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Changes are Made


Femdom, bondage, non-consent, teasing, anal, strap-on, chastity

© 2012 by lsa3. All rights reserved.

This story was prompted by an overheard conversation in a supermarket. One gal was asking her friend about what she could do. He climbs on, cums, climbs off, rolls over and goes to sleep; leaving her unsatisfied. She has tried to talk to him with no luck; he just is not interested in taking care of her needs. The gals then moved on with their shopping.


Something's going on. She has been having marathon phone calls with her girlfriend for over a week now. They will talk for hours, laughing and giggling until he walks into the room and then silence. When he asks her a question, she usually gives him a bullshit answer or blows him off completely, saying that she will talk with him later.

When he leaves the room, they start in again. He has asked her several times what is going on and she tells him that it is just girl talk. In the 12 years Dan and Karen have been married, she has never behaved this way and frankly, it has him worried.

He can't figure out what it could be. Sex has been OK and there are no money problems so he decides to let go of it and just be patient. He has been working hard and letting the household questions interfere won't do anyone any good so he forgets about it.

Finally, Saturday rolls around and he is looking forward to sleeping late. Friday night, Karen is feeling frisky but he tells her that he has had a rough week and begs off.

He takes a long hot shower and is asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the bed.

The next morning, he wakes up and as he stretches, he realizes that he can't move his arms. His wrists are wrapped with heavy leather straps that are attached to the metal headboard.

He immediately hollers "Karen!" A moment later she walks in smiling and says "good morning sleepyhead."

His response is to yell "get me out of this." She tells him very calmly that she is sorry but she can't do that right now.

He replies "why the hell not?" She says "because we have some things to work out first."

His response is "what things? I have no complaints."

She replies, "ah, but I do."

To which he replies "Humpf."

Suddenly he says "let me up, I have to pee!"

She says "no problem" and goes into the bathroom and gets a plastic urinal which she brings to the bed and sets by his leg, along with a box of tissues.

Reaching over, she unfastens the clip holding his left hand and replaces it with a 3 foot piece of light chain that is also fastened to the bed. She says "there you are. Don't spill any or you will be sleeping in it." He doesn't realize that he can get out of the restraints and doesn't say a thing as she walks out of the room.

A few minutes later she comes back in. He takes one look at her and his jaw drops.

She has changed into a black corset that holds her lovely milk-white 34C breasts out and bare. Her nipples are hard and oh so suckable. Her crotch is now shaved smooth, she has no panties on and is wearing black nylons held in place by a black garter belt. She is wearing a pair of black 5 ½ inch heels. In her hand is a black riding crop and she is wearing black elbow length gloves.

This vision gives him an instant erection and he is trying to form words to say something, anything.

She walks over, picks up the urinal and tells him "good boy, you didn't spill a drop."

After taking the urinal into the bathroom she returns and refastens the hook holding his wrist up to the headboard. He is still speechless. She looks so hot, he can't believe it.

Watching her walk back into the bedroom makes him even harder. He can't get the vision of her lush body and sweet ass out of his head.

She comes back over to the bed and he starts whining for her to let him loose.

She looks him straight in the eyes and tells him to "shut the fuck up", punctuating her command with a hard smack with the crop on the pillow next to him. Startled, he pulls away and doesn't say a word.

She tells him that he is allowed to speak only when spoken to. Any further outbursts or whining will be met with severe punishment. She asks him if he understands and he nods his head yes, keeping his mouth shut.

"Good," she says, going on to remind him that he just said that he had no complaints.

"Correct?" She asks. He simply nods his head yes, not saying a word.

She then asks him "when is the last time I had an orgasm? He is unable to answer.

Continuing on, she tells him that this is a major problem. He climbs on, cums, climbs off, rolls over and goes to sleep; leaving her unsatisfied and just barely warmed up.

She asks him "can you imagine how frustrated I am by not having had an orgasm in over 3 fucking months?" punctuating the 3 months with hard smacks on the pillow with the crop. I have tried to talk with you so many times it isn't funny. All you do is shine me on, giving me some BS and not showing any concern about my needs..

Now feeling very nervous and worried that she will hit him with the crop, he doesn't say a thing.

