He suddenly realized he couldn't feel any other material underneath so she had to be wearing a thong! Mark grinned wickedly as he wondered if she had worn something so skimpy that day on purpose.

As they reached the sofa, Mark's grip on her hands changed once again. His other hand rested on her shoulder and then wandered aimlessly along her back, fingers teasing alongside her spine with the simplest of gentle touches as fingertips slid down her body till they found her hip. His grip tightened there. He moved Anna's small body easily turning around to face him. His palm left her hip to cover the back of her head, holding her gently. Leaning down, his lips found her neck, his teeth her pulse. He bit her neck gently, not marking or not breaking the skin, just showing her he could do whatever he wanted to her helpless body. He softly stroked and caressed her silky hair with his palm.

Anna's breath caught in her lungs at the sudden change - one moment he was almost scary and forceful and then gentle and sensual. It was all very confusing for her. Still teetering awkwardly on tiptoes, she felt fingers slide down her spine and her skin tingled. Those same fingers quickly seized her hip turning her around to face Mark's deep eyes again, no longer threatening, but no less exciting. She forgot to breathe as he held her head and then quickly expelled the breath she had been holding when he bit her neck. She hadn't seen that coming and gasped in surprise.

Her hands were beginning to tire from being held above her head for so long. Suddenly, in the same vulnerable position, she was pushed down causing her butt to hit the thick cushion. She tried to move either of her hands, but they were still firmly held in Mark's tight grip. He sat next to her and pulled her arms up and over the top of the sofa, bending her arms at the elbows, making her back arch even more as if she wanted to draw attention to her breasts. It was slightly uncomfortable as well, but there was nothing she could do to cover herself or find a more comfortable position. The pose worried her and she searched his eyes for what was to come.

Finally Mark spoke again, however what he said did nothing to calm her nerves. "Now, it is time to finally tie you up. There are so many ways to actually restrain a lovely little girl like yourself, but there are generally two types as far as we're concerned. There is a type that restrains the captive without any concern as to whether she is vulnerable for intimate touching or not, and the other type is to restrain her while making sure she is as exposed as possible to any and all kinds of touching. Now, seeing as you haven't decided to override any of the rules yet, then I should be choosing a position from the first type, but I am feeling like using the second type - just to show you what you can look forward to later when you break the rules." Mark was speaking in a calm tone as if he was discussing the weather instead of classifying bondage positions. He wasn't going to go into more details with the types of restraints used, suspensions etc. because she would have no clue as to what he was talking about. It would always be more satisfying to just experiment with her body.

Anna was listening to him with wide eyes, her current position even more helpless than before, with her arms held above her and over the sofa. She felt small and weak as she listened to him explain the options. Still she raised her eyebrow as he used the word 'when' for breaking the rules and it helped her get some composure back as she coolly pointed out "you mean IF I decide to break the rules!"

He looked at her with a dumbfounded expression and then broke into laughter at her tone and facial expression. She was hanging on to her control of the situation "Alright, whatever you say princess. Now, for the time being we're staying right here. If you cooperate and be a good girl, I will not tie you very constrictingly. However, if you keep squirming and give me a hard time, then I will make it tighter and harder for you to move any part of your body."

It was more a statement than a question so without waiting for her reply, he stood up. His free hand slipped under her knees and pulled her legs up onto the sofa, while the hand trapping her wrists simultaneously lifted her hands back up and to the other end of the sofa, holding them there. When she didn't resist, he eased the pressure on her wrists, transferring one wrist to his other hand. He pulled them up to his lips and kissed each one right were his fingers held onto her flesh. "You struggle a lot my dear, sorry I hurt your wrists." Then he kissed her wrists once more and grinned at her. "But that doesn't mean I will go easy on you, you struggle by choice and as far as I know, you've asked me to capture and tie you up." It was true and Anna had to admit as much to herself, but even then her instincts were urging her to fight for her freedom.

Anna appreciated the gentle gesture and the kisses to her almost-sore wrists; she hadn't even noticed they were sensitive, but then she had been really pulling at them with all her strength. It seemed that the moment he managed to grab her, it was over; it really came down to pure physical strength and she wouldn't be able to break free of his grip. Her poor wrists were now a testament to her struggle. So she bided her time, waiting to see what he was planning; watching, her toes curling and uncurling as she resisted the urge to slip her feet off of the sofa right there and then. With him holding her hands, it wouldn't do her much good, but she would certainly not let him tie her up without resisting. But just then he turned his back on her for a moment and she realized there might not be a better chance to break free than now, when he was clearly distracted. Quickly making up her mind, Anna shifted her weight, already slipping her legs off the sofa.

