tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 17

Cemetery Summons Ch. 17


It wasn't often that Anathane was called out for a favor, but this was one time that she couldn't say no. Nyx had asked her for help bringing Jack and Anthony to the point where they would be able to survive a fight down here in hell, gods forbid they get into trouble. But the chance that they would get caught was very high.

Anathane had happily agreed to see her lover again, and was eagerly awaiting the moment where she could see him. Even though it was risky business coming down here, she thought that it was worth it just to see him. And besides, he needed a little training too.

Anathane could feel him somewhere nearby, but the maze here was so vast and confusing that she had gotten herself entirely lost. She could have avoided this, but following a servant around to find Jack wouldn't have been as fun, or as challenging. She liked using her own intuition to find him.

It made finding him seem like it was her love that brought them together again. She smiled to herself and rounded a corner. And frowned as she found herself at another large doorway that was closed tight.

But here, Jack's presence was much stronger than it had been before. She opened the double doors and stepped into the room behind them. Inside, she found an average bedroom lined with torches. Set in the floor was a warm pool that glistened in the flickering lights. In the water lay Jack, asleep.

She let out a little sigh at the sight of him. Anathane warped over to where he lay and put her long, tanned legs into the water beside him. Then she slipped silently in up to her neck, and uttered a sigh in contentment.

The last time she had taken a dip in a pool was when Jack had given her that massage, the memories of which still made a shiver run down her spine. Not only had the massage made her entire body feel replenished and rejuvenated, but the raw rush of emotion that he released had put her into a euphoric state for a few seconds.

She didn't like to think that his pain was her pleasure, but that's exactly was it was. She reacted strongly to his emotions, and his deep sorrow over his dead family was one of the most powerful things she had felt from him.

But, not being one to linger on mindless things alone, she changed the size and shape of her body just a tad to fit Jack's inner most preferences. Her skin grew taut over her chest as the line of her bust expanded several inches. Her breasts bobbed at the surface of the water, like two big, soft soccer balls.

She let her horns sprout from her head, and her wings from her back. All the times she had raped him, she had never once let loose and howled like a ferocious animal. She hadn't ever torn at him with her claws to make his voice rise above hers. She hadn't even teased him yet!

She thought about waking him up to play, but decided against it. He looked exhausted. Anthane let all sorts of scenarios play throughout her head of Jack's adventure down here for the past eight days.

She could think through millions of things at once, due to the vastness of her consciousness, but the scene that kept playing through her mind's eye again and again was Jack in the middle of a cosmic fuckpile, getting screwed from every angle and roaring like a beast in pleasure.

That sounded a lot like him, a beast drowning in a sea of women. Anathane closed her eyes and turned her head so that her nose was buried in Jack's hair. She inhaled deeply and his scent came flooding back into her conscious mind. It woke memories inside of her that had been separated from this body during the most recent split in her consciousness.

But now, memories of sex in his apartment came flooding back to her like a tsunami of epic proportions. She groaned with delight as her eyes rolled back in her head, reliving the intense pleasure of her one full night on earth with the incubus.

*Jack was still over at his dresser, and gave her a flippant answer.

"Because you are in love with me." Anathane thought on it for a moment, and then grabbed him with her unnatural extremities and threw him onto the bed.

"That may be true, but sometimes love hurts, and I love you a lot. So, in light of our current predicament, I'm going to rape you. You can either turn this into consensual sex and have a good time, or resist and make it all that much more interesting." She clambered onto him, straddling his hips like before.

She forced her insides to morph into something that would scare the life out of him. So, after a bit of anatomical rearrangement, she forced her special pink tentacle out of her lower back and let out a short breath.


"Eat me out," she ordered, folding her arms under her huge tits. She shoved the pink tentacle into his face. Now, she could see the feeling of sudden recognition on his face. But it was too late for him to say no at this point. He gagged.

"This is your- Jesus Christ. I can't."

"You can," Anathane countered, pushing the tentacle into Jack's mouth and making the end fan out. "And you will."

He lurched and struggled under her considerable weight, but he was only a human, and it was really just impossible for him to do anything about this situation. Even if he could do something, he was already in too deep to get himself out again.

