tagMind ControlEveryone's A Winner

Everyone's A Winner


(A Story of friends, games and of course ... Bimbification)

Kelly and Jenny were walking home together after a girl's night out. It was always fun to let their hair down once in a while and the local club was a perfect place to do this as it was only a 10 minute walk home if you took the short cut by the river. Kelly and Jenny had been friends since infancy so when the time came to move away from home they always knew they would live together. Both were single although with their looks they were never short of offers. Kelly was 21 years old and stood at 5"4 with long dark hair and a slim figure. She had also been blessed with breasts which although not huge were of a perfect size and shape in proportion to the rest of her. Jenny was equally gifted with her looks; she was six months younger than Kelly at 20 years old however could easily have been mistaken for being Kelly's blond sister. A magazine photographer once tried to persuade them to model together for a men's magazine but was instantly rebuffed. Make no mistakes both girls knew how attractive they were. They just had no intention of parading themselves as just a piece of meat (although this never stopped them flirting their way to a night of free drinks whenever they went out), they were determined to make money using their brains not their bodies. Anyway it had just turned 3am and Kelly and Jenny were walking home by the river (drunk as usual) talking about nothing in particular when Kelly felt a sharp stab in her backside.

"Oww, my ass" said Kelly. "Something just pricked me"

Jenny giggled – "Ahh, you poor baby would you like me to kiss it better or shall I go and fetch your new friend Robert? You too were getting pretty close tonight"

"It's not funny Jen" snapped Kelly. "I'm starting to feel really strange, like I'm about to faint or something"

Jenny laughed, "I'm not surprised after how much you've had tonight, I'm surprised you made it this far"

"This is serious Jen! I'm really not feeling right"

"I'm sure you will get over it as always. You know you really need to... oww."

"What is it?"

"I just felt something stab into my neck. I don't feel too good."

Kelly's face began to fill with worry, "I don't like this, it's as if we're being shot at. What's going o...."

Kelly collapsed to the ground causing a wave of panic to rush over Jenny. She wanted to scream out for help but words failed her. She felt her head becoming heavier and heavier, she was too tired to be scared, she just wanted to sleep like Kelly. Just ... wanted ... to ... sleeeeeeep. Two minutes later Jenny was sleep peacefully curled up next to her friend, blissfully unaware that tomorrow morning would be the beginning of a new life for both of them.


Jenny head still felt groggy as began to come to, she found herself in an almost empty room, in fact there was just the one object across the room from her but she had no idea what it was. She felt a sudden chill as a draft blew across her which was when she suddenly realized she was completely naked. In a panic she attempted to cover herself up but discovered she was bound at the wrists and cuffed to a chain hanging from the ceiling meaning she was forced to just stand there as if on show. Her head was starting to clear now and Jenny could see that the object across the room was in fact a large mirror and what she saw gave her the biggest shock of all. She looked like a teenager's wet dream with massive new breasts and a makeover that just screamed slut. Jenny scarcely believed what her own eyes were seeing and started to become very worried as to what was going on. Jenny then realized that Kelly wasn't with her and began to wonder what had happened to her, she was praying to herself that Kelly was Okay, not just for Kelly's sake but if something bad was happening to her then Jenny knew she would be next. She knew it was futile but Jenny instinctively started to scream for help. After a minute or two she heard the door being unlocked and her heart began to race as she thought about what was to become of her. A man in his mid-twenties entered the room, there seemed nothing distinguishable about this man to Jenny apart from the way he was dressed and the way he acted just made her think executive or something equally high octane, it was not the look of a would be kidnapper. A sense of relief flowed over her, they must have caught whoever did this – she thought.

"Thank you so much for saving me" said Jenny, her voice full of gratitude. "Did you find Kelly? When can we go home?

The man looked bemused, "go home? He asked, puzzled. "You requested to be here, you volunteered for the program"

Concern returned to Jenny face: "What program? We didn't ask for anything, we were kidnapped. You did this? Why? Why have you done this to me? Where is Kelly?

"Oh Fuck!" the man cried, "Sorry Miss, there's been a terrible mistake, we were instructed to pick up to girls by the river for our body and behavior modifying programs, You were there at the proposed meeting time so we assumed it was... Oh Fuck!!! This is not good... you aren't... you mean you are not Sammy or Teresa?

Panic began to flood over Jenny now, "No I'm not Sammy or Teresa I don't know any Fucking Sammy's or Teresa's. What have you done to me? Where is Kelly? And what is body and behavior modification!!?