She says "I thought not. You need to understand that from now on, my needs come first. Is that clear?"

He nods his head and quietly says "yes."

She replies "good, now I am going to help you understand how that frustration feels."

She walks over to the night stand, puts down her crop and takes off her black gloves, putting on a pair of disposable vinyl gloves in their place. Next she picks up a towel and bottle of lubricant that is there and returns to the bed.

Sitting down, she squirts some of the lube on her hand and on his cock. He relaxes when he realizes that she is not going to hit him with the crop. Next she begins to slide her hand slowly down his cock, taking 10-15 seconds for a full stroke.

God, her hand feels good and he tries to raise his hips to meet her hand, which she moves up with his motion. She continues another slow stroke that he cannot speed up, no matter how he tries. After stroking him slowly for about 5 minutes, she suddenly starts pumping his cock hard and fast as he gets closer and closer to his climax. Naturally, she stops, removing her hand just before he explodes.

Watching his cock pulsing, just short of his orgasm, she asks him if that felt good.

He just moans.

She tells him "don't worry, I'll keep going."

She waits 5 more minutes and starts in again with that agonizingly slow stroke, continuing for another 5 slow strokes before pumping him hard and fast until he is just short of cumming. Again she stops, removing her hand just before he climaxes.

He starts begging and pleading to cum but she smiles and says "not yet."

She takes her finger and lightly rubs it on the underside of the head of his cock, adding her thumb after a bit. She is now holding his cock between her thumb and forefinger while slowly stroking it from the tip of the head all the way to the base.

Now he just moans as he tries to speed up the stroking; of course with no success.

After a few long minutes of slow stroking, she grabs his cock hard again and starts pumping it as hard and as fast as she can, stopping again just before he cums. She is getting better at this as she goes along and is now able to stop just as she feels his balls tighten before cumming; where one more stroke would take him over the edge. At this point, he is incoherently groaning, shaking and begging her to let him cum.

She just smiles sweetly at him; saying "oh are you getting frustrated?"

She continues the cycling between fast and slow for more than an hour. He is a wreck, babbling and shaking as she brings him close again and again.

Then she decides to up the ante, lightly rubbing a lubricated finger over his rosebud as she slowly strokes his cock. He starts groaning and moving his ass to try and get her finger inside, all the while pleading for her to fuck him.

She asks him if he likes it. He responds "Ooh yes, yes please stick it in."

His reaction catches her off guard as she wonders where that came from. She asks him "oh, does my wittle danny poo wike his ass played with?"

He replies "yes, yes, yes, PLEASE fuck me; stick your finger all the way in. Oh god it feels so good!"

Well, she thought. This is a surprise that I can use. I am going to have to talk with Patty to see how I should handle it.

She now combines finger-fucking his ass with the slow strokes on his cock and within a short time is playing him like a violin -- up to the edge, stop, rest and begin again.

Sometimes she twists her hand as she slides it down his cock, sometimes she uses just 2 fingers to slowly stroke him or by making a ring with her two fingers but each stroke is different from the previous one.

It has now been over 3 hours and she is ready to take a break.

She stops, picks up the towel, wipes her hands and wipes him off while telling him that it is time for a break. After she peels off the gloves, she grabs him by the chin and tells him that he is going to get a break so he can get something to eat and clean up.

Picking up her crop, she slaps it on the bed next to him and tells him that if he even thinks about touching himself, she is going to beat his ass bloody and he will not get any for an entire year. She tells him that she will know if he masturbates and it will be curtains for him if he does. She says "Do you understand?"

He gulps and says "yes."

She continues, "here's what I want you to do: first, get something to eat. There is some coffee by the stove and some sweet rolls in the breadbox; after you have had breakfast get the 2 pack of enema bottles from under the bathroom sink and give yourself an enema using both bottles.

I want you completely clean inside; rinse with warm water if you have to; then you will take a shower and shave off ALL of your pubic hair. I want you as smooth as a baby's bottom. When you are done, put the restraints back on your wrists.

You will then get into bed and wait for me. You may NOT touch yourself but you may watch TV until I return. She then asks, "Do you understand?"

Again, he says "yes."

