tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 08

Cemetery Summons Ch. 08


That girl, Cyrindil, was in gym the next day. The class had been allowed to cut up and do whatever they wanted while Coach Kell was on the phone trying to get his kids a trampoline and having an extremely difficult time doing so because of customer service. Cyrindil had chosen to talk to Jack, and he was getting a little wary of her. She wanted to know him a little too well.

"So, everyone in every class I have is talking about the guy who has a sex fiend for a girlfriend. Care to explain?" she inquired.

"Look, not that I have anything against you, and really, I don't. But please don't ask me about my girlfriend," Jack replied.

"I know your secret. Meet me in the boys bathroom in three minutes or I will reveal you to the appropriate powers." Before Jack could even lift a finger, she stood up and left the gymnasium. Jack looked at the clock and cursed.

Damnit, fuck girls.

After three minutes however, he compliantly stood up and walked to the bathroom without a word. When he entered, the door shut behind him faster than usual and a tendril of darkness receded back into one of the stalls. Jack followed the thing and opened the door, where Cyrindil sat with her legs crossed, hands in her lap.

"What do you want? A quick fuck? Is that why you called me out here?" Jack growled, grabbing her by the neck. He lifted her up and put her against the wall, glaring. She grabbed his hand and struggled to pry his fingers away, even using the black things coming out of her back. It was no use. Jack's grip was like steel.

"Please...stop," she breathed. Jack let her down and she caught her breath slowly.

"I'm gonna leave if you don't tell me what you are now," Jack threatened. "And I don't care if you tell anyone my secret."

"I am a vampire. I can almost taste your blood it runs so strongly through you. It makes my mouth water thinking about your blood, mortal."

"No." Jack stared her down.

"No what? I only want a little!" she whined. Jack refused again, standing his ground.

"No means no. You're not getting anything from me," Jack declared, turning to leave. Something curled around his neck tenderly.

"I know that you have a werewolf or something living with you at home. I don't care. Werewolf, another vampire, a demon, it doesn't matter. I just want a little bit of blood, not much. Please...I'm begging you." She sounded like she was crying now. If the circumstances had been even the slightest bit different, Jack would have turned around.

"I'm sorry. But I have three succubi at home that want my full attention. I can't do it. Sorry." He pulled the spectral thing from his neck and left the bathroom. When he returned to the gym, he sat down next to Tom.

"Fuck everything," he groaned. Tom put a big hand on his shoulder.

"I know what you mean," he sighed. Jack arched a brow.

"What's up your ass today? You're always trying to bust outta that shirt in front of everyone like some golden god."

"Sam's mad at me," he replied. Jack's face paled.

"You don't..." Jack stopped before he could say anything else. Jesus Christ, this was serious.

"Don't tell anyone, okay?" Tom said in a shy voice that almost made Jack afraid for the guy. He'd never heard such a thing from Tom! What the fuck!

"You're in love with Samantha?!" Jack whispered. Tom flushed red.

"Don't tell her. I...wanna do that myself. Okay?"

"Sure. But what's she mad at you over?"

"Well," Tom began. "I asked her who she liked, and said I'd go drag them in here for her, as a joke. And then she got all mad at me and slapped me and walked away to the girls locker room." Tom looked down at the floor.

"I'll go talk to her," Jack said. He stood up, but Tom grabbed his wrist.

"Don't tell her," he pleaded. Jack nodded and then left for the girls locker room. At the door, he paused. Fuck it. He opened the door and closed it curtly behind him. On the bench sat Samantha with her knees pulled up to her chest, crying. Jack walked over to her.


"Fuck off Jack. I'm not in the mood to talk to you of all people right now," she said, wiping tears away from her eyes. Jack sat down next to her and put his hands on his knees. Sam turned away from him and stuck her face between her knees.

"Okay then, we'll sit here until you want to talk, or I get arrested. Either way, I get to sit in the girls locker room for a while." Jack tapped his fingers on his knee for a while before Sam punched him in the arm, hard.

"I told you, go away. I don't want to talk to you."

"I'm not leaving," Jack stated firmly. Sam grabbed his collar and turned to him. She glared at him so hard that he thought he was about to get the life beaten from his poor body. Instead of hitting him though, she pushed her face into his shirt and began to cry. Jack let out a sigh in relief and she pulled herself into his lap. Jack put his arms around her.

