tagBDSMCathy's Clown

Cathy's Clown


It's somewhat funny the way it started, Cathy hired me as a tutor but in the end, she taught me more about myself than I could have dreamed. I had seen her around the university but only from afar, we ran in different circles, she with the popular crowd and me, well I was a dweeb.

When I went to see her the first time I was in such awe I could barely speak and found myself sweating as I stammered and stuttered. She smiled and said I was cute and from then on, I was hers. Within the first week instead of tutoring, I was doing her work and taking her tests. It was just right from the start she knew I would gladly do anything she asked including humiliating myself in front of her friends or anybody that happened to be around.

Our relationship really changed the day she caught me looking down her blouse. She was not wearing a bra and the sight of her bare breasts was almost too much for me to take. I had a throbbing erection and it was so hard it pained me. I tried discreetly, to squeeze it to ease my discomfort and that was when she looked up from her magazine. She called me a pervert and told me to get out and never come back. I fell on my knees and begged her to forgive me, I don't know what came over me, but I bent down and kissed her bare feet. She said nothing so I kept at it hoping she would forgive me. She asked me what I would be willing to do for her if she let me stay and without a thought, I told her anything. She said the first thing would be to control my erections, as she didn't want me leaking my slime all over her place.

She told me to get up she was taking me somewhere. We ended up at a sex shop down on main, where she asked the lady proprietor where the cock cages were kept. We went to where she directed but Cathy couldn't decide so she asked her for help in picking one out. The smirk on her face turned mine beet red and I could feel my cheeks burning as the two discussed my genitals as if I wasn't there. The lady asked what size I was and Cathy said she had no idea and instructed me to pull my pants down. I just stood there stammering and then Cathy slapped me for the first time. I believe that first slap made me understand where my place in life was. I just answered 'Yes Mam,' then lowered my pants to my knees. Cathy held me out for inspection and both laughed at my inadequate size. All this gave me an erection, the proprietor said that I would not fit in the cage if I had a hard-on but when Cathy squeezed my testicles, the pain was so intense I became flaccid at once. The lady then showed her how to put the device on my genitals, once I was locked in, she and Cathy held a private discussion then she gave the key and another bag to Cathy while I was made to pay. The thing was so expensive I had to use my mother's credit card to pay and I had no idea how I would explain the expense to her.

When we got back to her place, she informed me that from now on I was to be wearing panties so I would be sure to remember what a sissy I was. She took me to her spare bedroom where once I was on the bed she locked me up in handcuffs that she pulled from the bag she got at the sex shop. She undressed down to a pair of pretty pink panties she then climbed on my chest and allowed me to worship her orally through her panties. Once sated she got off me then removed her panties and placed them on my face then left the room turning the lights off as she shut the door. I lie there enjoying the remaining aromas of my goddess. My genitals ached but I was at peace knowing I had been allowed to please her. Now that my manhood was under Cathy's command, she became quite comfortable around me in different stages of undress. This often caused enormous pain to my confined manhood and yet something I enjoyed immensely.

Once summer break came, she informed me I was to move in with her and we soon fell into a regular routine. My first chore of the morning no matter what, was to please her orally. Then I would get her a fresh pair of panties and then in turn I would put on her dirty ones. Next, I would launder the ones I had worn the previous day. Next, I would fix her breakfast and set to cleaning the house as she relaxed. If she had a date, I would help her to get ready. I usually did her nails and she even began to allow me to shave her personal areas at a great stress to my locked up genitals.

The hardest part for me was when she entertained her friends, as she often liked to show off her power over me. She enjoyed making me parade around in my panties and cage as they laughed at my willingness to submit. Yet all this I did eagerly as humiliation became my only form of eroticism. As hard as it is to believe I was at the happiest time of my life when I was with Cathy and as much as I didn't want to believe it I knew it had to end.

The finish of our relationship came when Cathy fell in love. Although this bothered me, I would have abided with it but her new boyfriend didn't like me staying at her house or even being there. When it came down to him, or me she chose love over devotion and I was history. I knew it was over when she handed me the key to my cage. Had it really only been a few short months that I had been kept locked up, it seemed as if I always belonged to her. I went back to my old apartment and the first thing I did was unlock myself, and then jack-off. Other than hygiene, I had not touched myself since spring and although I came right away, it was not as satisfying as I thought it would be. It is somewhat funny but I was so use to the cage that I put it back on after my orgasm.

I'm not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life but whatever it is, I hope I can do it while I serve someone like Cathy.

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