She unsnaps the restraints and says "Well get moving then." She goes off into the other room to change while he heads for the kitchen.

Once she has changed, she calls to him "remember, not one touch." With that, she is out the door.

The minute she gets into the car, she calls Patty on her cell phone. She tells her that she is going to the adult toy store and asks if she wants to come along.

Patty's answer is "hell yes!"

"Fine," she says, "I'll pick you up in about 10 minutes" and off she goes.

When she gets to Patty's house, Patty gets into the car and starts asking questions. "What happened? Why are you doing this? Are you OK? Did you restrain him as we discussed? Tell me EVERYTHING!" As Karen drives to the store, she relates the events of the morning, going on to explain that she is going to pick up a strap-on to use on Dan.

Patty squeals with delight saying that "oooh my Paul likes ass play too, it makes him sooo horny and hard."

A few minutes later, they arrive at the toy store. They go in and head straight for the dildos, all lined up in a display case. Patty tells her she should get two, one for each end.

After looking at and feeling about a dozen dildos, Karen settles on a regular Feeldoe with a harness to hold it in place, an 8 inch silicone dildo that looks and feels like real skin, a 2 inch penis gag / 6 inch dildo combination that goes in his mouth and allows her to ride the dildo, a leather cock strap that fastens with a Velcro strip, a pair of leather-Velcro ankle restraints with some assorted snap hooks, a blindfold and a large bottle of water-based anal lube.

The girl at the counter asks her if she is having a party and she replies "no, I'm just training my husband."

The clerk responds with "Sick! You go girl!" as she starts putting the things in a bag. Suddenly she stops and says "hey, I have something that you may like to use on him. It is called a Tenga and it's from Japan."

She walks over to a display case and pulls out something that looks like a tube of hand cream. Taking the top off she tells Karen to "put her finger in here." Karen does so and goes "Ooh! That feels good!" The clerk tells her to hold it in her other hand with her finger over the hole in the end. She does this as the clerk explains when she seals the hole, pulling it off her finger creates suction; no seal, no suction.

Karen squeals and tells Patty to stick her finger in the end. Patty does and says "Oh god, I have to have one of these for Paul! It feels incredible!" The girl says "now imagine what it will feel like on his cock; and it feels even better with a little lube in it even though it has some in it." Karen says "it will make it easier to keep him just short of cumming, give me the softest one you have; I want to take my time with him. The girl just grins and asks if his nipples are sensitive.

When Karen says "yes," she then takes her over to another case and takes out a rubbery bulb that is about an inch and a half in diameter. It has a short tube coming out of one side of it and she explains that it's a nipple sucker. Handing it to Karen, she tells her that putting it on his nipples for 10-15 minutes will cause a huge increase in his sensitivity. Karen tries it on her wrist and says "oh yeah! I want a pair of these too!"

The girl then asks that since she is training him does she want a chastity tube as well. We have the CB-3000 and CB-6000 here. Karen says "What's that?" They go over to another display case and she takes out a curved thingy made of clear plastic. She explains that this goes on his cock and is locked in place so he can't get an erection. Both Karen and Patty light up with big grins. The girl explains that locking him up will do wonders for his attitude and cooperation. He will be eager to do things around the house and be super helpful, hoping that he would be allowed to cum. She asks "how thick is his cock?" Karen tells her that it is about average -- not fat. The girl gives her the CB-6000, saying "this one will probably be best."

Karen is thinking that this would be a way to teach him to think about her pleasure, not just his own. She decides to get it. The girl explains that there are different sized rings so it will fit him just right and it will not show when he is at work or out in public.

She then rings up the rest of Karen's purchases and rings up a Tenga for Patty, telling her that she can pop the retaining ring off the insertion end to remove the liner and wash it out. Both girls are excited about their new toys and have a hard time keeping from grinning like a couple of Cheshire cats.

When they are back in the car Karen asks Patty if she wants to come over and watch, or even join in if she wants.

Patty responds with "definitely! I'd love to see him get it. After all we have only been talking about this for two weeks."

Karen says "great!" and they drive back to her place.

When they get there, Karen tells her to wait in the living room until she has a chance to change and get Dan restrained and blindfolded before she comes in.

