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Chalice of Change


This is a Transformation story where a man transforms into a female celebrity (Mila Kunis) and as such has elements from a number of categories, including Transsexuals, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mind Control, Celebrities and interracial. Enjoy!

EDIT - This story has gotten the lowest ratings of any I have written, and I guess that is because it wound up in the Celebrities category, thus getting to an audience that has other expectations than the intended one.

So, be WARNED, gender swapping ahead!


Six months ago I started going to this new gym, and paid extra for a personal trainer. The only one available that could fit in with my work schedule was the owner, a huge black guy named Marcus. When I say huge, I mean HUGE; 6' 7", broad shoulders, and arms thicker than my thighs. When I first saw him he scared me, but he turned out to be really nice, and we soon became friends. I'm the whitest guy I know, and having an older (he's 35) black friend was really cool to me.

My girlfriend had cheated on me with my supposed best friend a few months before, and it turned out my other friends knew, but didn't tell me, so I was very lonely at this stage of my life. This lead to me becoming very dependent on Marcus's friendship and I soon started hanging out with him and his friends almost every day. My only other friend was my older sister, my dad traded my mom in for a younger model when I was about 10, and mom began popping pills after that, so it was just me and my big sister Amber after that.

I guess I should tell you a bit about me. My name is Miles Johnson, I'm 28 and I'm a normal middle class white guy, working in middle management at a tech company. The pay is good, but I hate it, getting shit from the people below me and being used as a stepping stone by the higher ups. Physically, I'm average in every way; average height, average looks, a few pounds to many, at least before training with Marcus, and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

It was 8 p.m. on a Friday, we were just done with my workout and he was closing up while I was stretching my sore muscles. Marcus has part of the upper floor as a living area so we would just head upstairs and play some PS3 when he was done. He was complaining about the fact that he hadn't gotten any in a while, saying, "Man, I almost wish I didn't dump Shawna, I mean, she was fucking mental, but at least I got some pussy."

"It's been like three weeks for you, dude, I haven't had sex in like nine months!" I said exasperated. I finished my last stretch and we headed towards the back stairs as he answered, "Well, that's kind of your fault; when we go out I never see you try to get a girl. Even though you have become pretty fit, you're, no offence, plain as fuck, and no girl is going to notice you if you don't try," said Marcus. He was like that sometimes, not mean, but very direct.

"Yeah, well... okay, so I've been a bit gun-shy since Amy, but I just start thinking, what if she's like Her, every time I consider a girl. I still miss that closeness though, fuck, I can't really sleep right without someone to share my bed," I said.

I crashed down on the couch in his living room and started turning on the media center as he headed into the kitchen. He answered from there, "I guess we'll just have to find someone you know you can trust. Hey, you want some water?"

"Yeah, thanks!"

When he came back into the room he handed me this old, ornate clay cup and said, "Here you go. I haven't done my dishes so that was all I had left. Be gentle though, it was my great grandma's, from Africa." I nodded, grabbed the cup with both hands, closed my eyes and downed the water in one go. For some reason the water tasted better than ever before, and if I had had my eyes open, I would have seen it glow faintly. I put the cup down on the coffee table and said, "Damn, that was good! Now, let's play!"

A few minutes into the game I started itching and feeling a bit warm, especially on my chest and crotch, but I focused on the game, thinking that it was just the sweat drying from my workout, or maybe that new detergent. Marcus seemed distracted, I beat him a few times in a row, which never happens when we play Tekken, and I noticed him looking at me expectantly. Every time I surreptitiously tried to scratch my itch, Marcus noticed and smiled. I was thinking that maybe he had pulled some bad practical joke, put itching powder in my clothes or something, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of getting a rise out of me.

After maybe twenty minutes the itching suddenly became a thousand times more intense. I tossed the control on the couch beside me, jumped up and tore off all my clothes and started scratching. After just a few seconds the terrible itch stopped, I suddenly realized I was naked and quickly covered my junk with my hands as my cheeks burned red. I turned around to apologize and explain myself to Marcus, but before I could get even one word out an immense heat spread through my body. I fell forward but Marcus caught me and I landed on my knees between his legs with my head in his lap. It felt like something was pulling and pushing at my body, changing it as I was burning up, the sensation was too much, and I passed out.