She felt his tongue vibrating as his futile screams for help from the others ran up her tentacle and back into her body. She relished the new and exciting feeling. She'd never been on the giving end of a tentacle rape...

Well, she'd never been on the receiving end either.

As Jack screamed for help, Anathane bucked her hips against his and raised her eyebrows suggestively as he looked down in sheer horror to see nothing but a faint scar where her pussy had been. Anathane shoved his head back with her tentacle and lifted her breasts in a manner that made them bulge even more.


"You like that do you? You want them even bigger? Well then, have it your way, you naughty little heathen you," she scolded merrily. Anathane closed her eyes and forced her breasts to grow as big as basketballs.

When she returned her gaze to Jack's, she found that his eyes were wide with wonder. Oh yeah, Anathane thought, definite tit man right here. Her tentacle retracted from his mouth and wrapped around his neck. He fought her with tooth and nail to break the noose from his throat, but she just pulled him up so their fronts were crushed together.

His muscular chest scraped against hers, and her nipples, like two steel nubs, grated against his body. Fire ran through her veins as he struggled for freedom, only to trap himself in her long arms as well.

"Hey," Niaf broke in. "You don't get to hog him all to yourself! We bought costumes for today. I even customized mine, see?" She held up a French maid outfit that might make even the sluttiest porn star turn bright red in the cheeks.

"Master is not solely yours" Fain butted in with her twin.

Anathane frowned. "He is tonight," she retorted. A red tentacle shot out of each of her shoulders and wrapped the two succubi up like thick ropes. The demon's head turned to Elassa, who was leaning up against the wall silently.

"Anathane!" wailed Jack as she licked the side of his face with a long, bloated pink tongue. It wasn't often that she could tease Jack. In fact, it'd been years since she'd even seen him. She wanted every moment of this night to herself.

"No argument from you?" she teased Elassa. The succubus raised her hands in defeat.

"You got me. I'll just help these two calm down."

Anathane smiled, and said, "Good. Maybe I'll get a little time alone with him now." She redoubled her efforts to get him hot and bothered, and found it most effective to stick her tongue in his mouth, because he was afraid to do anything about it after getting a nasty surprise last time.

Soon though, she arranged her anatomy in a way that Jack could identify as normal, and began kissing him full on the lips. This time, however, he wasn't resisting. His efforts to escape had ceased entirely actually.

His rock-hard arousal rubbed up against her pussy constantly, and she enjoyed the feel of his cock again. She wanted it in her so badly, but she knew she had to wait. He was only human, and he couldn't last more than three times at most, if she really tried to get him there.

Otherwise, he was going to just keel over and pass out on her. And that would be just boring. Such a fantastic night would come to such an anti-climactic end? Oh no no! She couldn't let that happen. She would use her powers of the dark healing to force him along the way.

She could take the very life of the earth and give it to her lover, if only he wished for her to. He had to accept her gifts, or else she could seriously hurt him with them. But, she doubted it would come to that. When she really wanted to, she could fuck like a mink!

She suddenly felt something against her back, something very annoying. Her eyes darted to the side and she found Niaf clawing as her body, angry.

"Give him to us!" she growled. Anathane snorted and then slammed the girl against the wall.

"He's mine! Get off."

Elassa leapt upon the demon and pulled her tentacles clean off. "He's ours too you know."

"Stop that!" Anathane snapped, rupturing her entire back to make some sixteen tentacles shoot out of her body. She impaled herself on Jack's cock and hissed pleasantly. The three succubi tried to fight their way toward Jack, but a mass of red appendages slowed their march considerably.

Anathane eventually realized that she'd have to move to keep going with Jack, who she was screwing like there was no tomorrow. He had gotten into the groove too, groping and kissing to the best of his ability. It was hard to please such an experienced woman, but he was well on his way to getting up there with the best of them.

When she felt Fain's fingers stretching the sides of her mouth like her face was taffy, the demon had had enough. Anathane threw the succubus off and used her tentacles to maneuver across the room and into the bathroom.

She kept a wall of red tentacles in the way, but Elassa warped past them and grabbed Jack as he hugged Anathane's strong body like a child. He was entirely out of it, overcome by his newfound lust and limitless libido.