Patty says, "Sure. Ooo, I can hardly wait!"

They arrive at the house and Karen lets Patty into the living room, where she sits down to wait.

Karen can hear a college football game on the bedroom TV as she walks quietly into the guest bedroom where her outfit is. She changes and walks into the bedroom where Dan is sitting on the bed watching the game.

She looks sternly at him and says "well, have you behaved yourself and completed all of your tasks?"

He replies "oh yes, I did everything you asked."

She says "Good. Stand up so I can inspect you." He stands by the side of the bed and she tells him to turn around slowly while she brushes his ass and balls with the crop, checking for any stray hairs.

Finding none, she says "good, I was getting tired of getting your hairs in my mouth when I give you a blow job" and steps forward to fasten the blindfold on his head. He starts to say something. She smacks the crop on the bed and says "ah ah! No talking!"

He jumps and says nothing. Now he is more nervous than earlier since he can't see what is coming next.

With the blindfold secure, she guides him onto the bed, flat on his back with his head on the pillow. Smacking the crop on the pillow next to him she says "Don't you dare move!"

She then gets the wrist restraints and fastens his hands to the headboard by his head. Next she gets the cock strap and puts it snugly around his cock and balls, holding them out and forward, on display.

When this is done, she puts on the ankle restraints and snap clips on so she can easily pull his legs up and fasten them to the headboard next to his hands, which she will do later. This will show off his hard ass and cock quite nicely and give her good access.

Then she goes to the bathroom and gets a bath towel, which she slides under his ass.

Finally he's ready and she asks him if he would like to cum. He responds "Oh yes, please." She says "good" and leaves the bedroom. Going to the living room, she motions for Patty to come. Patty is surprised by Karen's outfit and quietly says "wow, you're hot! That looks awesome! It's pure sex!"

As they walk to the bedroom, Karen tells Patty that they are going to edge him first and then move onto other things.

Patty sits in the bedroom chair while Karen gets the lube, puts on another pair of the disposable gloves and sits on the bed. Squeezing some lube onto his cock she makes sure he is nicely covered with the lube and starts lightly stroking him.

He immediately begins to moan and she tells him "quiet!" She slowly strokes down his hard cock, taking 15 or 20 seconds to make one stroke.

She waits a few seconds and starts another stroke. Again, he moans.

She says "we are going to have to fix that, I told you to be quiet!"

She wipes her hands off on the towel, goes over and gets the gag/dildo combination out of the bag.

He can hear her spike heels clicking on the floor as she walks over and then comes back to the bed. He is nervous and more than a little bit apprehensive hearing her shoes on the floor. He simply has no idea what will happen next.

Sticking the 2 inch cock into his mouth, she slips the latex strap over his head saying, "That's better. Now you will be quiet."

He doesn't know that there is a dildo attached to the gag but will find out soon enough.

She motions for Patty to get the nipple suckers out of the bag and put them on him.

She brings them over to the bed and Karen holds her lube covered hand out flat. Patty presses the tube on her hand to pick up some lube, puts it over his nipple and squeezes the bulb. He jumps, gasps, arches and groans as she puts it on him.

Karen says "oh, do you like that?" and nods to Patty to dip the other one and put it on his other nipple. He lets out a muffled scream and arches his back again. Now his cock is even harder.

Watching him arch puts a big grin on Patty's face and causes her to gush a little.

Meanwhile Karen is continuing to stroke him with two fingers, bring him slowly up to the edge of a climax. Then she stops and lets him cool for a bit before starting over. She can hear his moans and incoherent mumbling but chooses to ignore it.

Patty starts gently tugging on the nipple suckers, causing him to arch, moan and thrash in response to her stimulus. She loves it. Torturing him this way is so much fun and is making her really wet.

Karen motions for her to get onto the dildo that is being held in his mouth.

As she steps over his head and impales herself on the dildo, Dan realizes that Karen is not the only one there and there is nothing he can say or do about it.

Meanwhile Patty is starting to work herself up and down on the dildo in his mouth. When she slides down on the dildo her clit presses against his nose. He can smell the heady aroma of her sex but can't reach it, which add to his frustration.

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