"Jack! He broke up with me!" she cried. The bell rang, but Jack made no move to get up. Sam cried into his shirt, sobbing.

"Who broke up with you?" Jack asked. He hadn't known she had a boyfriend.

"Michael did. I told him I was sorry, but he hit me," she admitted. Jack's arms went slack.

"What class is he in?" Jack growled.

"No, Jack don-"

"What class, is he in?" Jack repeated through gritted teeth. Sam bit her lips and looked up at him through teary, puffy eyes.

"Mrs. Tori's English, but please don't go there!" Jack stood up and let her plop down against the bench again. "Jack! Don't!"

"He hit you, damnit. Fuck him. He's dead." Jack opened the door and a group of girls looked at him like he had just killed someone. He glared at them and walked down the hallway. There was a period of three minutes where everyone got ready to leave school. Michael would still be in his class. Jack gritted his teeth.

At the classroom's door, he paused to rethink things. He realized that he didn't want to think; he just wanted to go. After a second, he grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open. The class' attention turned to him and he walked over to Michael, a grim expression on his face.

He grabbed Michael by the hair and pulled him out of his desk.

"What the fuck man!" he yelled. Jack dragged him wordlessly out the door and tossed him across the floor. Mrs. Tori, five months pregnant, didn't do anything but watch. Michael got to his feet and punched Jack in the face. Now, Micheal was a big boy, to say the least. He gave Tom a run for his money when it came to size, and he was a horse when it came to strength. Micheal punched Jack again, splitting his lip.

"You hit Sam?" Jack asked, ignoring the punishing hits he had already taken and kicking Michael in the ribs. The teen collapsed to the floor. Jack pulled him up by the collar, fists balled tightly.

"Fuck you, and her," Michael said weakly. Jack punched him in the face and blood came streaming out of his nose.

"You too, asshole," Jack grunted as he kneed Michael in the chin. He dropped his beaten classmate and wiped the blood from his mouth. He walked back to the gym and redressed in his normal clothes.

He left school by hopping a chain-link fence by the gymnasium and walking around the park to make sure none of the faculty stopped him. He stopped by his grandfather's grave and told the old man about his week and how he wished the old man was still alive.

It wasn't often that he did this, talking to his grandfather out here. Only when he had bad days did he ever blow off steam like this, by talking to a dead man in a grave. But, it worked, and sometimes he even laughed like he was still with his grandfather, like the old man was still alive and didn't have two bullet holes in his chest.

"Man, granddad, I wish you were still here. God knows I need more help than I can possibly get," Jack said while a tear rolled down his cheek. He sighed. "But, not everything bad. I still have my friends, and I made good ones like you told me to, life-lasting ones I hope. Rob still thinks that you were a Navy Seal or something. That guy..."

Jack let his head fall and he began to cry. "God, I wish you were here so much. I don't know what to do half the time. And now I have these three girls, and all they are is a mess of trouble. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about them."


Elassa watched from a few rows away in the cemetery as Jack spilled his guts to the silent stone marker that showed the burial place of his grandfather. She felt a little sorry for him. As he told the stone everything about her, Fain and Niaf, he spoke of them like they were precious things to him. He said that he loved them and that they were all so dear to his heart. He spoke of how if they suddenly left him that he'd be crushed.

Elassa placed a hand on her breast, right over her heart. She was touched. She hadn't ever heard anything like this before. Jack had no idea that she and the other two were listening to him. Jack said that they had saved him at his job and how it was annoying and relieving to have them there. He said he loved them too much to let go, to let go of any of them.

She smiled genuinely and sank back behind the gravestone, hand still over her heart. She blinked tears out of her eyes.

"So, the kid likes us, eh?" Niaf reiterated crudely.

"Gods, it goes much deeper than that. He loves us so dearly...so deeply, like he's afraid we'll up and leave him. It's, it's so sweet to hear something like that said for me. He's so vulnerable right now."

"Then let's fuck his brains out right out here," Niaf suggested, licking her lips.

"We should not interrupt master's talk. He would be angry with us if we did," stated Fain in her usual esoteric tone. The three succubi listened for a while longer and then Niaf began insisting on the idea of taking Jack's body in broad daylight.

"Hey, would you shut up!" whispered Elassa furiously.

"I would suggest that we begin taking lethal action," advised Fain, reaching for Niaf's throat. Her twin shrugged, peeking over a gravestone to see that Jack was gone. She grinned wickedly.

