tagIncest/TabooCathy, 19 Y/O Daughter After Work

Cathy, 19 Y/O Daughter After Work


To fill you in on what has happen. I went to a nude bar. Thought I was getting a dance by a dancer, but it was my 19 year old daughter. After getting one of the best blow jobs in years she asked me to be the first to fuck her ass.

I sat around the dance hall for about 4 1/2 hours. Cathy had to work till 2 am and by that time her mother would be fast asleep. After each dance she would come back and sit with me. We talked about her job. And how she started. And how she loved to watch guys jack off in front of her. She also told me that no one in the dance hall ever got to fuck her.

"I might put a condom on them and suck them for a few minutes, but would never let them have sex with me. I enjoy watching them cum. It gives me power over them. To make them do what I like. Do you think I'm wrong Daddy"?

"No. I think that you like what you like. I have always like to jack off in front of others. But your mother doesn't like that. As you can see I also like to wear panties. Now, do you think I'm WRONG"?

Her eyes just looked at me. Her face was like a dolls face. Her lips red and her breast were just the right size.

"No Daddy. I like that you are wearing panties. I feel all funny inside. If you must know I have a few guys that like that. I know one guy that comes in with his so called girl friend. They have me come over and dance for him and her. I then take them in the back room. The same room as you took me. And I dance for the both of them. She likes to sit on the floor in front of him and jack him off or she sometimes gives him a blow job in front of me. I might pull her top down and kiss and suck her tits. Then when he comes he comes on her and he licks it off. Now that I love."

"So you are saying that you are Bi"?

"Yes in a way. I have done a few women. But she is more then a woman. If you know what I'm saying."

I looked at her with a blank look. What was she saying. She is Bi but not Bi.

"Are you Bi Daddy? That would be to much, way to much to ask for."

All I could do was look at her. It has been years since I was with a guy. And then it was for only a few years then.

"Can we talk of something else"? I knew that she knew that could not answer that. But then I knew that she knew that I was Bi by not giving her an answer.

"That's okay Daddy. I love to make men turn red. I only have about 1/2 hour and we can go. Look, the guy and woman I just told you about just walked in. Watch."

Cathy got up and went right over to them. She sat down and talked for a few and then got up with them. As she walked past me she stopped.

"I'll be back in a few. You still taking me home"?

"Yes I have thought of it all night. What you said about me, you know taking you in your."

"Yes Daddy. I still would like you to take me in my ass. You would be the first. But I have to ask you something. Bill and Mary had a date with me tonight after work. Could they. You know. Could we go back to his house. I'll still let you. But this is my job. PLEASE DADDY"?

Her hand was on my cock. I could feel it getting hard in my panties. She knew how to ask. Or was it asking? All I could think of was being the first in her ass. And what an ass she had. All shaved. Smooth and soft.

"What ever my little girl likes. I'll do what ever you ask." I might have said the wrong thing. The look on her face told me right off it was not the right thing to say.

"What ever I ask or like"?

"Yes." I thought for a second. Then I knew I was in for it.

"Yes, as long as it is safe. Okay"?

Soon we walked out. We, Cathy and I got into my car. And Bill and Mary got into his car. Off we went.

"Just to let you know what you might be getting into. Look at me. Watch me. Smell how my pussy smells. And think of how it is going to feel to be the first one to fuck my ass. To hear me scream as you do it. It push this up my ass."

As she was talking she was finger fucking her pussy. With the other hand she was holding my cock. I was watching her as best I could as I drove. Then she pulled her finger out and pushed it into my mouth. Damn was that the best cunt I have tasted. I licked her finger and she put her head back.

We got out of the car. My cock still sticking out. Her short skirt was still pulled up and anyone looking could have seen my cock and her pussy. Bill and Mary was at the front door when we got up to it. His cock was out and it looked smaller then mine, but almost as long.

"Cathy tells me that you and her go back a long way. She told us you are like a father to her. I hope not to much of a father. Mary and I have been after her for weeks to do this. But she told us only if she could bring someone else. I guess your the lucky one"?

"You could say that." I have no idea of what he was talking about.

"You and Cathy can use this bathroom and we will be right down. Have fun in the shower. But don't be to long."

As I got into the shower Cathy held me. She looked at me and her eyes told me that she wanted to tell me something. But could not say it. She held me for a few seconds and then started.

"Daddy. I told you that I was somewhat Bi. I think you are to. If not tell me now. You see this is not what you might think it is going to be."

"Are you saying that me and Bill are going to"?

"NO, NO, NO. Bill is what you think. He is a submissive and so is Mary. To me they are. But Mary is."

"Mary is what"? My cock was soft and Cathy still had her hand on it. I could still smell her pussy and I could still taste it.

"You see, Mary is both. Man and woman. She has been asking me for weeks to come over and watch her. You know fuck him. I thought, since I was going to give it to you. I might like to watch someone else get it at the same time. Okay Daddy? Please."

All I could do was kneel down and lick her. I have thought of it all night. My tongue worked its way into her. She was wet and I could taste her. She was dripping. I licked and sucked till Bill called us. I stood and looked at my daughters face.