As I slowly woke the most wonderful scent I've ever smelled filled my nostrils and the immense pain was just a faint memory. It felt like my cheek was resting on skin and hair tickled my nose. The scent was turning me on like crazy, and before I even knew what I was doing, I was nuzzling my nose into the soft hair and kissing and licking the soft, loose skin. The salty, musky taste was even better than the smell, and I almost came from that first taste. I started sucking and lapping at the soft skin and soon had my mouth filled with a big ball. I realized then what it was I was doing, but it was like I was in a pink haze of hornyness, my needs far outweighed the part of my mind that was screaming out that this was so wrong, so gay. I heard a deep moan above me, and as I kissed up along his massive shaft I opened my eyes and looked up at him. Marcus had this huge grin on his face, and as he caressed my cheek with his big hand he said, "Jeeezus, you are so beautiful, you look just like her, Mila."

I wanted to lean back and tell him my name wasn't Mila, it was Mil-llla, no, Mila, wait, what was it again? Who was that girl moaning? And why did he think I was beautiful? My arousal pushed away my confusion and I continued up and wrapped my lips around the head.

The taste of his precum on my tongue sent a new wave of arousal through me, and my hand reached for my cock to take care of myself. It wasn't there! Instead I found my fingers delving into a very wet pussy, setting of sparks of pleasure like nothing I've ever felt before. I moaned out loud and realized that the girl I thought I heard was me! I noticed long, wavy brown hair falling down around my face as I continued sucking the majestic black shaft before me. The hand not busy bringing my new pussy pleasure searched its way up my stomach, which I noticed was flat and soft, up to a pair of firm, perky little tits, just a handful. It was official; I had some-fucking-how turned into a girl! I was upset and angry and confused, had Marcus had something to do with this or was he just taking advantage?

At the same time, his cock in my mouth felt so right, like it belonged there, and my new pussy felt so incredibly good. In fact, I was, oh fuck, I was CUMMING! I felt juices running along my hand and down my inner thighs to the floor as my tunnel contracted again and again around my two fingers. The pleasure spread in waves through my entire body and lasted so much longer than it ever had when I was a man. It was almost too much and I felt my consciousness slipping away, but I knew I wanted to, no, needed to taste his cum, so I forced myself to not give in.

I continued playing with my pussy, but gently now, as I redoubled my oral efforts. His cock had to be at least nine inches, and seriously thick, but I wanted to take it all inside me and bury my nose in his pubes again. I tried taking it to the back of my throat but I started gagging, so I backed off until only the head was inside my mouth, took a few deep breaths through my nose, and tried again. I remembered how my high school girlfriend had learned to deepthroat with me, and I did what she did with me. I went down until the head was as deep as it would go, then held it there as I focused on relaxing and took several deep, calming breaths through my nose. Suddenly, it was in my throat and I just kept going down, down, down until his cock was deep in my gullet and his curls were tickling my little nose. Marcus grunted above me and gently ran his fingers through my hair as he said, "Oh fuck, that feels so fucking incredible! No girl has ever been able to take it all before."

I felt oddly proud at that and looking up at him, I knew I wanted to make him happy, make him feel as good as possible, so I stayed down there until little black spots started appearing on the edges on my vision before going up for breath. I breathed deeply through my nose a few times, I just couldn't bear to part with his cock and breathe through my mouth. I went down all the way again, it was much easier this time, and stayed as long as possible while I tried swallowing repeatedly to massage his shaft. He moaned above me again and said, "Jesus, Mila, I can't hold back, I'm going to cum!" When I went up for air he grabbed hold of my hair and thrust all the way into my throat again and again until at last his cock started jerking, shooting its first few jets straight down into my belly. I needed a taste though, and pulled back so just the head was in my mouth. When that first blast of hot, thick, heavenly cum hit my tongue, I immediately started cumming as well, juices running down my thighs as I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. I felt like I was in a cloud of bliss, I felt complete, I felt right, I felt perfect.