"Hey, what's to say that we can't get a few toys while he's at work? Eh? We still have that money from the guy you convinced to pay you for a look at yer a-" Niaf was knocked to the ground by a fist. Fain's entire face was red.

"Do not mention that event ever again," she barked.

"Well, toys don't exactly fit our superboy's style. We really do owe him something though. I mean, we've been living in his house and we almost killed him twice." The twins looked at her as if she had suggested leaving Jack, their gazes dead.

"We?" asked Niaf. "You almost killed him twice. The two of us were just around for the ride when it happened," she snorted. Fain punched Niaf in the face and the two were immediately locked it an embrace, hitting each other and biting and scratching everything they could. Suddenly, Niaf's wings sprouted from her shoulders with a sickening rip of flesh.

"Niaf!" shouted her twin.

"What? If anyone sees me I'll just fuck 'em into a comma."

"You will not fuck anyone but master," growled the second generation succubus, her eyes alight with fury. Even the very thought of Niaf betraying their sole benefactor, after that confession to his grandfather's tombstone, was such a thought that got her blood boiling.

"Who shoved a pole up yer ass?"

"You will not! You will obey him and do as he says. He is your master. Without him, you would never be you," Elassa stated furiously, her fingers now ending in sharp claws. Her teeth threatened to turn to fangs any moment now.

"What? Elassa got a thing for lonely guys?" Niaf teased. Elassa grabbed the blue-eyed twin by the neck and lifted her off the ground. Elassa's eyes burned with green light, and her teeth had become sharp fangs. Her wings ripped through her shirt. Her claws bit into Niaf's smooth skin, causing blood to run down her neck.

"He is your master. You will not mock him. You will obey him. You will love him. Or you will cease to exist." Elassa was furious now, and she meant every word of what she had said. She was going to kill Niaf is she didn't respect Jack. Teasing him and playing with him was one thing, this was something else entirely.

"I'm just kiddin' ya freak," rasped Niaf. "I like him too."

Elassa let her down and blinked away a sudden wave of confusion. Her shorts felt cold, and she was quite surprised to find that they were dripping wet.

"Gods, I need a fuck worse than ever," she moaned, trying to keep the horny thoughts out of her mind. The twins disappeared and she returned home in an instant. The carpet felt warm beneath her feet and she registered that she had arrived in Jack's bedroom. She opened her eyes and smiled gently.

The door opened behind her and she spun on heel, taking Jack by the hips and pulling him into a kiss filled with repressed desire. But Jack's tongue wasn't as short as she remembered. It thrust itself all the way into the back of her throat and a loud moan escaped Jack's lips. Elassa pulled away and grabbed the blue tongue before it could retract into Niaf's mouth.

She'd just locked lips with Niaf. Disgusting!

"Yaaa!" cried the twin. Fain giggled when she saw them.

"I am sure master would not mind this," she sneered.

"Alright then, now that everyone's shenanigans are out of the way, where's Jack? We need to pull an all-nighter if we want to even up the fucks by tomorrow. He's getting stronger by the day, maybe a bit fast, but what's the harm in that?" Elassa let Niaf's tongue go and the succubus flopped down on Jack's bed, inhaling his scent deeply.

"Master is going to work presently. He will be back late tonight. We may be able to ambush him in the shower again, or we might be able to pin him down when he removes his uniform. I don't know which one is more effective."

"Well, we'd better think of a plan. We really need to get this worked out ahead of time before we get him angry again and he explodes like he did in the shower," Elassa explained. She took off her ripped shirt and let her wings return. She reminded herself to keep self control at the second slot on her priority list. If she lost it again, she might just get too aroused to hold back. She sighed.

"That was one tasty explosion though. Damn it, I thought that I was gonna pass out," Niaf said, sniffing the sheets again. Elassa's mood soured.

"The explosion of anger, Niaf, not the one that you hogged," she snapped.

"That kid has some kinda cock though," Niaf murmured into the sheets.

"And a really nice ass," Fain returned.

"And awesome chiseled abs..."

"And strong arms..."

"And some powerful hips..."

"And smooth fingers..."


"I get it! We all know he's a great fuck. Now let's shut up and think for a minute. We need to get him fired up without getting him angry. And we haven't...I have, not you two." Elassa tapped her fingers on her knee after speaking. Fain arched a brow.

"Us two?"