"The other girl – Kelly, is fine she is just recovering now" the man replied. "A terrible mistake has been made and I think we need to talk to you together to explain exactly what is going on, I will get someone to bring you some clothes and they will take you to a meeting room meanwhile I will see to your friend I will see you again in about 20 minutes"

Jenny had completely forgot until now that she was tied up and completely nude, she tried to hide the sudden embarrassment of this realization from the young man but the sudden redness of her face gave her away.

"Oh I'm sorry" the man said. It's just I'm so used to talking to nude women these days that it didn't even strike me that it was unnatural for you, I apologies"

With that the man left leaving Jenny to think about what he meant by being used to talking to nude women, and especially made her think about what body and behavior modification was. In fact she didn't even know the man's name. Looking into the mirror gave her a fair idea as to what Body modification probably entailed, but changes to her behavior? If these changes in behavior were to bear any similarities to her bodily changes... she shuddered at the thought of what she may become. However she would find out the answers to all of these questions very soon.


Seconds after the man had left the cuffs around Jenny's wrists snapped open. She immediately went to cover herself up, as if she felt that somebody was watching her. A small ripple of sensation rushed through Jenny's body as her hands brushed against her newly enhanced breasts. Although this sensation was a shock it was a far from unpleasant feeling. In fact it felt great and Jenny had to summon up all of her resolve to resist fondling her new assets. However this resolve was short lived and her wanton desire to discover the limits of this heightened sensitivity drove a stray hand to her right breast, lightly caressing it whilst her free hand homed in on the left. Small waves of pleasure began pulsating throughout Jenny's body as she began gently massaging herself. She squeezed a nipple and couldn't stop herself letting out a small moan. Although Jenny was aware that her actions were probably being watched or at the very least recorded by her would be captors she could not stop herself. Actually she did not want to stop herself. Subconsciously her left hand began to stray Southwards and latched onto her pussy. Her body quivered as if in shock, she felt herself just moments away from orgasm when a voice behind her brought her back to her senses with a bang.

"Here are some clothes for you to wear, please put them on and follow me to the meeting room" said a young but plain looking woman. She did not seem to be thrown in any way by the scene she had walked in on.

"Thank you" said Jenny, her face bright beetroot now. She hurriedly put on the clothes (which could probably most accurately be described as a potato sack with arm and head holes) and chased after the woman. After a short walk the woman stopped outside a nondescript door and typed in a password, a light changed from red to green and the door opened.

"Please wait in here," the woman instructed "Mr. Williams will be here with your friend in just a minute so just sit down make yourself comfortable. Oh and one more thing..." a sly grin crossed her face "try to keep your hands off yourself for a few minutes." With this she ushered Jenny into the room and the door shut behind her.

Looking around, it seemed that the room was nothing special and Jenny could only assume that it was just a normal meeting room. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of her and tried to concentrate on just putting everything out of her mind whilst she waited for the others to arrive. Minutes past and Jenny began to experience a tingling sensation in her crotch. She tried to ignore it but the sensation was just growing and growing. Finally her urges got the better of her and she retracted her right arm into her sack and began to finger herself. Once again just as she was approaching orgasm she heard the door start to open and managed to hurriedly get her arm back through the armhole just in time before anyone could suspect what she was up to. Finally she saw a familiar face:

"Jenny!" shouted an ecstatic Kelly, "thank God you are OK I was so worried about you"

Immediately upon hearing her friend's voice Jenny jumped up in a mixture of delight and excitement, but when she looked up the person she saw was not the Kelly she once knew. Instead what she saw was a porn star slut figure based around the template of Kelly's natural features. Her once jet black hair was now a strawberry blond color with a natural curl that had not been there yesterday. Her lips were a deep red and formed a pout which even to Jenny's quite reserved demeanor seemed to scream "I need a cock in here now". The biggest change was to her chest though, for even though Kelly was wearing the same potato sack style overall as Jenny was, Jenny could see that Kelly's breasts must have at least doubled in size, they were huge. Even in the most unflattering outfit which she was wearing now she looked like she was showing herself off. Jenny could only wonder at how she would look in normal clothing. She imagined at best a porn star and at worst just some cheap whore. (What Jenny didn't realize was that at this exact moment Kelly was thinking the exact same thoughts about her, in fact if people had mistaken them for sisters before, they would think they were twins now, two near identical, stunning slutty whores, dressed in potato sacks).