Jack was caught in a tug-of-war between two of the horniest beings on the planet. Elassa had probably fucked him yesterday. Anathane hadn't seen him in years! It wasn't fair that he was being stolen!

"He's ours!" Elassa groaned as Fain and Niaf joined the struggle for their shared lover. Anathane bemoaned the loss of time. Jack came away from her body inch by inch, and Anathane could do little to stop it. She assaulted the succubi with her unearthly appendages, but nothing helped!

"Fine! Take him!" Anathane let go and her three opponents fell to the floor with nothing holding them up any longer. Jack literally soared across the bathroom and smashed his head on the sink faucet. His glazed eyes suddenly went wide and he flopped to the floor like a cold fish. He groaned.

"Master!" moaned Fain.

He lurched up. "What hit me?" he asked woozily. Anathane grabbed him up again, but Niaf lunged at her and severed the tentacle that held him, sending the poor boy across the room again. He hit the countertop with the force of a freight train, and a splotch of blood was smeared where his head had hit.

Anathane's blood ran cold and she rushed over to him.

"No, be okay, incomplete boy! Please!" She kissed him sharply and felt the back of his head. A swollen lump the size of a plumb had formed on the back of his skull, and blood tricked through the demon's fingers. She moaned in anguish and started to cry hot tears in fear.

"Whuzzat? Anna...thane? Why'zer four uh ya?" Jack slurred. "Boop!" he touched her nose with his finger. Then he giggled like an idiot and his eyes crossed. Anathane put her forehead against his.

"Sorry. I'll fix you up real quick," she whispered as sweetly as she could, even as her tears boiled and disappeared in puffs of steam. She tore apart the very fabric of the air and sucked out the energy present...for ten miles in every direction.

She pushed her mouth against Jack's and felt everything she'd gathered roll up her stomach and into her throat. She vomited into his mouth, pouring the white-hot force of life into his body. He tried to give it back, via coughing and fighting it out of his lungs, but the flood of energy kept on until his stomach was ready to burst.

At the point, Anathane stopped and swallowed again the mouthful that was left. She felt reenergized and ready for more. Jack, however looked like he was sick to his stomach. But that could easily be fixed after a certain three nuisances were taken care of.

Anathane split herself into four pieces and three of them attacked the succubi, incapacitating them with warm hugs and lot of unceremonious fingering. She went a step further and played with their breasts, even the twins.

The main part of her sat just to Jack's side and laid him flat out on the ground. She could see his cute tummy filled to the bursting point with God's raw love for mankind. Now, it was Jack's raw love for all things sexual.

Anathane raised her hand high.

And then slapped his stomach as hard as she could.

At first, all it did was wake him up and turn his skin a fiery red color. But then, his jaw dropped and a white light shone forth. His eyes disappeared into pillars of white and his back arched like a gymnast's.

Someone had once told Anathane that the eyes were the portals to one's soul. If that was true, then his soul was the shining symbol of depravity and a fount of perverse corruption...wrapped in a flattering shroud of purifying white.

The light died down and Anathane licked her lips as Jack's irises flashed a nice, corrupt snowy white. He blinked a few times with an undecided expression. Thoughts ran past his eyes, and he scanned them all with malign, hidden intent.

Then his lips split into the biggest, most horrible, shit-eating grin Anathane had ever seen before. He stood up and grabbed her under the arms, bringing her up to the same level. He traced the underside of her chin with his index finger and then licked his lips greedily.

"Fine pair'a tits ya got there," he remarked, his right had fondling her tit.

"Nice prick," Anathane returned, rubbing her palm against his hard, dribbling cock. Jack arched a brow with intrigue and rolled his hips against her hand. Anathane kissed his nose, and he kissed her throat.

"Now that we got our nice little introductions outta the way, let's get down to fucking in the shower," Jack suggested. Anathane turned around and skipped off to the shower door, only after receiving a nice little slap on the ass from her lover. So aggressive!

She reached for the door handle, but he grabbed her hand and turned it away. Instead, he put it against one of the metal braces of the shower, and then did the same with her other hand. He spread her legs, one at a time, and then pulled her ass back so she was leaning against the wall to keep her up.

"I like this position," the demon moaned.