"I took his virginity. He was plenty riled up then," Elassa replied. Fain turned her gaze to the floor. Elassa shrugged. She'd get fucked soon enough. Who knew, maybe Jack would stick it in the right hole to make her go crazy? Anything was possible if he was the one feeding you your next meal. Elassa lay back on the bed and sighed to herself. What could they do to get him willing to step beyond his normal boundaries?

Normally, they had to drag him down the path while he fought them tooth and nail for every inch of ground he lost. Only a couple of times had he submitted and taken control. And one of those times she had nearly killed him via clawing to death. She shivered at the memory of his tongue on her clit. She was jealous of Anathane for taking that tongue for herself back in Hell.

"I got it!" exclaimed Niaf out of nowhere. "Cosplay!"


"Cosplay," she repeated firmly. Elassa didn't know what to say.


"Well, guys like it when women dress up, right? If we dress slutty for Jack after he gets off of work, he'll be willing enough. We can even come onto him and get away with being in persona. Maids do, after all, have to serve their masters." She grinned with satisfaction. Elassa shrugged and stood up, walking over to the closet. She pulled out the tiny bikini she'd bought at the mall the time she and Jack had gone.

"I have what I need. You two go and find your maid outfits. Oh, take his wallet on the way out, okay? He should have left it on the table I think." Elassa warped into the bathroom and grinned to herself as she gazed at her full breasts. She needed to blow off some steam soon. Her tits looked like they were going to burst.

She put her bikini down and walked into the living room where Niaf and Fain were fighting over the wallet. She grabbed the thing and ripped it from their hands, setting it down gently on the table again. She pulled the twin succubi over to the couch with her and sat down, each knee straddled by a succubus.

They looked confused at her calm, composed demeanor. Elassa took the back of Niaf's head and pushed her mouth against one swollen breast. She did the same to Fain and let her own head fall back against the couch. Gods, she felt tired. She was so horny from almost taking her demonic form back in the graveyard too. Her breasts were so swollen right now.

Niaf caught on quickly and licked her nipple eagerly, snickering like she'd won something. Fain was more hesitant to do anything, but after seeing Niaf, went about her own menstruations. Elassa moaned contently as Fain nibbled softly on the hardened pink bud, slipping her hand down Elassa's stomach. Fain's hands reached up to steady the breast she played with.

"I am enjoying this," the orange-eyed twin stated as she suckled deeply on Elassa's breast. The reply was little more than a moan in pleasure. Elassa smiled to herself. At least this calmed them down. She'd either confused them entirely or interested them in something worth more than Jack's wallet.

Niaf slipped her hand into Elassa's panties and began to rub her fingertips along Elassa's clit. She pushed her thumb into the second generation's wet pussy. Elassa arched her back slightly. He breasts felt like putty, and Fain kneaded her flesh like a master potter and his clay. Trained fingers ran over her flesh, causing chills to dance across her entire form.

The twins continued with their work, suckling gently for milk that was soon coming to them. Elassa had to admit that the two of them were almost a match for what Jack had done to get his own share. Elassa remembered the encounter fondly, and the memory sent a warm feeling through her core. Niaf bit down on her nipple.

"Thinking of him, are ya?" she questioned. Elassa took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

"Of the time he did this to me. I can still feel his fingers, his tongue. Oh he was like a child begging for it," she murmured fondly. Niaf pinched Elassa's clit and the elder succubus gurgled as her mouth watered.

"Let's get some new feeling in there, eh?" She pushed two fingers into Elassa's dripping pussy and caused a deep, lusty moan to escape her lips. Elassa's back arched as Niaf's long tongue began to trace circles all over her breast, not locked to the confines of her mouth. The succubus was damned good at this, Elassa had to admit. Fain was busily slurping down a copious amount of milk, and Elassa pushed her down harder. Fain obliged and bit down playfully, her tongue flicking over Elassa's pert nipple.

A second hand reached Elassa's core and her hips came off the couch, eagerness getting the better of her. Gods! This was too much! Niaf worked two fingers inside of her pussy while Fain slipped one in and teased her clit with her thumb. Elassa's vision blurred and her head spun. She'd never had anything like this happen before. She opened her mouth to scream, but three fingers clamped down on her tongue.

She sucked eagerly on the intruders and realized that they were covered in her own juices. A current of electricity ran through her body and her eyes burned green with ethereal fire. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She was about to come.

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