"Kelly what has happened to you? You look so different, I almost didn't believe it was you" Jenny said as she accepted that the figure standing before her was really her lifelong friend.

"Me?" Kelly remarked, "What about you? I couldn't believe you could look like that, what has happened to us?"

"I think I can answer that" said a voice from across the room. The man who had first visited Jenny was standing there waiting for their full attention. The two girls sat down and the man began:

"My name is Michael Williams but you may call me Mike; I am the president of the Southwest branch of Venus Industries. We are a company which specializes in adult products from films and magazines to escorts and entertainers. I am afraid that there has been a terrible mix up and you two were accidentally picked up instead of our intended arrivals. This I must admit has caused an awful lot of embarrassment on our part but I know that this will be of no comfort to you"

"You're damn right it isn't" screamed Kelly "What have you done to us? And what are you gonna do to fix it?"

As if oblivious to Kelly's outburst Mike continued, "Your bodies have been altered to suit the kind of services women that work for us are expected to perform. Like I mentioned before, we work in the Adult Entertainment industry so our employees are to put it bluntly porn stars and strippers. Therefore we had to alter your appearance so you would both resemble one."

"But we don't want to be Porn Stars or strippers," Jenny blurted out, "You abducted us and made us like this. You have to change us back!"

"It is not as easy as that" Mike continued, "The process we use is not basic surgery, but a radical new cellular reconstruction process which basically enhances what is already there. To put it another way there is nothing unnatural about you as we speak no silicone, or any other enhancements, it is all you, just revamped. Also because your bodies were remodeled for use in the sex industry the sensitivity of your erogenous zones has been increased by over tenfold in order to make your sexual experiences infinity more pleasurable. You may have already noticed some signs of this"

Jenny's face flushed with embarrassment as she remembered her earlier antics, she looked over to Kelly only to notice her face was a matching shade of red. At this moment they both realized they had both sampled the delights of their new bodies. This only served to embarrass them more.

"But you can't leave us like this" cried Kelly.

Mike was unsympathetic, "The treatments you have both received are state of the art and our clients spend years repaying us for this service, To change you back would involve an unprecedented operation which I could not sanction without some financial commitment on you part"

"What do you mean?" both girls asked simultaneously.

"For us to change you back would cost in the region of $250,000 each in addition to the initial operation which was around $150,000. Therefore for head-office to sanction such a procedure I would need to see proof that you can afford to repay this $800,000 total expenditure."

"$800,000!!!" the girls screamed in unison "How the fuck are we supposed to get hold of that sort of money" Jenny screamed. "This isn't even our fault; you can't do this to us. What are we supposed to do like this?"

Mike leaned in towards the two girls in businesslike fashion, "The girls who come to us wanting this procedure done to them are girls who are desperate. It may be to make money, disappear for a year or whatever but it all boils down to desperation. This is why so many young girls go into the adult entertainment industry, out of desperation. This results in the experience being a tragic experience for them which ultimately ruins their life. This can happen for a number of reasons, most of which revolving around how having sex with countless strangers makes them feel. At Venus Industries we found a way to solve this problem by altering the girls' body and mind so that they truly love what they do, in essence turning them into a willing slut. They work for us for a prearranged period of time, this earns us a huge amount of money because our films get a reputation for seeming the most real, and then once they have finished their time with us they will have paid us back and made a decent amount of money in the process. We then change them back to who they were beforehand and their adult entertainment career is over, and without any mental scars." Mike looked seriously at the two worried girls in front of him and said: This is what I suggest; tomorrow morning you are both scheduled for behavior modification. I advise that you have it, you can then work for us for a year or so of bliss and then afterwards we can sanction the reversal operations and even give you generous compensation for your troubles"

"You mean you want us to become sluts for a year! Are you fucking out of your mind?" fumed Kelly.

"If it helps, you will love the idea after the therapy tomorrow" Mike suggested.

"Look" Jenny growled, "you are not going to kidnap us, turn us into something out of a Playboy Mansion and then try and make it all better by suggesting we just embrace becoming empty headed Bimbos. If you and your bastard head-office don't come up with a better idea quick I will rip your balls off I promise"

For the first time Mike lost his confident aura as he tried to regain composure, thinking fast an idea struck him. "There is maybe one way out of this but it will involve a small compromise on your part, it is the only alternative"

Calming down now Jenny relented. "OK, what is it?"

Mike took out a file and took a deep breath. "Well it's like this..."

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