Before I could even come down from my orgasmic high Marcus pulled me on top of him. I felt so light as he lifted me, and I realized how much smaller I was after my transformation. He pulled me in for a kiss and I struggled a bit, I felt the confusion, fear and anger start to rise up again, but then, as he kissed me my clit rubbed against his slowly wilting shaft and the haze of ecstasy rose again. His kiss was unlike any I have ever felt, tender yet dominating and overpowering, and I found myself wrapping my arms around his thick neck and kissing him back passionately. His big hands roamed my back up and down my spine, holding me, caressing me, exciting me as I started rubbing my pussy up and down his half-hard shaft.

After a while I felt his erection returning to full strength, and he ran his hands down to my butt and started lifting me as he kissed his way down my neck. I found myself looking over the back of the couch and right into a mirror, right into my own new face, and I was shocked! At least now I knew why he named me Mila, because right there in the mirror was the spitting image of Mila Kunis, looking surprised back at me. Ever since we watched Ted together we agreed she was the hottest movie star ever, and now I fucking was her!

"How... Fuck, why have I turned into Mila Kunis?" Damn, even my voice sounded just like her, sexy and smoky, with that special squeal.

Marcus leaned back from kissing my neck, and I immediately missed his lips on me, which made me even more confused. He answered, "The cup that you drank from, it transformed you into my dream girl, and you swallowing my cum just now sealed the deal. You're not an exact copy though, because I've always liked girls with a bit more hips and ass than Mila Kunis, so I changed that on you. Oh, and you don't grow any hair below the eyebrows anymore."

I looked over my shoulder and I did seem to have a very nice, round butt and wide hips, and damn, his dark hands looked really sexy on my hips. I realized that my thoughts were slipping away from me again, so I shook my head to clear my thoughts, and asked, "But, why me? I thought we were best friends?"

"That's exactly it. I've had that cup since I was eighteen, just waiting for the right person. It had to be someone I really like, that I really get along with, because we are stuck with each other now."

"What do you mean, stuck?"

"Well, the magic works on both of us, you become attracted to me and only me, and I lose any attraction I had to anyone else. It kind of hits you harder though, you should already be addicted to my scent, my taste, my touch."

"Why the fuck didn't you ask me first?" I punched his shoulder, then continued, "I miss the old me. Okay, the orgasms I've had have been out of this world, but I can't even remember my name, plus, I'm fucking straight!"

"It was Miles, baby. I didn't ask because I knew that you would say no, but I also knew you have been miserable and I just wanted to make you happy. And you are still straight; it's your gender that has changed. When you look at me, touch me, how do you feel? How do you see me?"

I opened my mouth to fire off some quick negative remark, but then I really thought about it. I really liked his whole personality, present deception excluded, and he had a really handsome face, deep dark eyes, thick, kissable lips, and that hulking, powerful, muscled body was so hot! I felt his still rock hard cock against my new pussy and I just knew I had to have that beast inside me. What the fuck was I thinking? I tried to think of hot girls, of tits and asses, of thrusting into a tight wet pussy, but that image transformed into me being stuffed with Marcus' big black cock, making me moan.

"Okay, so I suddenly find you handsome, you turn me on like no one ever has, and you make me want to do things I never considered before, things that weren't even possible, buUUOOOHH, Oh God!" Marcus had leaned down and sucked my hard nipple, and it was like there was a bolt of pleasure shot straight to my core. At the same time his hands started squeezing my sensitive ass again, making me completely lose my train of thought. My hips started rolling again, seeking more contact with his cock, and I felt the head, slick with our juices, slide over my clit and along my lips until it was seated right at the entrance. I just couldn't resist the need to have him in me, I didn't even know if I wanted to resist, so I started to push down. I felt the head enter me and it felt huge! It hurt, made me feel stuffed in a completely new way, but it also felt really fucking good, and I knew I needed it all inside me.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck, ohfuck, ohfuckohfuckofuck!" I moved my hips up and down again and again in an increasing pace, taking more and more until I had about two thirds inside me. Then Marcus grabbed hold of my hips, looked deep into my eyes, and thrust up, filling me completely. That combination of pleasure and pain set off a massive orgasm, and he didn't stop, he just kept thrusting in and out of me as I hung on to him like a rag doll while wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. Just when I felt the first orgasm end, another, even stronger began. I felt my stomach muscles contract again and again as my pussy milked the big black cock inside of it. My clit rubbed against his pubes as my hips bucked, adding to my pleasure, until the final wave crashed down and I slumped boneless against Marcus' sweaty, hairy, strong, sexy chest.