"Yes my little one. I'll do that for you. And yes I'm Bi. Very Bi. Understand"?


When we walked out I could see Bill standing in front of us. I was right. His cock was smaller then mine. And I thought what it might feel like to have it in my mouth or ass. We walked into the bedroom. Bill and Mary just looked and Cathy.

"All right suck him. You have been asking me for weeks to watch you. So do it. And do a good job. I'm going to let my slave lick me and I might let him lick my ass if he is good."

I looked at Cathy. So this was the game she liked to play. I looked at Bill and Mary and she was kneeling in front of him. She had his cock in her mouth and was sucking like it was the last one in the world. I knelt in front of my daughter and looked up at her.

"Yes my mistress. Can I please you? I'll do anything you ask."

"Lick my ass, and I might let you fuck me. Get it wet. Use your finger."

And boy did I lick and suck her ass. As I did I looked up at her pussy. I could see her clit and how big it was getting. I looked at Mary sucking Bill's cock. I went back to licking Cathy's asshole. Cathy reached down and held my head.

"Stop. You have done a good job. Now you may fuck your mistress. But do not cum till I tell you."

Cathy bent over the bed and I stood behind her. I looked over at Mary and Bill. She was still sucking his cock. Cathy looked back at me and said.

"Put some KY on your cock. Then start doing me. Slow. I like it slow. Real slow.

I bent over her and kissed her face.

"Go slow Daddy. It might hurt. But act like we have done this before. Okay"?

"Yes my little one. I'll go slow and play your game. But I'm going to have to spank you later for getting me into this."

My cock started to slid into her. Fuck she was tight. Real tight. I knew that I was the first.

"You two change. Bill do her now."

I looked back. Mary was standing and still had on a skirt. Bill turned and started to pull it up. I could see legs and stockings. Then I saw or knew what Cathy was trying to say to me.

Mary had a cock. A long cock. I would say about 7.5 inches of cock. She was looking right at me. All I could do was look. Bill had knelt and was going to take it in his mouth. But he looked right at me.

"Suck her Bill this is one of the things you ask me to watch. So suck her. Make her wet. But do not make her cum. Mary. Fuck Bill's mouth. Fuck him the way he has fuck your mouth."

Bill started to suck Mary's cock. He was not all that bad at it. He must have done it before. Mary was holding his face and was now starting to get into it. She was fucking his mouth real good. I could see that he was taking all 7.5 inches in. Her balls hitting his chin. But he loved it. I could tell.

I now was all the way in to my daughters ass. I could feel my balls hitting her pussy. I held onto her hips.I was still going somewhat slow. And she was getting into it. Cathy was pushing back as I pushed forward.

"Now. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Come on do it. Faster."

I started to move faster. I could feel her open up some more. Soon I was giving her a good old ass fucking.

"Mary. Now you fuck Bill. Let me see you fuck him. Let me hear him cry out as you fuck his ass. And do it hard and fast. The faster the better. And you my slave. Do the same to me. But pull out so I can turn over. That way I can watch the both of you."

Cathy was on her back. Legs up and her shaved pussy looking right at me. Her ass had started to close and I just pushed my cock back in. Cathy put her hands on my hips and was pulling me into her ass.

"I like that. Fuck me good. That would make me happy."

All I could hear was my cock sliding in and out of Cathy's ass. I could hear Bill, it sounded like he was crying. I could hear Mary. Telling him how tight and good his ass felt.

Mary was close to cumming. "I'm getting close to cumming. What should I do with it"?

"Pull out and cum on his face. That is what he does to you at the club. Cum all over his face."

I could see her pulling her cock out of his ass. It left his asshole open. I could see about 4 inckes up into him. Bill turned and Mary got up by his face. She grabbed her cock and was jacking off.

Cathy reached down and grabbed my cock.

"Do it now. Cum. Pull out and cum on my pussy. Pull out and jack off onto my pussy."

I pulled out and almost at the same time that Mary started to cum I did. Mary jacked off onto Bills face. And as I watched I started to cum. I looked down. Right at my daughters pussy. I started to cum. I have always thought of what it might feel like to cum on her. But now I was just wishing I would never stop.

"Mary. Now lick him clean. You make him lick your face when he cums on you so now you do the same."

Mary looked at Cathy and then bent. I could hear her say. "I have never done this. But for you I will."

I could see her licking it up. Off his chin eyes cheeks. Soon he was clean. Mary looked at me then at Cathy.

"Now old man. You lick my pussy clean.You are the one that came on it. So you are the one that will clean it."

It has been years. I have not licked my cum off of someone in years. I looked at Cathy. I could see in her eyes that she was not asking me. This was an order. I bent and licked. I could taste myself and I could taste her. I licked her clean.

"Now that I'm clean you may take me home."

We both got dressed and walked out. Mary and Bill still on the bed fucking and sucking. But as we reached the bedroom door Cathy said.

"Next time I get Bill and you get Mary. Okay"?

I think that it is a great idea.

Write me and tell me what you think of my daughter. And should I do what she is asking?

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