Even with is back turned Mark was ready for her resistance and reacted to her slightest movement quickly, shifting all his attention back to Anna, gathering both of her wrists in one hand again while his other hand shot to the underside of her knees and pulled her feet back on the sofa once more. That same hand then pressed down on her thigh, pushing her into the sofa as he shook his head "You're a slippery one, aren't you princess. Just can't sit in place like a good girl and let me tie you up, can you? I guess we're going to have to do a tight bondage position then, tie you up real good."

Once she started, Anna just couldn't stop squirming, fidgeting and struggling under his grip cursing her luck, she hadn't even made it off the couch. He had her back under his control just as the soft carpet had brushed her soles. She swallowed again as she looked into his lust-filled eyes drinking in her helplessness and gazing down at her heaving chest. His stare made her blush and she tried to push his hand away from her thigh by rubbing the other one against it, but she had no leverage. Anna was for all intents and purposes trapped waiting for his restraints to claim her body.

"Now, how to tie you up my little captive princess?" He spoke in a calm deep tone, almost teasingly close to her ears. His voice sent a little shiver down her spine, as she felt his gaze on her body, his eyes moving from her hands to her feet to her thighs to her neck, probably imagining her limbs all tied to each other.

She could see the exact moment he made up his min in his eyes, and she realized a short while later she will be all his. This immediately breathed new life into her limbs causing her to push, pull and struggle against his tight unforgiving grip. Mark was only amused as the muscles in her arms and thighs flexed with the effort and he chuckled "You really are something my dear. Do you think that if you continue squirming like this I won't be able to restrain you? Just like when you continued squirming so I couldn't spank you? Do you really think you're going anywhere this time??"

Anna looked at him and couldn't prevent the grin tugging at the corners of her lips. Yes that pretty much was her idea. After all, it seemed to work in partially protecting her from a spanking earlier, so it should delay her being tied up, hopefully giving her a much needed opening to gain the upper hand.

He chuckled at her amused expression and then lifted his hand from her thigh only to gently pull her sideways by the waist, leaving some space between her left hip and the back of the sofa. That space was quickly filled with his leg as he straddled her belly, restraining her with his weight and rendering any movement of her lower body useless. He looked her dead in the eye and a smug expression appeared on his face announcing his victory. His free hand danced under her chin "I've been tying girls for a long time, my dear, and some of them are just like you. They want to be tied up, but they like to struggle and they always think I need two hands to hold them down. They forget that I can use my entire body instead of a hand, as you can see. Now I have a free hand and you're still immobilized." He grinned as he firmly took her chin in his hand for a brief moment before sliding his hand down to her throat and gripping tightly. It was enough to cut off her air supply for a moment, just long enough to see panic in her eyes before easing his grip and letting her breathe again.

Anna realized what a predicament she was in. His hand on her throat terrified and yet thrilled her somewhere deep inside as she realized he was right - she was unable to stop him from doing anything even though she wasn't even tied! She couldn't slip her feet to the floor anymore or gain any leverage and her hands were gripped tight over her head. And he had a free hand which was a definite advantage that she had underestimated. At that moment, she knew she had lost the round, but spitefully decided she would still give him a hard time whenever she could.

As she was considering how to best improve her situation, she felt what seemed to be rope tightening around her wrists. She panicked as she saw both of his hands free while her own were still held up over her head. A sinister grin colored Mark's lips as he framed her face with his hands, demonstrating his success. She frantically tugged on her hands but found them stuck well in place. Dammit!

Mark leaned down and kissed her nose playfully "I had rope tied around various spots in the house, just ready to claim your slender limbs, my dear. I had rope tied around the foot of the sofa and on its other end there was a loop. While you were daydreaming, I threw the loop over your hands and when you pulled back, you tightened the loop in place. Thank you for assisting me in such a lovely manner, princess."

