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Champagne Dreams


A champagne bottle sits empty on the table across from me. Looking at it, clouded thoughts fill my mind as I remember sipping from the rose glass champagne flute, feeling the cold, clear liquid dance across my tongue, down the back of my throat. The liquid heating as it reaches my stomach, giving me warmth from the inside out.

The cold I feel deep inside my soul dissipates into the warmth growing with every sip of the delicious bubbles. The effects of the alcohol slowly taking away the harsh edge of reality as my minds floats into a word of desire and bliss. A world full of confidence, vivacious remarks, erotic conversation. A world where being me is acceptable, my wicked thoughts seen as 'normal', where I feel I belong.

My eyes close as my dreams take hold... taking me to this imaginary world. This world that holds my wants, desires and fantasies. Where boundaries are pushed - tested. Images appear; a room full of people, music filling my ears, a tall stranger with green eyes, walking towards me, seeking my attention.

I watch him as he makes his way across the room, a smile lights my face as his eyes meet mine. His stature, his walk gives me the impression of confidence, not overly but sure, his eyes hold truth, we will soon see. Making his way through all the people he finally reaches me. As we introduce ourselves he takes hold of my hand and lifts it to his mouth, just as I thought he was going to kiss the back of my hand he turns it over and gives me a light lick on the wrist.

A small laugh escapes my mouth, smiling at his originality. Returning my hand to my side, our conversation starts from nowhere, the best place for any conversation to begin. Watching him as we talk, I am in awe by the way he looks at me. Does he see I am more than this body? That the colour of my hair, the boots on my legs are just the surface of me? Does he see beyond the sparkle in my green eyes?

And looking back at him I actually think he does. The conversation moves from art to music, sad and funny tales. The first honest conversation I have had in years, captured in time by this stranger with dark hair and green eyes. After a while we sit in some old comfortable leather chairs in the corner of the room, drinks in hand we look around the room, taking in our surroundings. Realising there is nothing else here that interests me I look back at him.

Without thinking I place my hand on his black denim covered knee, I feel his body twitch under my touch. In my embarrassment I start to move my hand away, he grabs it quickly and puts it back. I meet his gaze, his smile showing me that my shyness is unnecessary. Instantly I am comfortable with being in contact with him. I release my instinctive need to flirt, which I had been containing for the evening, and our conversation turns playful.

His hand travels down my bare arm as we laugh and chat, my hand brushing across his knees. As the heat of our bodies travel from one to the other, my thoughts turn to lust - so much for behaving, I think. There is something more about him, more than ordinary, he is interesting, creative and has a sexual energy that makes my body tingle. His hand moves to my neck, a slight moan escapes my parted lips.

The intensity felt through my body makes me break his stare for a moment, I look around the room -- it's almost empty. I saw through the windows that darkness is about to give way to dawn. I lift my hand to his, take hold and suggest we go outside for the night to surrender to this new day that came upon us too quickly.

Picking up a bottle of champagne we make our way outside. The yard is grassed and full of tall old trees. He leads to me towards a huge willowy one with low branches full of amber leaves. We sit down on the lush grass beneath it watching quietly as the sun rises in the night sky, slowing sipping our drinks toasting the fall of the moon.

Moving his hand to my cheek he turns me to him, leans in and kisses my on the mouth. The kiss passionate, hot, full of want. My body responds instantly, trembles under the touch of his lips. My hand moves to his chest, I lean in closer to him, I can't help but moan as the heat between my legs grows. I hear his heart race as his hand moves to the back of my neck pulling me deep into his kiss. Lips melting, tongues discovering, lust takes hold.

In a sudden move he breaks away, stands, and takes my hand, I rise to him, my body hard against his. Tilting his head down to me, his lips meet mine, my body weakens under the desire of the kiss. He expresses his need to leave. My body sighs, this stranger with dark hair and green eyes is taking himself away from me. Can he not see my desire for him?

With our hands still joined I take my kohl pencil from my pocket and write my number on his strong forearm. I look at him and smile. Still meeting his gaze I bring his arm to my lips I softly with my wet tongue lick his wrist. I drop his hand back to his side.

As he walks away he whispers - you never know what the future may hold. I lift my fingers to my lips still feeling the echo of him and I smile not knowing.....

My imaginary world starts to fall away as the sun shining through the window awakens me. Licking my lips I can almost taste him, my mind fills with images of my champagne fuelled dream. Hoping the stranger with dark hair and green eyes will cross my path again.... and soon.

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