Marcus kissed me on the forehead and said, "That was beautiful! Is my sexy little slut still upset, or do you want more?"

I was floating around on cloud nine and didn't even get upset that he called me a slut, in fact I felt strangely proud, I was HIS sexy little slut and he was my big black stud, mine and mine alone. I kissed his chest and gave his nipple a quick lick, then I nodded my head yes. I was too zonked out on pleasure to even speak, but it wasn't like when I was a man, when cumming was the finale, now I felt like I could go on and on, taking as much as Marcus was able to give.

He rolled us over so that he was on top of me, and maneuvered my legs so that they rested on his shoulders. I was jackknifed beneath his hulking body, completely enveloped and I felt so safe and protected and dominated. He leaned down and kissed me deeply, and my new body was so flexible it didn't even hurt to bend like that. He straightened his arms, smiled down on me and looked me in the eyes as he started fucking me with long, firm strokes. Every time his cock pushed into me the head scraped against a sensitive spot inside me, and then, just as he bottomed out and filled me so completely, his pelvis rubbed against my clit, setting off sparks of pleasure, making me squeal.

I couldn't really move much in this position, just lie there and take it, but my hands were free and found their way to my new tits. I always loved breasts before, but now that they were attached to me, they were fucking awesome! Just as before, they felt so soft and sexy and wonderful in my hands, but now I was on the receiving end as well and could feel each and every wonderful sensation. I started gently, but soon wanted more, and when I pinched my nipples it set off an orgasm. It wasn't as strong or sustained as the last ones, but still felt incredible, much more so than cumming ever did as a man, and it flowed right into another and another and another. I was squealing and moaning and having a new orgasm every third stroke or so of Marcus' big dick, it was almost like waves of pleasure crashing through my body again and again until I lost count.

Marcus' thrusts started getting a bit erratic, and I felt him get even bigger inside me. He grabbed my waist in his big hands as he leaned back, burying himself as deep as possible as he lifted me so that I was completely off the couch. He let out a massive roar as I felt the first jet of cum rush into my pussy and I felt the biggest rush of ecstasy yet. I threw my head back and arched my back as I screamed so hard nothing but a high pitched squeal came out as jet after jet of hot jizz filled my pussy. I felt my conscience slip away on the waves of pleasure again and this time I felt completely content and just let it happen.

I woke again for a moment as Marcus carried me into the bedroom and put me into bed, but I fell asleep again enveloped in his big, strong body.


I was stirred from sleep when Marcus rolled onto his back and started snoring. I was curled up against him, my nose against his neck, breathing in his addictive, arousing scent, and I felt myself start to get turned on and foggy again. With a considerable amount of willpower I rolled away from him and carefully got out of bed. I needed to clear my head and think, get a handle on my situation and decide on what to do. I snuck out into the living room and caught a look at my naked form in the mirror. I still couldn't really fully comprehend that the sexy, disheveled actress copy in the mirror was me, but at the same time I felt strangely at home in my new body. I felt and looked a bit dirty though, a bit sticky between my legs and a bit sore, and my long hair was a mess so I really needed a shower before anything else.

I couldn't risk showering in the apartment without waking Marcus, so I grabbed my locker key, put on my discarded tee shirt, my other clothes were way too big, in fact the tee looked like a skirt, and snuck down the stairs into the gym. By the checkout counter they had workout clothes and towels and stuff, so I grabbed panties, a sports bra, a black top, grey sweatpants, soap and shampoo and headed to the locker rooms. I showered quickly, although washing my hair took a lot longer than before, and I almost started masturbating when I cleaned my pussy and remembered how Marcus had felt inside me. During the shower I decided my next step would have to be to talk everything through with somebody, and the one person I could think of was my sister, Amber. I got dressed, the pants were tighter than I would have liked over my ass, but everything was made in stretchy materials so it would do. I grabbed my wallet, keys and cell from my locker and on my way out I grabbed a pair of flip flops so I could get to my car.

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