Mark chuckled at her annoyed expression as she realized she had played right into his hands, even cinching the knot herself with her struggling. She tested the rope again, but it was tight and short, forcing her hands to stay over the arm of the sofa. She craned her neck back to glance at rope on her wrists, but they were pulled down behind the edge of the couch. When Anna felt him move, she quickly turned her head back to watch him cautiously, not sure what would happen now. He stood up but before she could move his hands quickly seized her waist and pulled down on it, dragging her along the couch and forcing her arms to stretch with the rope holding her wrists in place. Then his hands slid down to her hips and down her thighs while still maintaining a firm grip to keep her stretched. He ignored her cautious gaze as his palms continued gliding on her silky skirt and then down her slender legs, his fingertips gently scratching and teasing her sensitive skin. Finally his hands wrapped around her ankles, keeping her outstretched on the comfortable sofa.

Anna was distracted by the feel of his hands, but when Mark gripped her ankles she renewed her squirming and struggling. She soon realized that with her hands tied and her body stretched, she was even weaker than before. She could see he was enjoying her wriggling on the couch but just couldn't stop because she might not have that luxury for much longer.

After a few moments of holding onto her ankles and enjoying her tugging and squirming, he suddenly pulled her feet up high and spread his arms wide apart. This made her skirt slide all the way down to her hips, completely baring her thighs and giving him a good look at her lacy panties. He whistled in approval causing her cheeks to blush crimson.

Anna was mortified! Extremely aware that he could see her most secret place she struggled frantically to pull her feet back down and close her thighs to hide her panties, but he would have none of that. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life and it took her a while to find her voice to protest "Hey, you can't do this!!!" The words felt weak in her mind but felt a hundred times more pathetic as they left her lips because she could do nothing to stop him. She struggled to find her balance but her mind muddled up even more when the end of her sentence turned into a gasp as Mark's lips locked on the arch of her foot and kissed her there in a loud smacking sound, tickling her sensitive foot. Her feet involuntary twitched as her other foot received the same treatment with his lips brushing against her sensitive arch.

"Oh but I can my little princess, your rules never said I can't spread your legs and look at your panties. It said I can't remove them, and I didn't, so your stupid rules were respected. Stop complaining!" Despite her position Anna's eyes narrowed at this and she glared at him, prepared to give him a piece of her mind in the form of a nasty comment, however Mark didn't give her the chance. He swiftly lifted her left foot up even more and folded it over the top of the sofa, causing Anna to gasp. He released her right ankle briefly and quickly worked on wrapping a looped rope around the left one, trapping her leg in place. Now her bare foot was firmly restrained hanging over the sofa by a looped rope around her ankle with its other end attached to the foot of the sofa.

Anna pulled on the rope and found it equally restricting, forcing her leg to stay where he wanted it. Then she realized her other leg was still free and immediately focused her efforts on that one. She hated her exposed position and quickly shifted her hips towards the back of the couch. This gave her enough leverage to lift her right leg up and over her left one, closing her thighs and hiding her secret place from view. She even managed to slip the right foot under her left calf from the other side, tangling her legs together with grim satisfaction. She would not be exposed that easily!

Mark hadn't expected her to preserve her modesty quite that way but it didn't matter. He knew he had already won and her resistance was insignificant. He stroked a hand down her tightly clenched calf, softly caressing the taut skin before resting his large hand on her leg and looking at her again. "You know this won't stop me for long, right? I guess you lost the battle little princess, only one limb is free, and only for a few extra seconds."

Having said that, Mark gripped both of her ankles and firmly pulled her free leg from under the other. Even though Anna was using her full strength to keep her legs locked together, Mark was clearly in a better position and she could only delay the inevitable for a few second. He simply waited her out and when she tired herself, the rest was easy. Without releasing his grip on her left ankle, Mark pulled her right foot back down on the cushions of the couch.

He licked his lips as he stood up while holding on to her ankle with one hand, fingers wrapped tightly around the slender limb preventing any kind of movement. Anna had lost the fight as well as exhausted herself, but she still tried putting up a bit of a fight as she squirmed and wriggled on the couch, pulling hard on her last free limb. It was a futile battle as another loop quickly wrapped around her ankle, stretching her leg as well as her body.

Standing up, Mark's eyes gave a satisfied glint while his lips curved mischievously. He looked down at his captive admiring his handy work "Alright, not very tight, not very artistic, but you're restrained well enough for me to tease you as much as I want without your squirming getting in my way. I have to admire how you just don't give up however that won't help you with me."

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