"I've decided to just go ahead and fuck your ass here, if that's alright. Wait, of course it is, because I own your ass," he sneered. Jack pushed into her body and wrapped his hands around her midsection. One of his fingers played with her navel as he pistoned in and out of her ass madly, calling her all kinds of dirty names.

Amathane moaned, "Oh, keep going! More!"

"Goddamn bitch, too damned horny for your own fucking good. Might have to hose you down sooner or later." He pulled out, and Anathane thought he was going to finish by cumming all over her face and into her mouth. She spun around and dropped to her knees.

But that wasn't what Jack had planned for her right now.

No, he pushed open the shower door and kicked her across the threshold. She skidded across the floor and hit the back of her head on the wall. Jack quietly moved and turned the water onto the coldest setting he could before picking the demon up by her teal hair.


"Who told you to move your damn pussy away from me?" asked the boy gruffly. Anathane looked at him flatly and then decided that he was beginning to get too big a head for his own good. She asserted her authority again.

"Watch it. You're trespassing on dangerous territory."

"So what if I am?" he grunted. Anathane's hands seemed to work on their own as she grabbed him by the thighs and shoved his head against the shower faucet. It bent at an angle, and blood tricked down the drain. Jack still wore that grin on his face.

"Ready to act nice?" Anathane mocked, squeezing Jack's thighs with sharp claws.

"Let's see how much more stuff you can break in one night," replied the arrogant boy as he pinched her nipples with his toes. She was delighted to hear that, and smacked him against the wall. Then-*

"Anathane," whispered Nyx. The greater demon shook in surprise and then realized that she had fallen asleep. Blinking hard, she realized that she had been reliving the past in her mind. In a way, she was sad that it had ended so abruptly, but what was done, was done.

"Yes?" the demon whispered back.

"What were you dreaming about? Something naughty I assume," said the dark succubus, licking her black lips hungrily. Succubi were a little too touchy feely a little too often for her own taste. Of course, they were great lovers all the time though.

Anathane smirked. "And why might you think that?"

"Well," began Nyx. "Who else's tits get uselessly huge when they dream? Huh?" Both of their gazes fell upon the mountain of flesh jutting from Anathane's large form. She nearly gasped in surprise and retracted her bust line quickly. Holy shit. Beach balls were way too freakin' big! She looked over at Jack to see if she had noticed, and sighed with relief as the same peaceful expression from before remained on his face.

"Have you ever notice the way his lips are just slightly parted when he sleeps with his head tilted down just a little bit?"

"Do what?"

"Just looked at him, Nyx. He's so peaceful right now. His cute lips so innocent, even though they've licked clean more places than God ever intended, I'm guessing. His big, manly muscles so relaxed, even though they've held me so tightly I thought I was going to explode. His eyes, his pure, human eyes."

"What're you getting at?" Nyx asked, warily.

"Duality is so beautiful, Nyx. He's such a peaceful puppy now, but he's a horny beast when he's awake. I love that conflict, that incompleteness. He's not a whole incubus either, if you can't already tell from his horns. Oh gods, he ripped the other one off just to be even more incomplete."

"Oh wow, I didn't even notice he only had one horn. I've been too nervous and afraid of, oh I dunno, getting caught by Hell's Handmaiden!" Nyx snorted, unhappily.

Anathane smiled guiltily and said, "Sorry. I get caught up in him sometimes. But, you see what I'm getting at, right? You see why I begged you to help him. Someone like this only comes along once in our lifetime. You know?"

"Oh sure," Nyx said sarcastically. "I understand entirely. You know, the only people to venture down here that weren't born here failed at everything they tried. Greeks coming down here for loved ones, Romans, even that Spaniard. Well, he did rescue his wife, but that's the only time. Even Herakles walked away with a curse!"

Anathane snorted. "Jack's different."

"How so? Just because he has a friend like you doesn't mean he can take on the world and win. It just means that he gets ten more seconds to suffer in agony while he's being killed. I don't understand you Anathane."

"Jack has a fighting chance. He's brought a friend," Anathane replied with a smirk.

"Who?" Nyx asked. "The human? He passed out when Volna took him for a ride. How could he be of any help a all? He hasn't even found a way to close his Gorgon Eye."

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